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Best Protein Powder to Buy (2022) Top-Rated Protein Supplements

Protein powder is among the world’s most popular nutritional supplements. Many people take this essential macronutrient to help them build muscles, repair tissues, and development of hormones. Best Protein powders may also help with weight loss and a lean body.

Protein powder is available in two primary forms: whey and vegan protein powder. With increasing popularity in the supplements space, more protein powder options are coming up. While that is a good thing, it is difficult for consumers to choose the best protein powder.

Every protein powder company claims to offer the best products that deliver a strong dose of high-quality protein. However, not all products live up to that promise. So, how can you choose the best protein powder for your unique needs? We’re here to help.

Our editorial team consulted different protein powder manufacturers and tested various products to identify the best protein powders of 2022. Here’s our ranking:

The Best Protein Powders To Buy in 2022

After a comprehensive consultation, here are the best protein powders of 2022:

BioTrust Low Carb Faster recovery from muscle loss
Crazy Bulk Tri-Protein Boost bone and joint health
XWerks Grow Builds lean muscles
BiOptimizers Protein Breakthrough Aid in weight loss
Transparent Labs Whey Protein Rebuilds torn muscles
Live Conscious Organic Protein Promotes overall health and wellness
Fitera FitFreeze Helps in increasing metabolic rate
Amy Myers MD Paleo Protein Boost energy level throughout the day
Vital Proteins Collagen Whey Protein Promote production of immune cells
Onnit Protein Grass Fed Boost immunity
Green Regimen Elite Protein Strengthen muscles and bone
Cellucor COR- Performance Powder Ensures faster recovery from muscle loss
Ladder Whey Protein Helps in weight gain
Ladder Plant Protein Responsible for losing extra fat
NSP Nutrition Muscle Fuel Enhance muscle growth
NSP Nutrition Milk and Egg Protein Offers maximum protein for better physical performance
Bauer BRF Whey Protein Prevent muscle loss & Maintain and rebuild lean muscles
Orgain Protein Powder Maintains muscle mass and aid in fat loss
IdealFit IdealLean Protein Boost immunity
Legion Whey Isolate Protein Prevent storage of fat cells
Beast Sports Beast Protein Helps in muscle growth
Huge Supplements Huge Whey Ensure better physical performance
ProMix Whey Isolate Protein Powder Increases energy level
MTN OPS Magnum Strengthen muscle building

BioTrust Low Carb


Developed by Joel Marion and his team at BioTrust, this low-carb protein powder claims to help users start the day right. According to the official website, BioTrust Low Carb is advertised as a clean, naturally flavored protein powder that works to lower cravings for unhealthy foods.

Besides, it helps users manage their appetite so they can feel fuller and satisfied. This allows them to lower their calorie intake and build lean muscles while boosting their metabolism, among others. BioTrust Low Carb delivers 24g of pasture-raised, high-quality, and adequate protein in each protein per serving.

Ingredients 150 calories, 4g of net carbs, 1g of sugar, 5g of BCAAs, 11g of essential amino acids, and ProHydrolase, a digestive enzyme
Key Highlights
  • Promotes healthy weight management
  • Supports overall wellness
  • Reduces appetite
  • Strengthen muscle size and physical performance
  • No artificial sweeteners added
  • Money Back Guarantee 60 days
    Price $34

    CrazyBulk Tri-Protein


    Made by the famous CrazyBulk Company, Tri-Protein is one of the best protein powders designed for people who want maximum muscle gains with minimized post-workout pain. With 30g per scoop, the formula has one of the largest scoop sizes listed here. According to the website, you simply make a protein shake by adding protein powder with water or milk.

    Tri-Protein has six types of protein delivered in three phases to make it easier for the body to absorb protein. Unlike another protein supplement that bombards the body with one sudden, strong dose of protein, Tri-Protein spreads out its amount over a more extended period.

    With 21g of protein per serving, it’s ideal for maximum muscle development and strength gains. This is a perfect post-workout protein shake as it reduces post-workout pain.

