Best Cannabis Gummies, Top Brands for Marijuana Edibles

Totally green on THC gummies, or perhaps you’re making a crossover from ordinary weed products and are on the lookout for the best cannabis gummies in the game?

Look no more because we’re stoked to help you cut the chase by giving you the fastest path to high-quality, safe, flavorful, and potent marijuana gummies (aka delta-8).

Delta 8 is THE legal weed alternative to beat right now. This cannabinoid ensures a smoother high without the more intense side effects that come with traditional weed edibles.

Weighing up the most reputed and popular “weed” gummy brands right now, this article ensures you choose your gummies from the best of the best.

Chew over our list of the best delta-8 gummy brands we can wholeheartedly recommend.

Best Weed Gummy Brands – First Look

  1. Best THC gummies overall – Exhale Wellness
  2. Variety of delicious flavors – Diamond CBD
  3. Most popular THC gummy brand – 3Chi
  4. Really powerful weed edibles – BudPop
  5. Great value marijuana gummies – ATLRx
  6. Strain-specific cannabis edibles – MoonWlkr
  7. Biggest edible gummy packs – Blue Moon Hemp
  8. Best mixed flavor marijuana gummies – CBD Mall
  9. Best THC gummies bundle – Binoidcbd
  10. New but promising gummy edibles – TRĒ House

1. Exhale Wellness – Best THC Gummies Overall


  • Full-spectrum gummies
  • Organic ingredients, vegan and dairy-free
  • Free shipping
  • Dosage charts available
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 20% OFF first purchase


  • Not big on discounts

Flavors: Blueberry / Guava / Elderberry / Strawberry

The Exhale Wellness range of delta-8 THC gummies is the holy grail of gummy edibles, combining a variety of tasty fruit flavors, high-quality all-natural ingredients, and a powerful potency.

These delicious delta-8 gummies are infused with full-spectrum organic hemp, giving you more extensive benefits than other cannabis cannabinoids like CBD. Exhale Wellness suggests that this may boost your mood, help you relax, and even improve sleep.

With their colorful candy-style looks with no artificial flavorings ensuring discretion, you can take these delta-8 THC edibles on the go, and nobody will know.

They’re potent stuff, carrying 25 and 50 mg of delta-8 THC per gummy, so it’s great that they also come with dosing recommendations to help you get the most out of them in safe amounts.

Exhale Wellness is a household name in the cannabis industry, attracting recognition from esteemed publications like Forbes and LA Times, which is assuring, especially for new buyers.

Staying keen on product safety, all their delta-8 and CBD products are third-party lab tested for potency and pesticides, with comprehensive lab reports readily available on their site for you to access any time. Transparent, right?

Again, adding another layer of safety, this reputable brand claims that their delta-8 THC products are made with natural ingredients and vegan-friendly, so they’ll likely not affect any diet program you’re on.


Exhale Wellness has a ‘How much should I take?’ quiz, which considers your age, weight, medical history, and more to give you a personalized dosage of your favorite gummy.

We think it’s great that our Number 1 gummy brand offers free shipping with every order, and they’re confident enough in their product to add a 30-day money-back guarantee if their products fail to meet their claims and your expectations.

You can therefore buy with confidence.

Don’t worry if you’re just dipping your feet into the world of THC gummies; Exhale Wellness has a ‘Learn More’ section with detailed articles to help you get the hang of it in no time.

Customer Experience

We rated Exhale Wellness the best brand for multiple reasons. Going by their customer reviews, previous clients also seem to agree with us. Many reviewers appear over the moon with the brand’s gummies, especially for their safety, long-lasting, great effects, reported health advantages, and superb customer service.

One happy customer said this – “This is an absolutely wonderful product, helped calm me down and elevate my pain.”

