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It’s difficult for most users to pick delta 8 products at the best times, and these are hardly the best of times. We say this because it’s growing more apparent every day that the THC industry is suffering from an onslaught of fraudulent brands.

These fraudulent brands are why we chose to conduct some research and choose only trustworthy best delta 8 cart brands for you to sample.

We’ve covered the features of these carts in every respect in the following sections. So, you can purchase them whenever you please and start savoring the benefits of delta 8 THC.

Top D8 Brands For Delta 8 Carts

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best THC Carts On The Market
  2. BudPop – Strongest Delta-8 Carts, Most Potent
  3. Hollyweed CBD – Best Multi Flavored THC Carts
  4. Diamond CBD – Popular Delta 8 Cartridges
  5. 3Chi– Most Reputable Brand For D8 Cart

These brands reflect the highest quality in delta 8 and THC products. We chose these brands exclusively for their unmatched quality and commitment to using only safe practices to produce delta 8 carts. Read the following sections for more information on the same.

#1. Exhale Wellness– Overall Best THC Carts On The Market


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for delta 8 carts, gummies, or other such products; Exhale Wellness presents you with all. This brand is the perfect choice for all THC users, regardless of their experience handling the substance. After all, it’s brought some truly praiseworthy changes to the industry.

For one, its products now bump shoulders with those of its fiercest rivals without so much as a scratch. In other words, this brand is the one to watch out for if you’re looking for the best up-and-coming brand in the weed industry. It piqued the interest of dedicated delta 8 experts and was enough to impress us.

However, praise from experts isn’t the only reason we crowned Exhale Wellness the best delta 8 brands. Many other brands on this list would be close contenders if that were the case. On the contrary, we hail Exhale Wellness as the best brand because of the quality of its delta 8 carts, gummies, and other products.


The best feature of these delta 8 carts is that they don’t contain artificial additives. Even these formulas’ sweet and flavoring agents are from pure, natural sources. These ingredients aren’t just natural, but they’re also organic. Therefore, it makes sense for you to use these products if you’re trying to maintain your health.

Besides, another significant reason it’s worth purchasing from Exhale Wellness is that these cartridges feature convenient designs. For many new delta 8 users, it’s difficult to use carts, especially those as effective as these Exhale Wellness carts.

However, this brand does a fine job of supplying users with cart designs that are easy to use. The hemp you’ll find in these carts is from reputed sources across the country. These sources ensure that hemp grows under the strictest conditions and withstand complex extraction processes.

Since we’re on the top of extraction processes, we might as well mention that the brand uses CO2 extraction methods. Several industry experts agree this is the most effective extraction method to obtain delta 8 THC using pure hemp. So naturally, therefore, you won’t want hemp quality with Exhale Wellness.

The exciting, fruity flavors added to these carts make them difficult to resist for most delta 8 users that find this brand. In addition, these flavors come from organic sources, so you can rest assured they’re perfectly safe for everyday use.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness


  • The hemp used in the carts comes from domestic sources
  • The flavors added to the carts are from organic ingredients
  • The brand offers you a large variety of solid flavors
  • The carts contain pure CBD oil
  • This brand uses third-party lab testing for user safety


  • There’s a limited range of potencies available with this brand

Customer Reviews

Exhale Wellness wows users with its effective formulas and excellent support services. This brand pools its resources deftly to ensure only the best quality final products reach its loyal customers. Also, since these carts come with a 30-day money back guarantee, new delta 8 users are happy to sample them.

#2. Budpop– Strongest Delta-8 Carts, Most Potent


There’s no way we’d complete this list without reviewing Budpop, and such is the popularity and impact of the brand. If you consider that this is one of the newest brands in the weed industry, then you can see why it impresses us to such a degree.

The fact that Budpop ranks among the top THC brands in the industry after a relatively short period since its inception is enough to impress even the most skeptical weed expert. However, you can rest assured that our favorable opinion of this brand is not without cause.