    Ingredients Hydrolyzed whey, micellar casein, whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, DigeZyme, and calcium caseinate
    Key Highlights
  • Assist in muscular growth
  • Boost weight loss regime
  • Helps in nutrition retention
  • Reduces post-workout pain
  • Money Back Guarantee 60 days
    Price $56

    XWerks GROW


    This is among the animal-based protein powders from XWerks GROW claims to be a 100% New Zealand grass-fed protein that delivers high-quality protein sources at a much more affordable price. GROW is available in vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, and strawberry. According to the manufacturer, the formula is designed to repair muscles and strengthen the immune system while delivering antioxidants and supporting healthy digestion, among other benefits.

    XWerks GROW is among the most affordable options on this list despite its higher manufacturing standards than most of its competing options on this list. This high-quality protein powder doesn’t ruin the user’s budget.

    Ingredients 25g of protein, whey concentrate, 6g of BCAAs, 2g of fat, and 2g of carbs per serving
    Key Highlights
  • Promotes immunity
  • Strengthen muscular growth
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Supports bone health
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $49

    BiOptimizers Protein Breakthrough


    BiOptimizers Protein Breakthrough is a widely known protein powder that helps users optimize their protein intake by delivering a delicious, plant-based meal replacement formula. According to the official website, this is a plant-based protein powder discovered after more than 17 years of research.

    This organic plant-based protein powder comes in a premium quality formula with a smooth texture and pleasant taste.

    This allows it to offer a complete source of amino acids to support maximum recovery. While it’s not the cheapest protein powder on this list, it comes with high-quality ingredients for the premium user.

    Ingredients Pea, Hemp and Pumpkin seeds protein
    Key Highlight
  • Help in controlling cravings
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Build strong bones
  • Boost your immune system
  • Money Back Guarantee 365 days
    Price $75

    Transparent Labs Whey Protein


    Transparent Labs Whey Protein is one of the animal-based protein powders from 100 percent grass-fed American cows. As stated on the website, the formula is made from whey protein isolate with an 88 percent protein-by-weight ratio. Each scoop of 32 grams of protein per serving delivers 28g of protein.

    Since it’s made from naturally fed, hormone-free cows, it contains no artificial sweeteners. This makes Transparent Labs Whey Protein a popular and reasonably priced protein powder that can help users achieve a wide array of health and fitness goals.

    Ingredients 120 calories, 28g protein, and 1g carbs
    Key Highlights
  • Promotes overall wellness
  • Support healthy immune function
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Boost weight management
  • Money Back Guarantee 90 days
    Price $59

    Live Conscious Organic Protein


    Live Conscious Organic Protein is among the highest-quality protein powders on this list. The USDA Organic certified protein powder delivers a pleasant taste with only 80 calories per servings.

    According to the manufacturer, the ingredients work together to support metabolism and muscle development while giving users 15 grams of protein per serving. Made in the United States, Live Conscious Organic Protein is a high-quality vegan protein powder available at an affordable cost.

    Ingredients Rice, pea, sacha inchi, and pumpkin seed protein
    Key Highlights
  • Boost energy level
  • Ensures healthy muscle development
  • Support immunity
  • Promote bone health
  • Money Back Guarantee 365 days
    Price $43

    Fitera FitFreeze


    Fitera FitFreeze is among the best protein powders to consider buying in 2022. It claims to combat fat cells and suppress cravings to make it easy to diet and lose weight. According to the manufacturer, the formula focuses on the brain’s reward centers using a blend of high-quality protein and a chocolate flavor.

    According to the manufacturer, users need to mix the protein powder and freeze it to enjoy the flavor and benefits.

    Ingredients 150 calories, 7g fiber, and 6g sugar
    Key Highlights
  • Controls hunger
  • Helps in losing extra calories
  • Boost cognitive health
  • Alleviate body pain
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $10 per pack

    Amy Myers MD Paleo Protein


    The Paleo Protein formula from Amy Myers MD is among the best protein powders, among certain protein supplements based on scientific evidence formulated by a real medical doctor—Dr. Amy Myers. This is a dietary protein that helps users to get the high-quality protein sources they need in several unique flavors.

    To fulfill its goal as Paleo Protein, the manufacturer uses grass-fed whey protein that delivers 21 grams of protein per serving.

