Best Personal At-Home Testing Products: Top Home Health & DNA Tests of 2022

Technology is making at-home testing more accessible and cheaper than ever.

A few years ago, a DNA test would cost $10,000. Today, you can buy a home DNA test for as little as $50.

Some people use at-home tests to check for allergies and medical conditions. Others use at-home testing to analyze gut health.

Some at-home tests can even recommend the ideal supplements and lifestyle changes.

We tested, ranked, and rated today’s best at-home testing products

The Top Home Health & DNA Tests of 2022

After hundreds of hours of research and deliberation among our editorial team, here’s how we ranked the best at-home testing products and services available today:

  • Everly Well
  • Viome
  • Persona Labs
  • MyLab Box
  • Vessel
  • Health Labs
  • Simply Health Checks
  • The DNA Company
  • Certified Toxicity & Detox Specialist Program
  • Macujo
  • Vitall
  • 121doc
  • Pass Your Test

Everly Well


Everly Well offers more tests than virtually any other at-home testing company on this list, including five tests for nutritional health, six tests for women’s health, and seven tests for sexual health.

After taking a test from Everly Well, you can buy customized supplements, view post-result webinars, and even access prescription drugs customized to your unique physiology.

Whether you’re testing yourself for gonorrhea and chlamydia or looking for the best supplements you need to start taking today, Everly Well is one of the kings of the at-home testing space.

Do you like Everly Well’s tests? You can sign up for a $25 per month subscription plan to help monitor your health and wellness year-round. It’s a level of value, testing, and customizability we don’t see with many other at-home testing providers on our list.



Viome offers tests in areas that other companies ignore – like gut and health intelligence. The company is also one of the few on this list that analyzes blood and stool samples to check your health.

After testing your blood and stool, Viome generates personalized food recommendations and 30+ health insights based on your unique biology and the gut microbiome.

If you want to buy supplements through Biome, then you can buy a collection of prebiotics and probiotics specifically formulated for you. Some people have different gut bacteria levels than others, so you shouldn’t take the same one-size-fits-all probiotic supplement. Viome customizes supplements made from 250+ premium ingredients to support overall health with simple at-home tests.

Plus, Viome claims 70% of its customers report noticeable or significant improvements after following Viome’s recommendations for at least 90 days.

Viome has also completed clinical trials verifying the connection between gut health, blood sugar, and even biological age, among other metrics. As one of the most cutting-edge leaders in the at-home testing field, Viome is one of the best options on our list.

Persona Labs


Persona Labs aims to put your health in your hands with lab tests, medications, and answers on-demand.

You can order Persona Labs blood tests online, then get a unique insight into your health. Persona Labs offers at-home STD testing, women’s and men’s health tests, and general wellness testing.

Some Persona Labs blood tests are performed at home, while others require you to visit a local clinic. Persona Labs, however, makes it easy to order the blood tests you need, view prices and providers in your area, and get a unique insight into your health.

With over 400 lab tests available, Persona Labs is one of the most diverse options on this list. The company also offers 4,000+ testing locations along with telehealth services.

MyLab Box


MyLab Box offers 30+ unique tests for nutrition, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, fertility, STDs, and more. The company also accepts FSA and HAS cards, and they’re a CDC-listed company working with CAP and CLIA-certified labs.

Founded in 2014, MyLab Box is the longest-running home testing provider on this list. Today, the company helps customers in all 50 states access the unique health insight they need.

MyLab Box’s most popular tests include vitamin D tests, thyroid screening tests, weight loss tests, and food sensitivity tests. The company also offers colorectal cancer screening tests, hemoglobin A1c tests, cholesterol and lipid tests, and metabolism tests, among other at-home testing services.

MyLab Box also offers tests we don’t see with other providers, including unique and diverse tests like inflammation, heart health, skin vitality, and anti-aging, among other options.