Indeed, if you sample any of Budpop’s rich formulas, then you’re sure to sing its praises along with us. However, this brand is worthy of recommendation because of its commitment to providing customers with the most effective delta 8 products.

The carts and other products available with the brand raise eyebrows across the country, and for a good reason. You can purchase these carts in either the grape or strawberry flavors. We tried both these flavors and found them equally satisfying.

The quality of these flavors is one of the main reasons for recommending these carts. After all, flavors matter if you’re going to use these carts often enough. Another feature of this brand that caught our attention is that it tests its formulas.

Not all brands in the industry go to such lengths to assure users that their products are safe for consumption and comply with all legal regulations. Fortunately, Budpop is several steps above such brands. The test results of its delta 8 carts and other delta 8 products are available online if you want to look at them.


These delta 8 carts are better than most we came across in the industry because they have intense flavors. Also, the effects of these carts are more potent than those of other carts we found online. After sampling the carts, we don’t doubt the brand’s claims regarding their efficacy and quality.

This formula’s startling lack of synthetic additives is enough to earn a top spot on this list. However, we deemed it second because of its lack of experience, even though it’s soon catching up on that front.

You can learn more about these carts’ two distinct fruity flavors on the brand’s official website. However, we’d like to add that we’re happy these flavors are from natural fruits. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which flavor you pick; you’ll enjoy the carts’ tangy sweetness without suffering any long-term health implications.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop


  • The brand is an expert at crafting organic formulas
  • Only the purest ingredients are present in these carts
  • You can consume them without fear of facing side effects
  • You can purchase them online conveniently
  • You can check the legal status of these carts online


  • The carts don’t have a lot of reviews online

Customer Reviews

As we mentioned above, these carts don’t have a lot of reviews online. However, don’t take this to mean they’re not good because that’s false. These delta 8 carts are as effective as any we’ve sampled in the past few weeks, if not more effective.

The few customer reviews we found online detailed how these carts made users feel relaxed and took their stress away. Therefore, many people found themselves returning to Budpop to help satisfy their need for a good quality delta 8 vaping experience.

#3. Hollyweed CBD– Best Multi Flavored THC Carts


We couldn’t resist adding Hollyweed CBD to this list because of the experience and enthusiasm for the weed market. We know this brand isn’t as refreshing or hungry for success as the newer brands in the industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s not at the top of its game.

We find Hollyweed CBD a spunky and fun brand that wishes to ease the stresses of its many users. This brand feature is why scores of veteran delta 8 users favor it even today. The brand’s appeal also extends to newer CBD users that wish to take advantage of its expertise.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find yourself amid customer reviews from all kinds of users when you read about Hollyweed CBD. Even though Hollyweed CBD is older than other brands creating a buzz in the market, it has something valuable to offer everyone.

What impresses us the most about this brand is its commitment to staying at the top of its game. In other words, we haven’t seen any slip-ups by this brand since it came to life four years ago. We find its diligence praiseworthy in an industry as harsh and remote as the weed industry.


Since we’ve been watching Hollyweed CBD for a while, we always expect something new from this brand. But, be it a new line of delta 8 products or new flavors for its older products, this brand never fails to deliver. Going by its customer retention figures, we can see that most people agree with our assessment.

The delta 8 carts produced by Hollyweed CBD are available in various fruity flavors. The pineapple and blackberry flavors are especially impressive, containing only organic ingredients. Apart from these flavors, the brand has eight other flavors for you to enjoy whenever you’d like.

Hollyweed CBD offers you one of the most significant discount rates on its products if you choose to purchase a subscription. Therefore, this brand urges you to save money in the long run if you wish to continue purchasing from it.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD


  • The brand has more flavors than most delta 8 brands
  • It’s adept at retaining various kinds of customers
  • Its formulas are famous for their intense flavors and aromas
  • It has some of the most affordable carts in the market
  • It allows users sizeable discounts if they subscribe to the company


  • The customer support policies of the brand aren’t as good as those of other brands on this list.

