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3 Best Adderall Alternatives (2021) Top Natural OTC Supplement

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a prevalent condition that impacts approximately 2.8% of the world. That statistic only includes the number of people that have been diagnosed with the disorder. Still, the reality is many people have not seen a doctor for this potential condition. While there are many self-assessments online, it is best to speak with a medical professional to find a medical diagnosis.

Once the individual is aware of their condition, they can learn precisely how this happened and what they can do. Many people believe that the cause behind ADHD is no more than genetics, but other reasons can be credited. Some scientists believe that poor lifestyle choices during pregnancy, like alcohol consumption or smoking cigarettes, can put the individual at a greater risk.

As difficult as it may be to reach this diagnosis and find the solution, there are other concerns to address. Many doctors prescribe stimulants to treat ADHD, and one of the leading medications to do so is Adderall.

Unfortunately, consumers that are prescribed this medication are at significant risk for abusing it. Adderall is one of the most abused drugs in the entire world, but the only way to get away from it is to find an alternative. That is why this guide will show consumers the top options for Adderall in the supplement industry.

Before going into any of this information, let’s first start with a greater understanding of Adderall.

What is Adderall?

Adderall is a medication that is predominantly used in the treatment of ADHD, using synthetic ingredients. It is the official brand name of this medication, although there are generic versions available. It is often the first choice amongst medical professionals to treat ADHD, only choosing other methods if the drug does not work or if the user ends up succumbing to a dependency.

Adderall is considered an amphetamine, stimulating the central nervous system to change the chemicals in the brain. Theoretically, it would help regulate the chemicals that cause the user to lose their attention span or become hyperactive. However, just like any other medication given for any other mental disorder, it is primarily a balance of experimentation. Adderall doesn’t work for everyone, and some consumers need a different option.

Consumers have all kinds of problems with these medications, ranging from incredible alertness when they need to sleep or difficulty focusing on tasks when the drug wears off. These two effects are part of the reason that it is relatively common to abuse the medication. Everyone wants to improve their focus with as much attention as possible, helping them prioritize work projects or check in with social media. Furthermore, everyone wants more hours in the day without feeling exhausted, which is part of the reason some people don’t mind sleeplessness.

Just a few hours of complete focus are tempting, and it is possible to build up a tolerance over time that leads consumers to continue adding more Adderall pills to their routine. For adults who are just entering the workforce after age 18, the ability to perform even better is becoming a significant problem. Statistics even show that users under age 25 are among the highest risk for abusing the medication.

The effect that Adderall has on dopamine is another reason that becomes so addictive. Dopamine helps the individual naturally feel good, replicating the same reaction in the brain during orgasm. Who wouldn’t want to have that reaction in their mind constantly? Still, Adderall is not an exception to proper care.

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What Side Effects Are Associated with Adderall?

Part of the reason that Adderall is so incredibly risky is that it has many side effects. The main side effect that puts users at risk is the potential for abuse, leading to addiction. Unfortunately, the people who are prescribed Adderall often need to control their mental state, making it harder to determine if they are starting to abuse it. These signs of addiction and abuse are somewhat difficult to show, and many different symptoms are associated.

Individuals who are addicted to Adderall often experience hyperactivity, talkativeness, extreme mood swings, and even depression. Sometimes, the abuse of this drug is evident by the random sleeping patterns and sudden weight loss. However, most people don’t even know someone is addicted to Adderall until they make it known themselves. It has a damaging effect on the brain’s chemistry, and some people end up in the emergency room due to an overdose.

Overcoming this type of habit takes a lot of work on the part of the addict but using a supplement, or an alternative can help.

Best 3 Adderall Alternatives in 2021

Even though it is easy to understand why someone would start taking Adderall to fix the issues that they believe to be insurmountable, there are incredible side effects to be aware of. The permanent damage to the brain’s chemistry is enough to turn people in the opposite direction.

Ultimately, there are no natural stimulants that have a similar effect on the central nervous system, but there are other ways to improve the attention span without this medication. In this guide, consumers will learn about the top three alternatives to Adderall, which include:

  • Mind Lab Pro
  • Performance Lab Nootropics
  • Noo Cube

To be clear, consumers should not make the transition from Adderall without medical supervision to prevent any issues with withdrawal or significant drops in the body’s chemistry. Let’s look at each one of these supplements to see what they can do for the body.

