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Best Colon Cleansing Supplements – Top Brand Products That Work

Are you unhappy with the state of your digestive system? Irritated by the dry, difficult passage of bowel? Most often, these symptoms are signs of dehydration. Why? When the body isn’t provided with sufficient fluids, it tries to hold back on whatever amounts there still are. Hence, the act of retaining water leads to extremely hard bowels. In such cases, either increasing water intake or adding a colon cleansing supplement might be helpful. The latter option has been devised to “clear the colon of large quantities of stagnant, supposedly toxic waste encrusted on colon walls,” explained one source [1]. To date, practitioners recommend cleansing to increase energy, remove toxins, boost liver and immune functions, and aid weight loss [2].

As desirable as this sounds, the question to ask oneself is whether colon cleansing is necessary. Most people believe they aren’t because the liver and kidneys are natural detoxifiers. However, some appear to favor such supplements because they might contribute to the betterment of our natural detoxifiers. While scientific evidence on their uses is limited, the industry is highly tapped into. Our editorial team rummaged online sources and landed on 19 supplements, seeing a clear need.

The Top 19 Best Colon Cleansing Supplements in 2022

The following overview will provide a glimpse into the makers, the supplement’s facts, and the advertised benefits of each solution, along with many facets (if applicable) that permit them to stand out. This is fundamental for comparison reasons and whether a solution tending to specific needs exists. Let’s get started with the top 19 colon cleansers for 2022:

  • BioSchwartz Colon Detox & Cleanser
  • COLOBOTAN Herbal Colon Cleansing Formula
  • ColonBroom
  • Cor-Vital Coffee Enema Kit
  • Dr. Tobias Colon Cleanse
  • Global Healing Oxy-Powder
  • GoDaily Prebiotic
  • Herbal Parasite Guardian
  • Herbal Power Flush
  • InnoSupps Inno Cleanse
  • Intensive Colon Cleanse
  • Microbiome Plus+ Colon Cleanse
  • Peak BioBoost
  • Perfect Origins Perfect Flush
  • Primal Harvest Primal Gut Restore
  • Primal Harvest Primal Total Cleanse
  • SynoGut
  • UMZU zuPoo
  • VitaPost Colon Detox Plus

BioSchwartz Colon Detox & Cleanser

  • Company: BioSchwartz
  • Starting Price: USD$13.99

BioSchwartz Colon Detox & Cleanser supplement encompasses 11 natural herbs and 4 billion CFU probiotics to help maintain healthy metabolic levels and digestive function and liberate the body of waste and toxins. For people accustomed to bloating, the BioSchwartz team insists their formula is gentle enough to rectify the issue without introducing any discomfort. They only care about the truth. This means “putting aside unnecessary fillers and artificial ingredients” and “produc[ing] the highest quality nutritional supplements available.”

Additionally, BioSchwartz is an embodiment of experienced professionals who perform comprehensive research before launching any product to the market. Whether manufacturing or third-party lab testing is under question, this team abides by the strictest of guidelines. They pledge to analyze samples every 15 minutes to ensure quality control standards are met.

Each capsule encompasses a 650mg-proprietary blend of Senna Leaves, Flax Seeds, Psyllium Husks, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Rhubarb Root, Aloe Leaves, Ginger Root, Glucomannan Root, Buckthorn Bark, Black Walnut Hulls, Slippery Elm Bark, Lactobacillus acidophilus (2 billion CFU) and Bifidobacterium lactis (2 billion CFU).

COLOBOTAN Herbal Colon Cleansing Formula

  • Company: Dinosaur Nutrition (DNUSA)
  • Starting Price: USD$57.99

The COLOBOTAN Herbal Colon Cleansing Formula aims to promote microbial gut health. DNUSA clarified that the gut is central to happiness and that invaders can easily override our bodily components, particularly when weak. Therefore, by creating a formula that detoxifies the gut, individuals are trusted to feel less bloated, experience heightened energy levels, and possibly lose weight in the process.

As maintained by the DNUSA team, “honesty, transparency [and] results” are the founding principles of this company established in 2013. Creator Dino’s passion for wellness and nutrition led him to complete a Herbal Medicine and Herbalism (University of Minnesota) certification. This was the start of his DNUSA endeavor, a brand touting over ten unique solutions and giving back to the community through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.

Concerning the formula, one serving of 2 capsules delivers Calcium (200mg) and a 500mg-proprietary blend of Alfalfa, Aloe Vera, Psyllium, Oat, Rhubarb, Gentian, Cascara Sagrada, Goldenseal, Buckthorn, Bentonite, and Lactobacillus acidophilus.


  • Company: ColonBroom
  • Starting Price: USD$54.99

ColonBroom can be perceived as a laxative that helps to renew the body while boosting immune responses and metabolic processes. Each serving (one scoop of 5.7g) is reckoned to improve the body’s natural detoxifiers and free the gut of harmful bacteria. Furthermore, when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet, individuals can foresee increased energy levels and reduced symptoms of bloating. Offered in strawberry flavor, each serving is said to combine the likes of Psyllium Husk Powder, Citric Acid, Crystallized Lemon, Stevia Leaf Extract, Sea Salt, Fruit & Vegetable Juice (for color), and Rice Hulls.

