Best Psychics for a Psychic Reading Online: 4 Platforms With Fantastic User Reviews, Ratings, and Customer Service

Considering our fast-paced lifestyle, getting a psychic reading online from the best psychics seems like a good idea when things don’t make sense. We’re surrounded by so much information that it’s easy to misread situations and misinterpret actions. Experienced psychics can help gain clarity and meaning in such distressing times using their intuitive powers.

The best psychic reading gives hints and signs about the future. It doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. The revelations and insights shared by a psychic pave the way for a brighter, better future. With mystic guidance, you can make well-informed decisions across all walks of life with full confidence and courage.

Thanks to technological advancements and the ‘new normal’, getting online psychic readings has become easier than ever. A plethora of psychic websites invites customers to gain insights into their past, present, and future at affordable costs. However, the wide range of options makes it challenging for people to choose the right psychic for their individual needs.

It’s critical to refer to a psychic network you can trust, as there are many fraudsters and scammers out there. Lucky for you, we have prepared this guide to review the top four psychic service providers committed to providing the best psychic readings.

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Let’s start!

An Overview of the Most Trustworthy Psychic Reading Websites

After extensive research, we have compiled the list of the top four platforms offering the most reliable psychic readings.

If you’re looking to connect with the best psychics near me, you’ve come to the right place. Our detailed reviews will give you an accurate idea of the service quality, interface convenience, customer support, and reliability of these networks.

Each site has a massive reader base of authentic psychics gifted with mystic powers. These experts will help you navigate various challenges in life and support you no matter how hopeless and helpless you feel. As a new user, you may even get to enjoy a free psychic reading.

These platforms aim to make the psychic reading experience as seamless, comfortable, and flexible as possible. Whether you’re a first-time customer or a repeat user, you can always expect top-notch service.

We’ve highlighted the main features of these psychic sites below.


  • Top choice for expert advice and guidance on various life matters.
  • Has the best online psychics for love and relationship readings.
  • Features a psychic directory from which users can choose the perfect psychic matching their requirements.
  • Caters to more than three million users 24/7.
  • Reliable love psychics offer chat and phone psychic readings.
  • Users can get powerful readings via video call as well.
  • Offers a free psychic reading online for new customers.
  • Allows users to enjoy the full session at a discounted rate after the three-minute trial run.
  • The mobile application adds to the flexibility and convenience of the users.

Keen Psychics

  • A top-rated psychic network known for providing user-friendly experiences.
  • Straightforward navigation, multiple psychic categories, and shortcut buttons make it easier for new users to find the right psychic fast.
  • Customers can choose an expert based on budget, availability, and preferred mode of communication.
  • Has experienced psychics offering financial advice and guidance.
  • Users can talk to a psychic for 10 minutes for $1.99 per minute only.
  • A three-minute free reading is offered to newbies.

Psychic Source

  • One of the most widely used platforms for accurate guidance on critical life decisions.
  • A team of expert psychics provides insightful readings on various topics.
  • 24/7 customer support is available.
  • Users can choose to connect with a psychic of their choice regardless of their location.
  • Newcomers get a free psychic reading for the first three minutes.
  • Offers a 75% discount on the first detailed session.
  • Customer service representatives are at your service to sort all issues promptly.

Mystic Sense

  • Features a team of over 500 mystic specialists offering accurate psychic readings online.
  • The home page shows a list of psychics available for a quick reading.
  • The registration process is fast and easy, involving four simple steps.
  • Offers a five-minute free consultation with guaranteed satisfaction for new users.
  • Allows customers to test multiple experts before paying for a session.
  • Has garnered over 14,000 reviews since its launch in 2020.
  • Ideal platform for cheap psychic readings on love, career, destiny, and energy healing.

Now, it’s time to discuss the features and service offerings of each psychic site in detail. This will help you make the right decision, depending on your requirements, budget, and expectations.

# 1: Kasamba: Best Psychics in Terms of Qualifications, Experience, and Service Quality


With over two decades’ worth of experience, Kasamba prides itself on bringing the most experienced psychics from across the world on one platform. Each expert goes through a thorough screening process to ensure all users get to talk to trusted advisors.

How it Works

Kasamba has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for users to search for the perfect psychic. Whether you’re looking for online love psychics, tarot readers, or chat psychics with various psychic mediums, you can trust this site for an enlightening psychic reading experience.

You can go through the profiles of various psychics and shortlist experts who match your requirements. There are multiple sub-categories and specializations to choose from.

Once you find someone to get a reading from and click to chat with them, you’ll be allowed to log in or sign up. As a new user, you’ll have to provide some basic information to create an account. If your chosen expert is offline or in a meeting, you can request them to call you back or notify you when they’re free.

What makes Kasamba trustworthy is that it encourages users to leave honest reviews on the site. This helps distinguish top-rated psychics from those with poor ratings.

