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Best Forskolin (2022) Top-Rated Forskolin Supplements to Review

Forskolin is a popular ingredient derived from the root of a plant in the mint family. Traditionally, Forskolin extract has been used for centuries to improve general health and wellness. With advanced research and studies, Forskolin is now a well-known ingredient added in various weight loss supplements.

Studies suggest that Forskolin assists in weight loss by activating cAMP, providing signals to burn fat cells in the body. Other studies also suggest its benefits in muscle formation, improving blood circulation, and managing glaucoma.

Many Forskolin supplements are available today, but not all are the best to use.

The Top Forskolin Supplements For 2022

After thorough research and analysis, we have formulated the following list of best Forskolin supplements, Forskolin pills, and Forskolin powders for 2022.

  • Natural Stacks Neurofuel
  • Pure Forskolin 250
  • TurmaSlim
  • Burn Lab Pro
  • Underground Fat Burner
  • Golden After 50 RemBalance
  • Transparent Labs Fat Burner
  • Fighters Core Pro Burn X
  • DACHA Forskolin
  • Wellness Tree Forskolin
  • aSquared Nutrition Forskolin
  • Vitamin Bounty Forskolin

Natural Stacks Neurofuel


Neuurofuel from Natural Stacks is an original CILTEP formula that uses natural ingredients for enhanced focus, boosted concentration, and improved memory. The high-quality ingredients support signaling between brain cells, work as a fuel for neurotransmitters and increase cyclic adenosine monophosphate levels.

Each serving of this supplement contains a potent dose of Forskolin, artichoke extract, L-phenylalanine, vitamin B6, and acetyl-L-carnitine. You must take three capsules of Neurofuel supplement for improved cognition and weight loss.

Moreover, Natural Stacks is an open-source company that emphasizes natural ingredients, transparent supplements, and lab testing. So, if you want to buy the best Forskolin supplement, you must think about Natural Stacks Neurofuel.

Pure Forskolin 250


Want to kickstart your weight loss journey with an ancient health remedy? Pure Forskolin 250 will do it for you. It is an efficient weight loss supplement that claims to boost metabolism, burn calories, increase lean body mass, and burn excess fats from your body.

As its name suggests, Pure Forskolin 250 contains 250 mg of pure Forskolin extracted from Coleus Forskohlii plant, brown rice flour, and magnesium stearate. Buy this herbal weight loss remedy, backed with a 60 days refund policy to aid weight loss, break down stored fats, increase metabolism, and burn more calories.



TurmaSlim is one of the top-rated turmeric and Forskolin supplements available today. It features two beneficial natural ingredients in a single formula. The company claims that the supplement supports weight loss, boosts metabolism, burns fat, supports inflammation, and boosts the immune system.

Each serving of three capsules contains active ingredients, including 250 mg Forskolin extract, 1400 mg of organic turmeric powder, and black pepper extract.

Burn Lab Pro


Burn Lab Pro is a 100% safe, natural, and stim-free supplement to burn fat, retain muscle mass, and support your weight loss. It contains substantial doses of essential ingredients, including 375 mg of Forskolin, 1500 mg of HMB, 75 mg cayenne pepper extract, and other proven ingredients.

Unlike other supplements that require the consumption of one to two capsules per day, you must take three capsules of Burn Lab Pro each day to drop fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Backed with positive reviews from real customers, Burn Lab Pro is the world’s cleanest and most effective stim-free fat-burning supplement.

Underground Fat Burner


Underground Fat Burner is an ultimate fat-burning supplement to boost metabolism, decrease appetite, elevate mood and accelerate weight loss. Each serving of this supplement is rich in essential ingredients such as L-tyrosine, chromium picolinate that help regulate blood sugar and process carbohydrates, Garcinia Cambogia Extract that suppress appetite, caffeine anhydrous to enhance performance, Forskolin root extract to stimulate the release of stored fats from fat cells and other essential ingredients.

Just mix the powder in water or any other beverage of your choice and drink it for weight loss.

Golden After 50 RemBalance


Golden After 50 RemBalance is a natural sleep aid made of natural ingredients such as Forskolin to increase weight loss. It is targeted specifically for older adults who struggle each day for better sleep and weight loss.

RemBalance contains relaxing plant extracts and herbs, including passionflower, chamomile, melatonin, and valerian, that assist you to fall asleep quicker than you usually do. At the same time, Forskolin extract and other essential ingredients boost metabolism and raise your metabolic rate, thus helping you lose weight.