Upon visiting their website, a quiz will be presented, and so we decided to give it a try. It asks questions about one’s current health state, digestive concerns, regularity in bowel movements, symptoms, sensitivities or allergies, diagnosed medical conditions, and measurements. In the end, a summary was provided along with estimated results by including ColonBroom in the equation.

Dietitians and customers have a consensus regarding prices: ColonBroom might be overpriced since it only offers Psyllium Husk. Aside from that, we were exactly thrilled with the company background, as very little is currently known.

Cor-Vital Coffee Enema Kit

  • Company: Cor-Vital
  • Starting Price: USD$59.97

For people who aren’t familiar with a coffee enema, it is a type of colon cleanse that relies on the combination of caffeinated coffee and water. This is then inserted into the colon through the rectum. Claims surrounding its uses are often associated with a boosted immune system and the removal of toxins from the body. Individuals are asked to view the Cor-Vital Coffee Enema Kit as an angle of tackle to heighten liver and kidney functions (nothing more, nothing less).

This team is on a mission to get individuals “in touch with [their] bod[ies] and [to] embrace [their] wellness to achieve optimal health […] Cor-Vital’s collection of 100% clean, toxin-free, plant-based enemas offer wellbeing for the modern world.” From the looks of it, this company also houses what they refer to as detox coaches who are certified in either lifestyle medicine (IAPC&M), holistic health, nursing, or product testers.

That said, the Coffee Enema Kit includes all the essentials, i.e., pre-lubed, 60 inches long, soft vinyl enema tube, red latex enema tube, a clamp, easy-to-follow instructions, and a pound of organic Cor-Vital coffee. Although science surrounding coffee cleansers is limited, it seems like Cor-Vital has been well-received by some users. Reported issues include lack of clear instructions, clogging of coffee (if poorly strained), time-consuming preparations, and lots of effort to experience preferable results.

Dr. Tobias Colon Cleanse

  • Company: Dr. Tobias
  • Starting Price: USD$11.99

The Dr. Tobias Colon Cleanse is a 14-day cleanse devised to support better digestive function (i.e., healthy bowel movement and clearing waste), with equal emphasis on natural energy levels and weight loss. Created in capsules format, each serving (i.e., two capsules) contains a thorough breakdown of ingredients instead of a proprietary blend. Although our editorial team isn’t entirely against the latter compositions, they become relatively questionable when compacted with several elements. Fortunately, doubtfulness is unlikely to arise since the team clearly stated the impact of each ingredient.

Each serving will fuel the body with Senna Leaf (285mg), Cascara Sagrada Bark (300mg), Psyllium Husk Powder (300mg), Flaxseed Powder (100mg), Aloe Vera Gel (80mg), Lactobacillus acidophilus (50mg), Licorice Root (50mg), and MCT Oil (14mg). This level of transparency is not surprising given that the company was founded by Dr. Tobias, who wanted to eliminate gaps in the supplement industry. Initially embarking on a journey to provide extra strength fish oils, the continued celebration of his efforts eventually led him to seek voids in other dietary supplements, another one being the colon cleanse area!

Global Healing Oxy-Powder

  • Company: Global Healing
  • Starting Price: USD$44.96

Global Healing Oxy-Powder is an oxygen-based natural digestive cleanse that aims to melt away feces safely and effectively from the intestinal tract, consequently promoting an optimized digestive system and gut function. A solution that has been around for the past 20 years, this formula might also free individuals of bloat, strain, and occasional constipation. Oxy-Power only comprises 350mg of Magnesium (as magnesium oxide and hydroxide) in terms of ingredients.

According to the founder, Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, “The great secret of human life and inspiration is becoming a master of thought, action, health, and spirituality […] By overcoming your indulgence and bad habits through dedication and self-control.” As someone who had no self-control in the past, Dr. Edward eventually found himself in an uncomfortable weight gain situation, which served as his turning point! Thus, it was only after committing to a plant-based plan did he not only see results but also felt prepared for anything that might be thrown in his direction.

Ultimately, Global Healing’s philosophy is simple: “If you cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and take steps on a wellness journey, at your own pace, your body will start to heal itself.” Besides supplements, individuals must be open to making lifestyle changes and choosing healthy habits, or it may defeat the purpose of taking solutions like Oxy-Powder.

GoDaily Prebiotic

  • Formulated by: Regina Oswald
  • Starting Price: USD$49.97

GoDaily is a prebiotic supplement formulated by Regina Oswald alongside a Japanese chiropractor. Regina suffered from severe digestive issues based on the claims made until her chiropractor provided herbs that might reverse these issues. By ingesting natural sources of prebiotics, individuals can expect regularity in bowel movements, fortified microbiome, and suppressed appetite for weight loss results. While our editorial team could not get our hands on the supplement’s fact, this powdered beverage is trusted to deliver Jerusalem Artichoke, Fructooligosaccharides, Tears of Chios Masticum, Oat Fiber, Psyllium Husk, and Nopal Powder.