2. Diamond CBD – Widest Selection of Weed Gummies


  • Great selection of shapes, flavors, and potencies
  • Massive discounts and sales
  • Free 2-day express shipping above $100
  • Easily navigable website
  • Reward program


  • Variety might overwhelm

Flavors: Fruit Punch / Blueberry / Fruity Mix / Green Apple / Mango / Pineapple / Watermelon / Cream of the Crop / Goodness / Paradise Mix / Sweet and Sour / Tropical Mix / Very Berry

You’re spoiled for choice at Diamond CBD, which has built its forte on a wide selection of sweetened flavors, strengths, and desired effects that you can choose from.

If you can’t decide on a specific flavor, the mixed packs are a great way to enjoy a pack of colorful delta-8 THC gummies in different flavors.

Carrying a bit of CBD in them, these are the best CBD gummies currently around for a nice balance between highs and relaxation.

The possible main effect is helpfully indicated on the packaging, making it easier to select a gummy in line with your desired goal.

We love that simplicity.

Diamond CBD has a fantastic brand reputation. Led by a team of scientists who strive to give you superb quality products, their marijuana edibles also go through third-party lab testing to provide you with safe and powerful products. And yes, you can get these third-party lab reports from their site.


A huge plus is that the Diamond CBD website enables you to shop by mood, strength, and category filters.

We love the mood filter (Calm, Focus, Wellness, Balance, and Buzz). It saves tons of time when shopping. That puts us in a great mood!

Diamond CBD is unmatched on discounts; you can earn up to 70% off during year-round sales and deals.

What’s more, you get free priority shipping for orders above $100. All these, tied with the fact that you can also earn redeemable reward points, means my pocket is also in a fabulous mood.

Customer Experience

Customers rave about Diamond Delta-8 THC CBD gummies, with most praising Diamond CBD products for the health benefits and therapeutic effects they received, such as relaxation, good sleep, pain relief, and a smooth buzz.

One delighted customer said: “Great products with good sales. I dealt with customer support a few times, and they were really helpful and responsive. Really fast shipping. The products were great quality, and friends have now ordered from them.”

3. 3Chi – Most Popular Cannabis Gummy Brand


  • Tailored blends
  • Vegan-friendly, gluten-free
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Clean extraction process
  • Cold shipping available


  • Uses some artificial flavors

Flavors: Black Raspberry / Watermelon / Raspberry

3Chi gummies to the gummy world are like Tinder to the online dating world. One of the biggest reasons for this popularity is that they seem to have found the sweet spot between high quality and affordability.

Talking about quality, these candy-tasting delta-8 THC gummies are potent. Newbies are asked to take just half a gummy and then leave it for at least two hours. 3chi states that the effects can go to last up to 6 hours!

Nice one!

Most of their gummies give a chilled high with calming effects, but their tailored gummies may help you achieve specific outcomes, e.g., becoming comfortably numb, focused, happy, sleepy, and soothed.

3Chi are pioneers in the delta-8 THC industry, claiming to be the first to offer delta-8 at the federal level.

Billing their THC products as the ‘gold standard,’ this delta-8 company uses scientists, exhaustive research, and custom cannabinoid blends to provide you with wholesome products.

But that’s not where the commitment to quality ends. 3Chi goes further to test their products themselves and also gets them lab tested in a third-party lab for your safety.


Uniquely, this company uses a CO2 extraction process. In simple terms, this means they harvest hemp as naturally as possible while maintaining its original properties to give overall safe and high-quality products.

Moreover, 3Chi bucks the trend of limiting gummies to a mix of delta-8 THC and CBD by exploring other cannabinoids like CNB and CBG, which may add more calming benefits and help tone down staggering highs for your safety.

You have the option of fast cold shipping to prevent the gummies from melting in transit: expect to get your gummies in 1-3 days.

Customer Experience

From the user reviews, customers seem to be really happy with 3Chi for their balanced THC products, and not just for effects, but also the affordable prices and fast shipping.

Overall, we’re confident of 3Chi as a great cannabis gummy store.

If one review had to summarize the site, it’d be Kristo Hlbard: “As good as it gets, no better place than these guys – SUPERFAST shipping, best product & price.”

