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Best Online Psychic Readings: Get The Most Accurate Future Prediction With Top 5 Psychic Reading Websites In 2022

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that “change is the only constant in life.” Not only is the world constantly changing, but people do too. We are uncertain about these changes too. Uncertainties bring worries with them.

“Will you ever find love? When will that promotion come? Will you build a house of your own?” These questions keep us awake at night. Whether we care to admit it or not, they do. It’s sometimes hard to admit personal struggles. This need for privacy and confidentiality is one reason why online psychics are fast becoming a “thing.” With The best online psychic reading sites, one can bring clarity into the most confusing situations of your life. They also may confirm what you have suspected all along.

Recently, we embarked on a quest to find the best online psychic readings site. We stumbled on plenty of websites. But we quickly discovered that no two online services are the same. It is a mixed bag out there. There are services with great advisors who have undergone thorough background checks. Others take in anyone who claims to be an advisor. Despite those lackluster companies, we found some great ones.

List Of Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites:

Here are our top five recommendations for the best online reading services.


    -Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Platform, Top Choice
  • Kasamba Best Psychic Platform For Live Readings
  • Asknow – Best Place For Psychic Advice On Love & Relationship
  • Oranum – Most Accurate Tarot Reading On Career & Financials
  • Mysticsense – Top-Rated Psychic Reading Website by Customer

#1. Keen – Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Platform, Top Choice


For a little over 20 years, Keen has been in the business of providing psychic advice to people in search of a more straightforward path. So far, over 35 million people have received psychic help from, and the number keeps growing.

Apart from its experience, Keen is dynamic and in sync with new trends. They have a robust and modern website featured on seasoned pages like Women’s health, Cosmopolitan, and several others. offers different psychic services; online readings by chat psychics or phone psychics. If you want, you can have your readings delivered directly to your mailbox. On, you’ll find over 1000 psychic advisors waiting to assist you. So whether you are looking for a tarot card reader or a love reading, Keen has got you covered.

Furthermore, Keen has a filter system to help you find only the best readers with the expertise and reading style that you prefer. The system also allows you to narrow your search based on price, availability, and customer ratings.


Once you have found the right advisor, the process that follows is quite simple. You can either begin a chat or pick up your phone. In other cases, you can schedule a time for a phone psychic reading session.

The first three minutes of consultation on are free. New members enjoy special discounts on first-time payments. Moreover, you can begin a life-changing process right there on Keen’s website with the help of a carefully selected advisor.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • Accurate psychic readings are available through chats, calls, or emails
  • Advisors are rated publicly by previous users
  • Over 1000 psychics to choose from
  • Over 20 years of psychic reading experience
  • A dynamic and functional website


  • No money-back guarantee

Customer Reviews is rated highly among users/seekers. A regular on the website says Keen led him through some tough times with love and care.

On Trustpilot, has several five-star ratings from users who have had incredible experiences with psychics on the website. Some go as far as mentioning the names of their advisors with glowing praises. If you come with an open mind and the readiness to follow the rules, there’s a considerable chance that you’ll get the answers you seek on

#2. Kasamba – Best Psychic Platform For Live Readings

image is home to some of the best psychic readers with a specialty in tarot and astrological readings. The website began operations in 1999. It has since helped over three million people find meaning and purpose in their life’s journey.

Video calls are not possible on the Kasamba website. But you get up to three free minutes of chat time so you can find yourself the right psychic advisor. You can select any life-changing services. These include fortune telling, tarot reading, psychic reading, love and relationships, and dream analysis.

On, you get a complete profile for each psychic reader. This way, you can learn about their years of experience and their specialization. Not only that but the type of readings they conduct. You can also consider previous customer reviews. This helps you find the advisor with the right tools needed to fix your peculiar situation.

If you are still unsure, we recommend that you check the top psychic advisor section of the website. This segment of the website comprises the very best advisors on Kasamba. There’s a massive chance that you’ll end up with a great advisor here.