Types of Readings

A classic psychic reading allows you to gain valuable insights into your personal, romantic, professional, and spiritual life. You can talk to your chosen psychic about any issues you’re facing in these areas.

Kasamba also has a team of expert tarot readers who use the 78 card deck to make accurate predictions about your future. You can also request dream analysis to discover the meaning of any repetitive clues in your dreams.

In addition to this, users rely on astrological predictions to transform their life and embrace the fastest route to achieving their goals. All you have to do is share your name and birthdate and the psychic will determine the planet’s alignment to share important future insights.

Kasamba is mainly known for psychic love readings. Whether you’re concerned about the lost romantic spark, children, or extramarital affairs, love psychics will provide insightful answers to your questions.

Furthermore, users on this platform opt for career forecasts to discover the most effective way of achieving financial serenity in the long run. Apart from this, Kasamba offers numerology and palm readings regarding spiritual matters, paranormal activities, intimacy, and universal laws.

Free Psychic Reading Online

Finding the perfect psychic from a pool of experts can be tricky. You must browse, research, and test multiple professionals before making the final decision.

To make the process easier for you, Kasamba offers a free trial for the first three minutes. This applies to each psychic. Hence, you can talk to multiple mystic experts until you find the perfect match.

If you don’t feel a connection with a psychic, you can move on to the next. On the other hand, if you’re satisfied with the experience, you can request a detailed session at half the price.

Modes of Communication

Kasamba understands that not all users feel comfortable talking face-to-face to a psychic, especially because of the ongoing pandemic. This is why they allow you to connect with phone psychics or opt for chat psychic readings.

Before booking a consultation, you can check with an expert if they offer sessions via your preferred mode of communication. Most psychics don’t mind either type of communication.

User-Focused Website and Mobile Application

Kasamba’s intuitive website promises seamless navigation and registration for all users, including those with no experience using a psychic portal.

This platform also has a mobile application that you can download for free on your Android device or iPhone. It allows you to get quick readings in the office or during your commute. Moreover, push notifications provide added convenience.

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# 2: Keen Psychics: Top-Rated Psychic Platform in Terms of Reading Accuracy, User Reviews, and Customer Support


Keen Psychics is one of the most reputable websites in the psychic industry today. It has established a strong customer base of millions of users over two decades. More than 35 million online psychic readings have been delivered so far.

This site has a close-knit team of real psychics, most of whom boast over 10,000 positive reviews. All experts are screened and vetted to ensure a pleasant mystic experience for all customers.

How it Works

Keen Psychics portal is quick and easy to navigate. It aims to connect users with the most suitable experts without much hassle.

After completing the registration process, you can enter your requirement in the psychic advisor search bar on the homepage. After picking your desired category, you can choose a mode of communication (live chat or phone call) and specify your budget.

A list of the most suitable psychics will be revealed. You can then check out their bios and user reviews to make a well-informed decision.

One feature that distinguishes Keen Psychics from Kasamba is the “Find a Psychic” tool. It asks a few questions to determine the needs and preferences of users before matching them with three psychics. This interactive tool maximizes your chances of receiving highly personalized and accurate psychic readings.

Types of Readings

Expert psychics at Keen Psychics are qualified, trained, and experienced in offering powerful readings across all walks of life. Whether you’re struggling with your finances, relationship issues, health problems, professional life challenges, or spiritual roadblocks, you can reach out to these professionals to get your life sorted.

Users particularly love the career and financial predictions made by experts on this platform. If you can’t make up your mind about your career or are looking for advice and guidance to lay a solid groundwork for a financially secure future, this should be your go-to site.

Modes of Communication

Keen Psychics provides accurate insights and predictions through phone and chat psychic readings. If you want to establish a deeper connection with your psychic, you should consider the former option. On the other hand, if you’re not comfortable talking to a mystic expert on call or have privacy concerns, you can connect with chat psychics.

Free Trial

Like Kasamba, Keen Psychics invites new customers to test their service through a free trial. After creating your account, you’ll get three free minutes that you can spend with a psychic of your choice.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the reading provided, you can cancel the session at any time. On the contrary, if you want to continue the reading, you can request a full paid session, which starts as low as $1.99 per minute.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Keen Psychics has a carefully curated selection of psychic experts committed to offering accurate and reliable readings on all topics. This site offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all sessions.

If you face any troubles or inconveniences during the session, you can reach out to the customer support team. They won’t only address your concerns but also reimburse your Keen wallet with up to $25. You can spend this credit on future readings.

Keen Psychics also has a money-back policy for unsatisfied users who don’t want to continue their mystic journey on the platform.

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# 3: Psychic Source: The Best Psychic Reading Website With a Global Psychic Network


Psychic Source has been in the psychic reading business since 1969. It connects millions of users with expert psychics from around the globe.

