Best Online Psychic Reading Sites For Free Tarot Reading Trials With Top Psychic Readers & Fortune Teller Of 2022| Cheap Psychics To Guide On How To Cast A Love Spell & Daily Horoscope Updates| 100% Accurate Tarot Cards Readings & Astrology Signs Answers From Call Or Chat Psychics

Psychic readers from reputable websites could be your go-to confidant in life’s most difficult situations. If you don’t have anyone else to turn to while facing difficult situations in life, the best online psychic reading may be your guiding light in the dark. If you’re going through a breakup or need job advice, a psychic should help boost your self-esteem.

If someone is going to be of assistance to you, they are not required to share your experiences. Through an online psychic reading and advice on living a happier and more fulfilled life, a good psychic may help you look into the future. We’re not talking about your typical media here. Instead of paying a fortune to see a psychic reader in person, use psychic portals online to obtain your daily readings for an affordable price or even for free.

However, making a decision may be difficult due to the number of psychic websites offered. There is, however, some good news. With our assistance, you will be able to determine where to put your money and obtain an online psychic reading without hesitation.

Best Online Psychic Reading Services For Most Accurate Readings:

  1. Purple Garden – Best Online Psychic Reading Site For Psychic Readings Via Phone, Chat Or Video
  2. Kasamba – Psychic Medium With Trusted Psychic Readers & Fortune-Teller
  3. MysticSense – Top Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot Reading
  4. Keen – Popular Psychic Services For Live Psychic Reading Sessions
  5. PsychicOz – Affordable Psychic Readers for Astrology & Horoscopes Interactive Sessions

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Purple Garden – Best Online Psychic Reading Site For Psychic Readings Via Phone, Chat Or Video



Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics have teamed up to launch Purple Garden, an online psychic reading service. More than 1,500 spiritual mediums are on standby to offer readings for people of all walks of life on this online psychic reading website. Additionally, Purple Garden offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The website and the mobile app have a user-friendly interface, making it simple to find what you’re looking for.

This psychic internet platform provides video, chat, and voice call readings. Purple Garden may help you find the greatest psychic reader for your specific questions. You can look through a list of psychic readers and learn about their backgrounds by visiting the website. In this manner, you can get a sense of whether or not a reader shares your degree of enthusiasm. The readers are on call every day, seven days a week. As a result, some readers may not always be available.


Psychic readings are available via video calls, voice calls, and chat at Purple Garden. In other cases, internet psychic reading services don’t give readings via all of these communication channels. For the most part, they solely offer chat-based internet psychic readings.

Customer feedback is used to categorize psychic readers at Purple Garden. You’ll see a list of psychic readers chosen the most accurate by their clients on the website. You can also see which psychic readers are most popular on the company’s website. As a result, picking the best psychic is a piece of cake.


  • Psychic chat sessions
  • The user interface is simple to navigate
  • Readings from a clairvoyant through a video call
  • A reputable website
  • Informative astrological profiles
  • Offering a wide variety of mediumship services
  • A wide variety of genres to choose from


  • There is a fee for psychic readings

Why do we recommend it?

If you’re looking for a vivid and well-thought-out mobile phone app, Purple Garden is an excellent option to investigate. They also appear to operate fairly and consistently. Using their app and getting in touch with one of their psychics has been made simple. Purple Garden is a good choice for people who respect simplicity and equity. Just know that it’s a breeze to use.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba – Psychic Medium With Trusted Psychic Readers & Fortune-Teller



Kasamba, a well-known psychic reading website, offers tarot and astrology readings. Kasamba has served over three million clients worldwide since its debut in 1999. Online psychics can be reached via chat or email when the phone or video readings are unavailable. Tarot readings, psychic and astrological guidance, dream interpretations, and energy healing are all part of Kasamba’s offerings.

Kasamba’s psychic readers each have profiles with information about their specialty and the length of time they’ve been in the business. You may learn a lot about a product or service by reading reviews left by previous consumers. Try checking out Kasamba’s list of the most highly rated psychics to see which one best fits your specific needs.


The first three minutes of a new customer’s psychic reading are on the house, and after that, they receive a 50% reduction off the standard charge. You’re not restricted to spending the three free minutes for your initial psychic reading; you can use them. Free “test drives” of fresh, psychic specialists allow you to narrow your search for the perfect medium quickly. Some of the best psychic readers may be found at With 180 different readers to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.


  • Psychic readings for free and at a discount are available
  • Astrology, tarot card readings, career forecasts, horoscopes, and other psychic services
  • 180 psychic experts
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • You need to be a member to use the mobile app services

Why do we recommend it?