The supplement is backed with 90 days risk-free purchase, so you can get your money back if it does not work for you.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner


Transparent Labs is a popular supplement-producing company with many supplements in its PhysiqueSeries lineup. Fat Burner is an ultimate fat-burning formula from Transparent Labs that includes 250 mg of Forskolin extract, 150mg of 5-HTP, 200mg of green tea extract, and 150 mg of L-tyrosine.

By consuming Fat Burner regularly, you can prevent hunger cravings, increase basal metabolic rate, and create an enjoyable weight loss lifestyle. The combination of Forskolin with cayenne pepper and caffeine in this supplement supports your weight loss goals in an easy, fast and effective manner.

Fighters Core Pro Burn X


Fighters Core Pro Burn X formula is one of the best Forskolin supplements in the market. It works efficiently to burn down stubborn fat within 30 days. The ingredients added to this supplement are backed by several scientific studies to substantially decrease fat percentage and let you get a rocking physique.

The company is transparent in disclosing all six ingredients added in this supplement with its dosages. These ingredients are Forskolin extract, caffeine, teacrine, calcium HMB, green tea extract, chromium picolinate, and capsimax. Overall, the Fighters Core Pro Burn X formula protects muscle and torch fats.

Best Selling And Top-Rated Forskolin Supplements On Amazon

Some of the best-selling Forskolin supplements available on Amazon are:

DACHA Forskolin


DACHA Forskolin is one of the cost-effective Forskolin supplements priced at $16 only. It is a diet pill for men and women on the keto diet.

Unlike other supplements that use small doses of ingredients, DACHA Forskolin adds substantial dosages of natural ingredients. Each serving of this formula contains 500 mg Forskolin extract (20% standardized Forskolin by weight) to manage cravings, support your metabolism and utilize fats for energy gains.

Although it is not a weight-loss shortcut, it could accelerate your weight loss.

Wellness Tree Forskolin


Want to consume the highest dose of Forskolin? Choose Wellness Tree Forskolin that offers the highest dose of Forskolin: 3000 mg Forskolin per serving of two capsules. You won’t find other ingredients, fillers, preservatives, or additives.

This supplement is a premium appetite suppressant, fat burner, metabolism booster, and weight loss formula for both men and women. Not only can this supplement aid weight loss and reduce hunger, but it can also boost the immune system and keep you healthy for longer.

aSquared Nutrition Forskolin


aSquared Nutrition Forskolin is a potent weight loss supplement backed with 1100+ reviews and 4.0-star ratings on Amazon. With 500 mg of Forskolin extract per serving, this formula seems weaker than other supplements on this list; however, each bottle of aSquared Nutrition Forskolin contains 180 capsules, making it easier to increase the dose while paying $ 29.95.

As per the company, the formula promotes a healthy metabolism, supports weight management, overcomes cravings, suppresses appetite, and burns fats fast. So, if you want a high-quality natural supplement free from artificial ingredients, then aSquared Nutrition Forskolin is a good choice.

Vitamin Bounty Forskolin


Vitamin Bounty Forskolin supplement is a Non-GMO, gluten-free formula made in the USA. It contains 500mg of Forskolin standardized to 20% per serving. The company claims that all the supplements are third-party lab tested and meet high-quality standards.

With attractive packaging priced at $19.99, the supplement is also backed with positive reviews and 4-star ratings on Amazon. As per the company, its mode of action differs from other Forskolin supplements. Vitamin Bounty helps revitalize metabolism and increase serotonin levels.

Short Review Of Each Forskolin Supplement On Our List

Here is a brief recap of the best Forskolin supplements available for 2022. Have a brief overview before moving towards the ranking factors.

Forskolin SupplementMain Point
Natural Stacks NeurofuelBest Forskolin supplement to buy in 2022
Pure Forskolin 250Most potent Forskolin supplement available today
TurmaSlimMost effective Forskolin and turmeric supplement for fast results
Burn Lab ProMost affordable Forskolin supplement with a strong dose
Underground Fat BurnerUnique Forskolin powdered supplement for weight loss
Golden After 50 RemBalanceBest Forskolin formula for better sleep and weight loss
Transparent Labs Fat BurnerHigh-quality Forskolin product with premium ingredients
Fighters Core Pro Burn XMost potent Forskolin supplement for developing lean muscle mass
DACHA ForskolinMaximum strength Forskolin supplement at 20% concentration
Wellness Tree ForskolinBest Forskolin supplement on Amazon that offer a dosage of 3,000 mg of Forskolin
aSquared Nutrition ForskolinThe most affordable Forskolin supplement on Amazon offers 180 capsules per bottle.
Vitamin Bounty ForskolinWell-known Forskolin fat burner for men and women that you can buy from Amazon

How We Ranked Best Forskolin Supplements

There are hundreds of Forskolin supplements available in the market, and all claim to be effective, natural, and safe for weight loss and better sleep. However, many of these are not valuable and are just a waste of money.