Customer Reviews

Hollyweed CBD’s customers enjoy its bountiful offerings of delta 8 products. The reviews we went over mentioned how these carts contain intense flavors, and their effects reverberated hours after users consumed them.

#4. Diamond CBD– Popular Delta 8 Cartridges


Diamond CBD, like Hollyweed CBD, is famous for the wide choice of THC and CBD products it offers users. These products stand firm in the face of competition from newer brands, which is why we chose to highlight these carts.

The brand values customer safety and privacy, which has the most convenient payment, shipping, and other options. While many brands in the weed industry focus on quality alone, Diamond CBD also pours its resources into customer support services.

This feature is one of the myriad reasons why this brand stays afloat while its fellow brands lose customers to newer introductions in the industry like Budpop. Diamond CBD might be more experienced than other brands, but it doesn’t hesitate to reinvent its formulas and surprise its customers now and again.

This feature of the CBD giant is why we favor it so much. After all, it won’t do anyone harm to purchase from a reputed and experienced brand like Diamond CBD. The brand reputation prompted us to check it out in the first place. However, aside from its pristine reputation, we were impressed with the potency of its formulas.


You can purchase Diamond CBD products without a trace of hesitation because they’re among the safest products in the industry. In addition, the company designs delta 8 carts in a way that does justice to their name and image. These carts contain many pure delta 8 THC and a rich dose of flavors.

Therefore, if you’re up for trying potent and enjoyable formulas, look to this brand for inspiration and satisfaction. We found the carts and gummies of Diamond CBD especially worthy of praise. Also, we’d like to highlight the quality of the customer services available with this brand.

The brand is eager to share its products’ details with customers, which shows in how it handles concerns and queries. But, all in all, diamond CBD wants its users to have pleasurable weed experiences, especially with delta 8 carts.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD


  • This brand has considerable experience in the weed industry
  • It has potent delta 8 products
  • It has a wide range of CBD formulas
  • It tests all its delta 8 and CBD products
  • The carts come in many flavors


  • The brand doesn’t offer too much information on its testing methods

Customer Reviews

Diamond CBD offers users some of the best delta 8 products in the market, and its reviews reflect the same. In addition, its customers seem happy with its prices and products.

#5. 3Chi: Most Reliable Delta 8 Brand


3Chi is a highly reliable brand that seasoned hemp users trust above all others in the cannabis industry. This fact comes as no surprise if you think about how 3Chi changed the game forever a few years ago when it gave users the first delta 8 products in the market.

That’s right, 3Chi is among the pioneers in the cannabis industry and had the foresight to venture into delta 8 products before other brands. Therefore, we can see why it’s difficult for other brands to win over customers loyal to 3Chi. After all, customers know they won’t find this level of quality and honesty in many other brands.

3Chi uses the help of third-party labs to drug test its products for customer satisfaction. These drug tests determine the amount of THC and other ingredients contained in its delta 8 offerings.


3Chi’s fame shows no signs of waning each year despite new brands cropping up in the industry. Its delta 8 products hold their own in terms of safety and effectiveness. These carts have a robust earthy flavor, perfect for experienced hemp users.

More often than not, newer hemp users prefer added flavors to help them ease into the taste of delta 8 THC. Therefore, we’d recommend these carts to seasoned CBD or delta 8 users.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi


  • These carts contain a strong hemp flavor.
  • The brand has a wealth of experience in the industry
  • The carts are highly potent
  • The carts undergo thorough lab testing
  • There are many flavors available with the brand


  • This brand doesn’t offer users any guarantees on the carts

Customer Reviews

3Chi collects positive reviews like no other brand in the industry. Regardless of their age, profession, and other factors, users flock to this brand to experience the superior quality of its products. The carts are no exception to this.

How We Picked These Brands

As you might’ve guessed by reading the reviews above, finding good delta 8 brands is no mean feat. After all, with several brands in the industry competing fiercely to bring in more customers, you can’t expect every brand to have a good reputation. More often than not, these brands seek to trick customers into purchasing poor-quality goods.