Mind Lab Pro – The Strongest Alternative

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Mind Lab Pro is one of the most popular remedies that offer a completely natural and relatively strong solution. Every raw ingredient has a positive effect on the brain’s functioning, and it is not medication at all. Mind Lab Pro may have all the success that over-the-counter supplements offer, but it is entirely natural and safe for the body.

With the exclusive blend of many different herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, users can feel comfortable improving the user’s attention span and overall brain function.

Mind Lab Pro provides all-natural ingredients to promote cognitive function, motivation, creativity, and memory retention. Essentially, it gives the natural support for all of the different tasks of Adderall. However, it includes no synthetic ingredients, whereas Adderall is exclusively made from artificial ingredients. The natural ingredients have no risk of the brain damage that Adderall can cause with long-term use. There is no risk of mood swings, and users do not have to put themselves through potential bouts of depression for the sake of improving their attention span.

Every single natural ingredient used in Mind Lab Pro protects the brain. It promotes better brain function with the natural increase of neurotransmitter production. It also quickens the communication between neurotransmitters in the brain without interacting with dopamine levels. Since it is entirely natural, users do not have to worry about forming an addiction.

Before going into the ingredients that Mind Lab Pro offers, consumers should 1st pay attention to what it doesn’t include – stimulants. Instead, users will not have to put themselves through a temporary buzz that is abruptly shut down as the medication wears off. This is a supplement with natural ingredients, which means that users can rely on consistent attention throughout the day.

The main ingredients used in this formula are divided between herbal substances and vitamins. It includes:

Bacopa Monnieri, to improve how quickly information processes in the brain while promoting a stronger memory and recall within a shorter time.

Rhodiola Rosea, which alleviates the mental fatigue that can prevent users from thinking clearly.

Maritime Pine Bark improves the user’s short-term memory and promotes better mental performance during tasks requiring greater focus.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom, which protects the brain from potential impairments.

A B-vitamin blend, which includes B6, B 9, and B12, can lower homocysteine levels that would otherwise put the user at risk for dementia or Alzheimer’s.

It can also protect the brain from potential decline as the user ages by promoting improvements in blood flow to the brain cells.

N-Acetyl, N-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine collectively act as precursors to dopamine without forcing the brain to experience it the same way that Adderall would.

Cognizin, a patented and concentrated version of a compound that promotes improvements in the production of neural membrane phospholipids.

The creators behind this formula note that the essential ingredient is the latter, mainly since it is currently being studied as a potential over-the-counter supplement that can help consumers with Alzheimer’s disease. It supports mental focus and energy.

The many advantages of Mind Lab Pro over Adderall are hard to ignore. First, the former is entirely natural, and every single ingredient used in it is backed by scientific evidence. Unlike Adderall, Mind Pro Lab has no risk of forming a dependence, and there are no stimulants. Users are at no risk for long-term side effects since every ingredient is natural anyway.

Even though Adderall is known for how it can trigger changes in brain chemistry, the many natural ingredients in Mind Lab Pro address more problems in the brain than simply the user’s attention span. Plus, it protects the brain from further damage.

Happy customers have already posted their experiences with Mind Lab Pro online, showing that it is one of the top nootropic supplements in the whole industry. Instead, most people who chose this remedy find it challenging to focus and may have been experiencing an addiction to Adderall or Ritalin. So many individuals have found a solution in this supplement that gives it an automatic advantage over Adderall.

The cost is relatively user-friendly as well, providing users with a one-month supply for $69. However, users that want to reduce their overall costs can purchase more of this product at once, and there is no prescription required.

Performance Lab Nootropics – The Most Natural Alternative

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The second alternative on this list is Performance Lab Nootropics, ranked as the most natural alternative to Adderall. One of the main reasons that make this list is due to the manufacturer – Opti Nutra. Opti Nutra is the same manufacturer that creates the #1 choice on this list (Mind Lab Pro). They have a reputation for being the home to many top researchers in the nootropics industry, and all of the herbs and nutrients included are grown themselves.