Vessel uses a combination of an online quiz and an at-home wellness test to create a personalized program to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Signing up for Wellness is like having a team of doctors and nutritionists in your pocket. You enjoy perks like easy testing (just pee on the wellness card and scan it using the Vessel app), instant results (get test results in 3 minutes), and personalized recommendations (including actionable food and lifestyle steps to improve sleep, energy, mood, and immunity).

As one of the internet’s best-rated at-home testing providers, Vessel aims to empower you with personalized insights fueled by actual science and professional wellness coaching. The Vessel team of certified nutritionists can help answer questions to make your plan perfect.

One of the biggest perks of Vessel is the pricing: while competing at-home testing companies charge $100 to $200 per test, Vessel charges just $10 per test and gives you test results in 3.5 minutes.

Health Labs


Health Labs offers fast, private, and affordable lab tests you can perform at home or in clinics. You can order the tests online or by phone with no doctors’ referrals required.

After ordering a test online through HealthLabs.com, you can visit one of 4,500+ locations to get tested. Or, some tests can be performed at home.

Health Labs takes out the middleman with direct-to-consumer lab testing, giving you faster results and cheaper pricing than you would if working through the traditional healthcare system. Most tests deliver results within just 1 to 3 days.

Popular tests available through Health Labs include allergy tests, cardiac health tests, fertility tests, immunity tests, and vitamin and nutritional tests.

Simply Health Checks


Simply Health Checks offers food sensitivity tests for as little as £20. You complete the test at home, then get results within 3 to 5 days.

Each Simply Health Checks sensitivity test can show results in up to 900 food and drink items, giving you incredible insight into your health.

Maybe you’ve always suspected a specific food sensitivity. Perhaps you’re curious about how your body responds to particular ingredients. Simply Health Checks can give you the answers you need, making it easier to optimize your health.

Simply Health Checks offers a Basic Health Test (£20) for 400+ items, an Advanced Health Test (£24) for 700+ items, and an Ultimate Test (£27) for 900+ items. The tests check for allergies to foods and non-food items and the presence of metals, vitamins, minerals, additives, and more.

Simply Health Checks is also one of the few at-home testing companies on this list available in the United Kingdom. The company works with brands that partner with the UK and European ISO and UKAS accredited laboratories to adhere to the highest quality assurance standards.

The DNA Company


The DNA Company is a human optimization program aiming to unlock anyone’s genetic potential for work, play, and wellness.

The company’s flagship product is a 360 genome scan. It checks your DNA for any actionable insights into performance-related attributes and health. You get 38 custom reports on your unique genetic information, helping you make informed decisions about your life, health, and future.

The DNA Company also assigns a coach and concierge to your case, walking you through the actionable recommendations you receive and helping you make intelligent choices.

According to The DNA Company, the company’s tests can help you prevent disease, slow aging, and optimize performance by testing 22,000+ genes making up your genetic code.

Certified Toxicity & Detox Specialist Program


Certified Toxicity & Detox Specialist from HCF Certifications is an online accreditation program that teaches you how to perform a Certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist.

As a Certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist, you can work with clients to determine why they’re unwell. You’ll learn how to test for specific toxicity levels while enjoying a safe and effective approach to detoxifying and healing the body.

Whether you’re using the information for yourself or launching your own detox business, you can take the Certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist program from HCF Certifications to become more informed about your body’s natural elimination processes and how they can work.

The course consists of six online training modules and a final exam. To get unique client insights, you’ll cover topics like toxic bucket training, reducing cellular inflammation, targeting diabetes wellness and weight loss resistance, visual contrast toxicity (VCS) testing, and meta-oxy cellular inflammation tests.



Macujo specializes in helping customers pass hair drug tests using proven solutions.

It’s possible to pass a hair drug test – but you need to use the suitable shampoos and ingredients to cleanse your hair of toxins. Macujo offers a range of hair drug test products under Mike’s Macujo method.