Love psychic website Kasamba is regarded as one of the most cost-effective and inexpensive options. Per-minute fees for psychics on Kasamba must be set to match the platform’s restrictions. Because the cost of a psychic reading session can range from $1 to more than $5 per minute, you should pay close attention to how much it costs per minute. First-time customers can also take advantage of Kasamba’s one-of-a-kind offer of a free, accurate psychic reading for the first three minutes and a 50% discount.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. MysticSense – Top Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot Reading



It’s possible to get every type of psychic reading online at MysticSense. Choosing advisers for MysticSense is a labor-intensive process, but it’s one that the company puts its advisors through. It doesn’t matter whatever psychic you choose because you’ll get a high-quality and accurate reading.

Psychic readings on this platform have been available since 2005, making it one of the most trusted sources for such services. It has a wide range of experts in practically every field. Reviewers agree that MysticSense is the finest option for tarot and card readings.

When you use MysticSense, you’ll be able to connect with a psychic over the phone or online. The psychics are categorized into three groups, and you can select to connect with a psychic from the elite, master, or top-rated groups. According to the advisors’ abilities, reading styles, tools, and years of experience, these groups are formed for students.


The client determines the fee for a psychic’s services. Master-level advisors can charge more than $10 per minute. However, you may be able to locate highly skilled and experienced psychics that charge as little as $1 for a minute of their time.

The organization has been in this business long enough to know that some people prefer more options and that sometimes you can’t discover the best psychic on the first try. Because of this, MysticSense offers very affordable packages, 30 minutes for $30 and 20 minutes for $20. Elite and master advisors are included in both programs for five complimentary minutes.


  • One of the most trustworthy psychic networks
  • Approved, tested, and handpicked advisors
  • Introductory rates of $1 per minute are available


  • There have no video readings

Why do we recommend it?

Of all that is said above and the reviews of MysticSense have been overwhelmingly positive. According to those who’ve spoken to the psychics, they’ve successfully resolved their problems. In addition, many people agree that MysticSense provides inexpensive bargains. For $7 per minute, certain consumers had access to elite psychs.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mystic Sense

#4. Keen – Popular Psychic Services For Live Psychic Reading Sessions



With almost two decades of operation, Keen is the second-most experienced online psychic reading service we assessed. Keen has been around for a long time for online psychic reading and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Bustle, and Refinery 29.

Keen, which provides various services, includes online psychic readings by phone or chat. They also provide readings that they can email to you. More than any other online platform, Keen psychics have the most psychic readers, with over 1,700. If you’re looking for something specific, like angel card reading or a love reading, Keen is the place to go.

Keen also features an interactive tool to help you find psychics with the expertise and reading style you want. In addition, you may look through the psychic directory and narrow down your results depending on various factors, such as price, availability, and user rating. Click on their name to learn more about a certain adviser and see their ratings and reviews.


The only thing left is to pick up the phone, click to chat, email, or schedule a later phone psychic reading with your chosen reader. There’s also a Keen app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. As do many other reputable internet psychics, keen offers a free three-minute session. Keen’s special offer of 10 minutes for $1.99 for new users is an inexpensive way to try out a few different psychic therapists. Additionally, Keen’s love psychic readers are the best online if you’re looking for guidance on life’s big questions.


  • Reliable psychic readings via the internet since 1999
  • Detailed readings can be obtained via phone, chat, or live video chat
  • You have a choice of over 1,700 digital mediums
  • In the eyes of the public, every adviser is judged and judged


  • There is no risk-free trial period

Why do we recommend it?

Keen is regarded as one of the world’s best psychic reading systems, capable of helping people with whatever problem they may be experiencing. Keen’s readers have a greater knowledge when doing psychic readings to help people make life-altering decisions. In addition, Keen offers a wide range of readings, such as tarot, palm, and numerology readings.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#5. PsychicOz – Affordable Psychic Readers for Astrology & Horoscopes Interactive Sessions



PsychicOz is the final psychic we’ll look at in this article. For this organization, the quality of its advisors is evaluated in a slightly different way than the norm. If you’re looking for a reliable psychic, you’ll want a company that has a thorough screening process before letting you use their platform.

Video psychic readings are the primary focus of this platform, which is well-known in the industry. On the other hand, the advisors frequently hold public sessions open to all clients. They also upload inspirational videos on their Facebook page.

There are no free minutes available from this company. Customers can contact psychics, view videos, and attend public group sessions via the website. The clients can also get to know the advisors by chatting with them and asking them questions before making a final decision.


