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Best Online Psychic Reading Services On 2022: Top 5 Psychic Readers Sites For Most Accurate Love & Future Predictions| Psychic Near Me

There are situations in life when we are trying really hard to understand something on a deeper level, but we fail to do it. Sometimes our five senses are not enough to grasp a specific matter and find appropriate answers to get us out of a mess. This is when intuition comes into play. Unfortunately, not all of us have the privilege of having a harmonious relationship with our institution. This is where we start looking outside for someone to guide us through the tunnel.

If you’re a more grounded and practical person and find it hard to connect with your deeper self, you can easily find a solution by contacting the best psychic reading. Psychics are extraordinary people who are born with a special gift and control over their emotions and intuition. Many of them are willing to offer you their mentorship through online psychic reading services and instruct you on connecting with your higher self.

Top 5 Best Psychic Reading Sites On The Market You Must Try:

  1. Kasamba – Overall Best Online Psychic Reading For Life Decisions
  2. Keen – Best For Love Readings
  3. AskNow – Best For Tarot Card Readings
  4. Oranum – Accurate Psychic Readings By Phone, Chat, & Video Call
  5. Mysticsense – Best Online Psychic With Free Psychic Reading Minutes

#1. Kasamba – Overall Best Online Psychic Reading For Life Decisions



If you’ve ever searched for online psychic readings, Kasamba must have crossed your view. Do you think it’s a coincidence? Of course not! Kasamba has been a leader in this industry for more than 20 years. Over 4 million users have already used Kasamba services and have succeeded in improving their lives. You can become one of them by trying this website’s services and starting your journey toward a more fulfilled life.

If you’re searching for a psychic for no other purpose than to better your overall quality of life, Kasamba may be the best option for you. With the help of your selected psychic, you may look into various issues affecting your personal life. Several psychics specialize in tarot readings, so you may choose someone who meets your requirements. Kasamba psychics give the assurance, mentorship, and direction that customers want.

You can find psychics specializing in love readings that can help you put up with relationship issues and sort any communication problems you might be experiencing. Other psychics specialize in career-related concerns and can guide you to a better professional future. With their help, you may soon get the promotion you’ve wanted for so long. Apart from these two fields, you can hire a psychic who is an expert in family-related topics and many other life concerns.

Why Choose Kasamba?

Another thing that makes Kasamba stand out from the psychic industry crowd is that they have more than a hundred psychics ready to offer you their services. The best thing is all of them have different fees, so you will most likely find someone who will meet your budget. Psychics are divided into fields of expertise, and some of them are doing general readings no matter what your purpose is. It’s crucial to keep in mind that psychics with more experience charge more than those with less.


The psychics of Kasamba use various methods to predict your future or guide you through the present moment. Some of them use crystals in their readings, tarot card reading, and many other techniques. You can also hire a psychic medium which is a whole different and unique experience. There are also horoscope readings available that predict your future with the help of your zodiac sign. Prices vary drastically depending on a psychic’s experience. However, any client gets their 3 minutes of free psychic readings, and you can choose to get your reading by phone psychic reading services or video call readings.


  • Affordable psychics
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • 3 minutes of free psychic readings
  • Psychics cover many fields of expertise
  • Money refund if dissatisfied
  • Mobile app available
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 50% discount for new clients


  • Some highly-rated psychics charge more

Customer Experience

This website hires licensed psychics that are reliable, perform accurate readings, and offer high-quality services. Customers have acknowledged improved stability in their life, and the hope and courage to begin on new ventures. Kasamba has provided clients with the one-of-a-kind experience of forecasting the future. Customers like the wide range of skilled psychics that are available and ready to be picked.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#2. Keen – Best For Love Readings



Keen has also been over two decades in the industry with 3 minutes of free online psychic readings, and its psychics primarily specialize in love readings. Money problems may be stressful for all of us. Careers undergo unexpected twists and turns. When facing difficult times, we usually need someone to support us and advise us on how to solve a specific issue. Consult a Keen psychic to check if your financial situation will improve and find the answers on how to. There are no video readings currently available, but Keen has developed an app accessible to anyone. This way, customers can enjoy the experience even more since the app allows them to obtain an online psychic reading at any time and from any location.