Mike’s Macujo method has one of the best track records for passing a drug test. Using a combination of aloe vera shampoo and other unique ingredients, you can cleanse all detectable traces of drugs from your hair, helping you pass a test.

Macujo, found online at Macujo.com, has also expanded to offer a lineup of products to help pass saliva and urine tests. With next-day shipping available and backed by 20+ years of industrial experience and testing, Macujo can help you pass a hair drug test.



Vitall offers at-home drug tests to manage your health and wellbeing, including STI tests, health checks, at-home blood tests, and other products from the UK’s leading clinical labs.

Vitall is one of two at-home testing companies on our list specializing in the UK market. The company offers home blood tests with UKAS accredited laboratory testing, giving customers the highest quality. Plus, Vitall oversees tests with a team of 16 consultant doctors.

After completing a Vitall test at home, you get clear and actionable reporting. The company creates a report that charts your results and compares them against a normal range. You also get complete recommendations to follow up on, along with biomarkers you can track overtime via a Vitall subscription.

Whether looking for a single test or an at-home test subscription package, Vitall has a range of products to suit your unique needs.



121doc is an online pharmacy that makes it easy to select your treatment, complete an online consultation, and get prescription drugs delivered to your address the next day.

121doc offers drugs for erectile dysfunction, contraception, hair loss, premature ejaculation, STIs, asthma, weight loss, and diabetes, among other common conditions.

Each 121doc prescription is backed by a medical team authorized by the relevant health authorities. 121doc provides complete information about each prescribing doctor upfront, making it easy to see exactly who is issuing your recommendation.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, improve performance in bed, or target other health and wellness conditions, you can get a range of treatments through 121doc’s online testing and consultation service.

Pass Your Test


Pass Your Test is the second drug testing service on our list. The company offers a range of products to detoxify your body and help you reliably pass a drug test.

Popular options like the 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program help release toxins from your body using a combination of capsules, powdered formulas, and other products. Follow the tests to enjoy extreme detoxification, allowing you to pass a drug test with proven ingredients.

Pass Your Test has helped over 250,000 people cleanse their bodies of unwanted toxins fast. Pass Your Test’s products remove all toxins permanently from your body. As long as you follow the instructions, stop taking drugs before the test, and complete the program as advertised, you’ll almost certainly pass your drug test.

How We Ranked The Top Home Health & DNA Tests

All at-home testing companies claim to offer fast, effective, and accurate testing. However, not all of them live up to the hype. Here’s how we separated the best and worst at-home tests:


Some at-home tests are downright inaccurate. That makes them dangerous. People use at-home tests to get crucial insight into their health and wellness. Accuracy was one of our most important ranking factors.

Ease of Use

Nobody wants to slice open their palm to deliver a blood sample. The best at-home tests use simple, effective sample collection systems to extract the information they need. Some at-home testing companies have invested more in the user experience than others. We preferred at-home tests that were easy for anyone to use.

Personalized Insight

Some tests give you accurate feedback about your physiology but fail to explain what that means. Other tests provide personalized insight into the value of their recommendations, making it easy to transfer those recommendations into meaningful actions.

Value of Recommendations

Some at-home tests deliver more valuable recommendations than others. It’s easy to get an allergy or blood test to get basic health insight, but it’s harder to get a DNA or gut microbiome test. We considered the value and uniqueness of each test’s recommendations.

Actionability of Recommendations

Does your test give you recommendations or insights you can start using today? Or does the test provide general guidance that isn’t very useful? Most people aren’t doctors. We liked tests that broke down results into plain English, making it easy to get the insight you need to make meaningful changes to your life.

Price & Value

At-home tests are affordable because you don’t need to visit a clinic or cover a clinic’s overhead costs. However, some tests provide better value than others. We considered price and value in our rankings. Whether you’re interested in paying $50 for an at-home test or $500, we wanted you to get good insight.