4. BudPop – High THC Marijuana Gummies



  • Limited flavors

Flavors: Strawberry Gelato / Blue Dream Berry

For users that want a slightly stronger kick than what most gummies offer, it doesn’t get better than BudPop’s potent THC gummies.

Made of carefully handpicked organic ingredients and produced using American-grown high-quality hemp, BudPop pops.

Many chronic pain sufferers swear by these gummies’ health benefits because the Strawberry Gelato and Blue Dream gummies are infused with ashwagandha, organic turmeric root powder, and black pepper extract, all medicinal herbs widely thought to give benefits like improved sleep and easing of body aches and pains.

Nothing summarizes BudPop’s products better than their motto, ‘Pop Plant not Pills.’

If you buy in bulk, maybe to take advantage of your first order discount (20% OFF), it’s ideal that these delta-8 THC gummies have a shelf life of 12 months, so you don’t have to worry about them going off anytime soon.

All about keeping things as natural as possible, BudPop proclaims their offerings are GMO-free, organically grown, vegan, and lab-tested in independent labs, with third-party lab results to put their money where their mouth is.


If you’re not sure what gummy is best for you, BudPop’s ‘What product is right for you’ feature will tailor-recommend the best gummy for you depending on your age, weight, intended goal, and more.

The brand uses unique flavors and high-quality strains to create deliciously moreish gummies.

Shipping is fast, within 48 hours, and there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee to help twist your arm.

Customer Experience

If you want an edge to your delta-8 THC gummies, unique flavors, powerful blends, and a good rush, BudPop might be the store for you, and a lot of customers are pointing out to that, leaving five stars ratings.

A BudPop user on Reddit, theCBDguy said: “Used Budpop recently and was amazed by the quality of the products. Their gummies are top-notch! Will recommend 100%.”

5. ATL Rx – Affordable Weed Gummies



  • No small doses

Flavors: Mango / Lime / Blue Raspberry / Orange / Strawberry

ATL Rx’s gummies are built for power, with THC contents of 40 mg and 60 mg per gummy.

Suffice to say; these delta-8 THC gummies are best for people with a higher tolerance. However, people just starting out with gummies can take a quarter of a gummy every few hours to prevent any possible overwhelming effects.

ATL Rx gummies come in a variety of mouthwatering flavors, with the availability of 3, 10, and 20 packs to cater to both the small and large amount buyer.

One reason to trust ATL Rx is that their production and products are rooted in science, research, innovation, and development, and you can see the results in the quality and high potency of their products.

They additionally beat most competitors with their prices, making them a great value brand.


All the best sites that we have picked here lab-test their products, and ATL Rx not only does this but goes further by having QR Codes on their products to allow you to scan and view detailed lab reports of your specific product.

You get 10% OFF your first order, and you earn reward points redeemable for discounts or products. Who doesn’t love freebies?

6. MoonWlkr – Strain-Specific Edible Gummies


  • Both small and big doses
  • Lab-tested for safety, purity, and potency
  • Terpene infused gummies
  • Strain-specific THC gummies


  • Limited dosage information

Flavors: Pink Lemonade / Watermelon Zkittles / Blue Dream Berry / Sour Strawberry / Mango Kush / Pineapple Express

MoonWlkr understands that not everyone is looking for the same experience so they give you 6 main Indica and Sativa leaning hybrid strains to choose from, with the option of assorted flavors for the undecided.

Their THC gummies are available in both small doses of 12.25 mg delta-8 THC per gummy, and larger doses of 25 mg delta-8 THC per gummy, making their gummies a good pick for both new and experienced users.

The only thing is that the marijuana edibles don’t have enough information on dosages, but with the small and large THC size options, you can easily pick the right product for yourself.


Aiming to push the boundaries of what’s possible with hemp, MoonWlkr custom blends mix cannabinoids with popular terpenes to give you new dimensions of taste, balance, and euphoria.