Were we persuaded? At the time of writing, not entirely. First, the ingredients are mostly prebiotics, which is a plus; however, the absence of the concentration per serving prevents us from assessing its effectiveness. Second, neither Regina’s nor the unnamed chiropractor’s credentials can be verified. How are we to tell that the duo is legitimate? Finally, a clear depiction of the manufacturer must be outlined with any solution, which has also been hidden. The only reason why GoDaily has been included in this guide is to demonstrate the existence of poor-quality solutions.

Herbal Parasite Guardian

  • Company: biOptimizers
  • Starting Price: USD$66

Herbal Parasite Guardian is a formula intended to expel parasites from the gut to prevent fungal overgrowth and harmful bacteria presence, break biofilm, soothe gut lining, increase mucus, and enhance gut immune response and gut flora. These benefits are attainable because of a precise blend of 13 synergistic herbs and five digestive enzymes.

Each capsule contains Goldenseal Root (28mg), Barberry Root Bark (28mg), Slippery Elm Bark (28mg), Fennel Seed (28mg), Black Walnut (65mg), Walnut Leaf Powder (44mg), Clove Stem (60mg), Garlic Root (60mg), Grapefruit Seed Extract (36mg), Rhubarb Root (36mg), Wormwood Herb (36mg), Pumpkin Seed (28mg), Turmeric Root (28mg), Phytase (5mg), Cellulase (1.5mg), Lipase RO (8.6mg), Protease (2mg), and Amylase (2mg).

biOptimizers was co-founded by Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant, both of whom worked as trainers with pro athletes and high performers. A friendship between the duo struck at a gym, leading them to start a business partnership with one primary policy, “If we can’t build the best product in that category, forget about it.” This shows their willingness to go all-in on their formulas, concentrating mainly on researched and high-quality ingredients.

Herbal Power Flush

  • Company: biOptimizers
  • Starting Price: USD$51

The second of the biOptimizers team’s supplements to have qualified is called Herbal Power Flush. In contrast to Herbal Parasite Guardian, Herbal Power Flush is a digestive aid to clear the excess waste and limit backed-up digestive system occurrences. Each capsule appears to carry ingredients comparable to other top picks listed above. Simply put, the body will be equipped with psyllium (133mg), Cascara Sagrada (117mg), Red Clover (67mg), Kelp (67mg), Cellulase (81.9mg), Amylase (14mg), Phytase (8.7mg), Protease (8.7mg), and Lipase (3.5mg).

InnoSupps Inno Cleanse

  • Company: InnoSupps
  • Starting Price: USD$31.99

Inno Cleanse is a digestive aid designed to flush out toxins built up in the gut and intestines. Each serving is expected to work within 24 to 48 hours to eliminate waste. The trimmed waist size and fat loss can also be foreseen in the long run. Intriguingly, InnoSups strategize this formula to house four primary blends. First, we have the Waist Trimming Complex (824mg), which brings together Cascara Sagrada, Aloe Ferox, Senna Leaf Powder, and Frangula. Second, the Advanced Digestion Complex (300mg) houses Fennel and Bentonite. Following suit, we have a 190mg-Enhanced Detox blend of Burdock, Licorice, and Slippery Elm. Lastly, we have a 40mg Pro Gut Health Matrix (40mg) of Capsicum and Milk Thistle.

Why choose Inno? The team pledges that their products contain proper doses of patented, clinically proven, and high-quality ingredients selected by their group of scientists and doctors. Since InnoSups is committed to wellness for all, the team also partnered with Vitamin Angels to donate a 6-month supply of vitamins to malnourished children and pregnant women in need worldwide. Matter-of-factly, their efforts have transformed over 100,000 people’s lives in 2021 alone.

Intensive Colon Cleanse

  • Company: Digestive Science
  • Starting Price: USD$39.95

Intensive Colon Cleanse is a 10-day cleanse to revitalize the colon from the negative impacts of inflammation and digestive discomfort. This is equally useful for symptoms ranging from constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and unexplained weight gain to poor skin condition, allergy flare-ups, bouts of eczema, low energy, and extreme fatigue. As for the contents of this formula, individuals are asked to take a serving of six capsules composed of Brown Rice Fiber (1000mg), Psyllium Husk (1000mg), Apple Pectin (200mg), Acacia Gum (200mg), Lactobacillus Acidophilus (4 billion CFU), Bifidobacterium Infantis (6 billion CFU), Ginger Root (25mg), FOS (25mg), Calcium (30mg), Magnesium (20mg), Selenium (15mcg), and Potassium (20mg).

Digestive Science appears to be a brand managed by the team at Leading Edge Health. Since 1999, Leading Edge Health has been actively launching an array of anti-aging, skincare, and other health products reckoned to induce feelings of youthfulness without prescription drugs. Created by medical professionals and produced by the same cGMP-certified manufacturer for major retailers, Leading Edge Health is trusted by many households. However, existing reviews suggest limited benefits, which should be reflected upon before placing an order.