    Ingredients 110 calories, 21 g protein, and 5 g carbohydrates
    Key Highlights
  • Rebuilds damaged tissues and cartilage
  • Boost immune function
  • Maintains a better body mass
  • Aid in weight management
  • Money Back Guarantee 90 days
    Price $70

    Vital Proteins Collagen Whey Protein


    Vital Proteins Collagen whey protein powder is among the best protein powder options to consider using in 2022. The formula delivers 25g of protein per serving. It blends easily with water, smoothies, and even edibles to make a perfect protein shake. More importantly, this formula contains natural hyaluronic acid for joint support.

    Vital Collagen whey protein powder is designed to help users increase athletic performance, boost recovery, and achieve a lean body. The manufacturer also included probiotics and two flavor options of coconut water and vanilla, sweetened with coconut sugar.

    Ingredients 25 g protein, 10 g collagen, hyaluronic acid
    Key Highlights
  • Repairs tissues and cartilage
  • Boost physical performance
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Strengthen bone health
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $44

    Onnit Protein Grass-Fed


    This protein powder is among the highest-quality whey protein supplementation. Available in flavored vanilla or Mexican chocolate, Onnit Protein Grass-Fed contains 20g of protein per serving obtained from New Zealand cows with no added sugar.

    According to the official website, the formula supports muscle gains and supports workout recovery while delivering other benefits of it. More importantly, it uses milk protein isolate to filter out fat and carbs, leaving users with pure protein for a better macronutrient balance.

    Ingredients 110 calories and 20g protein
    Key Highlights
  • Supports muscles development
  • Strengthen bones health
  • Boost immunity
  • Prevent free radical damage of body organs
  • Money Back Guarantee 90 days
    Price $7o

    Green Regimen Elite Protein


    A product of Green Regimen, Elite Protein is one of the most potent plant-based protein powders on this list. The organic, plant-based protein powder works as a meal. Users can get up to 25g of protein per serving.

    Besides, Green Regimen Elite Protein is a USDA Organic certified protein powder with a range of superfoods included.

    This formula uses organic hemp protein and organic pea protein to make its blend. While it’s not the cheapest option on this list, it’s one of the higher-quality and better-tasting vegan protein powders currently available.

    Ingredients 25 g protein, 4 g fiber, and enzymes
    Key Highlights
  • Rebuilds and tone up your muscles
  • Offers faster muscle recovery
  • Assist in losing extra calories
  • Improves digestion
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $35

    Cellucor COR-Performance Whey


    Made by one of the most famous names in the supplement industry, Cellucor COR-Performance Whey is one of the best protein powders to consider buying today.

    It blends and digests quickly. All the same, similar to other budget proteins, Cellucor COR-Performance Whey, has its share of downsides.

    The formula uses all-natural artificial flavors for unique options such as Whipped Vanilla, it is a good addition to protein shakes.

    Ingredients 24 g protein, 5.25 BCAAs, and 10 g calories per serving
    Key Highlights
  • Maintains a lean muscle
  • Focus on losing extra weight
  • Replenish nutrients after workout
  • Strengthen tissues and bones
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $54

    Ladder Whey Protein


    The Whey Protein powder from Ladder is the only product created by a company co-founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lebron James. According to the manufacturers, the formula is designed to help users build muscle mass and fuel their bodies.

    Additionally, it is a whey protein powder that contains something that most other listed products here don’t have—it’s NSF Certified for Sport. This means the formula has been tested to ensure it contains no banned substances. This makes it ideal for athletes for all levels of competition.

    Ingredients 26g protein, 7g BCAAs, 14g nutrients, and 2 billion probiotics
    Key Highlights
  • Enhances muscle growth
  • Improve overall physical performance
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Support fat loss regime
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $70

    Ladder Plant Protein


    The Ladder Plant Protein could be the best choice for those who love plant based protein. This protein powder features chocolate and vanilla flavors while rebuilding muscles with vegan power at the same price as the Ladder formula.