How it Works

Finding a psychic on this platform is a simple task. Under the “New Customer Offer” tab on the homepage, you’ll see three options:

  • $30 for a 30-minute session
  • $20 for a 20-minute session
  • $10 for a 10-minute session

Underneath it, you’ll see a form all new customers are required to fill to start their journey. You’ll have to enter your name, gender, email address, and date of birth and choose a password for your account.

Once you’ve registered on the site, you can explore your options for phone, chat, and video psychic readings. Under the “Our Psychics” tab, choose your preferred category to get a list of available experts.

Psychic Source screens and vets each expert rigorously to ensure you connect with the most gifted and dedicated psychics.

You can then click on the name of experts you like and discover their specialties, reading style, and customer endorsements. You can also find out if they use any psychic medium. The detailed bio will help you get to know each professional on a personal level. On the right side, you’ll see their schedule and some featured reviews.

After reading about multiple psychics, you can make the final decision based on your availability and expectations.

Free Consultation for New Users

As a newbie, you can enjoy three free minutes with a psychic of your choice at Psychic Source. This trial reading gives you a chance to evaluate the reading style and approach of the psychic and determine whether you’d like to book a paid session with them.

On this platform, users control what they pay for. There are no hidden charges.

Affordable Rates

Once your trial reading is over and you’ve found the right psychic for your unique needs, you can book a detailed reading at an incredible rate of $0.99 per minute. Psychic Source also offers a 75% discount on the first paid session to new customers.

That being said, psychics on this platform cater to the needs of various clients with different budgets. Some experts charge higher than others because of their exceptional qualifications, training, areas of expertise, specializations, and experience.

Modes of Communication

In addition to offering chat and phone psychic readings, Psychic Source allows customers to connect with their favorite psychics via video call.

Video sessions are more powerful since they allow for a deeper connection between the user and mystic expert. You can easily find several psychics offering accurate readings through your preferred mode of communication.

User Safety and Security

Psychic Source holds user privacy and security in the highest regard. It uses top-quality security software to ensure data confidentiality and anonymity for all users. Moreover, it follows strict measures to prevent scams. Rest assured that your information will be safe with them.

Customer Service and Mobile App

Psychic Source has a talented team of friendly and professional customer service representatives. They are available 24/7 to answer your queries and address your concerns. The website also has a Live Help feature to connect you with the customer care staff instantly.

Most importantly, Psychic Source has a full refund policy for unsatisfied users. You can request your money back by connecting with the customer support team.

Besides this, Psychic Source ensures user convenience and flexibility with its mobile application. Compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, this app allows users to reach out to psychics on the go and get answers to the questions that cross their minds anytime, anywhere.

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# 4: Mystic Sense: An Advanced Psychic Platform Offering Various Sub-Categories for Psychic Reading Near Me


Mystic Sense is the newest psychic service provider on this list. Nevertheless, it has gained an excellent reputation in the industry. Thousands of users have transformed their lives, thanks to the team of live psychics on this site.

It provides added convenience and psychic reading options to customers, easily standing out from other sites.

How it Works

Mystic Sense has a modern website with a user-focused interface. All features and functions can be seen at a glance. Even if you don’t have any experience navigating a psychic portal, you’ll find it super easy to find a psychic near me.

You can create an account within minutes by sharing your personal details, confirming your contact number, providing additional information, and getting an email confirmation.

Unlike other platforms, Mystic Sense asks for the user’s country, location, and time zone. This eliminates all concerns about availability. You’ll be encouraged to connect with local psychics first. However, if you wish to connect with experts from different countries, you can go ahead. Thankfully, their availability will be shown in your time zone so that you don’t have to figure out the right time to reach out to them on your own.

Search Function

Mystic Sense invites you to browse different categories to find a psychic suitable for your needs. It features advanced search filters that give you the most relevant results according to your specific criteria. For example, if you opt for a love and relationship reading with tarot cards and a wise reading style, you’ll find experts who tick all these boxes.

You can also search for a psychic under the “Top-Rated Psychics” tab or by exploring the mediums they use (astrology, pendulums, crystal balls, etc.).

Types of Readings

This psychic service provider offers video sessions in addition to phone and chat psychic readings. So, if you feel like interacting with the mystic expert face to face, you can connect with them via video call.

The best thing about this portal is that each category comes with several sub-categories. This allows you to get highly personalized advice, insights, and predictions. For instance, in the love and relationships category, you can reach out to experts specializing in different sub-categories, such as toxic relationships, loss of a loved one, and cheating issues.

Free Psychic Reading

Mystic Sense offers a five-minute trial run for newcomers. As soon as you register yourself on the site, you’ll be asked to deposit a minimum amount in your account. Then, you can request a free session with any of the available experts.