We know that it is challenging for you to choose the right supplement; therefore, we have prepared the above list of the best Forskolin supplements based on the following raking factors.

Dosage Of Forskolin

The most important point to consider in Forskolin supplements is the dosages; studies suggest that a dose of around 250 mg to 600 mg of Forskolin per day is necessary for optimum benefits. Therefore we rank the supplements that contain at least 250 mg to 500mg of Forskolin per serving.

Forskolin Concentration

Most Forskolin supplements add a concentration of 10% to 20%, which means 10% to 20% is rich in active ingredients. Also, some supplement companies claim that they add concentration around 95%, but this is just a myth.

Manufacturer Transparency And Reputation

We include companies and manufacturers that are transparent, honest, and reliable. They disclose all the ingredients, Forskolin dosages, customer ratings, and information related to the Forskolin supplement. If the manufacturer does not disclose the ingredients or their dosages, there is a chance that the supplement does contain low-quality ingredients or pose side effects.

Company reputation also matters, and we rank companies with a good record of producing premium quality supplements.

Honest Advertised Benefits

Many manufacturers make big claims that are unrealistic, such as losing weight by consuming Forskolin supplements for a week, which is impossible. No supplement can work drastically; therefore, we consider those companies that market their products with scientifically proven and real benefits.

Scientific Backed Research

We also look for lab testing, clinical trials, or scientific research linked with the supplements. Most companies, however, do not invest in clinical trials. The more research supporting a supplement are found, the higher we rank those formulas.

Money-Back Guarantee

Many supplements on this list offer zero-risk purchases with a 60 to 100-day money-back guarantee and return policy. Each supplement doesn’t need to be effective for every individual. Thus, we like the deals that offer a refund policy to its customers.

Price Of The Product

We add Forskolin supplements in different price ranges, but all offer good value for consumers’ money. We believe that the supplements should be affordable and cost-effective for you. Therefore, from our list, you will get the best Forskolin supplement in your budget whether you want to spend less or more.

Complementary Ingredients

The basic purpose of a Forskolin supplement is to offer higher dosages of Forskolin. However, complementary ingredients like caffeine or green tea extract enhance the benefits.

We use these valuable factors to rank products in our list of best Forskolin supplements for 2022.

What Is Forskolin?

Forskolin is a natural ingredient derived from the root of a plant linked to the mint family. It is native to India, Nepal, and Thailand and has been used as Ayurvedic medicine to support health and wellness for centuries.

After scientific research and studies, Forskolin is now added to many weight loss supplements to boost metabolism, burn fats, and weight management.

Who Should Consume Forskolin?

Some people use Forskolin supplements for weight loss, while others use them for building muscle while burning fats. You can try Forskolin supplements:

  • If you are struggling to lose weight
  • If you are trying to build muscle mass
  • You want to break through weight-loss plateaus
  • Or you need an extra boost targeting excess belly fats.

According to a few studies, Forskolin releases pressure on the eye for treating glaucoma, and other studies prove its effects are similar to other asthma drugs.

Furthermore, WebMD suggests that Forskolin is also effective in managing idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy, a cardiac condition leading to heart failure.

How Does Forskolin Work?

It has been studied that Forskolin stimulates adenylate cyclase class III, an important enzyme that regulates all cells and facilitates the signaling of chemical messages from outside to the inside of the human cells.

Because of this mode of action, Forskolin has been effective for patients with glaucoma and asthma. Also, it stimulates the release of stubborn fat from fat cells, supporting weight loss and muscle development.

Side Effects Associated With Forskolin

Forskolin does not pose side effects if taken in recommended dosages by healthy individuals. However, some people experience mild adverse reactions such as:

  • Indigestion, constipation, or diarrhea.
  • Headache.
  • Unpleasant taste.
  • Nausea or vomiting.

Some studies suggest that intravenous consumption of Forskolin is linked with flushing, low blood pressure, and a faster heartbeat. Inhaling Forskolin may cause restlessness, coughs, and tremors, and a few people experience irritation in the eyes and stinging sensation on exposure to Forskolin powder.

We recommend you consult a physician before consuming any Forskolin supplements to avoid possible side effects.

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Forskolin?

Many studies use Forskolin at a dose of around 250 mg to 600 mg per serving with 10% concentration. However, a few studies suggest optimum benefits at a dose of 10mg.