We wished to save you the trouble of searching for these brands yourself, which is why we undertook extensive research for the same. Finally, after much searching, we found the best brands that currently produce delta 8 flowers. These brands held up well under scrutiny, which is why we didn’t hesitate to add them to our list.

Here, we’ll share the reasons why we chose to feature these brands over all others:

  • User Testimonials

It often sounds insignificant, but you’d be surprised at the role user testimonials play in determining which brands are superior to others. Users offer unbiased views on various products sold online. Companies don’t usually pay for reviews on third-party discussion forums.

So, we thought we could rely on such reviews to base our judgment. After all, why shouldn’t we trust reviews from those that genuinely consume these delta 8 carts? The exciting aspect of going through user testimonials online is the sheer variety.

We found thousands of reviews on our chosen cartridges from all quarters. In addition, Delta 8 users with varying degrees of experience with the substance post their views online without reservation. Therefore, you can see why we found this review a treasure trove of helpful information.

Not only did these reviews allow us a glimpse into user experiences with sampling these products, but they also allowed us to discover product features. For instance, most delta 8 brands conveniently neglect to mention the potential side effects of using their carts and other products.

So, first-time users don’t have much to discuss the prospect of facing side effects. Fortunately, we have customer reviews to educate us on the same. These reviews detail the side effects many users face while using delta 8 carts.

For new delta 8 users, this is beneficial information. Knowing what to expect from these carts will prepare you to use them to your benefit. Therefore, we considered these reviews while painstakingly shortlisting brands to review and recommend to you.

  • Negative Features

It might seem like a roundabout way of looking for products, but looking for negative features of products helps you find the best ones. Just because we searched for negative aspects of delta 8 carts doesn’t mean we didn’t look for positive aspects. All we mean is that we gave negative aspects more attention than you’d expect.

The reason behind this is that these aspects helped us to understand the delta 8 carts better. Most brands are eager to display the delicate features of their products. However, very few of them let users in on their negative aspects.

So, we thought we’d look for these aspects in reviews and forums posted online, even though it wasn’t easy. Finally, after pouring hundreds of reviews, we discovered the worst aspects of the best delta 8 carts in the cannabis market. In doing so, we separated the products with few flaws from those with more flaws.

This technique helped us pick out the best brands to recommend in this article. After all, every good brand has two sides: a positive side and a negative side. What matters is that the negative features shouldn’t outweigh their benefits. This logic enabled us to seek out the best brands with minor cons.

Buying Guide For Delta 8 Carts

It’s time for us to discuss how to decide which delta 8 brands produce the best carts. If you don’t want to rely on our choice of delta 8 carts, then we’d recommend you bear some criteria in mind before you go off looking for these carts online. Your search will reveal good results only if you follow a buying guide.

These are the tips we’d like to share with you regarding the best delta 8 carts and brands:

  • Strength And Safety

It may not strike most people, but potency matters immensely concerning delta 8 vape cartridges. Unfortunately, many users assume that consuming a delta 8 product of specific potency is much the same as consuming another of different potency. The bottom line is: you can’t expect to have the same experience using products of different strengths or potencies.

Some delta 8 products are more substantial than the others, and most users are aware of this. However, new users often find it confusing to differentiate between them. This difficulty in determination should prompt new THC users to look for brands that produce delta 8 formulas of varying potencies.

Luckily for you, you’ll find about a dozen brands in the industry that can boast of the same. However, it’s not likely that all these brands have the same commitment towards consumer safety, legality, and other essential aspects. Therefore, it’s up to you to exercise caution while choosing which brand to favor.

After all, you don’t want to find a great delta 8 brand only to suffer the legal or health consequences of consuming its products. Unfortunately, these consequences are often more severe than you’d expect, and you might end up paying dearly for a cheap delta 8 product.

The fear of having you face these consequences prompts us to recommend you purchase only from reputed THC brands. Such brands are careful to use only legal ingredients in their formulas that cause little to no side effects among most users.