Variety of Tests & Options

Some at-home testing companies specialize in a single type of test, while others offer multiple tests. Some companies test for numerous things with a single sample, while others use various samples to test for numerous things. We liked companies with a diverse range of tests and options. For example, Everly Well, a top-ranked prospect on our list, offers everything from heart health and cholesterol tests to at-home chlamydia and gonorrhea tests.


The best at-home testing companies have high levels of transparency, explaining exactly how they test, which labs they use, and other processes involved with each sample. Some at-home testing companies are unusually vague about this information, making it difficult to determine what’s going on. Nobody wants an Elizabeth Holmes’ Theranos situation, so we preferred at-home testing companies with high levels of transparency.

Advertised Health Benefits

At-home testing companies can’t claim to cure cancer or heal disease; instead, most companies simply claim to “help support” or “help relieve” various conditions. We preferred companies that were open and honest about their health benefits. We were wary of companies that promised ridiculous health benefits to make a sale.

Professionally Certified Team Members

Some at-home testing companies have a team of PhDs, registered dietitians (RDs), and medical doctors (MDs) helping to form their recommendations. Others have marketers who Google what each deficiency means. Which company would you rather have making personalized health recommendations?

Science-Backed Advice

Some at-home testing companies make apparent recommendations. If your vitamin B12 levels are low, for example, then you should take a vitamin B12 test. Others use science to make more intelligent and customized recommendations. They suggest specific lifestyle changes, for example, and back those recommendations with scientific citations. The more science backing an at-home test, the better.

Clinical Trials & Tests

Some at-home tests have completed clinical tests to verify they work as advertised. The DNA Company, for example, has conducted clinical trials involving 5,000+ people. The more clinical trials supporting a specific at-home test, the higher we ranked it.

Company Reputation, Transparency, and Standing

Some at-home testing companies have a shady reputation for offering overpriced tests that don’t work. Others have nearly a decade of experience providing reliable, affordable, and convenient at-home testing options. We considered company reputation and standing in our ranking.

Complementary Products & Services

Many at-home testing companies have complementary products and services – like custom-built supplements or a mobile app. After you complete a Viome at-home test, you get precision supplements designed for you and access to a mobile app featuring your health insights. Although we primarily judged the tests based on their accuracy and ease of use, we also considered complementary products and services in our rankings.

Types of At-Home Tests Available

Different companies offer different types of tests. However, some of the best and most popular at-home tests available include:

Nutritional Health Tests

  • Food sensitivity tests
  • Metabolism tests
  • Vitamin D and inflammation tests
  • Vitamins & Supplements Tests
  • Customized supplement recommendation tests
  • Vitamin and mineral level tests
  • Omega-3 fatty acid level tests
  • B vitamin tests

General Wellness Tests

  • Thyroid tests
  • Colon cancer screening tests
  • Lyme disease tests
  • Indoor and outdoor allergy tests
  • Cholesterol and lipids tests
  • Heart health tests
  • HbA1c tests
  • Sleep and stress tests
  • Heavy metals tests
  • Inflammation tests
  • Skin vitality tests
  • Adrenal stress tests
  • Sleep + stress tests
  • Anti-aging tests
  • Metabolism tests

Sexual Health Tests

  • Trichomoniasis tests
  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea test
  • Hepatitis C test
  • Syphilis test
  • HIV test
  • STD tests

Women’s Health Tests

  • HPV tests
  • General women’s health tests
  • Ovarian reserve tests
  • Perimenopause tests
  • Post-menopause tests
  • Women’s fertility tests

Men’s Health Tests

  • Testosterone tests
  • General men’s health tests

Gut Health Tests

  • Probiotic tests
  • Prebiotic tests

Family Planning Tests

  • Male and female fertility tests
  • Ovulation confirmation tests
  • Testosterone tests
  • Ovarian reserve (FSH) tests

Toxicology and Drug Tests

  • Comprehensive drug tests
  • 5-panel and 10-panel drug tests
  • Heavy metals tests

Other Tests

  • Anemia tests
  • Gastrointestinal health tests
  • Sports tests
  • Infectious disease testing
  • Diabetes tests
  • Arthritis and inflammation tests
  • Tests for specific diseases, conditions, and illnesses

How At-Home Tests Work

At-home tests work in different ways to analyze parts of your body.