The brand is home to many different supplements, even if the user wants something other than a natural alternative. There are no stimulants in many products, but users can choose products with stimulants if that works more efficiently. Plus, the company includes prebiotics, vision support, Omega threes, and many of its supplements. The Performance Lab Nootropics supplements specifically address many of the concerns consumers have about Adderall in a much safer way.

Performance Lab Nootropics focuses on improving brain health, supporting healthy memory function, focus, recall, listening skills, and even mood. It also helps with problem-solving skills and the body’s natural response to stress, making it an all-encompassing physiological support system for users.

One of the main reasons that this formula is so effective is because it supports mitochondrial functioning. The mitochondrion within each cell helps to perform various mental tasks, and their dysfunction has been linked to many illnesses related to the brain. By supporting this part of the brain, Performance Lab Nootropics nourishes the imbalance before it worsens.

This formula also helps with the blood flow throughout the brain, which is necessary for preventing ADHD. When blood flow is less than adequate, that is where the risk comes in. It supports improvements in oxygen levels, which inherently helps the brain to function even better.

Finally, this formula helps with neurogenesis, which is a process that allows new neurons to be produced. The health of these neurons determines how quickly the body can process information, directly impacting focus and memory.

One factor that makes this formula so unique is that the brand grows its ingredients. Opti Nutra is the facility owner that produces vitamins, minerals, and amino acids within their lab called NutriGenesis. The growth of all of these ingredients is based on hydroponic techniques, ensuring that every single element is high quality.

Two of the main ingredients they include are Cognizin and Maritime Pine Bark. In addition to these two substances, this formula includes:

Sharp PS, a patented version of phosphatidylserine (commonly found in omega-3 fatty acids), helps consumers recall memories and even specific words quickly for faster learning.

L-Tyrosine, an amino acid involved with many hormonal functions, like dopamine, adrenaline, and other hormones produced in the thyroid, appropriately maintains brain health.

Even though there are only four ingredients, each significantly impacts the brain to offer impressive performance the consumers previously had to get with Adderall.

Like the formula before it, one of the distinct advantages of Performance Lab Nootropics is the lack of stimulants included in it, even though there are other products from the brand with stimulants. Even though Adderall and other stimulant-based medications for ADHD focus on using stimuli to treat symptoms, this chemical composition is not how Performance Lab Nootropics handle the distractions. It is not a cure, but it does focus on long-term improvements in the user’s cognitive performance as it supports the communication between neurotransmitters.

Even though natural ingredients can regulate dopamine production correctly, it does not explicitly change the user’s dopamine levels. Fluctuations in dopamine levels from Adderall and other medications are part of the reason that these formulas become so highly addictive. There is no risk of forming a dependence, and users can stop taking Performance Lab Nootropics at any time without the risk of withdrawal symptoms. While the effects on the brain may slowly subside, users will not suddenly jolt into the same mindset that they previously were.

Performance Lab Nootropics helps users increase their blood circulation in the brain, making it easier for oxygen and nutrients to support neuron production. With this improvement, users will quickly notice improvements in their attention span, but there are other ways that their brains will improve as well.

The customers that have used Performance Lab Nootropics have plenty of positive things to say about the product. Still, the most impressive reviews come from experts in the medical industry. Some customers claimed that the supplement was recommended to them by a doctor, but these claims could not be verified with certainty. Some of these recommendations came from people who experienced ADHD for their entire life, using Performance Lab Nootropics under the guidance of a professional to transition away from Adderall.

The total cost of Performance Lab Nootropics will depend on how many bottles the user wants to purchase. To get one month of servings, the total cost is $49.00. Users can also order multiple bottles in one purchase if they’re going to stock up and eliminate the risk of a gap in the supplement. Luckily, since there are no side effects, users won’t have to worry about any withdrawal if they wait a day or two for their next bottle.

