Best 5 Online Psychic Reading Services In 2022: Get Top Psychics For Accurate Readings On How To Cast A Love Spell Via Phone Or Chat

Best 5 Online Psychic Reading Services In 2022: Get Top Psychics For Accurate Readings On How To Cast A Love Spell Via Phone Or Chat Seo Title: Best 5 Online Psychic Reading Services In 2022: Get Top Psychics For Accurate Readings On How To Cast A Love Spell Via Phone Or Chat Meta Title: Do you need some extra help to steer your future in the right direction? Then, you should look at the best online psychic reading platforms listed right here.

Life isn’t perfect, and it has its way of taking turns when we least expect it. Anything from relationships to alarming health problems to those dreadful financial problems, we all deal with all kinds of issues in our lives. Sometimes external situations or people get in our way, and sometimes it’s us that make the wrong decisions and determine the outcomes. Most of us really struggle with making the right decisions and feel stuck desperately needing guidance.

During these times, it’s best to ask for a helping hand. After all, none of us is an island. No person has to live alone and carry all their struggles alone on their back. So the best way is to approach someone and seek help. It’s even better when the helping hand can give you the right information from the third sense and even give you spiritual and healing power.

People can feel hesitant when approaching the best online psychic reading. Many of them don’t find it much comfortable putting their hearts matter out, especially to someone unknown. But you shouldn’t hesitate to do this since those lightworkers came on the earth with a mission—to come and aid people like you and me that oftentimes feel lost and without purpose. Their main job is to get you on the right track in life so you can accomplish your full potential.

Top 5 Online Psychic Reading Sites For Tarot Spreads

  1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Services, Editor’s Pick
  2. Kasamba: Trusted Fortune Teller For Spiritual Readings On Love
  3. Mysticsence: Experienced Psychics To Know Your Horoscope
  4. Keen: Popularly Known For Accurate Future Predictions From Tarot Decks
  5. Psychic Oz: Psychic Source For Mediumship and Astrology Signs

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Services, Editor’s Pick


If this is your first time experimenting with psychic readings, Purple Garden is the first platform you should turn to. It offers various psychic reading services, including tarot readings, love readings, palm readings, and even oracle guidance.

The psychic reading network consists of many experienced readers that know how to connect with you and pass on their experience and expertise. The entire experience is made very simple, as the platform and the psychic readers are very user-friendly. So if you’re looking for the best virtual psychic reading, you’ll get them at Purple Garden.


With the diversified network of psychic readers, you’ll undoubtedly find a good match at Purple Garden. If you’re looking for the most accurate readers on the platform, you can look at the user ratings and start from there. The platform allows its users to rate online psychics based on their experiences, so if you’re looking for anything specific, you can find it by going through a couple of user reviews.

You can turn to Purple Garden’s journeys to get a more profound experience before your first session. These journeys are extensive descriptions of user experiences, so if you want to learn a little more about what your session will look like, you can read all about it in the journeys.

The entire platform is designed to be very intuitive to work with. You can quickly find your favorite psychic, learn more about them through the extensive psychic profiles, contact them and start with the session within a couple of clicks.


  • An extensive and diversified range of psychic services, including dream analysis, astrology, palm readings, etc.
  • You can browse through different psychic categories and compare readers based on their rating
  • Virtual psychic readings via chat, phone, or video calls
  • You can look at the psychic’s profile, rating, and number of readings on the platform


  • Some psychics are quite costly

Why do we recommend it?

Purple Garden is our first choice when it comes to virtual psychic readings. The platform features a comprehensive network of psychics, so there’s always someone that can help you get some things off your chest. Whether you’re looking for advice or a sneak peek at the future, Purple Garden’s psychics are here to help you out.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba: Trusted Fortune Teller For Spiritual Readings On Love


Once you dip your toes in the online psychic reading marketplace, you’ll already see clearly that the leader is Kasamba. This platform has the most intuitive psychic readers that will act more like your closest friends and confidants, guiding you towards spiritual enlightenment. They are skilled to immediately grasp your mood, giving you clarification about whatever life uncertainties you are facing.

You are feeling unsure about your love life, wondering about what to do in your romantic relationship? Is that person you are currently with your real soulmate or are you wondering whether the person you fell in love with feels the same way as you? Kasamba has already helped millions of people resolve these dilemmas, as their psychics are specialized in various branches.