As far as testing goes, MoonWlkr tests for safety, purity, and potency, striving to cover all bases to give you not only safe but also quality vegan and organic products.

7. Blue Moon Hemp – Most Weed Gummies per Pack



  • Relatively expensive

Flavors: Blue Razz / Watermelon

Blue Moon Hemp gummysizes of 1000 and 2000 mg, carrying 40 and 80 delta-8 THC gummies respectively, pack a punch, and they’ll probably last you a while if you’re an average consumer.

Though the bigger packages cost a little more, they can be quite cost-effective in the long run if you compare them with the prices of other brands.

These edible gummies are geared towards wellness and award you with an uplifting and soothing sensation while leaving no bitter aftertaste behind. Blue Moon Hemp says they’re gluten-free, gelatin-free, and vegan to fit your diet.

With a reputation captured by features in publications like GQ and highly regarded cannabis publications like Leafly and High Times, Blue Moon Hemp is a brand that you can trust for your gummy needs.

The brand also boasts a clean extraction process that aims to save the natural nutrients from the hemp cannabis plant, e.g., vitamins, minerals, and terpenes, to give you most, if not all, the benefits of the hemp plant.


Blue Moon Hemp provides a risk-free 30-day trial, where you get to use their product for about a month with a guarantee of a refund if they don’t impress you. That’s impressive.

Additionally, as a welcome package, your first order gets a 20% discount, and you can save even more money with free shipping if you make an order worth $99 or more.

8. CBD Mall – Best Assortment of Edible Gummy Flavors


  • Exclusive vegan gummies
  • Wide assorted flavors
  • Reward points
  • Free 2-day shipping above $75 orders
  • 30-Day return policy


  • Can’t pick desired flavors

Flavors: Raspberry / Strawberry Cream / Green Apple / Pink Lemonade / Grape / Blueberry

CBD Mall gummies come in assortments and mixes of a wide array of flavors, so you won’t ever get bored being tied down to a specific taste.

In addition, the company has specific Chill Plus gummies, which are perfect relaxation gummies if you want to kick it with friends after a long day.

Packed in three main sizes, you’ll surely find a package within your price range at one of the best prices out there.

CBD Mall is just what its name suggests, a one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs. It even stocks other respected brands like Chill Plus, Relax, and 10⨉ delta-8 THC to ensure quality and give you better options to choose from.


The most attractive thing about CBD Mall has to be its competitive pricing with free 2-day shipping for orders above $75.

What’s more, you earn reward points that can help you buy some of your favorite delta-8 THC gummies even more cheaply.

9. Binoid – Best THC Gummies Bundle



  • Only 25 mg sized gummies available

Flavors: Green Apple / Strawberry Bliss / Peach Dream / Blueberry Pie

Binoid stands out with their discounted 3 and 6 pack gummy bundles, and you get the freedom to play with the flavors that you want to be included in your order.

These vegan gummies are only available in sizes of 500 mg – 25 mg delta-8 THC per gummy, which is a little limiting, but you’re guaranteed a savory fruity pop and a gratifying euphoric when they kick in.

Binoid strives to help people live more naturally, so they try to keep things healthy. According to their site, they test products five times to make sure they meet their own standards before sending them to third-party labs.


With fast, free, and discreet shipping, you won’t have to wait long before your THC gummies get to you, and while waiting, you don’t have to worry about the mailman or any other nosy Parker either.

Every first-time order gets a discount, usually 10 or 15%, which, while not the biggest new-customer discount, is not to be sniffed at.

10. TRĒ House – New But Promising Gummy Edibles


  • 60-day guarantee
  • 20% OFF discounts
  • Farm bill compliant
  • USA made
  • Munchies guaranteed – 20mg Delta-8 per serving
  • Reasonable prices
  • FREE shipping on orders over $75


  • Doesn’t ship to 21 states
  • VERY new brand

Flavors: tropical mangos

TRĒ House gives you the chance to try out Delta 8 gummies at affordable prices – $34.99 for a 700 mg bottle. This is a perfect way to test the waters for consuming THC gummies.

