Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites For Free, Paid And Accurate Tarot Card Experts In 2021

There are no accidental meetings between souls, if you believe that, you should try online tarot card reading to find out if you have met your true love yet. These love revelations are a surefire way to decode the cryptic messages and signs the universe throws your way.

Without the guidance, you might wind up with a string of frustrating relationships and heart-wrenching breakups. In these instances, you might feel that the cosmic powers are conspiring against you instead of for you.

Luckily, we know how to turn your love life around with only a few clicks. All you have to do is sign up and connect with a compatible mystic expert. Seek help from love gurus with extraordinary skills, years of expertise, and inspiring insights to help you along the way.

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3 Top Virtual Platforms for Tarot Card Reading Online

Many people try to find love in all the wrong places. Due to this, they become disenchanted by the idea of soul mates and true love. Having a mystic advisor by your side can lead to significantly better results.

However, all online tarot readers aren’t the same.

It’s why you need to look for safe spaces to participate in an online tarot reading. That way, you have a greater chance of connecting with the love of your life. You might even learn a few insightful things about yourself and your partners during these spiritual sessions.

Does that pique your interest?

Then we’ve got three top-rated sites for you to join for this romantic quest.

They are as follows:

Keen Psychics

  • A budget-friendly choice for accurate tarot reading online
  • Receive 10-minute online tarot readings for only $1.99
  • Enjoy tarot reading online by phone and chat


  • The most popular choice for an online love tarot reading
  • Free 3 minutes + 50% off for first-time users
  • Download Kasamba mobile app to stay connected with your psychic expert

California Psychics

  • Best psychic site for Love & Relationship tarot readings
  • Live readings for $1/minute + 5 free minutes (using code “ADD5”)
  • 24/7 customer support

The Full Review: Which Psychic Site Should You Choose for Your Love Tarot Reading Online?

Our top-tier sites are all well-known players of the psychic world. These online tarot reading platforms have been operating for decades. They have transformed the lives of millions of individuals since their conception. They continue to guide a new generation of wandering souls today with a bit of help from advanced tech and routine upgrades.

Here’s a closer look at our top picks:

#1 Keen Psychics – Best Value Pick for Love Tarot Readings


Reliable, authentic, and customer-oriented, Keen Psychics remains a trustworthy psychic platform for tarot readings online. They opened their virtual doors to the world in the late 90s at the cusp of the millennium. It gives them a slight edge over other sites as it’s been perfecting the art of online tarot reading for decades.

Keen Psychics keeps everyone entertained and enlightened with a versatile range of mystic services. The popular options for psychic readings on this platform include love tarot readings, angel card readings, crystal healing, astrology, numerology, pendulums, etc. You can choose a specific divination technique or a combination of psychic reading styles for your consultation.

You can read customer testimonials and psychic profiles before your first session. Use the information to find a mystic advisor who specializes in the area of your interest.

Apart from this, Keen Psychics maintains its reputation by registering experienced psychics around the world. Each applicant goes through a series of questions and credibility checks before landing a spot on this mystic forum. The strict screening process enables it to eliminate fake psychics and scammers. Consequently, ensuring that you receive the best service possible.

These efforts are supported by a dedicated customer support team that works around the clock to assist clients. You can seek their advice on registering online or finding the right mystic guide for your psychic reading. Besides this, they can help resolve technical glitches that might pop up during the online tarot reading.

How to Book a Tarot Reading on Keen Psychics?

The user-oriented website features an excellent interface and strategic search filters for your bookings. After registration, simply log in and type keywords to optimize your search for the right psychic. You can use customer support as well to find the right practitioner for your query. Using these options allows you to have a personalized experience on this side of the web.

Once you have selected your mystic advisor, you will receive a free tarot reading for the introduction. These sessions last for a couple of minutes before you’re asked to upgrade to a paid call, chat, or video call. It costs only $1.99 per minute for a 10-minute-reading. You can make the most of this extended consultation by asking follow-up questions.

Later on, you can select a monthly or yearly subscription to continue receiving advice from your designated psychic expert. Feel free to switch to another specialized practitioner within the network.