    It is the only plant-based protein powder formulated by a company co-founded by Lebron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Ingredients 21g protein, 4.5g BCAAs, whey concentrate, and 9g nine essential amino acids and nutrients per serving
    Key Highlights
  • Builds muscles and cartilage
  • Helps in faster recovery from muscle loss
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Supports fat loss
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $60

    NSP Nutrition Muscle Fuel


    Muscle Fuel is a product of NSP Nutrition. This high-quality protein isolate powder comes in vanilla or chocolate flavors. The manufacturer uses ultra-filtered whey isolate to minimize fat and support maximum quality. Additionally, NSP delivers two digestive enzymes, protease, and papain, which work together to boost protein absorption.

    This means users can get a guilt-free, high-protein formula low in fat and carbs with maximized absorption.

    Ingredients 25g protein per serving
    Key Highlights
  • Aid in muscle gain
  • Sheds excess fat of the body
  • Boost immune cells
  • Fights against various viral infections
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $41

    NSP Nutrition Milk & Egg Protein


    Made by NSP Nutrition, Milk & Egg Protein stands out for its composition. As its name suggests, this milk protein isolate powder uses milk and egg to boost protein intake. The formula contains 92% milk and egg protein to help users build muscle without gaining unnecessary weight.

    According to the manufacturer, the Milk & Egg Protein formula aims to stabilize blood sugar levels, help avoid daytime energy crashes, stop muscle protein breakdown, and assist users in looking and feeling younger.

    Before many people started using protein powders, experts in bodybuilding recommended drinking large amounts of milk and eggs.

    Ingredients 92% milk and egg protein per serving
    Key Highlights
  • Enhance energy level
  • Alleviate body pain and aches
  • Reduce muscle protein breakdown
  • Support immunity
  • Money Back Guarantee 365 days
    Price $50

    Bauer BRF


    Made by a reputable company in the supplement industry, Bauer BRF is a famous whey formula available in a clean, pure, and high-quality 90% isolate powder. It delivers all the amino acids needed by the muscles while being easy on digestion. More importantly, it has no fillers, as seen in other plant-based protein powders.

    Launched in 2020, the formula is relatively new in the supplement space but particularly popular in the United Kingdom, with thousands of five-star reviews. Since its launch, Bauer BRF has become a favorite protein powder of many people due to its pleasant taste and macro and micronutrient profiles.

    Ingredients Whey proteins, Vitamin C, and Clarinol CLA
    Key Highlights
  • Helps in healthy digestion
  • Promotes immunity system
  • Supports muscles and bone health
  • Increases energy level
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $69

    Orgain Organic Protein Powder


    The Orgain Protein Powders are ideal for those looking for superfood powders. These products are available on Orgain’s online store, where users can get them at affordable prices. Additionally, the formula is USDA Organic certified and comes with clean ingredients available in multiple flavors.

    The manufacturer offers collagen protein powder and grass-fed whey-based protein powder, among other animal-based options. Users can choose from unique flavors, including Creamy Chocolate Fudge, Iced Coffee, Chocolate Coconut, and Peanut Butter. It’s also available in a naturally unsweetened flavor.

    Ingredients 21g protein and 6 fiber per serving
    Key Highlights
  • Promote heart health
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Helps in repairing tissues
  • Prevent muscle loss
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $32

    IdealFit IdealLean Protein


    This protein shake formula targets women. According to the official website, IdealFit IdealLean Protein is advertised for those who want to shred fat and lose weight while suppressing appetite.

    Unlike most other protein powders loaded with fats, sugars, filler ingredients, and calories, IdealLean Protein takes a different approach to deliver a high-quality whey protein isolate formula with fewer added ingredients and minimal fillers.

    Ingredients 20g protein, 100 calories, 2g sugar, and zero fat per serving
    Key Highlights
  • Controls overall calorie intake
  • Boost production of immune cells
  • Helps in fat loss
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $30

    Legion Whey Isolate Protein


    Made by Legion, the Whey Isolate Protein formula is a protein powder made from pure, 100% natural grass-fed whey concentrate. This whey concentrate is obtained from small dairy farms in Ireland.

