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7 Best Married Dating Sites Top Affair Sites and Apps Reviewed

Monogamy has been the standard for dating for a long time, but that era has come and gone for many couples. A lot of couples are looking to spice up their relationship with the occasional special guest. It’s an exciting win for both members of the couple— no one cheats, everyone goes home happy.

Of course, the reality is that some people do have affairs. Sometimes, it’s a blatant step outside the marriage, while other times, they may have their partner’s permission to engage in some play. Your feelings about love and relationships are likely to be fluid throughout your life, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling differently than you did at other times.

Dating sites can be an easy and discreet way to meet new people who are interested in the kinds of relationships you’re looking for. There are many great dating sites out there that make it easy for married people to meet new interests, from casual partners to relationship-worthy partners and everything in between. These dating sites for married people do it all, and they do it discreetly. Here are some affair sites or hookup sites that are absolutely worth a second look.

Best Married Dating Sites

Ashley Madison


Ashley Madison is an industry leader in dating sites for married people. Despite a blow to their reputation after an information leak, they’ve built back better and more secure than ever. Over 30 million members turn to this married dating site to meet someone for a rendezvous or a long-term affair.

This dating site doesn’t just promise users a discreet experience. Ashley Madison also arms their users with several features that keep affair dating private as can be. Editing features can help you mask your identity and surroundings, only revealing the genuine you to users you trust. A panic button is also available to Ashley Madison users to help you out of particularly sticky situations.

Many users love that Ashley Madison has a large userbase, making it easy to meet interesting people. However, some particularly careful cheaters are concerned that the site is too popular and could lead to being caught easily. For that reason, Ashley Madison may be more popular with users looking to add someone to their marital encounters or users who have permission to be on married dating sites.


  • Large membership base with over 30 million users
  • Ability to customize who you hide or share photos with
  • Able to search beyond your local area for travel encounters
  • A mobile dating app is available


  • Some users have complained about fake profiles
  • The site may be too popular, posing the risk of getting caught


  • Free trial: up to 30 days
  • Elite: 1000 credits at 29 cents per credit
  • Classic: 500 credits, 34 cents per credit
  • Basic: 100 credits, 59 cents per credit



eHarmony is an excellent site for those looking for long-term relationships, so that it may seem a little counterintuitive as a married dating site at first. Still, eHarmony has a wide variety of users who are all looking for real connections. This site can be ideal for someone looking to have a long-term, discreet affair outside of their marriage or other relationship.

On the surface, eHarmony doesn’t advertise itself as a married dating site or endorse that kind of behavior. Among 10 million members, there are bound to be quite a few who are married and dating. Some of those people have permission to be on a dating site. Some don’t.

That doesn’t mean they want to disrespect their partner, however. They’re looking for more than just affair dating. They want a connection with someone, perhaps something missing from their marriage. Sometimes affair dating isn’t just about cheating; it’s about finding what’s missing.


  • A large user base opens a lot of possibilities
  • A mobile dating app is available


  • Not all users are interested or comfortable in married dating
  • The popularity of the site can make it easy to be caught


  • 6 months: $65.90/month
  • 12 months: $45.90/month
  • 24 months: $35.90/month



AdultFriendFinder is great for someone looking for a married dating site catered more toward one-off encounters and friendships than secondary relationships. This married dating site is all about having fun with no strings attached.

Many members love that AdultFriendFinder has an open-minded user base. You’re just as likely to find someone for illicit encounters as you are to find someone for a remarkable friendship. Members of this website are open to many different kinds of affairs.

If you’re new to cheating or online dating sites altogether, this could be an excellent place to get your feet wet. You want open-minded members who won’t judge you for cheating but won’t judge you if it’s your first affair. It’s not just about finding like-minded people but accepting ones also.


  • Members are open to a wide variety of affairs
  • The community includes writers, roleplayers, and more, offering expertise
  • A mobile dating app is available


  • Not all users are satisfied with the matching system
  • Some users have reported finding fake profiles on the site


  • 1 month:$39.95/month
  • 3 months: $26.95/month
  • 12 months: $19.95/month

Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match is one of several dating websites that cater to wealthy and successful singles. It’s been described as a site that’s not exactly about casual dating and not about relationships that end in marriage. In between, there’s a lot of ground to explore, even for those who are married and dating.