This online platform called PsychicOz provides live video readings. As a result, this firm is ideal for those at ease conversing freely and in real-time with a psychic. You can choose an advisor based on your personal preferences and the available expertise.

According to the company’s policy, all advisors who wish to use the platform are thoroughly vetted before they are allowed to conduct readings. In addition, even once an advisor joins the platform, the organization assesses their skills in unanticipated ways. The organization holds weekly contests to constantly encourage its employees to perform accurate training sessions. Advisors are pitted against one another in a weekly game of points and awards. The customers and their votes are the sources of the points.


  • Psychics with a proven track record of accuracy
  • Public sessions that are not charged for
  • In a variety of fields, there are advisors
  • New customers receive a free credit


  • Phone or chat readings are not offered at this time

Why do we recommend it?

Apart from what is said above, PsychicOz has a devoted following of fans who also appreciate its distinct working style. Because consumers can vote for their favorite advisers weekly, they feel their input is valued and that the company cares about what they have to say. Clients enjoy the public sessions and the free chat rooms because they feel like they are part of a family and a loving community when they participate in those discussions.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Psychic Oz

How We Made The List Of Top Online Psychics On Psychic Reading Websites:

Screening process for psychics

Only the best psychics are employed by reputable psychic platforms that employ stringent screening and recruitment procedures. Customers are more likely to receive reliable psychic readings if a psychic site only features tested phone psychics.

As an added convenience, the greatest psychic websites let users go through profiles of potential online psychic readers before making a choice. A good example of this is Psychic Source, where you can see the reader’s ratings and feedback from customers and a brief biography. With this information, you’ll be able to identify the best online psychics for your situation.

Psychic specialties available

The majority of online psychics provide a variety of psychic readings online. Tarot readings, spiritual readings, horoscopes, love readings, and career advice are all common services some psychic mediums provide.

Kasamba has the widest selection of psychic specialties, according to our research. Readings are accessible at any given moment, depending on the availability of psychic readers, but you may always schedule an appointment if the specialist of your choice is unavailable.

Discounts and promotions

Platforms and individual tarot card readers have different prices for online psychic readings. Some readers can charge as low as one dollar a minute, while others charge more. Customers can choose from a wide range of real psychics at top online psychic reading sites, making it easy to find an accurate tarot reading that fits their budget.

In our review section, we only include services that are reasonably priced. They provide complimentary psychic readings and other enticing incentives to top it all off. Free readings are a risk-free way to test out different platforms and readers. It’s possible to find discount psychic reading websites.

Satisfaction guarantee

We found that most of the psychic reading websites we examined offered a guarantee. These can range from a five-minute website credit to a complete refund of your session’s fee. You can talk with potential gurus before you pay money on other sites that don’t promise results. Whatever website you choose to work with, read the guarantee policy.

Company reputation

The psychic service companies that we selected have been in business for at least ten years. These websites have a long history of providing accurate psychic readings and assuring client satisfaction.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Tarot Reading Services From Tarot Deck Experts:

Trial minutes

If you’re looking for free psychic reading online, you’ve come to the right place. For the first three minutes, new members can receive a free reading from one of the best psychic networks. You will spend no money if you decide to continue reading after the free trial period.

Experienced psychics

This is a crucial consideration. A reputable psychic company is the best option for your needs. Even if they were born with these abilities, psychics can’t use them unless they’ve gained the necessary knowledge and experience. In addition, they must practice with real individuals to learn how to make announcements or predictions without worrying the customer.

Customer feedback

When looking for an online psychic, it’s important to look at what other people have to say about the service they received. To get an idea of the psychic’s personality and demeanor from others, you need to look through their bio and profile information. You can get a sense of the reading experience by glancing at these examples.

Years of professional experience

Five of our top picks for the most astounding online psychic reading platforms have been in business for two decades. Even the most recent psychic services have lasted for at least ten years. After this long time, product reviews and critics expect them to know what works best for customers seeking psychic services. It is possible to find psychics who have been working for more than 45 years on any of the platforms. In some cases, a medium’s insights may be equally valuable as those of a professional psychic, even if the medium has only recently begun practice.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Most of the tarot reading websites we looked at offered a refund policy. Options range from a five-minute credit on the website to a full refund. You can speak with potential advisors before you pay for other services, which do not offer a guarantee. So, before deciding, check the website’s terms of service.