Noo Cube – The Top Herbal Alternative

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The final alternative on this list is Noo Cube. Even though it is relatively new to the supplement industry, especially in terms of nootropics, Wolfson Berg comes from a somewhat reputable manufacturer. Wolfson Berg has a rather esteemed record in supplements, primarily creating bodybuilding remedies that have helped many men to increase their muscle mass.

Using Noo Cube is expected to help consumers to transition away from the use of Adderall, even though this process will require some supervision by a doctor. Using an herbal supplement may seem intimidating to individuals that have been using medication for all this time, but the reaction couldn’t be better, period. Even though many people have used this remedy expecting to see a significant crash, the opposite has been confirmed. Some people have used this product and found that their reaction is almost the same, but without the risks.

For some people, this formula didn’t entirely give them as much of the attentiveness to their daily tasks as they may have expected from Adderall, but that is predominantly due to the herbal recipe used to create it.

The purpose of this supplement is to promote improvements in the way that the brain processes different information. The primary purpose of this remedy was originally to help consumers increase their ability to multitask, whether they are at home or work. However, because it promotes recall and improvements in focus, many consumers have praised it for the way it helps them with ADHD.

There are three ways that Noo Cube explicitly helps consumers in their cognition, using only two capsules to achieve this effect. First, the formula starts to calm down the synapses in the brain, but it is not meant to induce any lethargy like medications might. The calming effect feels natural, which is mainly due to the natural ingredients used. It allows users to establish mental clarity without distractions.

Next, it improves how quickly neurotransmitters work and communicate. It is crucial to the production of neurons, allowing these transmitters to relay information more expediently, helping users process information quicker than they typically would. This is especially helpful to individuals suffering from mental fatigue when they simultaneously take on more than one project.

Even though this formula has some effect on dopamine, it is not nearly the same severity that users find in Adderall. Some ingredients act as precursors to dopamine, helping the user improve their mood in a balanced way. The formula makes it easier to pay attention to new information, counteracting the typical hyper-focused nature of individuals that have ADHD.

There is no caffeine in this formula, but there are six ingredients that users will find incredibly helpful in restructuring the way their mind operates. A few ingredients may seem familiar from the previous rankings, but each one still has a role to play. The ingredients include:

Alpha GPC, a botanical compound that helps users promote improvements in their memory, recall, and focus in such an impressive way that it is currently being used in some prescription medications in Europe to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Huperzine A, which inhibits certain enzymes in the brain that would otherwise prevent neurotransmitter activity from flourishing.

It can also promote improvements in blood flow to the cerebellum to enhance memory recall and support the user’s attention span.

Cat’s Claw, an herb from the Amazon rainforest that can prevent plaque formation in the brain that could cause mental fatigue and even damage as the brain ages.

Bacopa Monnieri helps calm down the nerves and relax the mind as users promote better thinking with the other ingredients.

Oat Straw improves the blood flow in the brain (and the Theta electrical activity), reduces mental fatigue, and maintains focus.

The two ingredients already familiar to consumers from previous ingredient lists in this guide are L-Theanine & L-Tyrosine, which are both amino acids. This balanced remedy makes it easy for consumers to get exactly what they need from these nootropic ingredients.

While Adderall is exclusively a stimulant for the brain, the way it works within the body is not nearly as complex as the other formulas in this list, especially Noo Cube. Every single benefit that Noo Cube offers is supported by scientific evidence, protecting the brain from the potential decline that it can experience with age. This is much different from the way that Adderall functions, potentially causing more damage than it corrects.

Every ingredient in this formula is completely safe. It helps the synapses in the brain react more effectively between each other period. It promotes better blood flow within the brain to keep it healthy and functioning in the way it is meant to work. There are no ingredients used that could cause any side effects.

This formula isn’t just about promoting focus since it can also support mental clarity without any risk of forming a dependent or becoming addicted. As a supplement, it should be used daily to get the best reaction, but the natural ingredients can continue to support the mind and body for months after.

The customer seemed to have a positive outlook on Noo Cube, even though it is still relatively new. One of the most prominent groups of advocates for this formula involves the individuals who are mentally fatigued from school or work, helping their minds to relax without losing their ability to multitask. Furthermore, users won’t feel burned out or exhausted as the effects were off from the day because the natural remedy is meant to keep the balance consistently.