We need more research and clinical trials to verify the most effective yet safe dose of Forskolin. We recommend you follow recommended dosages instructions on the package of the Forskolin supplement you use. Most supplement companies recommend consuming 350 mg to 500 mg of Forskolin per day for optimum advantages.

Forskolin Versus Garcinia Cambogia

Forskolin and Garcinia Cambogia are both plant extracts used for various purposes. These ingredients have similar properties; therefore, knowing a few facts about them is essential.

  • Both Forskolin and Garcinia Cambogia are safe to use in healthy adults if consumed in recommended doses.
  • Both Forskolin and Garcinia Cambogia are used for their weight loss benefits.
  • Forskolin helps to lose weight by boosting metabolism and burning stubborn fats.
  • Garcinia Cambogia fight hunger cravings, decrease appetite, and block excess fats formation thus, helping in losing weight quickly.
  • Forskolin has proven effects on managing the symptoms of glaucoma, blood pressure, and idiopathic cardiomyopathy, while Garcinia Cambogia is mainly associated with weight management.

What Are The Benefits Of Forskolin – According To Science

There is not plenty of research on Forskolin extract, and we need more scientific studies to prove its benefits. However, according to past studies, Forskolin is a weight loss aid and poses minor benefits.

A study published in Molecular Pharmacology in 1982 suggests that Forskolin increased AMP production in rats, resulting in more fat burning. Due to the findings of this study, researchers call Forskolin ‘a novel lipolytic agent.’

We have multiple pieces of research conducted on rats that prove the weight loss benefits; however, only two studies were conducted on humans. A 2005 study on 23 females found that 250 mg of 10% Forskolin extract mitigates weight gain in overweight women with zero reported side effects.

Another study published in Obesity Research suggests that a group of 30 overweight males consumed 250 mg of 10% Forskolin extract for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, researchers observed more fat loss and increased lean muscle mass than the control group taking the placebo formula.

Also, they observed that men consuming Forskolin extract had higher testosterone levels in the body at the end of 12 weeks. Testosterone is a vital hormone that aids weight loss, improves sex drive, and enhances muscle development.

Forskolin is also linked to glaucoma relief. A study in 2013 proved that Forskolin decreased eye pressure by 10% after 30 days of continuous Forskolin consumption. Further, researchers suggest that a higher concentration of Forskolin can support a more substantial decrease in eye pressure. Therefore, many people consume Forskolin supplements, often mixed with rutin flavonoids, for better eye health and glaucoma.

A few studies link Forskolin to asthma fighting benefits. In a 2006 study, researchers asked 40 adults and children to consume Forskolin or sodium cromoglycate for six weeks. After six weeks, they found that participants consuming Forskolin supplements had fewer asthma attacks than the contrast group.

Another study in Mexico also suggests that a 10 mg daily dose of Forskolin provides similar benefits to asthmatic patients as Qvar (a popular asthma drug). Both supplements significantly reduce the symptoms and number of asthma attacks.

High blood pressure is a widespread condition and a leading indicator of heart disease. In a 2011 study, researchers found that Forskolin helps in reducing blood pressure and preventing heart disease.

Moreover, Forskolin extracts also help in managing blood sugar. In a 2014 study, researchers found that Forskolin reduces blood sugar levels in rats. These results show that Forskolin may also help reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic and prediabetic patients. However, we require more research to verify these benefits.

Lastly, Forskolin is also used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. A study in 2016 suggests that Forskolin decreased plaque and inflammation in the brains of rats suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forskolin Supplements

Q. Can I get Forskolin from any food?

A: Forskolin is derived from an herb from the mint family, and no studies have analyzed the benefits of consuming the herb as a whole. All studies prove the benefits of Forskolin extracts.

Q. Is Forskolin safe to consume?

A: Forskolin is a safe ingredient to use if taken by healthy adults in optimum doses.

Q. What is Coleus Forskohlii?

A: Indian Coleus plant, also known as Coleus Forskohlii, is the plant from which Forskolin is derived.

Q. Where is Forskolin naturally found?

A: Forskolin is derived from a plant native to India, Thailand, and Nepal.

Q. What are the health benefits of Forskolin?

A: Forskolin is associated with multiple benefits such as weight loss, muscle building, glaucoma, and asthma.

Q. What is the mode of action of Forskolin?

A: Forskolin stimulates adenylate cyclase class III, an enzyme that regulates human cells. Due to this enzyme, Forskolin supports weight loss, muscle development, and fat burning.

Q. How does Forskolin help in weight loss?

A: Many studies have proven the effects of Forskolin on weight loss. It is called a novel lipolytic agent by researchers.

