Are Psychic Mediums Real? A Guide to all things Spiritual in 2022

From time immemorial, humankind has always been fascinated with death, all things related to the passing away of a person, and the afterlife.

The Egyptians offer a prime example of this fascination with death and belief in the afterlife from the annals of history.

The whole process that went into mummification of the dead pharaohs, to the bodies being entombed inside a chamber within the pyramid, along with all the artifacts that the pharaoh may need in his afterlife – provides us with a great insight into the fact the right from the beginning of human civilization, death, and the belief in an afterlife has always captivated the mind of mankind.

The Egyptians are just one example; almost everywhere, in all parts of the globe – the fascination with death and the belief in the afterlife has always been there.

The Vikings and their belief in the majestic halls of ‘Valhalla,’ and Islam with their spiritual afterlife belief system of ‘Akhirah.’

In the Hebrew Bible, you will find the story of the “Witch of Endor,” who was asked by the Hebrew king Saul to summon the spirit of Samuel, the prophet.

In the religion of Jainism, among its five different kinds of knowledge, clairvoyance is regarded as one.

Now, if there is an afterlife hypothetically, or in fact, there must certainly be a way to connect or communicate with them, a path that bridges the two worlds – of life and the afterlife. And this inquiry brings us to ‘mediums’ or “psychic mediums.”

A Bit of History on Psychic and Mediums

From mankind’s fascination with the dead and afterlife, the allure towards connecting and communicating with the people who have passed has always been there in one form or the other.

And so has intermediaries, in the form of psychics and mediums.

In terms of etymology, the word ‘psychic’ is derived from the Greek word, ‘psychikos’ meaning “of the mind” or “mental,” and the word refers to the psyche of the human mind.

One interesting fact about the Greek word is that it also means “soul.” And in one of the stories from Greek mythology, the maiden who was named Psyche was a deification of the human soul.

So here, one can find one of the very first connections between the psychic and the spiritual world.

Right from ancient times, there have been fortune tellers and people claiming to have the powers of divination gained from the study of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies and their movements.

The activity of studying these celestial movements and using them to gain an insight into the lives of normal people came to be known as astrology, and the people practicing it – were the astrologers.

However, there were exceptions, as is normally is when there is a rule, there was this criterion of a fortune-teller who could also gain a deep insight into people’s past and present and be able to predict the future without having to study the stars, the moon, the planets, and other celestial bodies.

These people were known as ‘prophets’ or ‘seers,’ who later in time in the modern world came to be known as ‘clairvoyants’ derived from the French word, meaning ‘clear sight’ or ‘clear seeing.’

The story of the Delphic Oracle presents itself as one of the earliest stories that highlight prophetic and seer abilities in classical antiquity.

And then, of course, there was Nostradamus, or Michel De Nostradame (1503 – 1566) – the famous prophet, or seer whose book ‘Les Propheties’ still endures till this day, and so his name.

What or Who Is A Medium?

A medium is someone who can raise their vibrations to the degree that would be high enough to be able to connect with the spirit world.

A medium acts as a bridge, an intermediary between the world of the living and the world of the dead, or spirit.

In this context, the spirit may be associated with a soul – along the lines of the belief system that a spirit or a soul is eternal and timeless.

It is only the physical body that dies; the spirit lives on.

In modern culture, especially on the western side of the hemisphere, the fascination to communicate with the spirit world began to gain popularity with the rise of Spiritualism as a religious movement during the mid -19th century, especially in America and the United Kingdom.

The early years of the 20th century saw Spiritualism gain more momentum.

Holding of seances – attempting to communicate with spirits – became a common theme in dinner parties. And the person doing the communication or bridging the gap between the two worlds, the psychic medium began to gain popularity and become prominent in the world of Spiritualism.

Who Is a Psychic?

A psychic is a person who can look into your past, present, and future and make assumptions and predictions about the future but is unable to connect with the spirit world.

This special ability of a psychic comes from his or her extrasensory perception – popularly known as ESP, the sixth sense.

The extrasensory perception helps a person with psychic abilities to perceive things with the mind on a deeper level, which is next to impossible with our physical senses, a kind of an intuitive sense of things that may occur in the future of a said person.

What Differentiates a Medium From a Psychic?

Whenever people talk about the best psychic readings online, the terms medium and psychic though most of the time interchangeable. However, there are a few differences that set them apart.

First and foremost, all mediums are psychics, but all psychics are not mediums.

To elaborate on this difference, all psychics and their abilities are limited to the physical world; their extrasensory perception cannot pierce the veil and sense the spirit world.

Whereas a medium, along with their ESP, can also bridge the gap between the physical and the spirit realm.

Mediums can connect to the spirit world.