No matter how long your first reading is, you won’t be charged for the first five minutes. However, the refund amount will depend on the specific per-minute charges of your chosen psychic. Based on the amount deposited in your account, a limit may also apply to the refund amount. You’ll have to check your email inbox for refund confirmation.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Mystic Sense strives to provide a pleasant psychic reading experience to all users. To transform their vision into reality, it appoints only the most experienced live psychics to offer their services on the platform.

All experts on this network are confident that they’ll meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. If you don’t like the revelations made in a particular session, you can request a refund. The customer support team will look into the matter and compensate with Mystic Sense minutes.

This means you won’t get your money back but a few additional minutes that you can use when booking a consultation with another psychic. To qualify for the refund policy, you must reach out to customer care representatives within 48 hours of the unsatisfactory session. Also, this policy doesn’t apply to the same psychics. This means you can use the extra time to get a reading from a new advisor only.

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How Did We Come Up With the List of the Best Psychic Reading Websites?


You can easily find several psychic service networks on the internet today. Many sites offer tempting offers and discounts to convince you to try their services. What they hide from you is that these offers come with certain limitations, conditions, and restrictions.

Finding a good psychic reading service provider with no hidden schemes and charges is tricky. To make things easier for you, we’ve conducted thorough research to weed out the platforms that don’t deserve your time, money, and attention.

Below are the top factors we had in mind when creating this list of sites with the best online psychics.

Psychic Directory

Our primary focus was on the reliability and credentials of each provider’s psychics. After testing the quality and accuracy of predictions made by experts on each platform, we’ve shortlisted Kasamba, Keen Psychics, Psychic Source, and Mystic Sense.

We also checked how the experts on these sites behaved with users. The idea was to ensure that they were professional, empathetic, and good listeners. We wanted to make sure they were open to discussing various life matters and answering users’ questions with patience and commitment.

Service Diversity

Next, we focused on the types of readings offered by different psychic websites. We liked the sites reviewed above because they offer a wide array of psychic readings to users. From love psychic readings and career forecasts to financial guidance, dream interpretations, and horoscopes, they do it all.

Additionally, psychics on these sites use various psychic mediums to provide customers with a line of communication with their deceased loved ones.

We also loved that these sites accommodate users looking for psychic readings via live chat, phone call, email, and video call. Users are allowed to explore their options and browse through categories until they find something they like.

User Reviews

We believe that a free psychic reading near me is not a good enough reason to sign up on a psychic portal. User reviews provide a clear idea of the reading quality and customer service offered by a site.

Hence, we chose service providers who encourage users to leave their honest feedback after completing a session. These sites publish these reviews on the respective expert’s profile. This helps you choose experts with a good history of providing reliable psychic readings to people.


You may decide to try a psychic reading service because of a free trial but you’ll eventually have to pay for sessions if you like the experience. You may have a tight budget or you simply might not be interested in spending huge amounts of money on psychics.

This is why we’ve shortlisted the websites that provide cheap psychic readings online. The thing is that these platforms accommodate a wide range of experts. Each professional brings particular qualifications, specializations, areas of expertise, and psychic reading experience to the table and charges users accordingly.

On these platforms, you can either specify your budget or check the psychic’s pricing on their profile. This way, you don’t have to worry about unexpected bills.

Registration Process

Lastly, we checked if these psychic sites had a quick and easy registration process. We are aware that users are usually not willing to spend more than a minute or two on signing up for a service.

The platforms reviewed herein allow new customers to register quickly and request a free psychic reading online without wasting time. These sites aim to make the entire process seamless and convenient for you.

That’s it!

Using these parameters, we confirmed that Kasamba, Keen Psychics, Psychic Source, and Mystic Sense are genuine platforms with expert psychics providing top-quality readings at affordable rates.

Wrapping It Up

The option of getting a psychic reading online promises extra convenience and flexibility for users worldwide. Online platforms allow you to browse a massive pool of psychics and get custom-tailored readings from local psychics.

In our opinion, and according to several user reviews, Kasamba, Keen Psychics, Psychic Source, and Mystic Sense are the most trustworthy platforms for psychic readings.

That being said, keep in mind that a single reading doesn’t have the power to change your life or attract happiness for you, no matter how qualified and gifted the psychic is. The key to enjoying your mystic journey is to try different experts in various categories.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about wasted money when seeking predictions on the sites reviewed in this guide. You can use the trial session to determine your needs and expectations and evaluate the psychic’s reading style. Once you find someone you can trust, you’ll benefit from budget-friendly packages.

Again, remember that a successful online psychic reading session will provide you with encouragement, support, guidance, and warning about your current life and future. How you think and act afterward is what determines your destiny. Listen to the advice and revelations of the psychic carefully and take notes to increase your chances of making intelligent decisions across all areas of life.

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