Key Features of Keen Psychics

  • Enjoy budget-friendly tarot readings online
  • Years of expertise and a top-rated team of psychic experts
  • Seek love advice and relationship tips from a global community of psychic experts
  • Online tarot reading by phone, chat, or real-time video call
  • A great source of mystic guidance via love tarot reading, crystal gazing, astrology, numerology, and others
  • Free tarot readings for a limited time with a 10-minute upgrade for only $1.99
  • User-oriented web interface for a quick and easy registration
  • Enjoy great discounts and seasonal deals all-year-round

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#2 Kasamba: Accurate Online Tarot Readings about Love and Relationships


Kasamba ranks high on the list of best sites for a love tarot reading online. It has been running a psychic platform since 1999 and hopes to keep the legacy going for decades to come. The early start on virtual consultation allows it to rope in more experienced tarot readers and psychic practitioners. Additionally, this time has given the company a chance to evolve and expand its psychic offerings with each passing year.

These days, you can visit Kasamba for tarot readings, astrology, numerology, angel card reading, crystal gazing, holistic gazing, etc. Psychics from around the world get selected for these services based on their skills, expertise, and specialty. The recruiting system requires verification and referrals to ensure credibility before registration.

The current mystical readings include love tarot readings by phone psychics, chat psychics, and video calls. These sessions happen in real-time, with live psychics happening across the screen. You can opt for a confidentiality chat feature if you want to keep your identity hidden from the psychic expert. Alternatively, Kasamba decreases the risk of online scams by ensuring that no third parties are involved during the consultation.

Besides this, all online transactions are conducted via secured payment methods. They chose each service for its exceptional security protocols.

Moreover, it maintains transparency by providing ratings, customer testimonials, and online psychic profiles. Newcomers can use this database to find a compatible psychic expert for their tarot card reading online. The other option includes an automated psychic paring tool that connects them with suitable options based on the information typed into the system.

Most matches are 100% accurate. In turn, this leads to an authentic and genuine online tarot reading experience every single time.

How to Book a Tarot Reading in Kasamba?

Kasamba is hands down the best online tarot card reading service for beginners. They welcome new clients with free tarot readings that last up to three minutes. These introductory sessions work for every new mystic expert you want to try. That means you get a chance to receive multiple readings without paying a dime.

If you like a psychic expert, you can continue the tarot card reading online for an extended period. It will cost $1 per minute. Newcomers receive a 50% off on their first complete consultation. The charges for future sessions get adjusted according to the psychic consultant’s expertise and specialty.

What’s more? Kasamba offers a full refund for unsatisfied tarot readings online. You have to contact the customer representative and then follow the instructions to get your money back.

Key Features of Kasamba

  • It offers over 20 years of expertise in online tarot reading
  • Works with a well-vetted team of psychic experts and tarot card readers
  • Phone psychics and chat psychics are available for a free consultation
  • A 24-hour service that keeps you connected with the best love psychics online
  • The best place to consult with local and international psychic experts for mattes of the heart
  • Receive enlightening revelations via tarot readings, crystal healing, horoscopes, astrology, and more
  • Receive three free minutes+50% off on your first tarot reading online
  • Paid services start at $1/minute with varying prices for premium packages
  • They provide a money-back guarantee for sessions that end on an unfavorable note
  • Mobile app available for instant consultations (Available for iOS and Android phones)

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#3 California Psychics: Insightful Love Tarot Readings with Online Psychics


California Psychics is yet another 90s mystic business that gets worldwide recognition in the present. The psychic platform offers top-notch tarot reading services at an affordable price. These mystic consultations are available 24/7 through tarot reading online by phone or chat. The flexibility in scheduling and versatile budget-friendly packages make it a convenient choice for many people.

At present, it caters to millions of online users who visit California Psychics for a varied range of psychic services. These include online tarot reading for love, career, and financial advice. Other options include career forecasts, i-Ching readings, aura readings, astrology, zodiac compatibility, and daily horoscopes. You can receive daily notifications as well if you subscribe to its newsletter.

