2022’s Best Online Tarot Reading Sites | Top Online Platforms for Accurate Astrology Answers, Horoscope & Fortune Reading for Spiritual Guidance & To Cast Love Spell

Life is very unpredictable, and this reality sometimes makes us all worried. At times you get upset due to the uncertainty of life. Every person craves the confirmation, clarity, and security of a better future life. Moreover, online tarot reading helps to develop some sort of hope in people’s minds.

The tarot reading utilizes cards that have different spiritual manners and meanings. The spiritual signs are not easy to understand, and there are only a few people who understand such cards. You can save yourself from anxiety and depression with your future knowledge.

These sites provide a free reading so that the customers can try different free tarot readings and make an informed decision. Choose free tarot reading online instead of live or in person free tarot card reading.

There are many online tarot reading websites available. However, it is tough to choose the best one that saves you from wasting your time and money. If you don’t have any previous experience, keep reading this article for information. We will provide you with all the necessary details about the best online tarot reading websites.

Here is the list for sites where you can get the best online tarot readings. Some of these sites may also provide free online tarot reading and all you need is a tarot deck for online tarot card readings.

Top 5 Online Tarot Reading Sites:

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Online Tarot Reading, Editor’s Choice
  2. Kasamba: Top Tarot Reading Site for Spiritual Guidance
  3. MysticSense: Most Popular Online Platform for Tarot and Psychic Reading
  4. Keen: Recommended for Professional & Accurate Tarot Reading
  5. Psychic Oz: Highly Rated Online Psychic Reading & Fortune Telling Platform

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Online Tarot Reading, Editor’s Choice


Purple Garden is among the top online tarot card reading sites available. The brand has done exceptionally well as a psychic reading service in its little time. Moreover, Purple Garden is the most mobile-friendly psychic platform, as it has apps for both iPhone and Android. The app allows you to access numerous reading services. Furthermore, you can enter a session at any moment.

Purple Garden’s webpage is extremely user-friendly, allowing potential customers to quickly find their online tarot reading facilities. People are voting for the brand as the best accurate psychic reading web service. On the front page, you can see the top-rated tarot readers.


The tarot readers must complete a screening test that includes a video reading session. The website evaluates the footage and determines whether they should hire the psychic. Furthermore, every client has access to the psychics’ profiles publicly. So, you can open and read profiles easily.

The website uses search filters for finding suitable advisors. You can sort the advisors by reading style, ratings, cost, and activity status. According to the evaluations, people searched tarot readers more than any other service on the website. Customers are happy with the online tarot reading of this brand.

The majority of tarot readers deal in unusual tarot decks like Nouveau and Egyptian. Moreover, the brand provides some free minutes that are helpful for clients in determining the quality of service. Phone, chat, and video calls are all options for contacting tarot card readers. Furthermore, profiles of advisors include a real photo of the adviser, a service description, and their communication methods.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use interface
  • Free minutes on subscriptions
  • Huge Variety of tarot readers
  • Best for using on mobile phone
  • Low Prices per minute
  • Client reviews available on profiles
  • Public profiles of advisors
  • Variety of reading methods
  • Multiple pricing options
  • Responsible customer support


  • Unavailability of some readers online
  • The readings may change from reader to reader

Why We Recommend It

We recommend Purple Garden due to its wide variety of tarot reading services. You can send them payments from any popular payment mode. Moreover, they provide in-depth information about psychics to satisfy clients, including their ratings, feedback, and profiles. They have extensive experience in tarot reading service with reasonable price and accuracy.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba: Top Tarot Reading Site for Spiritual Guidance


Kasamba is an online tarot reading website that has been providing services for more than two decades. Moreover, they also offer other psychic readings, such as astrology readings, through a global network of certified psychic readers. They are available 24/7 to ensure that you get an online tarot reading every time. The popularity they got over the last two decades is just a reflection of their precision and proficiency.

There are two sorts of tarot readings accessible on Kasamba that are Angel Card Reading and Cartomancy. Kasamba allows you to have your fortune read by online chat, voice call, or email. There are mobile apps for iOS and Android that allow you to get your zodiac reading, love predictions, fortune reading, and many more.


When you sign up for Kasamba, you’ll receive a 70% discount on your first reading session. Moreover, you can also select a discussion method.

Kasamba allows newcomers for a trial run with consultants and services ranging from tarot reading to dream interpretation. This entails a free three-minute conversation with a reader to get an overview of the service.

