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At Top Speed: 3 Fastest Essay Writing Services

What do you feel when submitting a paper after the deadline? Hardly something cheerful and uplifting (that is if you’re not an experienced tardy). Now think about to what great lengths you’re ready to go to never experience those feelings again. Sleep deprivation? Give up a part-time job that helps you pay the bills? Quit going to parties and spending time with friends? Might work, but how long will you last, and what kind of life would this be anyway?

This is a message to everyone who needs quick and effective writing help now and then in order to keep up – there’s another way! Turning to assistance from a professional, reliable, fast essay writing service might be a good solution when other options to meet the looming deadline aren’t on the table anymore. Based on reviews analysis on trusted customer feedback platforms (including Sitejabber, TrustPilot, Reddit, Quora, and others), we present a brief overview of the three fastest online writing companies that can deliver custom academic papers in hours. These established, tested, and legit services can help both chronic procrastinators and straight-A wonks with allegrophobia to get virtually any writing job done on time. See, you don’t need to sacrifice your sleep or pastime if you’re ready to fork some money out for an overnight essay or research paper.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Quick Essay Writer

Before we move to the rating itself, there are several things needed to be clarified about addressing help from any quick essay writing service out there.

First off, you must understand that fast writing implies crafting short papers – it’s apparent that a completely original long piece of decent quality cannot be lengthy. By the numbers, we’re talking about 2-4 pages max, which is somewhere around 500-600 to 1000-1200 words (double-spaced).

The second restriction logically arises from the previous one – you don’t expect to get a thesis or even any serious research paper overnight, do you? It just cannot be done anywhere near an appropriate level. Yet, essays, reports, reviews, short presentations, CVs, resumes and the likes are a different story. Several hours is quite enough for penning several pages of creative writing or strictly structured content.

Finally, there’s the question of price, which also has two dimensions. On the one hand, it’s self-evident that urgent orders are significantly more expensive than regular ones. On the other hand, you might want to consider hiring the best available expert, as quick writing requires speed-thinking, experience, and above-the-average skills. The thing is, the vast majority of writing services have several categories of writers: those assigned by default at no additional cost and those assigned upon a customer’s request, which costs extra.

Common Features Each Urgent Essay Writing Service on the List Offers

Now when you know the peculiarities of urgent essay help, here’s just a brief overview of common features and benefits all the top 3 services on our list offer.

  • Minimum deadline of 3 hours
  • Set of freebies coming with every order – default anti-plagiarism check, formatting, revisions, etc.
  • Three categories of fast essay writers: standard, advanced, and top
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support via multiple channels, including live chat and phone
  • Established reputation as quick, timely, and reliable providers of effective academic assistance

Now, let’s review each one of our awardees’ particular features, which let them stand out from the crowd of dozens and dozens of competitors and gain authority among thousands and thousands of students all around the world. These are the top 3 paper writing services where good and quickly finally meet:


A long-established paper writing service that has been known for highly effective academic help long before the vast part of competitors even appeared on the market. Remarkably, for over the decade of operation, PaperHelp never dispersed resources on side projects trying to implement the “one size fits all” principle in such a delicate business as academic assistance. The company was always focused solely on the core thing – writing original papers and completing practical assignments like problem solving quickly, meeting each customer’s needs. Yes, this didn’t allow them to grow into the largest provider out there, but let them preserve so much-valued individual approach and flexibility.

Furthermore, after years of hits, misses, and improvements, the PaperHelp team managed to polish business processes to the extent when calling them one of the fastest writing services on the Web is not praise but a simple statement of fact. Proof? Well, while the formal minimum deadline is not that rare 3 hours, returning customers can expect short yet entirely original essays delivered twice faster – within just 1,5 hours!

  • Deadlines: min 3 hrs. (1,5 hrs. for certain types of papers for returning customers), then – flexible
  • Minimum prices: $10/page with 20+ day deadline; $39/page with a 3-hour deadline
  • Promo code: WRITEFORME – get 11% off the first order
  • Writer categories: Basic, Advanced, and TOP
  • Other: direct communication with writers; VIP customer service; PCI DSS compliance; Editor’s check; really useful and interesting blog
  • Verdict: comprehensive writing service able to quickly cope with virtually any challenge is mostly known among students for their sample databases – a free one with around 100.000 entries and a paid subscription-based one with mind-boggling 1 million samples. Both directories offer multiple practical ways to capitalize on, for example, find writing ideas, use samples as models to follow, explore and then implement the best writing practices, etc. Yet, all this requires time. And what to do if you need a unique paper in several hours?

Well, in the shadow of enormous sample databases, there is a wowingly fast and reliable custom writing service that can leave in the dust the majority of much-hyped companies. A hassle free essay writer hiring procedure lets you place an order in minutes and receive the finished piece in hours. One of the possible reasons why this is possible is, perhaps, that they can at any moment involve any writer from the army that works on crafting original samples.

  • Deadlines: 3-6-12-24 hrs., then flexible
  • Minimum prices: $10/page with 20+ day deadline; $39/page with a 3-hour deadline
  • Promo code: WOWRESULT – get 11% off the first order
  • Writer categories: Standard, Advanced, and TOP; customers can choose a specific TOP writer
  • Other: direct communication with writers; 100K free samples; paid database with 1M samples; VIP customer service; dozens of free writing assistance tools
  • Verdict: undervalued service that can wow you with the speed of writing and the quality of papers

This is a medium-sized admission essay writing service exploiting the precept that before getting concerned with the question of where to order a college essay or research paper urgently, you must first get into college or university. Although that’s partially true, the significance of application essays is usually exaggerated. This intimidating trick is, probably, more of a way to lure in new customers and turn them into loyal clients once they do enter an educational institution. And the fact is has a broad range of writing services that can be used to get custom papers within the tightest deadlines throughout the entire time in college. On the other hand, because of the company’s profile, we’d suggest that its services would be most effective for high school graduates and college freshmen, while seniors and post-graduates might want to consider other special-purpose resources.

  • Deadlines: 3-6-12-24 hrs., then flexible
  • Minimum prices: $11/page with 20+ day deadline; $42/page with a 3-hour deadline
  • Promo code: BESTGRADE – get 11% off the first order
  • Writer categories: Basic, Advanced, and TOP
  • Other: help with writing scholarship, internship, special program admissions essays; direct communication with writers; VIP customer service
  • Verdict: a great, 2-in-1 option for high school graduates, freshmen, and sophomores

Tips to Get a Good, Cheap and Fast Essay Writing Service

In conclusion, read and remember several essential tips and tricks about ordering a fast essay or another academic paper online. They are meant to smooth out possible rough edges, save precious time and several billions of nerve cells along the way.

  • Prepare detailed writing instructions in advance
  • Fill out as many fields in the order form, including unrequired ones like topic or subject
  • Insert or attach full teacher’s requirements regarding the paper
  • Provide a phone number for quick contact
  • Don’t neglect direct communication with writers
  • If there are some minor glitches in the received paper, do the editing yourself

Now you know what to do and who to address your ‘write my essay fast’ request. Godspeed!

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