Unlike other dating sites, Millionaire Match takes career goals into play. It aims to connect ambitious, hard-working singles who are chasing after compatible goals. It may not seem like a conventional site for married people interested in dating, but many married dating sites feature well-off users looking for others with passion and drive. It only stands to reason there would be a dating and affair site where they can come together.


  • Female members are active in different areas of the site, including message boards and blogs, which gives insight into the user base
  • Offer matchmaking services for an additional fee
  • Free members can reply to messages from premium members
  • A mobile dating app is available


  • Some users on the site get caught being dishonest about their lifestyle or income
  • High membership prices because it’s geared toward wealthy members


  • 1 month: $70.00/month
  • 3 months: $45.00/month
  • 6 months: $35.00/month

Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan is another leader among married dating sites. It has over 7 million users that are primarily based in Europe. It can be great for travel or long-term work assignments.

If you’re into privacy and security, you’ll be thrilled to know Victoria Milan is one of the best online dating sites for discreet affairs. It also offers a lot of other privacy tools provided, such as a photo blurring tool. The tool lets you hide your face in photos and settings to choose what uncensored content you want to share and with what users.

Another fan-favorite feature is the panic button, a clutch tool in making sure you don’t get caught. This allows you to quickly close out of the site if someone comes up behind you, which is helpful if you’re hiding your activity from a partner or if you’re accessing the site at work.


  • 256-bit SSL security ensures safety and privacy
  • Allows you to have control over what other users you share photos with
  • It has an automatic logout button for discreet use
  • A mobile dating app is available


  • Most users are based in Europe
  • Some members have complained about fake profiles
  • Customer service has a reputation of being irresponsive


  • 3 Months: $49.99/ month
  • 6 Months: $39.99/ month
  • 12 Months: $29.99/ month

Rich Meets Beautiful

Rich Meets Beautiful originally started as a European dating site, but now it’s got. With 1 million members, it’s steadily growing into a good dating website. It’s also becoming another site for married people to meet.

Even though it’s geared toward people interested and able to attain a certain lifestyle, there’s a lot of diversity in people and experiences present in the members of this online dating site. There are also a lot of free features you can access before signing up. Many of the members are based in the UK and Ireland, which provides a different dating experience than other US-based dating sites.

Rich Meets Beautiful tries to cultivate its rich and beautiful user base by offering some of the best dating site features out there. Many users have praised the sleek interface that’s very easy to use.


  • Members from all around the world allow you to meet all kinds of men and women
  • Different, entertaining features allow people to connect in exciting ways
  • Responsive customer support team
  • A mobile dating app is available


  • Not immediately geared toward affair dating
  • Private members removed from browsing for free members, limiting the dating pool
  • Users have said the free trial is hard to cancel


  • 3 months: $59.99/month
  • 6 months: $49.99/month
  • 12 months: $39.99/month



Zoosk is one of the top dating sites out there. Not only does it encourage dating, but it encourages all kinds of other relationships, from friendships to affairs and everything in between.

Many have found that Zoosk is one of the best sites for meeting someone local. This could work if you’re looking into affair dating someone you can meet up with in real life. There’s also plenty for those interested in online married dating sites to enjoy, too, with a diverse pool of singles to meet and get to know.

Zoosk is dedicated to making matches that mean something. They use an algorithm to bring people together on common ground. It may not sound like a ticket to heated affairs, but you could meet someone while pursuing a marital affair that ends up meaning more.


  • Flexible users are interested in all different kinds of relationships
  • Many different tools that allow users to connect
  • It uses a matchmaking algorithm to make significant connections
  • A mobile dating app is available


  • Customer support is not always responsive
  • Inactive members aren’t cleared from the site quickly
  • Users have reported fake profiles


  • 1 month: $29.95/month
  • 3 months: $19.98/month
  • 6 months: $12.49/month
  • 12 months: $12.49/month


Joining a dating site when you’re married can be an intimidating experience. Before you dive into married dating and affair dating, consider what you’re looking for out of your arrangement and what’s feasible with the rest of your lifestyle. Some people find that no strings attached situations work for them, while others are married people still looking for love. The best affair can turn into something more, despite the stigma around that outcome.

Dating sites hold a lot of possibilities, from something casual to something serious. Partners have to know that you have the same interests, but they also need to be discreet. Thankfully, these sites have mastered the ability to help people with their cheating with security, discretion, and dignity. You’re in good hands and good company with any of these unique, fascinating affair sites.

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