To add to the three-minute complimentary psychic advice, new members enjoy a 50% discount off the regular fee. You get to enjoy this feature for every psychic service you choose to try. This bonus from kasamba improves your chances of securing the services of a proper psychic advisor. is a popular psychic platform. There are hundreds of qualified advisors, including tarot card readers, waiting to help you. So it is safe to say that you are in good hands if you choose Kasamba.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • Over 100 top-rated psychic consultants
  • One hundred percent money-back guarantee
  • Free chat minutes for each psychic advisor
  • Fortune telling, dream analysis, tarot card reading, career predictions, and more


  • No calls, just chats, and messages
  • Mobile experience is for members only

Customer Reviews

On, customer feedback is very encouraging. Most users were satisfied with the readings they got from appointed advisors. “Excellent, very helpful and considerate,” one customer said.

However, on Trustpilot, a few customers claim to have had bad experiences with some psychics on Experiences such as these are the reason why we recommend you make proper preparations. These measures before booking a session with an advisor are important.

#3. Asknow – Best Place For Psychic Advice On Love & Relationship


AskNow is one of the most sought-after psychic networks in the United States. Since 2005, the network has rendered psychic reading services on themes like love, prosperity, career, and relationships. On AskNow, readings are via phone calls, and chats are in English and Spanish languages.

All advisors on are specialists on several themes, including horoscopes, dream analysis, tarot card readings, numerology readings, and more. The website provides detailed information on each advisor. You may find out about their experience, their success rates, and the types of readings they do. This information dramatically increases your chance of booking the best psychic advisor.

In addition, you can filter through the best online psychics by the type of session (chat or phone calls), rates per session, and category.

Features has fantastic introductory offers for new and aspiring members. You can enjoy up to five free psychic reading online minutes and a reduced rate as low as one dollar per minute for up to 30 minutes. AskNow is the best platform for people looking for online psychic reading via phone calls.

New members also have the rare opportunity of booking reading sessions with master psychics on the website. You do not have to exhaust all of your minutes at once. They are valid for 12 months. If you aren’t connecting with a particular psychic, you can have up to five minutes added to your subscription so you can try again.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow


  • Career, business, horoscope, and relationship specializations
  • Mobile app available for an on-the-go online psychic reading
  • The thorough screening process for all phone call advisors
  • Authentic psychics provide accurate psychic reading via chat or phone calls
  • Simple and effective psychic search system


  • Specializes in phone call readings

Customer Reviews

Introductory offers and a large category of psychic reading specializations are some of the reasons customers love

Furthermore, the website has changed people’s lives. For example, one claimed that it was the best reading she ever had. The advisors are amazing, quick, forward, and know what they’re talking about. You can go over to their website for more reviews and details about potential psychic advisors.

#4. Oranum – Most Accurate Tarot Reading On Career & Financials

image has granted millions of people seeking clarity access to seasoned astrologers, psychics, and spiritual experts for more than ten years. Unlike other psychic websites, Oranum provides online psychic reading via video calls. All readings are via webcam video for efficiency and clarity. Furthermore, each psychic advisor conducts a live public session for all users. These live sessions give users a clear idea about the readers in action on a particular week.

Love readings, tarot card readings, astrological readings, and dream analysis are a few out of the many psychic services rendered on Since hundreds of advisors are on their platform, they created a filter system that makes it easier to find the right psychic. In addition to the psychic techniques used on the site, readings are delivered in other languages apart from English.


While new members may enjoy unique offers, does not grant users a “trial account” access to the three free psychic reading online minutes feature. However, you get to have an open conversation with prospective psychics before you decide to commit to them. This privilege is an important feature that lets you understand a potential advisor before starting a reading session.

If you have decided on which psychic you want to work with, Oranum offers you the chance to join their subscriber’s community. Apart from discounts, you’ll also enjoy subscriber-only features and privileges, including private sessions with advisors. You can also take advantage of the free videos available on to learn more about different advisors on the website.

Finally, new members are given free credits after signing up with Oranum. These free readings credit provide them with a head start in their quest for clarity and happy life. is perfect for people who are looking online psychic reading platform via video calls.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum


  • Online psychic reading via video calls
  • Variety of psychic specializations
  • Free credits for new members
  • Free pre-reading consultations
  • Short stories from psychic advisors


  • There are no free trial services

Customer Reviews is big and touches on almost all areas of psychic reading. Perhaps the best aspect of the online psychic reading site is its online psychic reading done via video calls. Users love this feature because it brings some sort of personal connection between them and their advisors.