What makes Kasamba stand out

Kasamba isn’t just a regular clairvoyant platform Their main aim is for people to have a genuinely successful experience and find the right direction in their spiritual and physical life. To be fair, the majority of people struggle with their romantic relationships, who doesn’t, after all when love is the force that makes the world spin around. The platform put their main focus to gather all those intuitive psychics that are driven by the force of emotion into showing you the right path towards real love. Their professionalism is more than obvious. Being completely attuned with your current mood and mental stance, they sure know how to approach you the best way without making you feel overwhelmed.

Kasamba has even more to offer since not everyone’s main focus in life is love. You can get readings concerning your career goals, finances, health and wellbeing, and much more. There are psychic mediums that channel messages from loved ones who have passed away and interpret spiritual signs from your divine guides.

More to love about Kasamba

Tarot card readings, palm readings, horoscope, birth chart interpretation, and much more, Kasamba has to offer all types of psychic reading methods that you find most appealing to you. Approaching the psychics can be done via phone calls, chats, or video calls, whatever way you find most pleasant.

What’s even more to love is that Kasamba offers free first 3 minutes of interaction with psychics to give you time to assess whether you found a suitable spiritual consultant for you. If you are happy with the choice, you can add them to your favorites to approach them easier next time, which opens up possibilities for discounts and much lower prices for the upcoming readings.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • Highly specialized psychics in different areas
  • Easy navigation site
  • Available on the mobile app
  • First 3 minutes of free reading
  • Highly confidential


  • Filtering tools are somewhat limited

#3. Mysticsense: Experienced Psychics To Know Your Horoscope


You want to experience a deeper vibe when having your fortune told in real life, but it sounds a bit overwhelming, having this unknown person stare at your face and possibly knowing how your whole life will unfold. No, you don’t necessarily need to go through it in this kind of way since Mysitcsense offers the same in-person experience only done via live chat.

Fairly more convenient and cozy if you are naturally not a very easy-going person and you find it difficult to put your guts out.

Mysticsense can even give you a free trial, so you can see if you are keeping well with the reading and having the right connection with your advisor, regardless of the type of reading you choose.

What makes Mysticsense stand out

Mysticsense has been active for many years now, with a strong foundation of world-class psychics and impeccable reputation. If you are interested to find answers concerning your love life, whether you are struggling with break up, divorce, or you want to find your perfect match, MysticSense is the most compassionate platform to put your trust in.

Even with all the horns and whistles, Mysticsense aims to be cheaper than most of its competitors. Sure the psychics can set their own rates, but their overall goal isn’t just to make money and be considerate and supportive to the clients.

Even with no-tech experience, you can navigate the site effortlessly, adjusting the criteria to search through the workers according to their experience, branch of expertise, and working hours. You can set the preferences of your reading to the smallest details, and you can opt for multiple communication channels from emails, online chat, or phone calls.

More to love about MysticSense

Mysticsense puts special care into choosing the right advisors that are most distinctively in tune with their senses so the clients can put their whole trust into their hands when resolving life-concerning dilemmas.

Once you sign up for the platform, you’ll be welcomed with free five-minute reading with the advisor of your choice, and there are more than 600 consultants, so it won’t be a challenge to find one exactly accustomed to what you are after.

If you aren’t particularly satisfied with a session, you can get a refund in no time. No matter how many minutes you have spent, you’ll be given a chance for a reading with another advisor until you are delighted with the overall service.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense


  • Customer service is at your hand 24/7
  • The first five minutes are free for every user
  • A large variety of psychics specialized in all branches
  • Different types communication methods available


  • The brand hasn’t developed a mobile app yet

#4. Keen: Popularly Known For Accurate Future Predictions From Tarot Decks


Once you decide to turn to a psychic reader to solve your problem, all that anxiety kicks in, making you wonder whether they are going to be the best fit to give you the right resolution. We all come in situations when we show no visible signs that we are going through a lot inside, and in those moments, we desperately want someone to sense all of that and give us the support. This is what Keen is about.

Keen introduces you to the most professional psychic advisors that will help you get a better understanding of every living moment you’ve experienced, whether it is the present, past, or future. They can give you clarity in every aspect like family, love, career, finances, and much more.