Mediums can, by raising the degree of their vibrations, reach to the other side and make a connection with the spirit world, which a psychic cannot do.

A psychic on various levels resembles an astrologer.

In fact, they can gain deep insight into your past and present and make predictions about your future in the first meeting itself. Many psychics even use “tools” such as tarot cards, runes, crystal balls, and so on to help them see clearer.

While a medium could not be more different than an astrologer. A medium’s specialty lies in the world of spirits and making a connection with people who have passed away from their earthly life and physical bodies.

Whenever you are getting an in-person or online psychic reading from a psychic, it is invariably focused on your physical life and the many events surrounding it.

The perception which is gained is then interpreted by a psychic in more worldly, physical, and tangible terms.

While on the other hand, with a medium, and his or her communication with the spirits, the transfer of communication from the spirits to you is direct and without any interpretation.

This is the reason why most times, the messages relayed by a medium to the receiver only make sense to the latter.

Who Is a Psychic Medium?

A physic medium is a person who is endowed with extrasensory perception, it can be from birth or later acquired, as well as the ability to communicate with the spirit world with his or her vibrations.

To put it simply, a psychic medium is one who has both the psychic as well as mediumship abilities – arguably one of the best psychic readings you can get.

Different Kinds of Psychic Mediumship

In practice, the whole process of making a connection with the dead, or the spirit world, is known as ‘mediumship’, and psychic mediums are its practitioners. As many as five different forms of mediumship have been identified, them being –

Mental Mediumship

This mediumship refers to the communication with the spirits using the method of telepathy.

Trance Mediumship

This form of mediumship closely resembles mental mediumship. Here the medium goes into an altered state or into a deep trance – the ego dissipates, and the spirit takes over.

Physical Mediumship

In this form of mediumship, once the connection is made to the other side, there is a manipulation of the energy system and energies by the contacted spirits.

Direct Voice

In this form of mediumship, the voice of the spirit directly communicates with the people gathered or a person independent of the medium.


In this form of communicating with the spirit world, the medium uses a conduit to make contact with the spirit. The conduit may be maybe a tangible object serving a specific purpose or entirely symbolic or metaphorical.

Are Psychic Mediums Real?

Now that we have a fair idea of who is a psychic medium and what are the abilities that make one a psychic medium, it is a fair question to ask, if they are real?

Deliberations, discussions regarding the authenticity and legitimacy of a psychic medium, the presence of ‘extrasensory perception,’ and their ability to communicate with the spirit realm are those kinds of debates that usually end in a stalemate.

It is like asking whether God exists or not.

The overall scientific consensus on this subject of special psychic abilities, mediums, the spirit world, and clairvoyance is that – it has been described as a pseudoscience – for the lack of factual proof and its incompatibility and inconsistency with the scientific method.

Taking a more general perspective on the subject with the authenticity of a psychic medium – as with the existence of God, there are the skeptics, and there are firm believers.

They are generally of the opinion that becoming a psychic medium is a form of art, similar to that of a con artist. The extrasensory perception that they claim to be born with, the trembling, and the vibrations that a medium confronts while in a spiritual trance are all an act and part of the con.

The non-believers further claim that a psychic medium gets all the relevant information required to enact a good reading beforehand or by asking some generic questions. And lastly, the absence of any factual evidence that can be scientifically verified.

On the other hand, the firm believers in the spirit realm and in psychic mediums, their faith in them is unyielding, come what may.

It may be due to the experiences that they have had that cannot be logically explained or contemplated on a rational level but can just be felt.

For many who have lost loved ones in the past serves as a part of the grieving mechanism and to be in contact with their loved ones. All kinds of people who believe in psychic mediums have belief in it for their own individual and personal reasons.

The fact that it is scientifically viable or not is the least of their concerns; what matters to them is the comfort and some kind of closure that can come from reading.

Conclusion – Are Psychic Mediums Real?

A universe is an infinite place, and the questions like what governs it, how it came to be, why it is the way it is, our place, and our purpose in it are beyond the scope of our limited minds. The best one can do is get on with our lives in the best manner possible.

Does God exist? Are psychic mediums real? Are there parallel universes? What is beyond the singularity?

Maybe God exists or doesn’t.

The psychic mediums and their readings might be real or not.

There may be multiple variations of you in the multiverse or not. And beyond singularity, there may be nothing or the answer to everything.

Who knows?

The point and the fact of the matter are we are here, we are real, and we exist. Now how to give meaning or purpose to this reality of existence is exclusively a personal matter, as long as it is not creating any kind of friction with the world around.

What you believe in and do not believe in is entirely your concern and your own responsibility, and let no one tell you otherwise.

If you’re interested in finding affordable psychic readings, there are many online trusted services that can help.


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