Apart from this, California Psychics is keen on cultivating meaningful relationships with its clientele. That’s why they go above and beyond in their recruitment phase. All psychic applicants have to take multiple tests and interviews before becoming certified California Psychics experts. The standard criteria keep inexperienced practitioners and fake psychics out and reliable seers in the community.

You’ll appreciate their interest in conducting transparent online interactions via well-reputed payment services. These security measures are followed by an encrypted password registration process, confidentiality chats, and user verification process. All this ensures that nobody misuses your psychic consultation account.

Glowing customer reviews and feedback back these efforts. Due to this, it’s always on our top three list for an online tarot reading.

How to Book a Tarot Reading on California Psychics?

California Psychics covers a wide variety of psychic services at reasonable prices. Their huge following serves as evidence of their dedication and support to online users. Online tarot readings are charged at a minimum of $1 per minute.

They also offer a five-minute-long trial session for new clients. The duration of this introductory consultation is more than the other psychic platforms. The extra minutes provide you with sufficient time to receive an in-depth tarot reading online. After that, you can decide to continue with a paid service or end the consultation.

Furthermore, California Psychics offers a three-tier pricing system. It features three types of psychic experts based on preference, popularity, and premium quality services. This price structure makes it easier to choose a tarot reader that aligns with your interest and budget.

Key Features of California Psychics

  • A reputable online tarot card reading business with millions of satisfied customers
  • Top-rated psychic experts within reach for mystic consultations
  • An all-accessible service that lets you connect with tarot readers regardless of your zip code
  • Sign up for tarot readings by phone, chat, or video call
  • Best services include love tarot readings, astrology, crystal healing, i-Ching, amongst others
  • Its customer support representatives work around the clock to answer your queries
  • Get five minutes free for an introductory tarot reading
  • Pay for extended services with a base price of $1 per minute
  • Three-tier pricing system for preferred, premium, and popular online psychics

Overall, California Psychics offers a dependable service for online tarot reading and other types of mystic sessions. You can count on them to support your love story and help you find the perfect life partner with their positive perspective and insightful revelations.

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How to Book a Love Tarot Reading Online?


If you’re trying tarot reading online for the first time, you should do some research. Know what type of tarot reader offers relationship advice and the best way to receive it. Additionally, you need to know what to ask and how to act upon that advice.

You can read books and customer reviews for different types of information. The more you learn, the better you feel during your tarot card reading session. It’s a great strategy to keep anxious thoughts at bay that might be keeping you away from finding your desired destiny.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started:

Q1. Online Tarot Card Readings vs. In-Person Readings: Why Is Going Online Better?

Millennial post-pandemic mysticism has been about shifting from a search for psychics near me to the best experts found online. People have come to realize that virtual settings manage to continue and thrive amidst lockdowns and social-distancing rules.

They are also:

Q2. What Type of Online Tarot Reading Format Should You Choose?

Most of the interactive psychic platforms we’ve reviewed offer online tarot readings by phone, chat, and video calls. You should select a mode of communication that you’re comfortable with to experience an enjoyable and satisfactory tarot reading experience.

You can make an informed decision based on the following pros and cons of each psychic service:

Phone Psychics for Tarot Reading

If you’re interested in participating in lengthy, meaningful mystic consultations with your tarot reader, you can take this route. Having online tarot reading this way gives you a chance to ask follow-up questions in real-time as well.

The downsides include the inability to keep track of the conversation and often leaving out relevant questions due to the time limit. Plus, you can’t always record the reading. You can overcome this setback by keeping a notebook handy to jot down pointers.

Chat Psychics for Tarot Reading

If you’re more comfortable typing things down rather than sharing them aloud, you should try chat psychics. Text-based chats work well for introverts. It’s also a time-efficient way to receive short, specific answers. Subsequently, you can keep a record of these consultations too.

The only drawback is that text-based tarot readings aren’t as detailed as the other options. They also feel detached compared to different types of tarot reading online.