Still trying to establish itself in the cannabis game, TRĒ House remains committed to quality and safety. They test their THC products in ISO-certified third-party labs and claim to carefully craft each of their cannabinoid combinations to get you super baked.

According to the site, “If a super potent cannabis plant and a scientist with O.C.D had a baby, it would be TRĒ House.” While we can’t exactly confirm this, we love the attitude Tre House is bringing to the table. Their site is packed with useful but actually interesting info about their brand and products – so you won’t get bored checking out the site.

That said, you will be a little limited in gummy selection since TRĒ House is a relatively new company. But the potency of their THC gummies gives you that ideal relaxing chill. There’s also D10, D9, CBD, and HHC options to choose from, plus disposables and cookies.

Plus, customers get free shipping on orders over $75 and if you hang around the site for a bit, you should get offered a 20% OFF discount (probably new buyers only).

Cannabis Gummies Versus Delta-8 Gummies

Legal Alternative

Delta-8 gummies are legal federally. Chew a cannabis gummy, on the other hand, and you may be breaking the law. In 2018, Congress passed the famous Farm Bill, legalizing hemp products naturally extracted from organic hemp plants, as long as they have less than 0.3% THC. Delta-8 gummies are one of these hemp products.


For many people, delta-8 gummies are seen as a safer alternative to regular weed. Although they are still psychoactive, delta-8 gummies are way milder than traditional marijuana gummies, giving a much more subdued high, minus the usual side effects that may accompany normal weed, e.g., anxiety and paranoia.


The best thing about delta-8 gummies might just be their convenience. With so many online stores selling a variety of delta-8 gummies, you can have them shipped right to your door. On the other hand, because of the illegality of cannabis, there aren’t many online shops, and the physical shops are only limited to states where recreational marijuana has been legalized.


Let’s admit it, the weed aftertaste that cannabis leaves is unpleasant and not fitting for people looking for discretion and a tasty experience. Delta-8 THC gummies solve that with their variety of sweetened flavors, meaning you can take them just like regular candy without worrying about the bitter aftertaste.

What Dose Is Right for You?

Start Slow

If you’re just starting out with delta-8 gummies, it’s important to take it easy at first. Start with half a gummy or maybe less, and wait for at least an hour to gauge the effects and establish your personal tolerance before taking any more.

Make Sure You’re in a Safe, Comfortable Environment

Delta-8 gummies will still give you a similar effect to normal weed, so make sure you’re in a comfortable place when you’re taking them. A good place to start is to be around friends, at home where you’re more familiar with the environment.

Follow Instructions

Most delta-8 gummies come with a recommended dosage to help you make the most of your edibles and to protect you from potential excess effects. Be sure to check your product’s instructions and ignore them at your peril.

Research More

You can never know too much about delta-8 THC edibles, so keep looking up more information about the product and get to learn as much detail about them to keep yourself safe and have enjoyable experiences.

DISCLAIMER: This is not professional medical advice. If you have a medical condition or are on active prescription drugs, consult your doctor before taking delta-8 gummies.

How To Select a Delta-8 Gummy Brand

To find delta 8 for sale from a reputable retailer, you should consider the following factors:

Brand Reputation

A good gummy brand is known for its reputation in the delta-8 cannabis industry. The sites above are the best to start with as we have checked them out, but you can also easily establish their reputation by checking what many sites say about them.

Newer brands may not have so many reviews, but you could still look them up on search engines and see what is thought of them.

Third-party Testing

You’re consuming their cannabis products, so it’s important that these vendors show their commitment to giving you safe gummies. Go for vendors that opt for third-party testing as they’re the most committed to quality and safe THC products.

Still, that’s not enough because they also need to show transparency. Go for brands that give you easy access to the lab reports as they are the most reputable ones.


The best brands usually have their ingredients listed on the product for you: check to see that they’re mostly, if not all-natural ingredients. Moreover, you could check the product’s specific lab reports to ensure that the ingredients do not pose any harmful risks to your health while taking a keen eye to artificial ingredients if there are any.