While customer feedback is not available on the website, reviews written by previous/current users of on other rating sites are pretty mixed. Some got the answers they were looking for. But others didn’t. This disparity only goes to show that even though you are looking for an advisor who will lead you to the right path, you’ve got a role to play.

#5. Mysticsense – Top-Rated Psychic Reading Website by Customer


On Mysticsense, psychic reading is a lot more flexible. You can tailor a Mysticsense psychic reading to meet your individual needs. Whether you need clarity of purpose, a prediction about the future, or you want to understand your decisions’ outcomes, there is none better. Mysticsense’s range of professional psychic readers are there to assist you.

The website provides tarot and astrology readings and love readings for those searching for answers to their relationship struggles.

All professional psychics and advisors on undergo a rigorous screening process to validate their competence and professionalism. The website is also flexible when it comes to selecting advisors – you can find love psychics, tarot readers as well as clairvoyants and empaths, and more.

On, psychic readings are done via chat, webchat, phone calls, or video calls for customer flexibility and comfort. Reading sessions are equally flexible; you can make it as long or as short as you want.


You can narrow down your psychic advisor search on by entering specific keywords into the search bar. Are you also interested in crystals, angel cards, tarot, dowsing, or other objects? You can use these keywords if you are searching for psychic readings that employ different techniques and visuals to provide answers to your unanswered life questions.

On Mysticsense, you can select advisors based on their nature and tone. You’ll get fast answers and solutions when you work with readers that can give you a reading in a way that you can understand.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mystic sense


  • First five minutes free psychic readings
  • Choose psychics from several categories
  • Community forum available
  • Multiple mediums of communication with psychics
  • Beneficial spiritual advice blog with updated articles
  • Numerous social platforms for followership


  • No mobile apps
  • No horoscopes

Customer Reviews

Mysticsense is a rewarding place for both users and psychics. While the site prioritizes the satisfaction of its users, they equally pay attention to the concerns of the psychics who sign up with them.

Mysticsense takes pride in providing world-class psychic advisors while offering world-class customer support at the same time. No one seems to be left unhappy.

What To Consider While Looking For Best Psychic Reading Websites

Like every product you buy online, consider several factors before choosing an online psychic reading website. We have provided a few recommendations below.

  • Types of Psychic Services Offered

Most online psychic reading websites offer different services. Some like to stick to the usual love readings, horoscope services, tarot readings, and career advice. Others take it a step further by offering less popular specialties like Vedic astrology and Tik Pan San Sou. offers the most excellent range of psychic specialties when compared to the other psychic sites on our list. However, the type of readings at a given time depends on the psychic available at the moment. You can book an appointment later if the psychic you prefer to work with is unavailable.

  • Free Sessions

If you wish to try a psychic service before committing to it, you are in luck. Several top online psychic reading services offer a free psychic reading session for the first three minutes with discounted rates to follow. When your free psychic readings trial session expires, you can proceed with the reading if you require more information.

  • Channels for a Psychic Reading

The best online psychic reading service offers a variety of contact channels for online reading. The most popular channels include phone calls, chat, video calls, and emails.

Chatting with a psychic is probably the most accessible means of conducting an online psychic reading, but it’s not the most effective. You want to get the most out of your psychic reading sessions. To do this, we recommend that you work with psychic networks that provide video services. The connection between a user and an advisor is much stronger in a face-to-face meeting. Your facial expressions, body language, and reactions give your psychic more information to work with. As a result, they can provide accurate psychic readings about you.

While we strongly recommend choosing psychic networks that offer video sessions, you should select the service that works for you.

  • Years of Professional Psychic Reading Experience

The oldest psychic services have been around for at least 20 years or more. It is easier to trust such psychic services because they have “seen it all” when guiding people to the right path.

For a clearer picture of the true capabilities of an online psychic reading service, you should read through customer reviews and feedback.

  • Quality Guarantee

The best psychic services offer some type of guarantee for every psychic reading technique they render. Some give free psychic reading minutes to new members. Others will return your money if you don’t like the results. Other services may not provide a money-back guarantee, but they allow you to talk to different advisors before committing to the service.

Offline Psychic Service vs. Online Psychic Service – Why Prefer Online Psychic Reading?