Clients may save their favorite psychics, as well as their future forecasts and present life circumstances, on the program’s straightforward user interface. You may go back and listen to your recorded readings to ensure you didn’t miss anything significant. This is an option not many websites provide, and it is one of the features making Keen so successful in this industry.


Keen psychics provide who can answer life questions for you at very affordable prices. Spiritual reading and astrological advice are some of the features that characterize Keen. The website has done more than 30 million readings so far. You can also find a price that fits your budget since the psychics offer different fees. They vary between $2 and $10, and more experienced psychics may charge much more.


  • More than 20 years of experience
  • 3 minutes of free psychic readings
  • Email, phone, or chat psychics
  • Lowest prices in the industry
  • Accurate readings
  • Specializes in love readings


  • Lack of bilingual speakers

Customer Experience

The accuracy of the reading is maintained at a high level, and no client is left unsatisfied. Keen is one of the best astrology websites since it has always prioritized customer satisfaction. We noticed that Keen has provided its customers with comfort, clarity, and a higher quality of life. Customers report that they hired Keen psychics because its field of expertise is love readings.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Keen

#3. AskNow – Best For Tarot Card Readings



AskNow was founded back in 2005 and has persistently been improving clients’ lives. Millions of users have already benefited from AskNow psychics, and it is your turn to experience a blissful adventure. The website has been active in the business for almost 20 years and has succeeded in retaining its high reputation.

Once you’ve determined what your primary needs to consult a psychic are, AskNow offers a wide range of alternatives and options from which to pick. If you find yourself in an unpleasant life situation, facing relationship difficulties or financial breakdown, choose an AskNow psychic and start rebuilding your life from scratch.

Advisory, consultations, and guidance are only some of the many services these psychics offer for their clients. Devotion and honesty are what make AskNow psychics this popular. You are offered multiple packages, and some of them have very accessible and eye-catching prices. Some psychics on this website offer chat readings so you can meet them more anonymously and retain your privacy.

The psychics are committed to meeting your needs and guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you think your first psychic is not a good fit, you may cancel the session and tell customer care right away. They will credit your account for up to 5 minutes to allow you to select a better-fitting consultant.


AskNow psychics offer readings both via video or chat. Some psychics speak English and Spanish, and there is a possibility to find a psychic who speaks other European languages. We have numerous introductory packages available for new clients, with costs as low as $1 per minute. In addition, they provide free psychic reading online bonus minutes with the purchase of an introductory package. Every client additionally gets 5 minutes of their reading for a free psychic reading.


  • 5 free psychic reading minutes
  • 17 years of experience
  • $1 per minute deals
  • Psychics available 24/7
  • Easily accessible customer care service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Credit refund if dissatisfied


  • No video sessions are available

Customer Experience

AskNow is ideal for customers who wish to have their sessions in a more private setting. This service is the greatest option for them because it provides chat and phone psychic reading. Clients perceive the availability of low-cost choices to be a significant benefit. Many people have expressed thanks to psychics for assisting them in overcoming their worries, listening to them calmly, and giving them the confidence to find love again.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of AskNow

#4. Oranum – Accurate Psychic Readings By Phone, Chat, & Video Call



Oranum is a website that works in your favor as a psychic network that provides live video chat psychic readings online. It offers a diverse group of psychics, each with a unique set of skills and expertise. Hundreds of psychics are waiting to be chosen, each with its unique set of specialties and experiences. Dream interpretation, spiritual counseling, clairvoyance, astrology, palm reading, and many other services are available.