Microbiome Plus+ Colon Cleanse

  • Company: Microbiome Plus+
  • Starting Price: USD$22.79

The Microbiome Plus+ Colon Cleanse is promoted as rapid colon detoxification, an evidence-based supplement that delivers effective laxative relief. Other purported benefits include regular bowel movement, ease from bloating, constipation, excessive gas, a gentle effect, and enhanced digestive function. The basis of Colon Cleanse entails a high dose of fiber. The team justified their choice of ingredients by spelling out the usefulness of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The Microbiome+ Colon Cleanse brings together an extensive selection of ingredients, which includes Fennel Seed Powder (190mg), Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder (175mg), Ginger Root Powder (60mg), Goldenseal Root Powder (50mg), Psyllium Husk Powder (190mg), Buckthorn Bark Powder (60mg), Licorice Root Powder (60mg), Rhubarb (50mg) and a 55mg proprietary blend of Citrus Pectin, Flaxseed Powder, Aloe Vera, Cayenne Pepper, Senna Leaf, Oat Fiber Powder, and Prune Powder.

On the topic of the company, Microbiome Plus+ aims to provide solutions that tend to gastrointestinal and digestive health. Here’s what this team wants everyone to bear in mind regarding their approaches, “We are dedicated to providing advanced digestive health supplements that are backed by science. Our probiotic L. reuteri NCIMB 30242 is one of the few probiotic strains granted GRAS status and has been shown in several human clinical trials to improve cardiovascular and other health markers.”

Peak BioBoost

  • Company: Peak Biome
  • Starting Price: USD$39.95

Taking Peak BioBoost is another way of saying good riddance to sluggish bowels, explains Peak Biome, as Peak BioBoost is a flavorless powder that can perfect regularity daily with a serving once or twice a week. Naturally, individuals might feel lighter, less bloated, and can finally enjoy their favorite snacks and meals without having to worry over the consequences of constipation. This team is confident in their formulation, where each scoop delivers Magnesium Citrate (200mg) and an 8000mg-prebiotic blend of Acacia Gum, FOS, Inulin, and Xylooligosaccharide.

At Peak Biome, the goal is “to empower people to make smarter choices about healing their body naturally.” Jeremy instituted this company after spending 20 years being sick and overweight. When he realized the power of health improvement knowledge, he was motivated to launch Peak Biome. Since then, partnerships were established with research scientists, doctors, and digestive health experts “to produce products which help you take control of the #1 factor that controls every aspect of your health.”

Perfect Origins Perfect Flush

  • Company: Perfect Origins
  • Starting Price: USD$49

As hinted in its name, Perfect Flush might be equipped with nutrients that may trigger waste and toxins elimination, induce a laxative effect, and promote weight loss as a result. The most significant piece to the Perfect Flush puzzle entails psyllium, an ingredient that “acts like a sponge and absorbs toxins.” Additionally, Perfect Origins elaborated on the necessity of fiber for healthy intestinal flora.

Besides Psyllium Husk, each serving (i.e., two capsules) embodies a 1500mg-proprietary blend of Bentonite Clay, Black Walnut Hull Powder, Oat Bran Powder, Flaxseed Powder, Prune Powder, Aloe Vera Powder, L. Acidophilus, Apple Pectin Powder, and Glucomannan Powder. Perfect Origins is devoted to providing individuals with products that have been backed by scientific evidence. They seem to be serious about their claim given their extensive scientific advisory board of medical and alternative healthcare practitioners who continue to educate customers who partake in R&D and testing, among others.

Primal Harvest Primal Gut Restore

  • Company: Primal Harvest
  • Starting Price: USD$49.95

Primal Harvest Primal Gut Restore is proposed to support the gut and immune responses and energy levels. Remarkably, this team focused mainly on three components; prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics, all of which are reckoned to strengthen the gut barrier, promote regularity and natural defenses, and ensure swift digestive processes. The benefits described above are probable because of the union of CoreBiome Tributyrin (1000mg), XOS (100mg), and B. longum BB536 (3 billion CFU) per serving (i.e., two capsules).

At Primal Harvest, the goal is to educate consumers on the positive influence of a holistic approach on one’s well being. In other words, they are true believers in treating the body as one integrated system instead of a series of parts that mend separately. This is their justification for why supplements tend to be superior to pharmaceuticals. Primal Harvest persuaded our editorial team because of its strategies, level of transparency, reliance on scientifically backed ingredients, and importance given to third-party lab testing.

Primal Harvest Primal Total Cleanse

  • Company: Primal Harvest
  • Starting Price: USD$29.95

The second of Primal Harvest solutions to have made the cut is called the Primal Total Cleanse. This all-natural detox and cleanse supplement is touted for its ability to promote healthy elimination and detoxification, enhance digestion, and support regularity, skin health, and bowel health. Primal Total Cleanse and Primal Gut Restore arrive at similar outcomes, but the paths vary. In the former case, we have a formula intended to flourish the gut microbiome, while the latter may either boost liver and kidney functions or act as a laxative.

The formula serving (i.e., two capsules) contains a 900mg-proprietary blend of Fennel, Cascara Sagrada, Oat Bran Fiber, Buckthorn, Citrus Pectin, Pumpkin Seed Powder, Aloe Vera Leaf, Cayenne Fruit, Ginger Root, Licorice, Rhubarb, Acai Berry, Cape Aloe, Bentonite Clay, Senna Leaf, Prune Fruit Extract, Flax Seed, Goldenseal, and Lactobacillus Acidophilus.