Video Calls for Tarot Reading

You meet your psychic expert face-to-face in an online tarot card reading by video call, albeit in a virtual setting. These tarot readings are the closest to real in-person encounters. You get to see the tarot reading live and look at the cards, unlike the other options. They are beneficial for clients who crave a personable connection with their mystic advisor.

Moreover, it has the same advantages and disadvantages as a phone-based tarot card reading online.

In all three cases, trustworthy psychic platforms enforce some ground rules to prevent any security issues. It means you can choose any one of these communication modes to contact your mystic advisor safely and securely.

Overall, each type of tarot reading has its advantages and minor disadvantages. Select an option that works best for you to maximize the accuracy of your tarot reading online.

Q3. What Are the Different Types of Tarot Card Readers for Love Tarot Readings?

Each psychic possesses inherent qualities that set them apart from other practitioners in the mystic community. The accuracy of their tarot readings and the bond they form with you depends on these abilities. Choose a psychic expert who can connect with you on a deeper level to receive the best advice.

You need to know how different types of tarot reading works to achieve this feat.

Let’s look at the most common type of tarot card readers for love psychics:

1. Psychics and Seers

Tarot readers with clairvoyant powers can help you understand the connections with your past, present, and upcoming events in life. The classic three-card spreads are used for this purpose as each card represents one of three aspects of your life. Alternatively, you can opt for a five-card love spread for a more complex tarot reading.

Psychic experts use these insights to nudge you in the direction of your soul mate. Additionally, they serve as excellent advisors for preparing you for a significant change in your love life. It could include decisions revolving around living arrangements, marriage, etc.

2. Highly Accessible Mystic Sessions

Online tarot readings allow you to connect with an expert via phone, tablet, laptop, or any other smart device you own. Not only that, but it expands your mystic network by bringing global psychic experts (including tarot readers) to your virtual doorstep.

In turn, this makes it possible for you to seek consultation from the best mystic minds in the world.

3. Always Available to Share Their Wisdom

Most online tarot card reading sites offer 24/7 customer support and tarot reading services. Thereby, these platforms provide curious clients a chance to sign up for impromptu late-night advice on all matters of love and relationships.

4. Affordable Online Tarot Reading Services

Independent readers often charge more than tarot readers affiliated with an online psychic network. That means you can venture into the world of psychic reading to find true love without burning a hole in your pocket. A lot of these websites share great discounts, loyalty deals, and a free tarot reading.

Moreover, you can expand your mystic choices by combining online tarot reading with astrology chart readings, holistic healing, i-Ching readings, etc. These techniques can shed light on your love life and also offer hope for your career and finances.

In other words, you get the best of all mystic worlds when you opt for an online consultation.

5. Intuitive Tarot Readers

Intuitive psychics use the signs and energy around you to interpret the cards on the table. These experts can help you navigate the winding path of finding true love better by helping you overcome emotional and external challenges.

Therefore, mystic sessions with intuitive tarot readers work as a form of tarot therapy. These individuals often focus on things that hold you back and the best way to break free from those self-imposed restraints. Once you begin working on yourself, you come closer to finding someone who’d love you the same way. Additionally, you leave these online tarot readings with an open heart and clearer head.

6. Empaths

Empaths work in a similar way to intuitive tarot card readers. During an online tarot reading with them, you’re most likely going to focus on your emotions. Like spiritual advisors, they help you connect with your inner self and resolve deep-rooted feelings of discomfort or distress. For instance, they might explain how a past relationship stops you from being more involved in a new one. Or, read your aura to understand why you feel a specific way about your significant other.

The best part about empaths is their ability to relate your emotions. They immerse themselves in the energy and emotions you radiate. Then use tarot cards to figure out the real reason behind your feelings. In turn, this allows you to resolve those issues rather than shoving them aside. As a consequence, you feel emotionally validated and more confident about yourself. This change has a significant impact on your romantic relationships.

In the end, every tarot card reader offers a one-of-kind prediction about your current and future relationships. Understand what each psychic offers and how their expertise works to receive actionable advice to achieve your love goals.

Q4. How to Get an Accurate Tarot Card Reading Online?