The Oranum website is simple to use, and registration is free. Oranum’s psychics provide various filtering options, allowing you to choose the sort of online psychic counselor with whom you wish to work. One of the nicest things about Oranum is that you can nearly always find the type of online psychic reading you’re looking for. Before being segmented, each of the site’s thirteen core categories is given. This allows you to narrow down your search for the right psychic even more.

Oranum provides you with a diverse variety of tarot readers from which you can select. A tarot reading may help you discover your path to intuition and understanding if you want to find answers about your present situation or gain a look into the future of your relationship. If you want the best tarot readings at the best pricing, with free psychic reading online trial minutes and the most experienced psychic, this is one of the best options.


Oranum psychics specialize in different fields including dream analysis, tarot, love, career, and other readings. The prices vary depending on the psychic experience and rating. The packages mostly cost between $27-$97. The website has a challenging credit system that might require some studying.


  • Video readings
  • Affordable packages
  • 10 years of experience
  • 1-3 free psychic reading online minutes
  • Mobile app available
  • Free informative blogs on the website


  • Complicated credit system

Customer Experience

Many customers prefer video call readings because they can communicate more effectively with their psychics. Overall, Oranum looks to be a good choice for astrology enthusiasts. Clients have been loyal to Oranum for many years, thanks mainly to the accurate psychic reading it provides.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Oranum

#5. Mysticsense – Best Online Psychics With Free Psychic Reading Minutes

MysticSense – Image


Mysticsense is a relatively new online psychic reading website on the internet. The website provides authentic readings and contains the best online psychics and hosts from nearly every country on the earth. You may choose from a large network of psychics who are specialists in many areas. Choosing one from hundreds might be a difficult task; however, the site simplifies the process by utilizing a smart-filtering system to assist tailor your searches and shortlist your favorites.

Mysticsense is equivalent to the other online psychic reading platforms on the list in terms of aesthetics and operation. The site’s most unique aspect is that it provides all users with free updates on accurate daily horoscopes. On their website, they also have a detailed system in place for selecting mystic experts. Mysticsense is a relatively new psychic reading website on the internet. The website provides authentic readings and contains online psychics and hosts from almost every country on the earth.

The most famous method on the website is the angel card readings and delivers one of the best tarot readings available on the internet. Their phone psychics are highly qualified. Along with its one-of-a-kind offers for first-time users, it is commendable that it is dedicated to maintaining privacy. A Mysticsense tarot reading may help you get insight into your past, present, and future by selecting cards and comprehending their meanings.


Mysticsense has 500 phone psychics ready to provide you with guidance and support. You can find over 14000 testimonials on the website and learn more about psychics. They cover almost every possible topic, and you can find answers at very reasonable prices. Psychics provide discounts to all potential new clients, and their main goal is to maintain privacy during sessions so that customers feel safe.


  • Cheap offers from psychics
  • Discounts
  • Full refund if dissatisfied
  • 5 free psychic reading online minutes
  • Informative blog available for free


  • Relatively new in the industry

Customer Experience

The psychics at Mysticsense are extremely competent and qualified. Along with its unique offers for first-time users, it is commendable that it is devoted to identity protection. Customer feedback is mostly positive, and the site is well-liked since people are delighted with their psychics. During the sessions, customers highlighted the feeling of safety.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense

How We Categorized These Best Psychic Reading Websites?


When you’re looking for an advisor or someone to guide you through life, one of the essential things is for them to gain your trust. However, you can’t just spend hundreds of dollars before you even start to feel the connection and safety with a chosen psychic. We’ll save you time and money by showing you the right way to pick a psychic.

We took care of the research part and listed only the most trustworthy websites, providing the best psychics for you. Most psychics working for these websites have years of experience in different fields regarding online psychic readings. By keeping their clients and maintaining a strong relationship with them, they proved their devotion and credibility.