  • Company: SynoGut
  • Starting Price: USD$69

SynoGut is a dietary supplement that combines natural ingredients to improve the digestive system and gut health. For the most part, it is an embodiment of fiber consumption, which is a reasonable strategy seeing that these food sources tend to soften stools. Additionally, prebiotics and probiotics have been incorporated to enhance the gut microbiome.

Each serving (i.e., two capsules) delivers a 1500mg-proprietary blend of conventional ingredients including Psyllium Husk, Bentonite Clay, Black Walnut Hull, Oat Bran, Flaxseed, Prune, Aloe Vera, L. Acidophilus, Apple Pectin, and Glucomannan.

Our editorial team felt somewhat uncomfortable with the company background. The lack of knowledge on the company prevents us from knowing whether the manufacturer has a good reputation, the processes leading up to the final product, and purity, quality, and safety efforts, among others. Should individuals feel persuaded by SynoGut, we encourage everyone to consult customer service before proceeding.

UMZU zuPoo

  • Company: UMZU
  • Starting Price: USD$29.95

The zuPOO formula is deemed suitable for anyone in dire need of a colon cleanse and gut support that encourages a smoother digestion process, flushes out any hormonal blockers in the stomach, and induces feelings of lightness. A facet unique to this brand is their outline of what to anticipate upon taking each serving. Within the first 12 to 24 hours, some bloating may be experienced since this is the period during which gas buildup occurs. At the 48-hour mark, most users experience flushing of waste. This formula should be taken 15 consecutive days for a complete flush.

The UMZU story started with Christopher Walker, a young neuroscience student diagnosed with a tumor on his pituitary gland. While healthcare professionals recommended the conventional approach of synthetic hormone solutions, Chris was convinced that better results could be reached through natural supplementation. After researching his options, he created a blend that balanced his hormones. Seeing the demand for solutions, he got together with a team of experts to launch UMZU, a brand where “both men and women can go to reclaim their hormonal balance through clinical research-backed products naturally.”

zuPoo is one of several solutions founded on research, transparency, and educational support that further empowers individuals to reach their hormonal goals. As for the contents of the zuPOO formula, each serving (i.e., two capsules) delivers a 1270mg-proprietary blend of Cascara Sagrada, Senna Leaf, Fennel, Burdock, Bentonite Clay, Buckthorn, Cape Aloe, Slippery Elm, Milk Thistle, and Cayenne Red Pepper.

VitaPost Colon Detox Plus

  • Company: VitaPost
  • Starting Price: USD$24.80

Finally, we have the VitaPost Colon Detox Plus, a 15-day solution explicitly designed to help support a healthy digestive system pass toxins and buildup. The equal emphasis seems to be placed on ingesting both prebiotics and probiotics to strengthen the gut flora. This solution is not meant for daily use. Instead, individuals are recommended to take it periodically (i.e., one every two months). Regarding the ingredient list, each serving (i.e., two capsules) contains Calcium (200mg) and a 500mg-proprietary blend of Oat, Alfalfa, Psyllium, Rhubarb, Gentian, Aloe Vera, Cascara Sagrada, Goldenseal, Buckthorn, Bentonite, and Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

The VitaPost team is a part of a leading natural health company operating in the North American market. With over 35 brands under their supervision, each allegedly represents quality and research, innovation, and integrity. The team insists that “from ethically sourced ingredients to accurate product labeling,” they are devoted to earning and maintaining customer trust.

Qualification Process: How the Top 19 Made it Through

In analyzing the overviews above, we noticed that some solutions are similar in their formulas, while others diverged from the standards to produce their takes. Diversification in products permits individuals of all health conditions, ages, and needs to pick a fitting solution. Also, the process of qualifying (and disqualifying) solutions was a hefty one.

How do we go about choosing a formula superior to others, what they must possess, and will they support broadened financial backgrounds were some of many thoughts rummaging through our minds. To make this a swift process, our team sat down and arrived at a consensus that any combination of the listed factors below sufficed to make a lasting impression:

Manufacturer Reputation & Transparency

Manufacturer reputation and transparency are two of the most prioritized factors irrespective of the type of solution at hand. It will only lead to unwanted doubt when a company boasts its formula yet fails to provide an overview of its thought process, manufacturing, and other verifiable areas. What’s worse is when the contact information leads to an unknown facility, which is equivalent to losing a customer’s trust. In the context of supplements, transparency is found in the form of a supplement’s fact, customer support team, source of ingredients, concentrations per serving, lab testing (if applicable), etc. If either of these factors is not apparent when reviewing a supplement, we disregard them.

Scientifically Backed Ingredients & Dosing

Colon cleansing has caused a lot of stir among health professionals and scientists. Some avow cleanses are unnecessary, given that the body is naturally equipped with detoxifiers. On the other hand, we have a group of experts who believe colon cleansing supplements may advance the roles of natural detoxifiers. Our editorial was satisfied with a solution if the claims have been scientifically proven and the serving sizes depict studied dosages.