To purchase Noo Cube, users will find it also has an advantage over the other remedies in that the price is the lowest. For a one-month supply, users will only have to pay $39.99, but the price goes down for individuals who want to purchase multiple bottles simultaneously. This formula comes with a money-back guarantee covering the first 67 days after the purchase was made, ensuring that users don’t lose out on their investment.

Choosing the Best Alternative to Adderall

Finding an alternative to the use of Adderall can be a daunting task, especially when perusing online. The majority of the formulas that can replace this medication are nootropic supplements, but it is essential to consider the source and the ingredients used. Every brand claims to have cracked the code on the attention span, but not every product is honest.

Primarily, users need to consider the brand that the formula comes from and the ingredients.


When it comes time to find an alternative to Adderall, the brand plays a significant role. Finding a company that makes reliable brain supplements means that the brand likely has a considerable research and development team since substantial research is needed to find the right ingredients. They also need to have the suitable facility and storage capacity to continue to produce high-quality products.

Opti Nutra is a perfect example of a company that goes out of its way to do the right thing. With the growth of their ingredients, users have some assurance, but they’re getting exactly what they’re advertised. Settlements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, making it more difficult than ever to find a reliable brand. Consider customer reviews but do additional research on the brand of the supplements selected.


Every ingredient in one of these alternatives should support cognitive functioning, which is easy to determine from a quick online search on the benefits of any one of them. However, considering the dishonesty among the bad players in the supplement industry, it is not enough to be backed by evidence as a general source of information.

Bioavailability, which is how well a supplement or ingredient can survive in the digestive tract, is also essential. L-Tyrosine is one of the many ingredients that can have an incredible impact on the body, but it has very poor bioavailability when it is used by itself. It has to be combined with an ingredient like N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine to have a lasting effect on the body.

As users learn more about herbal extracts, it is crucial to determine if the entire herb is used or just the extract of the herb. Lion’s mane mushroom needs to include the whole herb to get to the natural benefits, but it offers since the extract does not have nearly the same effect. Some research suggests that the extract has no impact, which is one way a dishonest brand may sneak in under the radar. This is how specific remedies with proprietary blends get by, not showing the amount of the ingredient to keep consumers from realizing that the amount used is ineffective.

Inactive ingredients in nootropic supplements are just as essential. They can have many names, but they usually list any category of “other ingredients” located below the nutritional label. The ingredients used in this section likely have only the amount needed to be used as a filler but can be linked to some side effects that would not be reported with the ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Adderall Alternatives

Is it possible to completely stop taking Adderall?

Absolutely. However, considering the difficulty that many people have in treating ADHD, it is best to only taper off from the medication with the supervision of a medical professional. The alternatives offered in this guide may be helpful as users make this transition.

How long does it take for a natural Adderall alternative to be effective?

The effectiveness of these formulas will depend on the formula itself and how severe the user has ADHD. In some cases, users will start to see a positive reaction within three days, while others may have to take the supplement for up to four weeks. This formula does not often contain any stimulants, and the natural ingredients can take some time to work in the body at their total capacity.

Will a natural supplement have any side effects?

As long as the creators have been honest about the remedy, natural ingredients typically do not cause any side effects. The only risk that users may deal with is in the event of an allergy. However, users can read the label of these Supplements before they start to take it to ensure that it is compatible with their current allergies.

Some users report feeling mild tingling as their blood flow improves, but this effect subsides quickly. Most of the side effects that consumers associate with starting a natural supplement come from the lack of Adderall in their system. That is why it is so important to slowly stop taking Adderall before the supplement regimen begins, working with a medical professional to keep the individual safe.

Best 3 Adderall Alternatives in 2021 Final Thoughts

Adderall addiction can be a challenging problem to overcome, especially for individuals who need some alternative to support their brain and focus—using these Adderall alternatives offer a natural solution for a problem that they have been medically treating for any amount of time. None of these remedies are specific for ADHD treatment, but they support brain health in all ways individuals need to care for. The guide only includes three of the top Adderall Alternatives on the market today, but understanding why they are so helpful can help users seek out their alternatives as well.

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