Customer Satisfaction

Reading reviews from previous and current clients is perhaps the most direct way to form an opinion about a specific psychic or a website in general. So, before you hire one, you can find customer experiences on the website or just google them. Clients have been offered a variety of psychics available, specializing in different fields. There are customer ratings under each psychic, and you learn everything before starting your online psychic reading.

We did our research and found relevant information about these websites while compiling this list. Clients are praising the accuracy of the readings as well as the overall psychic attitudes. Clients have been given a number of package deals to choose from along with free psychic reading online minutes to use. The psychics have proven to be helpful and have met the customers’ needs.

Affordable Offers

We all know that it can be difficult to find money in our budget to pay a psychic, no matter how badly we need it. The websites we’ve chosen made that easier for you by hiring psychics with different fees. You also get 3 minutes of free psychic readings at the beginning of a session.

Even if your budget is pretty small, you can still benefit from inexpensive readings. Some psychics have a fee of around $3, which is affordable for almost any client. Some psychics charge much more per minute, but you can choose the most suitable way for your budget.

Variety of Readings

If you’re facing career issues or financial problems, you certainly wouldn’t be interested in a love reading. The sites on the list have a large number of fields you can choose from. Love readings, financial consulting, martial issues are some of the topics these psychics cover.

Apart from psychic readings, you can find experts in numerology, dream analysis, tarot readings, horoscopes, and many other interesting topics. The wide range of options available for you will make it easier to find a suitable psychic and address the right issue.

Psychic Mediums Expertise

The websites on the list have hired psychics covering many fields. The majority of them are actively working in this industry and offer a variety of different services. As time goes by, the psychics are progressing and becoming even more accurate at their readings and gaining higher ratings.

Many of them were born with a visionary gift or other special skills that make them stand out from the crowd. Some of them specialize in multiple fields, but many stick with only one particular subject.

Things To Consider Before Hiring Psychic Reading Platform

Website Reputation

There are tons of fake websites hiring frauds to act like psychics just to take some money from you. Sometimes it costs you just a few bucks, but experienced fake psychics can lead you into believing they are honest and earn a lot of money on your misery. Do your research before opening your wallet. Pay attention to the website’s experience and the rating it maintains. Also, the number of psychics available can give you a clue on the trustworthiness of a website.

Psychic Experience

The fee they charge will give you the first clue about a psychic’s experience. Experienced psychics are usually more expensive than those who are just starting to work in this industry. Popular websites hire mostly experienced and already proven to be effective phone psychics but also give chances to less popular ones, who have shown exceptional skills in psychic readings.

Customer Satisfaction

Legitimate psychics and an online psychic reading platform make client testimonials visible for any new customer. Under each psychic, you can find relevant information about their personal life and professional field of expertise. They also have a rating star system where you can evaluate the psychic after a session. This can also help you shorten the search process and look only for psychics who can help you with your specific concern.

Field of Expertise

Not all, but many people start searching for a psychic to solve a particular life situation. Some just look for general mentorship and guidance, but that is not always the case. If you are only interested in improving your love life or getting a job promotion, then you should contact a psychic specializing in those fields. If you find yourself in an unpleasant life situation, wasting time searching is probably not what you need.


The matter of payment is always an issue if you approach with a modest budget. Genuine psychics do not charge for readings and value your time and money. If you happen to run into a fake psychic, they can overcharge you for their services while providing no answers in return. Even if a psychic is legit, their fee may be higher due to their previous experience and expertise.

FAQs About Online Psychic Reading

How Can I Contact A Psychic?

The two most common ways to find a psychic are either to search online or contact one by recommendation. There are also two ways of obtaining the reading. Some old-school psychics prefer doing readings personally, which can often have additional costs and interfere more with your privacy. If someone has recommended you a psychic you’re planning on contacting, the biggest part of the job is done.

However, if you’re clueless on where to even start looking, then it can get messier. This is why online psychic websites exist, and if they are legit, they are the best choice for you. You should be aware of the countless psychic frauds on the internet and don’t rush into hiring a psychic. By doing decent research, you can choose the website that offers the best deals and prices and have a blast. All in all, if you want a quick and more private way to get a psychic reading, the best alternative is the online way.