A free tarot reading can be an excellent way to indulge in mysticism without any costly strings attached. The key lies in selecting a compatible psychic for your tarot card reading online. It will ensure that you receive personalized tarot reading with a psychic who’s attuned to your emotions and aura.

However, finding an experienced psychic is only part of this love equation. The other part requires you to ask the right questions to seek enlightening answers. Remember to make a list of meaningful inquiries you’d like to make about your love life.

Refrain from asking generalized questions that often result in yes or no answers. Questions like ‘Will I meet my soulmate?’ or ‘Will I get married?’ should not be on your list. Your mystic advisor will most likely give a one-word answer that will compel you to ask follow-up questions.

In-depth consultations with your online tarot card reader are good, but you might want to hold those confidential conversations off for a second session. Instead, use these yes/no questions as icebreakers to settle down and then move onto a genuine, specific query.

Here are some sample questions you can ask :

  1. How do I overcome problems in my current relationship?
  2. How will I know I have found my soulmate?
  3. Why doesn’t my current relationship feel right? Why am I feeling sad?
  4. How do I move on from my ex?
  5. Is this the right time to tie the knot?
  6. Which zodiac sign am I compatible with?

The goal is to ask questions that are linked with your present situation and can influence your future. That way, you will learn how to play an active role in your life instead of bearing witness to the things that are not working out for you.

Moreover, the phrases you use and the tone of your voice matter equally in these psychic consultations. You should not appear resigned or unsure about yourself. That’s because your empathic psychic might pick up on your feelings, and that can be disruptive. Try to sound confident and always leave room for psychic interpretation rather than leaning towards a specific answer.

Lastly, keep your questions short and precise to receive an accurate tarot reading online.

Bonus Steps

There are times when your low energy and hesitancy affects the psychic consultation. You can prevent this by using a few mediation and grounding tips to prepare for your online tarot reading.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Find a noise-free room for your virtual consultation
  2. Choose a comfy spot to sit
  3. Turn off your notifications to minimize disruptions during the tarot reading
  4. Light a sweet-smelling incense or essential oil lamp to create a relaxing mood
  5. Keep a notebook handy with a list of prepared questions
  6. Take a few deep breaths before signing in or meditate for at least 7 minutes
  7. Try clearing your head from all the doubts and anxiety-ridden feelings that are bringing you down at that moment

Log in with a smile.

If you’re in doubt you can ask a customer service representative to walk you through the process. It can help you prepare better and shake off those pre-session jitters. Feel free to reschedule if you can’t focus on the tarot reading at hand. Knowing that these readings are under your control will give you the confidence to power through.

Q5. How to Keep Online Tarot Card Readings Anonymous?

Online tarot readings are advantageous for individuals who aren’t comfortable sharing intimate details about their relationships with other people. These virtual sessions add a barrier between you and the psychic expert as you aren’t expected to come face-to-face with them. You can opt for chat psychics or phone psychics to enjoy more privacy.

This works for introverts keen on receiving a session and anyone who wants to keep their identity under wraps. You can choose between an anonymous text-based tarot reading and a phone reading. Both have their pros and cons, as described in a previous question above.

Yet, online tarot reading by chat can offer more privacy and discretion than other forms of psychic consultations.

Besides this, you can use a pseudonym or initials to introduce yourself or mention someone in your life. These steps ensure that your personal information stays protected at all times.

Final Words

In a nutshell, online tarot readings are a magical way to find your soul mate. These mystical consultations help you unlock your feelings and help you embark on a journey towards self-discovery and eternal bliss. Subsequently, these love revelations can rekindle your romance with a significant other or set your sights for a better future with the right person.

You learn to deal with confusing emotions such as self-doubt and insecurity as well. Due to this, your love tarot reading online doubles up as a therapy session with an expert guide. Enlightening conversations with these experts can help you lead a more fulfilled, content, and happy life with your soulmate.

Your happy ever after can start today if you’re ready to give online tarot reading a chance. So head over to our favorite sites for love psychics and schedule a date with destiny.

Best of luck!

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