Advantages Of Getting Psychics Online For Psychic Readings:


Having a free tarot reading at a fair or on the street may be enjoyable, but it comes with many risks. Scam psychics, for example, may attempt to steal your money or personal information. Vetted professionals perform psychic readings if you utilize one of the reputable sites we recommended. Additionally, the sites have safety measures to guard against unauthorized access.


You can obtain a psychic reading online without leaving your house or even your mobile device. As a result, you won’t have to leave your house or incur the expense of traveling to see a psychic. Also, they’ll spare you the risks of the COVID-19 virus. Best psychic websites are accessible around the clock so that you may get readings whenever convenient for you.


In-person psychics typically charge far more than their internet counterparts. Because they charge their clients for their office space, in-person psychics charge their clients for their overhead. Online psychics can charge less because they don’t have as much overhead.

Anonymity and privacy

Because of privacy concerns, in-person astrology readings are not the greatest option for anyone seeking a psychic who wants to remain anonymous. Why? An in-person psychic’s front door or lobby is a no-brainer place to be seen by anyone. However, if you utilize an internet psychic, you can remain anonymous and conduct your session in a quiet location without anybody else knowing.

Online Psychics vs. Psychics Near Me:

For those who prefer to get guidance from the privacy and convenience of their own homes, online psychic readings are an excellent option. However, an in-person reading is ideal if you don’t mind being in the same room as the reader. These two options each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Although this is not required, choosing a real, local, or online reader is important. It doesn’t matter how or when a psychic connects with you – over the phone, via chat, or in-person — they can put their abilities to work for you.

The scheduling of face-to-face encounters is likely to be constrained. In contrast, this limitation is not present when receiving an online tarot reading. Online psychic reading platform have been increasingly popular with seekers and readers since they are more convenient and accessible.

If you’re a seeker, you could be wary about approaching the reader in front of you because they don’t know you. It may be more challenging for you when it comes to conveying your problem. As a result, searchers may be apprehensive about new technology. In this situation, an online tarot reading will not help you. Everything comes down to your personal preferences and what you want from a psychic reading session.

FAQs Regarding Psychic Reading Online:

What can you anticipate from a psychic reading over the internet?

Online psychic readings are the most accurate method for obtaining accurate, trustworthy prophecies about a person’s life path and future. Numerous online psychic reading websites offer a wide range of psychic readers who can answer any customer’s questions about their future in a way that leaves them satisfied.

Is getting true guidance from a free internet psychic reading realistic?

In the minds of many, free online psychic readings are unreliable. In reality, these free readings are completely authentic and have the highest market share in the online psychic reading sector. To get the most out of a psychic reading, you need to know what questions to ask. To have a real psychic reading, you need to ask the appropriate questions. To get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you must know what questions to ask.

Excessively specific questions may not yield the greatest outcomes from a psychic reading. Forming spiritual ties may be an option. Connecting with as many people as you want is completely up to you. As an added benefit, readers who work for free psychic reading websites like Kasamba and Keen must pass stringent screening procedures before they are allowed to join their ranks.

How can I know that a psychic platform is legit?

It’s as simple as reading their customer reviews to find out. That doesn’t mean you’ll be happy with a well-known psychic. It’s possible that you and the online psychics will not get along. If you’re looking for a psychic, don’t forget to use common sense. If a psychic’s claims appear exaggerated, move on to the next. Participation in meetings is the only way to determine whether or not you’re speaking with a genuine professional. For online psychics, use your intuition and research to guide you.

Choosing a site with a solid reputation will help you find good online psychics. Check out their user-friendliness and service offerings before making a final decision. After all, it’s your money that’s at stake here.

Are online psychic readings accurate?

It is possible to influence the accuracy of a tarot reading by your demeanor during the readings. Come to a session or psychic near you with skepticism and a negative frame of mind, and you’ll get what you expect. The top psychics prepare for their readings by meditating in advance.

The psychic reader sets up a work area before bringing out their tarot cards or crystal balls. They can offer a more accurate tarot reading because of this simple practice, which helps them relax and focus. With a nearby psychic, you don’t have to be there in person for things to happen. So whether you prefer phone or chat readings, you can rest assured that you will get your money’s worth.

Concluding – Best Psychics Sites With Multiple Psychic Mediums For Accurate Future Predictions:

An online psychic reading should answer any queries you have regarding your life. Tarot card readings or clairvoyance can provide important information while also providing entertainment. Thanks to the internet, there has never been a time when receiving free psychic readings online was as easy as it is now.

Based on a thorough examination of each of the above websites, these are some of the best psychic reading services. Check out these resources if you’re seeking some guidance in the future.

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