Extraction Method

The best vendors use the cleanest possible extraction and production methods to remove any chemicals from your product. Many people find the extraction information a bit complex, but the lab reports are an easier way not only to measure product quality but also the safety of the extraction method. The reports will point out any harmful chemicals.


Knowing the potency of your cannabis products is key, especially for new users. You don’t want to get very powerful products or less potent ones either. For new users, you want to stay below the 20 mg per gummy and work your way up. Or take half or less a gummy every few hours if the gummy is anywhere above 20 mg.

User Reviews

What past clients have to say about a vendor is a fast way to establish the good and bad. Many vendors have reviews on their sites, but to find the most authentic customer reviews, look up these vendors on social networks and online forums, and go for vendors that attract the most positive reviews.

Best Gummies with THC – Your Questions Answered

There’s more to the weed industry than just knowing where to buy delta 8 THC online. Here are a few commonly asked questions about gummies, edibles, and delta-8.

What Is Delta-8?

In simple terms, Delta 8 THC is a mild cannabinoid found in the cannabis hemp plant. The cannabinoid exists naturally in small amounts, and like traditional weed (Delta-9), Delta-8 is also a psychoactive drug but is less powerful and federally legal.

Is Delta-8 Safe To Consume?

Yes, delta-8 is safe to consume. The best delta-8 vendors such as Exhale Wellness and Diamond CBD, and 3Chi use safe extraction and production methods to give you quality products. They use organic ingredients and produce vegan products to make delta-8 even safer.

What Is in a Cannabis Gummy?

A cannabis gummy contains certain amounts of weed and flavors mixed and made into a chewable edible form to allow for a more casual way of weed consumption. These gummies are federally illegal, so access to them is limited, hence why most cannabis fans prefer Delta-8 and CBD gummies as legal alternatives that are easier to access.

How Long Does It Take for Delta-8 Gummies To Start Showing Effects?

Most delta 8 gummies start showing effects in about 30 minutes, with many taking 2-4 hours to reach maximum effect. Even so, high THC gummies like those from 3Chi and BudPop can kick in much faster, with effects lasting up to 6 hours.

What Are the Intended Effects of Delta-8 Gummies?

Delta-8 gummies can give a variety of effects, but they usually give a feeling of euphoria, a sense of calm, possible pain relief and an improvement of sleep, and more. But still, you should know that individual effects may vary from brand to brand and person to person.

What Does It Feel Like Being High on Marijuana Versus Delta-8?

Being high on marijuana may be different for individuals; some people may feel relaxed, energetic, giggly, happy, while others may get pretty paranoid, anxious, or even fearful because of marijuana’s strong properties.

A delta-8 high may deliver a sense of euphoria and calm, but since it’s less powerful than marijuana, it doesn’t usually give side effects like anxiety unless taken in very large dosages.

What’s the Difference Between CBD and Delta 8 THC?

Although both CBD and delta-8 are hemp-derived cannabinoids, CBD doesn’t contain THC, the main compound responsible for the high that delta-8 gives. Because of this, delta-8 is mostly associated with a chilled high, while CBD is widely thought of as a more therapeutic cannabinoid.

Final Verdict – What’s the Best Brand for THC Gummies?

Getting high-quality edible gummies online has never been easier, but which brand beats them all? Wait for the drumroll…

Exhale Wellness takes the crown as the best edible gummy vendor. The reputable brand goes a long way to give you high-quality lip-smacking hemp gummies. They also have an impressive satisfaction guarantee on the side, so you can’t really go wrong, with great customer reviews to hint at just how good they are.

Diamond CBD and 3Chi also put up a good case as far as quality is concerned and even go ahead to give you tailored THC edibles. Diamond’s website filter works like a dream.

In conclusion, there are about 13 states in the USA where delta-8 is illegal, so you might want to confirm that before making an order. Otherwise, go ahead and have some fun!

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