    The formula separates itself from other protein powders by using some of the best-quality milk in the world. The manufacturer works exclusively with farms in Ireland, certified by Ireland’s Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS).

    This agency regulates farmers by setting strict standards. The Legion’s Whey Isolate Protein could be the ideal option for those looking for high-quality protein at a clinically effective dose.

    Ingredients 22g protein, 120 calories, 2g carbs, 5.6g BCAAs, and 1.5g of fat per serving
    Key Highlights
  • Great for building and maintaining lean muscles
  • Offers healing properties
  • Good for weight gain
  • Promotes gut health
  • Money Back Guarantee 365 days
    Price $50

    Beast Sports Beast Protein


    The Beast Protein formula from Beast Sports is a unique protein powder that comes in a four-pound tub with a vanilla or chocolate flavor. Each serving delivers 25g of protein, making it one of the high-dosed protein powders on this list.

    Besides, Beast Protein also delivers a mix of fast and slow-digesting proteins, amino acids, and digestive enzymes to promote muscle growth and digestion. Each 4-pound tub provides 52 servings, which puts it among the best-value protein powders on this list.

    According to the manufacturer, it supports strong bones, suppresses hunger, boosts strength, promotes healthy blood pressure, and boosts metabolism while helping with weight management, among other benefits, also there are no banned substances present in this formula.

    Ingredients Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Caffeine, DMAE, and Theacrine
    Key Highlights
  • Increases fitness and strength
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Supports digestive health
  • Money Back Guarantee 60 days
    Price $60

    Huge Nutrition Huge Whey


    Made by Huge Nutrition, Huge Whey is a whey protein powder that comes in unique flavors such as Cookies, Cream, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

    The manufacturer uses isolate and concentrate whey to develop the protein. It also contains cocoa powder, natural and artificial flavors.

    More importantly, Huge Nutrition is a relatively new entrant on the supplements market. The product was launched in 2019. However, it has gained much traction. The company aims to separate itself from the competition by delivering high-quality and well-formulated bodybuilding formulas that pass through extensive testing and research before their launch.

    Ingredients 23 g protein, 120 calories, and 5g BCAAs
    Key Highlights
  • Promotes overall health and wellness
  • Aid in losing extra fat
  • Ensures proper blood flow
  • Eliminate muscle loss
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $40

    ProMix Whey Isolate Protein Powder


    Whey Isolate Protein Powder from ProMix is a micro-filtered protein powder that supports muscle building while improving recovery.

    Additionally, it contains 14.2g of essential amino acids in each serving, making a high-quality protein powder seamlessly fit into the macros. The manufacturer uses grass-fed, native Irish cows to make the ProMix Whey Isolate. Regardless of the size chosen, ProMix Whey Isolate Protein allows users to enjoy high-quality protein at an affordable cost.

    Ingredients 30g protein, 6g BCAAs, and 14.2g amino acids
    Key Highlights
  • Supports bones and joints
  • Recovery from muscle loss
  • Aid in muscle growth
  • Combat pain and inflammation
  • Money Back Guarantee 90 days
    Price $45

    MTN OPS Magnum


    This protein powder from MTN OPS is a premium protein formula that comes in an array of flavors. MTN OPS Magnum offers multiple unique options like Birthday Cake, Vanilla Milkshake, Berries & Cream, and Mountain Mocha. The formula delivers a high-powered protein blend for bodybuilding and muscle building.

    With this blend, the manufacturer aims to give users the fuel to build muscles for increased strength.

    Ingredients 23g protein and 1.5g glutamine
    Key Highlights
  • Rebuilds torn cartilage and muscles
  • Increases strength
  • Boost overall physical performance
  • Promote immune system
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $45

    How We Ranked Protein Supplements

    All protein supplements promise to deliver maximum gains using high-quality protein. However, not every product lives up to this promise. Only a smaller percentage of the market stock does. Our editorial team used the following metrics to separate the best and the worst protein powders available today:

    Protein Dosage

    The best protein powders contain between 15g and 25g of protein per serving. Most clinical trials consider this an average dose. However, some manufacturers use more while others are useless. This ranking prioritized products within this range.