Q. How can I buy Forskolin supplements?

A: You can buy Forskolin supplements from many retail stores or online. Many major pharmacy retailers, departments, and grocery stores also have Forskolin supplements.

Q. What is the difference between Forskolin and Garcinia Cambogia?

A: Forskolin and Garcinia Cambogia are well-known ingredients for weight loss. Forskolin signals the body for burning fat cells for energy, and Garcinia Cambogia works by suppressing appetite.

Q. How can I consume Forskolin supplements?

A: You must follow the recommended instructions on the packaging label. However, most supplements are available in powder and capsule form. Just take a scoop of Forskolin powder daily or one to two capsules for optimum benefits.

Q. Does Forskolin supplements pose side effects?

A: No, it usually does not pose side effects on healthy adults. However, a few people experience diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, flushing, or headache after consuming Forskolin supplements.

Q. What is the optimum dosage of Forskolin?

A: Most supplements add 250 mg to 600mg Forskolin per serving. However, some supplements also add an even higher dosage of Forskolin.

Q. What is the best concentration of Forskolin?

A: Many top-rated Forskolin supplements include a concentration of 10%, but a few companies add as much as 20% Forskolin in their supplements.

Q. Do Forskolin supplements make weight loss easier?

A: Although Forskolin is not a magic ingredient and cannot work as a shortcut for weight loss, it helps lose weight easier than usual. The best way to support your weight loss goals is to choose a caloric deficit diet and healthy lifestyle.

Q. How much weight can I lose by consuming Forskolin?

A: Some studies concluded that Forskolin could help reduce around 9 pounds of weight in 8 to 12 weeks. Another study found that participants had reduced BMI by 2.5% after eight weeks of Forskolin consumption.

Q. What is cAMP?

A: The cAMP, also known as cyclic adenosine monophosphate, is a molecule made of adenosine, a nucleotide that forms DNA and RNA. cAMP activates proteins, alters hormone levels, affects cell reactions, and boosts energy levels in the body. Forskolin has proven benefits in increasing cAMP levels in the body.

Q. What do we get from Forskolin supplements?

A: The main ingredient of the Forskolin supplement is Forskolin mixed with a vegan capsule. However, some companies also add more complementary ingredients, including green tea extract, caffeine, turmeric, and other ingredients in Forskolin supplements to maximize its benefits.

Q. Which are the best Forskolin supplements?

A: Any Forskolin supplements in our list are the best formula available in 2022. You can review the list and select the supplements that best suit you.

Q. When should I take Forskolin supplements?

A: We recommend you follow the instructions on the packaging of the Forskolin supplement you use. However, you can take it at any time of the day. If the Forskolin supplement contains any stimulant like caffeine, you must consume it in the early morning.

Q. Why is Forskolin used?

A: Most people use Forskolin as a weight loss aid, but it is also useful for glaucoma, asthma, and muscle growth.

Q. Is Forskolin good for our heart?

A: According to some studies, Forskolin aid in reducing blood pressure and boosting blood circulation; thus, it is good for the heart. Some studies also consider Forskolin as a beneficial ingredient for idiopathic cardiomyopathy.

Q. Is Forskolin linked to liver damage?

A: One study conducted on mice suggests that Forskolin extract increased hepatotoxicity.

Q. Do Forskolin cause fatty liver?

A: Forskolin increases fat burning by stimulating an enzyme associated with lipolysis. A few studies suggest that it can cause fatty liver disease. However, more studies are needed to verify these effects.

Q. Do Forskolin increase testosterone levels?

A: One study shows that Forskolin raised the level of testosterone in males over 12 weeks.

Q. I am diabetic – can I consume Forskolin?

A: No reports or studies show that Forskolin is dangerous for diabetic individuals. However, if you regularly consume any medication or have comorbid conditions, we recommend you to consult a doctor before consuming Forskolin.

Q. Can I take Forskolin with blood thinners?

A: A few studies show that Forskolin interacts with blood-thinning medication; therefore, consult your doctor to know about any side effects of drug interactions.

The Top Forskolin Supplements For 2022 Final Thoughts

Forskolin, an extract from the root of a plant from the mint family, has been used as a traditional medicine for improving health and wellness. Now it is used popularly due to its weight loss properties.

It assists in decreasing weight by boosting metabolism, burning fats, and increasing cellular energy. Studies also link Forskolin as a beneficial ingredient for asthma, glaucoma, and heart problems.

With increasing demands, we have hundreds of Forskolin supplements. But, not all of them are beneficial and effective for you. To help you choose the best Forskolin supplements, we have made a list of the best Forskolin supplements.

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