What makes Keen stand out

Keen has existed since 1999, that’s more than 20 years of experience, which is kind of more than real proof for their proficiency in the online psychic reading world, providing more than 30 million of reading up to this point.

There is nothing obscure about Keen’s psychics as they all have their complete biographies, experience, and review rating fully shown on their profiles that you can check at any time. All of them are skillful in a variety of divination practices, so it’ll be an easy task to choose what to go for. Even more, they can get you out of a hustle-bustle you are stuck in for a price that fits your budget criteria.

If you are new to this, it is reasonable for you to see first if you found the best type of reading and the right psychic to do so. This is why Keen has offered a free three minutes criteria so you can make sure you are on the right track. Keen doesn’t want any customer leaving dissatisfied and on top of that with pockets loosening.

More to love about Keen

Let’s say you are an introverted person that finds it kind of difficult to open up in front of a totally unknown person, so you think that having a real-life psychic reading will be more a dreadful experience than a good one. Keen thinks of those people too. That’s why they have been enabled to meet a psychic via phone or online chat. You can be cozy in your home chair and without feeling self-conscious in any way.

The site navigation is not rocket science, so you’ll be connected to the psychic of your preference in no time. If you are confused and still overwhelmed, they know the right way to approach you and resolve the issues that puzzle you by asking you simple, friendly questions like “How was your day today?”.

You are absolutely free to choose whether you want to continue with your selected advisor or you want to proceed with another one. The platform gives you the opportunity to utilize the paid minutes until you are completely satisfied with your reading.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • The first 3 minutes are free
  • The price range that fits every budget
  • Approach for a reading at any time since the platform is available 24/7
  • User-friendly platform with very comprehensive navigation


  • No video reading option is available
  • Some of the psychics aren’t bilingual

#5. PsychicOz: Psychic Source For Mediumship And Astrology Signs


Nowadays, many folks go through difficult times, all thanks to the global pandemic and the uncertainty that comes with it. We as humans deal with all sorts of things, and particularly in these troubling times, we sure do need some powerful hand to help us see further on. Imagine you can get answers to every question that puzzles you, yes you can if you only know where to ask.

PsychicOz’s psychics are especially skilled to give you clarity on every doubt life puts you in, guide you and advise you when you need it the most. The platform is rated as one of the best American psychic sources for online reading, offering plenty of services, including tarot cards, horoscopes, oracle readings, astrology, and much more that can be dug from the fortune-telling area.

What Makes PsychicOz Stand Out

The platform uses the latest security protocol and the best industry practices to ensure the security and safety of every user when putting in their personal information. They undertake all the required measures for technical safety, making everything fully commendable and discreet. The advisors are thoroughly screened before being taken in to give their services, so you can rest assured that you are being guided by the best ones in their field of expertise.

Every time, everywhere, all year round, PsychicOz is available to the customers whenever they face some challenging situation and are hesitant about the outcome. Even on holidays, you can feel free to contact their psychics for consultation. That’s what makes PsychicOz one of the top online psychic reading platforms.

Not only do they provide access to various phone psychics, but they are open to educating even the least experienced users, and all for surprisingly affordable prices, even those on a tight budget. The platform is user-friendly, with a simple interface and FAQ that covers all topics everyone finds enigmatic.

More to love about PsychicOz

Transparency as its finest is PsychicOz’s main forte, as no matter what you need, you can find someone with the right specialization and crystal clear approach. Don’t worry, PsychicOz psychics know how to set the tone in the right way no matter how out of this world you may sound when you first come to their services.

PsychicOz meets people that speak both English and Spanish, making them one of the rarest platforms that offer bilingual readings. The brand confidently promises high satisfaction. You can even reach customer service if you feel that something is off or you aren’t fully satisfied with the reading session. They will gladly send $5 to your account to make up for the bad experience and assist you in booking another session.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PsychicOz


  • The accuracy of the results is assured
  • Satisfaction guarantee with money refund if the expectations aren’t fulfilled
  • Advisors are rigorously tested before being licensed to provide their services.
  • Available in Spanish and English


  • No live video psychic readings

#6. Oranum

One can wonder one thing, if there are psychics available in real life, why should I go for Oranum? This is a legit question, and us being completely honest, there are various reasons you should prefer an Oranum psychic rather than someone living in your demographic area. The platform gives you the closest to a real-life experience of a psychic reading you can get, making it available through video chat.