    Scoop and Serving Size

    Some protein powders bombard users with large protein servings and dazzling macronutrient profiles—while using a serving that’s even five times larger than a competing formula. Our team preferred only that it contained minimal filler ingredients and optimal scoop sizes.

    For instance, instead of using three or four scoops of protein powder into a shake to achieve 25g of protein, the users should use one or two scoops. Both scoop size and serving size informed our rankings.

    Protein Source

    Protein powders are available in plenty in both vegan and animal-based options. Our team considered protein sources for this ranking while giving priority to high-quality sources over low-quality sources.

    Protein Types

    Protein powders vary widely in terms of their composition. For instance, whey isolate protein is different from micellar casein protein. Similarly, a pea protein blend is different from a pasture-raised whey protein blend. To develop this ranking, our team considered protein type and emphasized higher-quality over low-quality formulations.

    Targeted Health and Wellness Goals

    Most of these supplements are formulated with a health and wellness goal in mind. For example, some are keto shakes, designed to lower carbs while maximizing fat. Some target weight loss while others serve as meal replacement options. This ranking considered products with the right ingredients to achieve their marketed goals.

    Macronutrient Balance

    Protein powders are available in widely varying macronutrient balances. Some work as meal replacement shakes with large amounts of calories and carbs, while others are lightweight formulas with no sugars or carbs.

    This listing considered macronutrient balance in each product. For example, meal replacement powders should contain meal replacement-style ingredients. Similarly, protein powders marketed as slim shakes should have a different macronutrient balance.

    Macronutrient Values

    Some protein powders deliver vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients to boost their effects. While it’s not a requirement in all protein powders, a proper macronutrient balance is essential for meal replacement shakes.

    Complementary Ingredients

    The primary ingredient in a protein powder is protein. However, many manufacturers include extra ingredients to boost absorption and muscle building, among other benefits. These additional ingredients include vitamins, minerals, BCAAs, fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. This ranking prioritized protein powders with complementary elements.

    Taste and Mixability

    Consumers prefer protein powders with a pleasant taste and are easy to mix. Our team personally tested various products on the market to ensure they meet our standards. We focused on tasty and easy-to-mix while avoiding chunky or sickly sweet blends.

    Price, Value, and Overall Cost

    Some consumers can spend more than $100 on a protein powder, while others can only do $20. Without being biased towards a given price point, we aimed to give consumers good value from their chosen protein supplement. This ranking included products with varying prices without compromising quality at each price point.

    Natural Ingredients and Flavors

    Some protein powder manufacturers use artificial flavors and sweeteners, artificial colors, and unnecessary ingredients. While they could be acceptable in budget options, they are unacceptable in high-quality protein powders.

    Money-back or Satisfaction Guarantee

    Nearly all supplement manufacturers offer a money-back or satisfaction guarantee. We preferred companies that stood behind their products and allowed customers to request a refund if they were unsatisfied with their purchase for any reason.

    Manufacturer Reputation, Transparency, and Track Record

    Some protein powder manufacturers have been in the industry for decades making high-quality supplements. Others are new entrants in the market with a limited record of accomplishment. Without being biased towards older, established companies, our team emphasized companies with a proven reputation for transparency and honesty while developing premium formulas.

    Who Should Take Protein Powder?

    Nearly ten years ago, many people thought protein powders were a preserve of bodybuilders, who used the formulas to build muscles quickly. Today, many people still use protein powders to build lean muscles.

    However, some of these are available today only formulated for weight loss, meal replacement, workout recovery, and immunity, among other benefits. Here are some of the people who could benefit more from protein powders:

    • Any person who wants to lose weight without affecting lean muscles
    • Any person who wants to bulk up or develop lean muscle mass
    • Bodybuilders who aim to break through plateaus and maximize their strength gains
    • Any person looking to increase immunity or promote overall health and wellness
    • People with diabetes who want to manage their blood sugar or control cravings
    • Any person trying to promote cardiovascular health and endurance
    • People looking for healthy meal replacement options that leave them feeling full
    • Vegans and vegetarians who want to boost their daily intake of protein without consuming meat or animal by-products
    • Busy, on-the-go individuals who don’t have time to prepare full meals for breakfast or lunch

    Many protein powder manufacturers design their products with the following groups of people in mind. While some protein powders specifically target bodybuilders, others are made for runners, swimmers, and just ordinary citizens aiming to lose weight, among others.