Other Ingredients

Concerning other ingredients, these are found at the bottom of the bottle and usually list preservatives. Our goal was to seek solutions free from artificial coloring and ingredients because these are likely to aggravate digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, indigestion, lactose intolerance, and many others.

Advertised Benefits

The advertised benefits provide some insight into the legitimacy of a supplement. How? Any company that avows same-day results must be investigated right down to the concentration to see whether such outcomes are genuinely possible. A significant difference is often rarely witnessed overnight, so any product claiming to lead to such beliefs was eliminated from our list.


Uniqueness is any factor (or combination) likely to put a brand/company on the map. Frequently, formulas might appear to be similar. Though the occasion is rare, we need to pick the one that stands out from the two when it does occur. Individuals can define uniqueness however they choose to. Still, for our editorial team, it must revolve around the existence of a medical or scientific advisory board, clinically proven doses and ingredients, availability of supplement facts, lab testing and their outcomes, financing options, money-back guarantees, and paying back to the community.

Value for Price

The depicted price of a product is nothing but a number. Evaluating its facets permits individuals to understand its value, thus being the reason it is the last measure on our ranking system. Some products may seem expensive at first, and with time, either the lack of support might make them worthless and overpriced, or an abundance of support might justify the dollar value. The thought that the higher-priced product must imply value has long been erased.

The Role of the Colon & Colon Cleansing

The American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS) [3] defines the colon as the largest bowel/intestine belonging to the digestive system. Its role is central to how the body converts consumed food into essential fuel. As we chew food, they are minced into smaller pieces and embark on a journey through the esophagus and into the stomach. The stomach further breaks down the content and passes it down the small intestine.

At this point, the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder join forces to continue the breakdown of food and ensure optimal absorption of fundamental vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. The remains then move into the colon, where water is absorbed. Of course, our colon is equipped with bacteria that yet again break down whatever is leftover. Once completed, the remains are pushed through the rectum, where its muscles help it exit the body through the anus.

It seems straightforward, right? Those described above would be smooth sailing in a perfect bodily environment, but this, of course, isn’t always the case. A cleanse might be helpful because it supposedly involves flushing out the large intestine. On a scientific stance, evidence is minimal, yet people still rely on it to this date. According to one source, supplements are either taken orally (as in our guide’s case) or through the rectum [4]. Nevertheless, the goal is the help the colon expel its contents to the rectum.

The Theory Behind Natural Colon Cleansing

The theory behind natural colon cleansing is believed to come from an ancient view called autointoxication [4]. Autointoxication suggests that undigested meat and other foods induce mucus buildup in the colon, which might rip through the bloodstream and negatively influence our cells, tissues, and organs. Interestingly, this theory has been linked to exhaustion, frequent headaches, weight gain, and low energy. While it is important to note that the body can reabsorb toxins, the concept of autointoxication has been debunked.

The Scientific Standpoint: What Do We Know About These Ingredients?

The above-listed products embody extensive or straightforward formulas. Although our editorial team would love to provide an overview on each one, it seemed more sensical to focus on the top five commonly found ingredients across all the top contenders. When the time comes to narrow down options, individuals are asked to analyze the supplement’s fact in greater detail, but in the meantime, we’ve decided to share the following findings:


Psyllium is a fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata seeds. One source justified its presence in colon cleanses for its water-absorbing capacities. To be more precise, when combined with water, psyllium is believed to swell up and produce more bulk. This action triggers the intestines to contract, pushing stool through the digestive tract [5].

A 2019 preliminary study aimed to assess the impact of psyllium on fecal microbiota. To understand this, the researchers conducted two randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded trials comparing seven days of psyllium and placebo in 8 healthy volunteers and 16 constipated patients, respectively. In the end, they concluded that “Psyllium supplementation increased stool water, and this was associated with significant changes in microbiota, most marked in constipated patients [6].”

Finally, one source stressed the importance of its role as a prebiotic, i.e., a substance vital for creating healthy colonies of probiotics to grow in the gut. The author wrote, “A healthy colony of good bacteria in the digestive system is essential for healthy immune function. Your body is better able to fight infection, reduce inflammation, and maintain healthy tissue and cells [7].”

Cascara Sagrada Bark

Cascara sagrada is a shrub, where its bark is dried and used for medicinal purposes. What was once approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an over-the-counter drug quickly refrained from their position. Believe it or not, the FDA asked manufacturers to “submit safety and effectiveness information.” Still, they refused to do so, which forced the organization to remove it from the category of OTC laxative products. Noticeably, cascara is still around in dietary supplements, which the FDA doesn’t regulate.

As for its effectiveness, existing research suggests it to be a possible solution for constipation because of its laxative effects. In terms of ineffectiveness, most research allegedly demonstrated that taking it alongside magnesium “does not improve bowel cleansing in people who are undergoing a colonoscopy [8].” Another source focused on its mechanism, arguing that the stimulant laxative causes muscle contractions in the intestines, which in turn help move stool through the bowels.