Some at-home tests are available via subscription. You subscribe to a company’s testing service, then get weekly or monthly tests to track your performance over time. Other at-home tests are one-time tests to check for specific things like diseases, illnesses, or conditions.

The most popular at-home tests involve:

  • Peeing on a test strip and analyzing the information at home (or taking a photo with your smartphone)
  • Collecting a blood sample and shipping it to a lab
  • Collecting a saliva sample and shipping it to a lab
  • Collecting a stool sample and shipping it to a lab

All at-home test companies give you everything you need to complete the test safely at home, including:

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to complete the test
  • Collection containers
  • Testing strips (for urine tests)
  • Finger pricking device (for blood tests)
  • Package with return shipping, if necessary
  • Access to mobile app or website

You get everything you need to complete the test at home, even if you have zero medical experience. The tests are specifically designed for those with zero medical knowledge. You’re not expected to stick a needle in your arm to test your blood; instead, you’re expected to follow basic instructions to get the sample you need at home, then analyze that sample as quickly as possible.

What Do At-Home Tests Look For?

Different at-home tests work in different ways. An at-home drug test looks for drug metabolites in your urine. Your body produces these metabolites as it breaks down drugs, leaving a telltale sign you’ve recently consumed that specific drug. Meanwhile, a follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) test looks for levels of a particular hormone linked to pregnancy in your urine.

Here are some of the most popular at-home tests and how they work:

DIY fertility screening tests measure the level of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in your urine on the third day of your menstrual cycle. Your pituitary gland produces FSH, signaling your ovaries to grow and mature an egg. Women infertile or in menopause have different FSH levels, and tests look for this difference.

At-home UTI tests use a home dipstick test similar to what your doctor uses. This dipstick detects nitrites in your urine. High levels of nitrites are a sign of an infection. Some at-home STI tests also detect white blood cells.

Home allergen tests expose your blood to specific allergens to check for reactions. Traditional allergen tests involve testing your skin for a response, but at-home allergen tests can reveal similar results.

At-home cholesterol tests are some of the highest-quality at-home tests available for people with heart health issues (assuming the FDA approves the tests). These tests accurately check your total cholesterol levels, helping to determine your risk for heart disease. However, some cholesterol tests do not differentiate between LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and HDL (“good” cholesterol).

Some at-home tests check for specific viruses. Hepatitis C at-home tests, for example, involve collecting your blood and shipping it to a lab, and that lab checks for the presence of a virus. HIV at-home tests, meanwhile, include providing a saliva sample to a lab. The lab tests for HIV-1 or HIV-2 antibodies.

Many at-home tests involve the use of urine test strips. These test strips seem magical: you urinate on the test strip, and certain parts of the test strip change color based on the content of your urine. Tests can take just 60 seconds to 5 minutes to complete, delivering surprising insight into your health based on your urine. An average urine test strip checks for leukocytes, nitrites, urobilinogen, protein, pH, hemoglobin, specific gravity, ketones, bilirubin, and glucose.

Overall, at-home tests use proven technology to make it easy to provide a sample, get that sample tested at a lab, and get the information you need to fuel specific health insights.

Top 10 Benefits of At-Home Tests

At-home health test companies use proven technology to provide patients with actionable recommendations.

Some of the most valuable benefits of taking an at-home test include:

Personalized Supplements

Some at-home testing companies deliver personalized supplement recommendations based on your test results. For example, your test may reveal low vitamin B12 and iron levels, and the company creates a personalized multivitamin with extra vitamin B12 and iron levels. You can get customized health insight instead of taking a one-size-fits-all multivitamin like everyone else.