How Can I Know If A Psychic Is Legit?

Make certain that your psychic counselor is open and honest about the psychic procedures they use. This data should be provided in their profile. Genuine psychics would happily reveal how they gain psychic insights and make predictions. A real psychic will have a lot of favorable feedback from current or prior clients. You may check previous clients’ results to determine whether or not the psychic is worth your time and money.

These evaluations can guide you in learning a variety of topics such as costs, experience, degrees of pleasure obtained in clients, psychological characteristics, and so on. Be wary of psychics that ask a lot of questions and then provide vague solutions to your worries. Their demeanor may look calm and knowledgeable, yet they may be softly prodding you for answers to your questions.

Can I Ask The Psychic Specific Detail-Oriented Questions?

If a psychic answers your questions with yes or no and gives you specific answers referring to time and places, then they might be fooling you. The psychic readings online are supposed to give you insight and change your perception into a better and more positive one. A psychic is supposed to be your mentor and not just answer shortly and move on.

It is not recommended you ask a psychic a specific detail-oriented question. If they by any chance answer, then you will not get the answer you expect. A legit psychic will help you understand what you’re experiencing, and instead of giving you one instruction, they will open the window for many new opportunities.

How Do You Define Good Psychic Reading?

During your reading sessions, a good psychic must pay attention to a variety of clues. A good reading needs both your participation and that of the psychic. The more you are conscious of the concerns and questions you have, the more successful your reading will be. They should combine their knowledge with practical advice on a specific topic. A psychic is also expected to give you hope and inspire you to solve your problems and live a happier life. Another essential component of the sessions is introspection. A good psychic will make you reconsider and analyze your behavior, as well as try to improve your flaws.

We are all born with a gift and special abilities, but some of us fail to recognize them until it is too late. Another of the psychic’s responsibilities is to assist you in discovering your best self and living up to your full potential. Everyone who contacts a psychic wants and is willing to change something. A good psychic reading service will open doors of opportunity and change and offer new exciting alternatives for you.

Shouldn’t A Psychic Already Know What I Want To Ask?

A good reading demands that both you and the psychic engage and have a purpose in mind. Your concentration aids the psychic’s inner vision in pinpointing the information you want right now. A psychic will still get relevant information if there is no emphasis on the reading, but it may not necessarily be in the particular areas you had in mind.

How Accurate Are Psychic Readings?

Questions regarding accuracy are sometimes founded on the idea that your destiny is predetermined. Accuracy is essential in a psychic reading, but your free psychic reading online minutes will always allow you to adjust and adapt your fate to your preferences. Depending on how you understand accuracy, a psychic can be spot on for many things during the reading. Many psychics read and feel energies, and that is how they shape opinions and offer advice.

Psychic readings, in truth, aren’t all about making accurate readings and exact predictions. They should, on the contrary, be open to interpretation. Psychic readings are more of a reflection of what is going on inside you and what you are attracting from your energy. A psychic who predicts an exact day or time in the future is most likely a scam.

Some psychic readings online will inevitably be wrong, although this is rare. They are usually true to some extent, but the psychic’s interpretation of the information might distort the results and cause them to be wrong. Because readings are based on the energy received from a person or event, it is possible that the psychic readings detected different energy, maybe from someone else near you.

Should You Try Psychic Reading, Yes or No? – Final Words

Are you facing uncertainty, ambiguity, and lack of clarity? Or maybe you’d like to improve your behavior and gain a whole other perception of life? Light up your life path with the help of a certified psychic! The best psychic reading online offers you an immense number of opportunities to sort your problems and live a less worrisome life. You can easily go for websites like Kasamba or Keen. Whatever your current concern is, they are 100% devoted to finding a solution and guiding you to a calmer and more fulfilled life.

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