Online psychic reading service is for people who want to get insights from the comfort of their homes or “on the go.” At the same time, offline psychic services are for people who prefer a person-to-person approach.

Both services offer significant benefits. Regardless, you must select a genuine service, whether online or offline. Remember that the best psychics can read you and your peculiar situation irrespective of the contact medium.

Furthermore, physical, psychic readings require scheduling. These schedules may turn out to be restrictive and unproductive. The internet breaks barriers and removes restrictions. It is readily available and accessible to everyone.

Users are not overwhelmed by the presence of their psychic advisors. This makes it easy for them to express their innermost thoughts.

In the end, we recommend that you pick a service that is perfect for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Psychic Reading

Q1. Why do people seek guidance from psychics?

The very best psychic readers have strong intuition and some mystical abilities. They have the unique skills to manipulate energies. They can hear and perceive things that ordinary people can’t.

There are people with firm beliefs in psychic readers’ capabilities and mystical powers. Others are just looking to see if these psychics can live up to the hype. Generally, most people approach psychic advisors with burdens and questions about life. They are determined to bring clarity. They want to see what the future holds for them. If you desire a psychic’s intervention, have a tender and willing heart. Any attempt to hold back will affect your reading. Even though they are not “all-knowing,” psychics offer an easy escape from hopelessness, low-self esteem, and unfulfilling life.

Q2. Can psychic readings and predictions change over time?

Online psychic reading is supposed to provide a glimpse into a seeker’s heart, mind, and spirit. This ability gives psychics the power and know-how to make predictions and revelations that can change the trajectory of the life of a seeker.

While these predictions come from using psychic mediums and observations, they are subject to changes. These changes occur because of the uncertainty in life. Your present and future are shaped by the decisions you make. They are shaped by the actions you take every day. The psychic’s job is to guide you and warn you of possible dangers awaiting you in your life’s journey.

Remember, you alone have the power to steer the course of your life. Psychics are there to help you make sound decisions. Some predictions might not come true, while others may manifest in ways that you least expect them to.

Q3. Which is better, chat or phone readings?

So you have decided on a psychic reader, and you are ready to connect. But you can’t seem to decide on which communication channel to get your readings from. This situation is not new, and it is peculiar to beginners who have just booked their first session.

It is no secret that people have been using phones for psychic readings online for many years. They are convenient and easy to use. Not only that but well-suited for different reading tools too. Maybe you don’t have the time for physical appointments. Maybe you’re not the type who loves to chat. If this is the case, receiving your reading via phone calls is the best option.

However, chats let you keep records of your conversation with your psychic. These recorded messages are helpful. They provide clarification on past subjects or when your advisor is unavailable.

In addition, chats are quiet and personal. No need to alert the people around you that you’re having a session. Opt for the chat option with your psychic if it suits you.

Q4. What should I ask during an online psychic reading session?

During an online reading session, there’s no limit to the questions that you can ask. Since you will likely be paying for the session, you should make the most of every second of it.

Firstly, try to get to the point as fast as you can. While you want to spend quality time with your advisor, you don’t want to bring up irrelevant issues that may mess with the readings you get.

Secondly, you should ask open-ended questions like, “when will I meet my spouse?” instead of “who will be my spouse?” Questions open a gateway to your heart. You don’t want to ask misleading questions. Real questions give your advisor the right tools to work with.

You can ask questions about your life, career, future, relationship, family, health, or destiny. If you connect with your psychic very fast, you can also get dream interpretations.

Finally, we recommend you consider your questions first. This sort of preparation will save time and ensure that you are on the right path. You are also free to throw questions that may pop into your head during the session as long as they contribute to your intent.

Conclusion – What Is The Best Online Psychic Reading Platform?

As we said at the beginning, life is full of highs and lows. The best Online psychic readings platform might provide pointers to the solution you need. Find someone who cares and is willing to listen. Getting to share your concerns can be liberating and entertaining. Sometimes even the biggest problems do not feel so big anymore when we find the opportunity to talk about them.

More than ever before, the internet has made it easier to engage the services of a psychic reader. Online psychic reading platforms like and offer so much. These are some of the places you can get guidance from professional advisors. If you ever feel the need to seek clarity about specific issues in your life, make sure you give one of these sites a try.

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