Kasamba’s readers are online tarot reading professionals with decades of experience, as seen by client feedback. Kasamba provides you with a transparent view of their psychics by displaying user comments. So, these reviews will assist you in verifying a psychic’s services and filter out the ones you desire based on your requirements.


  • Oldest Tarot reading site
  • Wide range of experienced readers
  • Easy to find suitable readers
  • Free app
  • A complete bio of each reader
  • Many Promotional offers
  • Reasonable prices
  • Online horoscope for free


  • The search filter needs improvement
  • No option for video calling

Why We Recommend It

Kasamba is recommendable due to its money-back guarantee and option for a free trial. The brand has served millions of clients in tarot reading with perfection. This brand’s psychics for an online tarot reading have a wide range of experience. It provides apps to avail services more efficiently. Moreover, it offers many discount deals for newcomers.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. MysticSense: Most Popular Online Platform for Tarot and Psychic Reading


Mysticsense is a newcomer to the online tarot reading business. However, they provide online tarot readings through the industry’s most experienced and trained tarot readers. This organization takes pride in tailoring each experience to the individual consumer by matching you with the ideal tarot reading.

This platform came into existence in 2005 and has become one of the greatest psychic reading companies. In almost every category, it has a variety of talented and strong advisors. Mysticsense is one of the greatest places for tarot cards and other readings.

You may consider Mysticsense as an ordinary tarot reading website. However, it differs from other tarot reading sites in various ways. To learn more about such important details, read the features section.


Mysticsense carefully screens and selects advisers for the platform. As a result, it does not matter which psychic you choose. You can expect a thorough and accurate reading that will benefit you in your life.

Mysticsense works with psychics that provide phone and online consultations. They divide the advisors into three categories, and you can select them from the Top-Rated, Master, or elite categories.

The website is simple to navigate and utilize for newcomers. Furthermore, pricing is straightforward, and communicating with their audience is simple. To protect the private information exposed during readings, they implement strict legal security protocols.

It has a variety of readers to pick from based on the number of reviews, ratings, pricing, and their area of expertise. Moreover, you can access extensive information about a reader by clicking on their name or photograph. The profiles include the tools they utilize, their background information, and more.


  • Free 5-minute trial reading
  • Lower rates
  • Readers with almost ten years of experience
  • Options available for audio, video, and chat
  • Good customer service
  • 3-tier system with different budgets
  • Easy to use website
  • Specialty in astrology and angel cards
  • Multiple reading options


  • New website with fewer reviews
  • Account creation is necessary for using the website

Why We Recommend It

Mysticsense is the best choice due to its modern approach to online tarot readings. It became a famous brand in significantly less time, and we recommend it due to its 20,000 satisfied users. You will get a free 5-minute trial to test the quality of the tarot reading service on the platform. It is also a budget-friendly brand as compared to other tarot reading providers.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MysticSense

#4. Keen: Recommended for Professional & Accurate Tarot Reading


Keen has been providing tarot reading services since 1999, and till now, it has served about 35 million happy clients. Its good reputation and a large number of psychic readers make it an outstanding pick for an online tarot reading on any subject.

Keen is one of the most reliable websites, linked with over 1700 psychics from all over the world. With millions of customers from all over the world, keen provides a wide range of services. Their tarot card reading service is famous among the customers. Moreover, it is not only reliable but also simple to use, especially for newcomers.


The platform is private and secure. Moreover, you can create an account quickly and easily. Keen Psychics also provides a mobile app for both iOS and Android users. Furthermore, the application allows you to reach your favorite web tarot card readers easily and quickly.

Keen offers a wide range of spiritual guidance services from which you choose your desired service. The psychics are accessible for consultation or assistance at any time. Moreover, you will get a free three-minute trial consultation after joining. It can help you select someone you connect with and wish to keep in the long run.

You can get free educational resources on the Keen network. You can learn about spirituality, zodiac, and love, as well as receive free psychic advice. If you’re new to this website, this feature might help you find the greatest advice and re-energize your life.

Keen provides an easy search filter to find the most relevant results from over 1700 spiritual advisors. The filter generates a list of psychics who are most suitable for you after you set your criteria. So, it will not only save you time and energy, but it also saves you money.

The website’s user interface is another outstanding aspect worth noticing. Keen is one of the most modern and user-friendly websites available to the general public. Furthermore, the website provides convenient consulting via live chats and phone conversations at any time.