This is deemed possible because cascara contains an abundance of anthraquinone chemicals. This ingredient should not be consumed by people with inflammatory bowel diseases (i.e., ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease), intestinal blockages, stomach pain, kidney disease, or appendicitis [9]. It seems like the side effects can be daunting, but this is only the case when the recommended doses are exceeded. A review on everything cascara reported that a typical amount is 300mg once daily and only on a short-term basis (less than a week). Otherwise, it “can lead to the cathartic colon with diarrhea, cramps, weight loss, and darkened pigmentation of the colonic mucosa [10].”


Magnesium is a mineral tasked with overseeing some 300 plus chemicals in the body and is currently offered in different varieties. One review looked primarily at the effect of magnesium oxide as a treatment for constipation. A randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study comparing magnesium oxide with placebo was referenced to make their case. In the end, the patient group with magnesium oxide prevailed, seeing that 70.6% reported improvements compared to the placebo group’s 25%.

Another group of researchers looked at the effects of magnesium oxide and senna, and magnesium oxide and a placebo. Once again, “69.2% in the senna group [expressed improvement compared to] 11.7% in the placebo group [11].” For people wanting to understand the underlying mechanism, magnesium oxide is an osmotic laxative, meaning that its “key effect is a softening of hard stools.”

Hence, before taking this ingredient, individuals must reassess the hardness of their stools and the frequency of bowel movements. Ideally, this is a discussion with a healthcare professional, as they are more equipped with the fundamentals to arrive at a safe yet effective conclusion on an individualistic basis.

Senna Leaf

Senna leaf comes from a plant called Senna Alexandrina. In the U.S., this ingredient has been approved as a laxative for short-term treatment of constipation. Why? It contains chemicals called sennosides, which irritate the bowel lining and thus introduce a laxative effect. Besides treating constipation, senna leaf appears to be recommended for colonoscopy and may support individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoids, and weight management issues [12].

In search of answers, we stumbled upon a piece that dug more into the role of sennosides. Specifically, the author emphasized that gut bacteria can break them down while these chemicals cannot be absorbed in the digestive tract. The moment sennosides are broken down is when the irritation commences, stimulating intestinal movement. One thought-provoking point is the plant’s negative impact on the body, primarily when used for weight loss.

The first reason is that there is no scientific evidence suggesting that senna tea can be used as part of a detox, cleanse, or weight loss routine. Second, it should not be used over the long run because “it may alter normal bowel tissue function and cause laxative dependence.” Lastly, a study encompassing 10,000 women discovered that those who use laxatives for weight loss “were six times likelier to develop an eating disorder [13].”


The last of the ingredients to be subjected under a microscope is glucomannan, i.e., a natural, a water-soluble dietary fiber extracted from the roots of the konjac plant. A 2013 study investigated the effect of glucomannan on weight loss. Fifty-three moderately obese adults were randomly assigned to take 1.33g of glucomannan or a placebo with 8 ounces of water one hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner or eight weeks. Irrespective of the fact that the supplement was well tolerated, it “did not promote weight loss or significantly alter body composition, hunger/fullness, or lipid and glucose parameters [14].”

If not weight loss, then how else might glucomannan influence the body? A critical review listed different ways by which it might have an impact. First, it is reckoned to form a defensive covering on the intestine’s surface. The latter is essential because the absorption of nutrients occurs, and the rate at which digestion is fulfilled is determined. It is trusted to form a bulky fiber, critical for pushing stool forward. Next, it may aid in lowering blood pressure, lipids, glucose, and cholesterol. Finally, it has been associated with anti-diabetic, anti-obesity, laxative, and anti-inflammatory activity [15].

Side Effects of Colon Cleansing

For those of you wondering whether colon cleansing has downfalls, it can go either way. Most colon cleansing supplements are touted for their all-natural contents and how such a strategy immediately implies safety. Unfortunately, this cannot be guaranteed. Moreover, the supplement industry’s lack of regulation only pushes individuals to implement said solutions carefully.

On that note, potential risks and side effects to be mindful of include dehydration, vomiting, nausea, cramps, dizziness, mineral, electrolyte, and bacteria imbalances, possible medication interferences, bowel perforation, and kidney failure [4]. Bear in mind that these are just some examples. For a complete snapshot of probable side effects, we encourage everyone to dig deeper into each ingredient and the consequences of taking any serving in excess!

Frequently Asked Questions About Colon Cleansers

Q: What is the colon?

A: The colon, also referred to as the large bowel or large intestine, is an extending tube that persists from the small intestine.

Q: Why is the colon essential?

A: The colon is central for removing waste from the body. If it fails to operate as required, the body will neither absorb essential nutrients from food nor dispose of what remains after an extensive process of breaking down food.

Q: How do colon cleansing supplements work?

A: Colon cleansing supplements are often delivered in the form of herbal teas, enzyme, and magnesium supplements, respectively, or as laxatives composed of stimulant and non-stimulant components.

Q: What is colonic irrigation?

A: Colonic irrigation is another term used to describe a colon cleanse or colonic hydrotherapy. This process involves flushing the colon with large volumes of fluid trusted to relieve constipated individuals. Simply put, the goal is to find means of evacuating stool from the colon to the rectum and eventually right out of the anus.

Q: Who should avoid colonic irrigation?