This is the only online psychic reading platform that has this kind of communication approach. After all, with this whole global pandemic thing going on, connecting in real-time is welcomed for everyone that wants a more personal face-to-face link with a skilled advisor. Don’t feel scared, since Oranum doesn’t want to alienate those people who prefer complete privacy, since they always give you an option to stay anonymous and get your reading via phone call or online chat.

What makes Oranum stand out

Fortune telling, spiritual reading, horoscope, tarot cards—you name it—Oranum has it all in one place. When you first visit their home page, you’ll be amazed by the interactive yet comprehensive interface. Unlike other online psychic reading platforms, Oranum doesn’t bother you to input any credit cards or other sorts of payment methods right from the signup.

You can first get into the feel by joining the live streaming chat session and get your questions asked for free. Once you feel, sure enough, you can decide which psychic you want to talk to, you can sign up for the reading procedure. Oranum doesn’t let anything to chance, so there is almost no possibility that you leave their services disappointed. They created an extensive multi-tiered filtering system that narrows only psychics offering the most specific criteria you search for.

Everything is right on the open, starting from the psychic’s bios and their previous experiences with the users that utilized their services. Even though some psychics can hide their reviews, this is a tip for you to keep searching on.

Abundant at its finest, Oranum offers no more and no less than thirteen significant categories of psychics readings and quite a few subcategories. No matter what you are searching for, you can definitely find it on Oranum.

More to love about Oranum

A singular psychic reading shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and this is Oranum’s main goal—to make readings available for any customer. You can receive psychic readings for as low as $0.99 per minute, and prices can go higher. But even this top-rated consultant costs about $3-5 per minute, which is reasonably affordable compared to other sites.

Whenever you find yourself needing some divine counsel, you can approach Oranum services since their workers are available at any time from day to night. If you find your favorite psychic not available at the moment, you can schedule a meeting or sign up to be immediately notified when to approach them.

The most popular service that everyone loves about Oranum is their live chat psychic reading that is rarely to be found in other similar services. You can chat with the psychic and see which one of them has the most appealing attitude. Also, you can meet other individuals and have a little chit-chat.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum


  • Live video chat readings are available
  • Affordable prices for readings even with top-rated advisors
  • 24/7 available service
  • Psychic specifications and reviews are open for the public
  • Rigorous testing for applicants before being approved to offer readings


  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • No option of contact through phone

Buying Guide: How To Prepare For A Psychic Reading Session

Since this business started to gain so much popularity, the number of psychic reading websites have grown remarkably, which has made it very difficult for customers to find what’s the best for them. But it doesn’t have to be an additional struggle to find the best platform, and that can be facilitated through simply taking into consideration these steps:

  • Stop Being Skeptical

It’s completely normal to be a little hesitant about psychic readings if you are new to them. This is because they are wrapped in mysticism which we normally find all so strange. You should keep in mind one thing, and that is the fact that this is one of the oldest existing practices in the world. Picture it that psychics existed even before the dawn of medical practices, and that was the only way people ever could help. And here it is now still standing, and people still find respite in it when everything else fails.

It’s not really necessary for you to believe everything the reader is saying as if it is a “gospel” truth. Removing the cynicism will allow you to explore areas of your inner self that may lead you to your long-sought inner peace .

  • Keep Your Questions Ready Upfront

You should keep in mind that the psychic experts charge their clients for every single minute, and you should always come prepared with a list of the questions on topics you want to find the answers to. Not every expert working in the psychic reading business carries expertise in each realm since every person contains distinct, solid, and vulnerable areas because we are all normal people after all.

Therefore, it’s reasonable that you start your psychic reading with specifically defined stipulations.

  • Take Into Consideration The Reviews By Previous Customers

The best way to find out how effective and accurate readings certain psychics provide is to simply check their reviews and see what rates the customers had given them. Of course, you should keep it real because not every user has the same experience as many factors contribute to that. Each user has different expectations from reading, and no matter how skillful every psychic is, it may not be what the user had exactly in mind. Many of the customers go for such readings for the sake of fun.