Therefore, if you wish to make the most out of these formulas, you should have your sights set firmly on trustworthy brands. These brands have extensive collections of delta 8 products of varying strengths, and you can use these formulas without fear of facing severe side effects.

We’d also like to add that you should check these brands’ dosage sizes and requirements before you start using their products. Keeping an eye on these requirements will help you have a safe and exhilarating (or relaxing) delta 8 experience overall.

So, even though choosing a delta 8 brand that offers you variety matters, choosing one that’s safe matters just as much.

  • Price

You shouldn’t have to pay a large sum of money to enjoy the benefits of delta 8 THC. Even though the best brands in the cannabis industry offer you a wide range of expensive high quality products, that doesn’t mean you need to put a dent in your finances for everything you wish to use delta 8. On the contrary, we know of ways that’ll help you save money while purchasing delta 8 vape carts online.

One such way is by looking for brands that offer you discounts on your weed purchases. You’d be surprised at the sheer number of brands that offer users such discounts, especially on regular or bulk purchases. These brands generally enjoy favorable reviews online, and you can probably see why.

But how do you know which brands offer you such discounts? It’s simple: you’ll find this information on the product page of a brand’s official website. Brands mention whether they’re offering you discounts right where they add descriptions of their products.

You’ll see two pricing options on the product page: ‘One-Time Purchase’ and ‘Subscription.’ The one-time purchase option highlights the product’s total price, while the subscription price highlights the discounted price. So, if you decide to subscribe to a THC brand, you can save up to 30% on each delta 8 cart purchase.

However, only a few brands offer high discounts on their delta 8 products. These brands use organic hemp and other excellent quality ingredients in their formulas. So, even after a discount, you’ll find yourself spending a small fortune on these products, mainly if you use them regularly.

Even so, we urge you to purchase from brands that are careful about the ingredients and methods involved in crafting their products. If you purchase from these brands, you’ll have a better-quality delta 8 experience than you would with cheaper brands.

In other words, it’s worth investing your money in premium delta 8 products, especially if you’re receiving discounts. Consider subscribing to these brands if you wish to save money while purchasing from them regularly.

FAQs About Vape Carts

Q1. How Costly Are Delta 8 Carts?

A. The cost of delta 8 carts depends on several factors like the brand you’re purchasing from, cart potency, and the size of the carts. Therefore, there’s no definitive answer to this question. However, you must know that the best delta 8 carts don’t come cheap.

More often than not, you can take advantage of discounts that accompany subscriptions from top delta 8 brands. These discounts are ideal for users who wish to purchase from reputable brands without feeling the sting of paying too much for their products. Therefore, delta 8 products aren’t too costly.

Q2. How Do I Keep My THC Cartridges In Good Condition?

A. It’s easy to keep your carts in good condition since they’re low-maintenance delta 8 products. Storing them anywhere around your house should be fine, as long as you follow two pieces of advice. One, ensure the carts are in a cool place but not too cold (don’t store them in the fridge).

Two, ensure you store them away from moisture and direct sunlight. You could mess with their efficacy when storing your carts if you neglect these factors. However, since you’ll likely spend a good amount of money on them, it’s better to be safe than sorry and store them properly.

Q3. Are Delta 8 Carts Difficult To Use?

A. No, delta 8 carts aren’t complicated to use, even if you haven’t used them before. If you purchase these carts from a good brand, then you’d likely find instructions on how to use them. These instructions will allow you to use the carts safely.

Not only that but following the instructions to the tee will also help you stay safe when using these vape cartridges. After all, it can take time for you to grow accustomed to the feel and effects of these carts. So to help smoothen things out, it makes sense to learn how to use these carts to bring out the best in them.

Delta 8 Carts : Concluding Note

After much ado, we compiled this list of cartridges. We hope our reviews gave you some insight into the benefits of using delta 8 cartridges and which brands will help you use them to your benefit.

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