A: Colon irrigation should be avoided by anyone with diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, ischemic colitis, kidney disease, heart disease, or past colon surgeries. These conditions allegedly increase the odds of experiencing dehydration, acute kidney failure, pancreatitis, bowel perforation, heart failure, and infection [16].

Q: What improvements might flourish from a colon cleanse?

A: Colon cleanses are associated with weight loss, better digestion, increased energy, and clearer thinking; however, one piece avows that these claims are unproven and lack scientific support. A preliminary study was referenced, where gastrointestinal symptoms were improved after a colon cleanse among patients with IBS, but more research is needed to say anything with certainty [17].

Q: Are colon cleansing supplements for everyone?

A: Colon cleansing supplements aren’t formulated for everyone. If individuals are unclear about whether this approach is a good fit, we encourage consulting healthcare professionals. Professionals can foresee possible side effects based on the listed ingredients and medical conditions, among other confounding factors.

Q: Does coffee enema work?

A: Coffee enema is neither supported nor disapproved of by science. Moreover, existing findings are deemed too unreliable to affirm that employing it will help to treat any medical condition. Many experts insist that colon cleansing is unnecessary because the digestive system is designed to liberate the body of waste, toxins, and bacteria [18].

Q: Will laxatives accomplish the same outcomes as a colon cleanse?

A: Some sources argue that laxatives and colon cleanses accomplish the same outcomes, but they may irritate the body in the former. One argument in favor of colon cleanses is that it might aid in maintaining overall regularity. In contrast, a laxative might be suitable for a short-term, immediate effect on occasional constipation [19]. There also might be the risk of toxins and waste remaining with laxatives, which is unlikely with the pure water action from a colon cleanse.

Q: Is it true that toxins can accumulate in the body?

A: Yes, toxins can indeed accumulate in the body. Signs include poor circulation, swelling, headaches and migraines, stress, anxiety, depression, allergies, poor skin, constipation, and insomnia, among an endless list [20].

Q: Are colon cleansing supplements habit-forming?

A: Colon cleansing supplements may become habit-forming depending on how they are used. When taken as directed, they are well-tolerated. Unfortunately, issues take shape when certain ingredients are either taken over the long run or in excess. We recommend researching each listed element and its risk of creating dependencies beforehand.

Q: What is bowel perforation?

A: A bowel perforation is a serious medical condition where a hole is introduced in the small intestine or colon. Common causes for this situation include trauma, instrumentation, inflammation, infection, malignancy, ischemia, or obstruction [21, 22].

Q: How does it feel to have a healthy functioning bowel?

A: A healthy bowel gets the job done. Individuals are unlikely to experience bloating or gas. Likewise, the stool will pass out at ease (soft to firm in texture) instead of introducing pain. How can anyone neglect regularity and consistency, both of which are rare with poorly functioning bowels!

Q: Does stool color indicate anything about colon health?

A: Stool color is rarely used to indicate health conditions because it is primarily influenced by the types of food consumed. That said, all shades of brown and certain greens are deemed normal [23].

Q: What lifestyle changes should be made for a healthy colon?

A: The Perlmutter Cancer Center advises consumers to stop smoking, limit alcohol intake, eat healthier, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, and get screened regularly. Screening cannot be stressed enough, especially a colonoscopy, given that it serves as a means of identifying growths (polyps) before they become cancerous [24].

Q: What does a colon cleanse feel like?

A: The experience might feel gentle initially, but individuals can anticipate cramping as the water pressure increases. In such cases, taking in deep breaths and exhaling is highly recommended. Be aware that the pain will subside as the water pressure lowers during the procedure.

Q: Are there natural foods that help to promote healthy bowel movement?

A: Yes, according to Hannah Manella, MS, RD, a registered dietitian and certified clinical exercise physiologist at Rush University Cancer Center, adding whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and lentils are beneficial since they are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Chicken, turkey, and fish should be prioritized over beef, pork, and lamb because the latter has a higher risk of colon cancer (i.e., by 15 to 20%) [25].

Q: Which colon cleansing supplements are worth investing in?

A: Review one of the top colon cleansing products/supplements of 2022 by scrolling above. Each takes a compelling, comparable, and unique strategy to soften stools for better movement. For people seriously contemplating colon cleansing supplements, the ideal scenario encompasses reassessing one’s health, medical intake, and digestive discomfort with a healthcare expert.

The Top 19 Best Colon Cleansing Supplements in 2022 Final Verdict

From the at-length analysis above, two things should be clear, 1) choosing a colon cleansing supplement is no small feat, and 2) there are different ways of handling the issue of poor bowel movement. Although the colon cleansing procedure remains an open topic for discussion, supplements have a slight advantage because most arrive at the desired outcome by inducing a laxative effect. Ingredients of the nature described above carry some scientific value, which provides individuals with peace of mind regarding efficacy and safety.

This is not to say that all ingredients are safe for healthy bowel movements. Research has demonstrated that certain elements are only meant for short-term uses, while others may be well tolerated over the long run. In the end, we encourage everyone to do their due diligence and to clarify any doubts with a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to a routine. We trust that this guide summarized available options and directed individuals toward their respective healing paths until we revisit colon cleansing supplements. Try a top colon cleanser supplement from the list above today!

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