    Types of Protein Powders

    A protein powder is a more complex product than many people realize. These are available in various types of proteins for different goals, dietary preferences, and lifestyles. The most popular versions of these powders contain Whey, hemp and pea protein.

    Some consumers also prefer whey protein because the body absorbs it better and fast. Casein protein is equally suitable for more extended absorption. Some people also prefer blended versions to get the best of both worlds. Here are some of the main types of protein available in the best protein powders on this list:

    Whey Protein

    It is the best-known and most popular type of protein available today. This fast-absorbing milk by-product increases muscle growth and recovery. Users can buy three main versions of whey protein, including concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate.


    This version of the protein is the basic form of when protein. Manufacturers create whey protein from dairy sources. This concentrate contains low levels of fats and carbs. It also delivers a protein ratio of 30-90% based on the protein powder.


    This type of protein is designed to remove fat and lactose. Whey protein isolate manufacturers run their products through a filter or a filtration system to eliminate fat and fructose, leaving the product with at least 90 percent protein. Whey protein isolate is a superior form of protein to whey protein concentrate.


    Hydrolysate is a version of whey protein that is already digested or hydrolyzed to make it easier for the body to absorb. The body needs to hydrolyze protein before absorbing it. By consuming whey protein hydrolysate, the body absorbs it more rapidly because it’s been partially ‘digested.’

    Casein Protein

    Casein protein powder is the type of protein that is available in milk. It’s best known for its ability to take longer to be absorbed into the body. The best Casein protein powder mainly works to build muscles and supports fat loss. Many people take it at night to help their bodies absorb the protein as they sleep.

    Egg Protein

    This type of protein was popular back in the 70s and 80s but made a comeback recently. Egg protein powders use protein from egg whites and convert it into a powdered, accessible version. It contains all nine essential nutrients and high doses of muscle-building protein. Egg protein is ideal for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy.

    Pea Protein

    This type of protein is one of the cheapest and most popular versions of plant protein available today. Pea protein is high in fiber made from yellow split peas. With a distinct flavor, it can support a feeling of fullness.

    Hemp Protein

    This plant-based protein is packed with healthy fats and essential nutrients. While it’s not considered a complete protein, hemp protein is easy for the body to digest and delivers seven amino acids together with omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for overall health.

    Brown Rice Protein

    Brown rice protein is a popular version of vegan protein. As its name suggests, it’s derived from brown rice. Also known as rice protein powder, this type of protein has all nine essential amino acids, although it has a low amount of leucine. For that reason, many protein powders mix brown rice protein with pea protein.

    Soy Protein

    This plant-based protein is one of the least popular types of protein in the protein powder space. While it’s deemed a high-quality protein, soy protein also comes with traces of phytoestrogens, which could lower testosterone and increase estrogen levels. All the same, it’s packed with muscle-building protein and could boost bone density, among other benefits.

    Mixed Plant Protein

    Vegan protein powders often deliver a blend of several plant-based protein sources. Manufacturers include several plant-based proteins in it because plant-derived proteins don’t have all essential amino acids. While animal proteins are complete with all the essential amino acids, users need multiple plant-based proteins to get the same dose of amino acids.

    Collagen Protein Powder

    Collagen is the most abundant type of protein found in the human body. Many people take collagen protein powders daily to promote joint health and muscle growth while delivering anti-aging benefits. The best Collagen protein powder is prized for its ability to improve skin elasticity and support joint health. However, it’s less effective for muscle growth and bodybuilding.

    Protein Powder Benefits: Scientific Perspective

    Protein powder is among the most studied nutritional supplements. A lot of evidence validates the use of protein powders for bodybuilding, lean muscle development, weight loss, recovery, and endurance, among other benefits.