Actionable Health Recommendations

Get actionable insight into your health and wellness, including recommendations you can implement today to reach your goals. Most at-home testing companies offer diet and lifestyle recommendations, for example. Whether you want to lose weight, lower blood pressure, or solve your low energy problem, you can get actionable health recommendations to help you reach your health goals.

No Need to Visit a Clinic

Most people don’t enjoy visiting medical clinics. Thanks to at-home testing companies, you don’t need to: you can provide samples from home comfort. Most at-home testing kits are shipped to your door and sent directly back to the lab. You can avoid the cost, hassle, and inconvenience of visiting a clinic. That means no more waiting rooms, no awkward sample collection processes, and no privacy concerns.

Maximum Discretion

Some of the most popular at-home tests are for areas people are embarrassed to discuss, like sexual health tests and erectile dysfunction tests. At-home tests allow you to test for these conditions in home comfort. Instead of worrying about what your doctor or a pharmacist thinks of you, you can get the support you need with maximum discretion.

Get Prescription Drugs & Professional Medical Treatment

At-home testing doesn’t mean low-quality medical care; some of the best at-home testing companies are led by doctors, pharmacists, and other certified health professionals. These companies can prescribe drugs and have those drugs shipped directly to your address, allowing you to get professional medical treatment without leaving home.


Clinics need to cover overhead costs. They need to pay technicians to conduct in-person tests. They need to keep the lights on. When you buy an at-home test, you avoid these extra costs. You’re eliminating the middleman, which means you can enjoy at-home testing without the expense. This cost difference is significant in many cases: instead of paying $1,000+ for an in-person allergen test, for example, you could pay just $50 for an at-home test.

Works With or Without Insurance

Americans with or without health insurance can access at-home tests to get the health insight they need. Some at-home testing companies work with your insurance, but most are entirely separate from the health insurance system. You’re paying $10 to $200 for an at-home test regardless of your insurance. Whether you’re uninsured or avoiding the complicated insurance system, you can get powerful insights through at-home tests.

Mobile Apps for Ongoing Support

The best at-home testing companies have mobile apps and websites for added support during the testing process. You can get the personalized health insights you need at your fingertips. Just open the app to view your results and analyze what those results mean.

Discover Unique Areas of Your Health Outside of Traditional Blood Tests

Some of the best at-home tests check for things that don’t appear on a typical blood test. Viome’s at-home tests include specific ratings (out of 100) for things like:

  • Inflammatory health
  • Immune system health
  • Metabolic fitness
  • Biological age
  • Gut lining health
  • Cellular stress

Many people have dealt with these issues their entire lives without knowing it. Until you take a test, you may not know you have a weak gut lining or a high level of cellular stress.

Track Performance & Results Over Time

Want to see how your body responds to two weeks of healthy eating? Want to see what happens when you implement diet and lifestyle changes? Your blood and saliva notice changes in your body before anything else, and at-home testing kits let you track those changes. Some of the most popular at-home testing kit companies provide subscriptions, making it easy to follow changes over time and get optimal health results.

Scientific Evidence for Personal At-Home Tests

Personal at-home tests use considerable science to inform their recommendations. Many of the top-ranked testing companies above have completed clinical trials to validate their recommendations, giving customers added peace of mind.

We’ll review some of that science below.

First, Viome is one of the most science-backed personal at-home testing companies available today. The company uses metatranscriptomic sequencing technology to capture everything happening in your gut microbiome. This sequencing technology analyzes the activity of microorganisms in minutes. It used to take 15 years to sequence the human genome. Companies like Viome can sequence and study the gut microbiome in just weeks.

Viome’s research has linked gut health to specific areas of health and wellness. In this 2019 study, for example, researchers found gut microbiome activity contributed to individual variations in glycemic response in adults. In other words, your gut health corresponds to differences in blood sugar and blood sugar control.

A separate study linked at-home testing to aging results. Researchers found a single at-home test could reveal the molecular mechanisms of aging. Some people have older bodies than others because of environmental or genetic factors. A test can check for these factors to deliver unique health insights.