  • Low rates and 3 minutes free on a subscription
  • Options for intuitive and tarot reading
  • Perfect for relationships, and love reading
  • Excellent customer service
  • Over 1700 advisors available
  • Reliable platform
  • Secure network
  • Discount packages
  • Email, Live chat, and call readings
  • Public profile of advisors


  • New website with fewer reviews
  • No offer for video calls
  • Limited provision of free trials

Why We Recommend It

We recommend Keen for those who want financial and general tarot readings. Their 3-minute free trial makes it easy for users to test the service before spending money. They take special care of their users through excellent customer service. Due to its vast two decades of experience, you can blindly trust their service quality. Moreover, they provide complete information about their advisors to make selection easy for users.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#5. Psychic Oz: Highly Rated Online Psychic Reading & Fortune Telling Platform


Psychic Oz is a website that provides real-time video tarot readings. As a result, this company is best for people who are comfortable conversing directly and in real-time with a psychic. You can select an advisor based on your requirements and the abilities available.

When it comes to judging the quality of advisors, this organization takes a slightly different method than the rest. The company organizes competitions in addition to evaluating psychics before enabling them to deliver accurate psychic readings on its website. The advisers compete with one another for points that can lead to weekly rewards. However, the votes and points originate from the clients.

Psychic Oz is a premium online tarot reading portal that connects consumers with a diverse group of online psychics. Moreover, their website is modern and simple to navigate. Psychic Oz also allows people to sign up for the website without having to instantly link a credit card. So, you will be free to investigate the site and make sure it contains all you need before committing money.


Psychic Oz is not like the other online psychic sites that charge by the minute. Instead, you can buy credit bundles to use for video conferences, group tarot reading sessions, chats, and other activities.

Furthermore, Psychic Oz now has a deal in which you will receive $10 in free credits only for signing up. Consequently, this business does not offer free minutes. Rather, it enables clients to communicate with psychics, watch their videos, and attend their open group sessions.

The informative videos that appear in their bios of advisors are a crucial aspect that sets them apart from the others. Moreover, some psychics will offer valuable self-help advice to their clients. It enables their psychics to gain a following.


  • Well designed and advanced website
  • Easy credit system
  • Sign up to get free credits offer
  • Public sessions without any fee
  • Advisors available for various categories
  • Psychic self-help content for free


  • Psychic ratings and reviews are difficult to find
  • No phone or chat readings

Why we recommend it

We recommend PsychicOz due to their unique video calling feature in online tarot reading. It is best for those who want face-to-face opinions on their issues and life predictions. Moreover, they offer live stream services and sessions that are informative to watch. Instead of per minute criteria, their credit bundles make the brand unique in other tarot reading websites.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Psychic Oz

How We Made This List of Top Fortune Tellers?

It was not easy to choose the five best online tarot reading websites from hundreds of service providers. We tried to save you from any fraud and scam reading websites by doing thorough research. We looked for many factors to ensure the reliability of these five brands, including:

  • Positive reviews

Happy clients and their reviews are indicators of quality service. We looked for brands that had a greater number of positive reviews than other brands. We analyzed reviews on thirty-party websites as well as their own websites.

  • Reputation

We eliminated the service providers with bad reputations as online tarot reading websites. We looked for several sources and reviews toensure that each brand on our list has a good online reputation.

  • Service Cost

We looked for the price levels of tarot reading websites and analyzed their service quality as per their price. Moreover, we considered the psychic’s discounts, ranks, and rates per minute before including a brand in our list.

  • Variety of Services

We looked for such brands that offer variety in their online tarot reading. It is obvious that every person has different requirements when it comes to tarot cards. They may ask about money, relationships, or other life-changing aspects. So, each brand on our list offers a variety of tarot reading services.

  • Qualifications of Psychics

Experience and qualification are both significant factors in our criteria. We looked for such brands that have certified and highly experienced tarot readers. We analyzed their skills through their bios and reviews.

Beginner’s Guide To Tarot Card Reading:

When it comes to picking a tarot reader, many individuals believe that price is the primary consideration. While this is true to a degree, the cost of psychic reading isn’t everything. Before scheduling a Tarot card reading, consider the following important aspects.

  • Legitimacy of Websites

Psychic websites demand payment for their services. It’s not a good idea to disclose credit card numbers to everyone. So, make sure the website is safe and trustworthy before submitting any personal information. You can look for stats and blogs that advocate certain platforms or alert you against others.