    Here’s a summary of the scientific perspective on it:

    Lean muscle development

    Several studies support the use of protein powder for lean muscle development. In one study, researchers discovered that a whey protein supplement could support more excellent lean muscle development. Similarly, another study showed that whey protein could stimulate muscle growth in older men based on its fast digestion and high leucine content.

    Strength improvement and lean muscle mass

    A separate scientific study published in 2006 found that whey protein isolate could significantly improve strength and lean muscle mass. Similar research from 2010 corroborated similar results where participants increased force-generating capacity post-workout using a whey protein hydrolysate formula.

    Muscle protein net balance

    Regardless of whether they take casein protein or standard protein, users can enjoy the benefits of protein supplementation. A study published in 2004 confirmed that both casein and whey protein could help users experience an increase in muscle protein net balance. Another study also links it to weight loss. According to the study, participants with an average weight could lower their fat mass and boost lean muscle mass by taking a protein powder.


    Protein powder could also help with inflammation. According to one study, researchers discovered that a good protein powder could help reduce inflammation while improving specific biomarkers of cardiovascular health in obese and overweight individuals. Heart disease remains one of the significant causes of death among adults worldwide, and a good protein powder could help cut the risk.

    Appetite control

    Some of these are designed to suppress appetite. For example, users can take a protein powder as a meal replacement shake to help them lower their calorie intake by eating less. Whey protein is an appetite suppressant, as confirmed by multiple studies. Researchers discovered that hydrolyzed casein and whey protein could help regulate appetite and boost energy expenditure in one study.

    In other studies, protein powder has been linked to muscle building, appetite suppressing, and increased muscle thicknesses, among other benefits. Other science-backed benefits of protein powders include

    • Weight loss
    • Anti-cancer
    • Cholesterol
    • Asthma
    • Blood pressure and heart disease

    While many people think protein powders are just for bodybuilding, yes, they are. However, according to science, there are many other benefits associated with it, as shown above.

    Side Effects

    Most of these are free of any adverse side effects when used by healthy adults in standard dosages. However, people who are allergic to milk may have problems with whey protein powders. When consumed in high doses, it could cause the following effects:

    • Cramping
    • Stomach pains and digestive issues
    • Low appetite
    • Headaches
    • Fatigue
    • Nausea

    Besides, some users can develop acne issues when taking high doses of whey protein for an extended period.

    Protein Powder Dosages

    There’s a lot of debate going around concerning protein dosages. Some argue that users should equal their body weight in grams of protein per day. This means they should take 150g of protein for a 150-pound individual. Others also suggest a more balanced approach.

    According to studies, a person needs about 0.7g-0.8g of protein for each pound of body weight. This amounts to 1.6g of protein per kg of bodyweight, which is necessary for gaining leaning muscles and recovering effectively from workouts. As confirmed by one review by Canadian researchers, supplementing with protein beyond this range brings no impact on muscle growth or development.

    All the same, users should understand that protein is not always better. Exceeding the recommended daily dose of protein requirements could put more stress on the kidneys, digestive system, and the overall body. After reaching the desired muscle mass and bulking up, users should consider lowering their protein intake to about 0.5g per pound of body weight.

    At this intake (1.2g per kg), users should maintain lean muscle mass and recover from their exercises effectively. Those who are no longer training should take between 0.3g and 0.4g of protein per pound of their body weight. This amount is enough to help them stay healthy and active despite their strength training routine.

    However, some experts dispute these dosage recommendations. They claim they’re too low. For example, the International Association of Athletics Federations recommends taking up to 2.4g of protein per kilogram of body weight to maintain muscle mass.

    Overall, when dealing with protein dosages, users should remember that the body could only take between 20 and 25 grams of protein at once. Therefore, they should spread out their protein intake throughout the day.

    Final Word

    Protein powders are becoming popular with each passing day. These nutritional supplements are not only for bodybuilders. They can help people lose weight, build lean muscle, and support heart health while boosting endurance, among others. This ranking of the 25 best protein powder formulas currently available on the market allows consumers to find the best protein powders.

    Our team reviewed hundreds of products to develop this compilation. In the end, the products listed here are the best protein powders of 2022 for both men and women. To get started, consumers simply need to pick any of the above products by visiting the official website.

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