Many people also like at-home tests because tracking results over time is more manageable. For example, you might take a test today and be disappointed about your cellular stress results. Then, you recheck your results after two months of healthy eating and lifestyle changes and notice a difference.

Some of the best at-home tests use urinalysis to provide actionable health insights. Most home urine tests use similar technology to pregnancy tests: you pee on a strip and the strip checks for the presence of certain compounds in your blood. While a pregnancy test looks for hormones, other at-home urine tests look for vitamins, minerals, bilirubin, and other compounds. Studies show home pregnancy tests are accurate: most companies claim to be 99% accurate. An excellent at-home testing kit can deliver similar results.

Overall, personal at-home testing kits deliver actionable recommendations about your health and wellness, helping you make an informed decision. These recommendations are backed by science – and by decades of genetic research. As technology gets better, we’re witnessing regular improvements to the accuracy and usability of at-home tests.

FAQs About Personal At-Home Tests

Our at-home personal test kit experts get plenty of questions about at-home tests and how they work.

Here are some of our answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the best at-home test company?

A: Everly Well, Viome, Persona Labs, MyLab Box, Vessel, and Health Labs are some of the best-rated at-home test companies available today.

Q: How do at-home health tests work?

A: Most at-home health tests involve peeing on a test strip, providing a blood sample to a lab, or providing a stool sample. The test strip gives instant results at home, while a lab results within 3 to 10 days.

Q: What are the benefits of at-home personal health tests?

A: At-home personal health tests are more convenient and affordable than in-person health tests. Many tests are identical to visiting a clinic but with additional insight and cheaper costs. Many testing companies also offer personalized supplements, treatment guides, and more.

Q: Can at-home tests recommend personalized supplements?

A: Some of the best at-home testing companies offer personalized supplements after completing a test at home. For example, you can get a multivitamin explicitly designed to correct your nutritional deficiencies.

Q: What can at-home tests help with?

A: At-home tests can help with allergies to asthma to weight loss. Some people check their diabetes or blood sugar levels with at-home tests, while others check for chlamydia and other STIs.

Q: Can I get a prescription with an at-home health test?

A: Most at-home health tests are available without a prescription, although you may be able to receive a prescription after completing the test. Some at-home health test kit companies have prescribed doctors to recommend drugs for erectile dysfunction, contraception, hair loss, premature ejaculation, STIs, asthma, weight loss, and diabetes.

Q: How do home drug tests work?

A: Home drug tests generally check your saliva, hair, or urine for the presence of drug metabolites. As your body breaks down drugs like THC, it creates metabolites. If you have recently used drugs, then a home drug test detects the presence of these metabolites.

Q: How do home food sensitivity tests work?

A: At-home food sensitivity tests typically work by checking your blood against 500 to 900+ foods and ingredients. You receive a testing kit, then provide a blood sample, and the company tests your blood’s response to common allergens.

Q: How much do at-home personal health tests cost?

A: The average at-home personal health test costs $20 to $150, depending on the test.

Q: What can at-home tests help with?

A: At-home tests can help with specific conditions to general health and wellness. Some people use at-home health tests to check for particular illnesses like colorectal cancer via a stool test. Other people use at-home health tests for brain fog, joint pain, weight loss problems, hormone balance issues, and other general health concerns.

Q: Are at-home personal health tests safe?

A: At-home personal health tests are safe for healthy adults to perform when following the instructions on the packaging. However, you may want to talk to your doctor before taking at-home health tests or customized supplements.

The Top Home Health & DNA Tests of 2022 Final Word

The personal at-home health test industry has exploded in the last decade.

Today, it’s easier than ever to get high-quality at-home tests for specific conditions, general disorders, and overall health and wellness.

Whether you’re looking for customized supplements, prescription drugs, or actionable lifestyle change recommendations you can make today, personal at-home health tests make it easier than ever.

Check out any of our top-ranked personal at-home health test companies above.


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