It’s not like every website delivers on its promises. Trusted websites provide excellent encryption protection for payment method information, allowing you to use the services without fear of being scammed.

  • Channels of Communication

Tarot reading takes much influence by the form of communication. Video calls are indeed the method to go if you want to simulate a face-to-face conversation. They aid in the interpretation of guidance or reading by providing a more realistic feel. However, if you prefer a more relaxed approach, an online chat or a telephone conversation should work. Many companies also provide email follow-ups, which can be quite helpful in better understanding the advice.

  • The Psychics’ Ability

Not all of the consultants on the website provide a guarantee of satisfaction. Some of them may have skills, but they lack experience and may not provide you with the answers you need. However, this is not true for everyone. Therefore, read the bio and profile of the psychic before booking the appointment.

You can read psychics’ profiles and see their expertise, history, tools, and communication techniques on most websites. The profiles also include the fee per minute they demand consultations.

  • Positive Results and Reviews

You can see all of the reviews left by past clients who charged for a session on public advisors’ pages. You can check if the advisor delivers on his promises and guarantee that the visitors have a good time.

The ranking depends on the testimonies. You can select psychics based on their ratings and good feedback. Not all provide accurate forecasts and readings, so study the reviews before you invest money in shady businesses.

  • Price

Most websites have price parameters that let you find a psychic that fits your budget. Prices vary per minute for the most reputable and professional psychics. The counselors decide on the pricing. The higher the fee per minute, the more experienced and qualified the consultants.

The site does not set its costs. However, it can provide you with free minutes, discounts, or credits to test out the services before paying for the first session. Every psychic’s pricing appears in their bio, so double-check the rate and time each session before handing over your credit card.

Online VS Offline Tarot Reading

It does not matter whether you choose in-person or online tarot reading. The purpose and quality remain almost the same. The two ways have their own features, benefits, and drawbacks. In-person tarot reading is somehow satisfactory due to the physical availability of a tarot reader. However, when it comes to comfort and availability, you cannot deny the supremacy of online service. The online tarot reading sites provide more service options and experienced readers on one platform. Moreover, it saves you the struggle to leave your house and spend extra time traveling.

It is not possible to authenticate the skill of an in-person tarot reader due to the lack of an organization. However, the websites provide details of their tarot readers, their certifications, reviews, and ratings. The online tarot reading websites offer their service 24/7, which makes them a better choice. If you want to make a quick life decision at night, simply contact the website and get connected to the tarot reader. On the other hand, you need to book the appointment for a specific time in the day and wait for your turn to meet the in-person tarot reader.

In-person tarot readers usually don’t provide discounts to their clients. Moreover, they also charge more money as compared to online service providers. The reason is that they have to pay rent for the shop and other expenses. You also get the service of a tarot reader at reasonable rates through websites due to high competition. Moreover, they also offer special discounts and promotional offers to attract more clients. Lastly, you can easily ask embarrassing queries through chats in online reading. However, it is not possible during in-person reading if you are a shy person.

FAQs About Virtual Tarot and Psychic Readings:

  1. What Are the Benefits of Tarot Readings?

Tarot consultations can be useful to get insight and information about your future, love life, personal progress, and spiritual development. The possibilities are unlimited if you are open-minded and have access to a skilled tarot reader.

  1. What is the price of a tarot card reading?

Everything depends on the website and the reader you select. Readers with far more expertise charge more. However, this does not entail those readers who are more affordable have less expertise or are less accurate. Some of the most reasonable pricing and amazing beginning offers can be available on websites like Keen.

  1. Is everyone able to read tarot cards?

The basic answer is that anyone can examine a deck of tarot cards. However, even if you could somehow read the cards, you should retain an open mind in order to completely comprehend the meanings of cards. To obtain your answers, you must first connect yourself spiritually.

  1. Can I ask a tarot reader any questions?

You have no restrictions on how much you can question a reader. When getting a read, you can ask any questions on any subject. However, it’s always ideal to choose a reader who specializes in the subject on which you require more information.

Conclusion: Top Psychic Medium For Online Tarot Reading

This guide contains most of what you need to know about online tarot reading services. You can choose any of the above-mentioned brands because they are the best among all other tarot web services. Moreover, every person has different priorities for choosing tarot reading.

There is nothing more important than your inner peace and well-being. Tarot card readings are the best way to deal with stress about the future. So you can subscribe to any of these five brands to avail yourself of their services.

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