  • Determine What You Are Expecting From A Reading

Don’t come up vague, and try to keep the point straight. Choose which particular situation you want to be clarified to you and focus on what makes it so disturbing. Do you want to know how it will unfold in the end, or do you want to know what decision you need to make to have the outcome that you want? It all depends on you, and most importantly, be aware that sometimes the psychic will give you answers that won’t sound very applicable to you at the moment. Nevertheless, the final decision rests on you after all.

  • The Price Doesn’t Determine The Effectiveness Of The Reading

Certain psychics have a higher price range compared to others, but that doesn’t mean that their readings are more accurate than others. Simply, some of them have long experience and offer different types of services. Some readers charge higher because of the availability and flexibility to accommodate customers’ time when scheduling readings. You should make a choice that best fits your budget.

FAQs: Are Psychic Readings Accurate?

Q1. Is It Safe To Put My Trust In An Online Psychic?

Honestly, there isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t trust a legit online psychic. If you are concerned about the quality and expertise, all those psychics have been in the profession for many years now and have met all different types of people and stories. There isn’t a single nerve-wracking or hearth breaking trouble they didn’t hear of so you won’t come as anything shocking to them.

In fact, just as doctors, they are healers in a spiritual way. Their sole purpose is to make you find the right life path and guide you out of any difficulties you are facing. They work towards your good, not the opposite.

Q2. What Should I Do To Get A Psychic Reading?

Basically, you’ll have to choose the right site that offers the type of reading you are searching for. Ask yourself some questions before, like, what do I want to know about my life, which question do I need answers to, and you’ll be able to determine which type of psychic readings it’s the most suitable for you.

Once you finish with this you vs. you stuff, the next thing is to select the psychic. All the sites provide a full portfolio of each and every psychic that works in their services, including everything starting from personal information, previous experience, and customer reviews. Choose according to your intuition and which one of them catches your eye first. You know, after all, this is all a spiritual thing.

Q3. How To Make The Most Of The Psychic Reading And Now Waste My Money?

Whether you are going for a psychic reading through a chat or video call, you should come with a clear state of mind in terms—knowing what you want to know from a psychic. Make sure to stick to one topic and ask as many straightforward questions as you can. That way, the psychic can give you straightforward answers in return, and you won’t fall into the abyss of confusion and make your situation even more difficult than it already is.

However, you should keep in mind that psychics are human too, and some of them can take a little longer to answer some of your questions, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a waste of time. After all, quality over quantity is always the best choice.

Q4. How Can I Prepare For A Psychic Reading?

There aren’t many things that you can do to prepare for a reading, and you should feel stressed or anxious before it. Make sure that you are as relaxed and calm as you can and have only a positive mindset. Never approach a psychic reading if you are feeling angry or in any sort of way disturbed cause it will significantly affect your general experience.

The most important thing to do is remove any amount of cynicism you have about these readings. Then, take some time and write down all the questions you have in mind, and you want the psychic to give you answers. You should make sure that you are free from any kind of distraction, too, even though it is online. You should do it when you are free and rested. So make yourself some coffee or tea and enjoy your spiritual excursion.

Q5. How Accurate Are The Psychic Readings?

Well, you probably know that psychics aren’t magicians like those frequently represented in the movies. They are real people that just tap into their gift sense and have a connection with the spiritual realm. They don’t have a magic wand that will make all your worries and troubles disappear, and they won’t make your life suddenly be perfect.

Generally speaking, the accuracy of the reading can depend on various things, mainly the psychic’s experience and how well they have the ability to tap into your energy. Of course, this largely depends on you too how comfortable you feel. Mainly the life energy that comes from your voice is more than enough for them to get into your mood, helping them make the reading as accurate as possible.

Conclusion: Find Top 5 Tarot Reading Sites With Best Psychic Readers

With all that being said, psychics are here to guide you on your journey to find enlightenment on your life path and help you make better resolutions that will lead to better outcomes when it comes to what troubles you on a daily basis. It is advisable to resort to only the best online tarot reading services.

Psychics aren’t psychologists and don’t possess the power to read your mind, so take this experience lightly and don’t make it too much in your head.

We tried to keep it as upfront as possible cause the sole existence of psychic reading is all wrapped in fog for most people today. But every person has that moment in life when needs to find divine guidance when life concerning matters arises on the road.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

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