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2021’s Best Delta-8 THC Flower Brands to Buy Delta-8 Flowers Online| Hemp Buds & Strains for Sale

Delta-8 THC is one of the brand new cannabinoids on the market that are becoming more popular each day. It is essential for you to know that Delta-8 THC is created by complicated yet effective methods such as CO2 extraction methods. Delta-8 THC is extracted from hemp seeds, and this is one of the most expensive extracting methods.

The Delta-8 THC can come in different shapes and sizes, such as edibles, different types of chocolates, gummies, oils, and tinctures. But, when it comes to Delta-8 Flowers, the manufacturing process is entirely different from all of the cannabinoids, as mentioned earlier. The process starts with extracting and refining, and separating Delta-8 from the hemp seeds. The Delta-8 Flowers can provide you with many health benefits but also with a great, different feeling of high in comparison with the Delta-9 products.

The first thing you need to do is find the best brand that offers high-quality Delta-8 Flowers. In this case, you will stay safe, and you will reduce any health risks. So now let’s go and review one of the best top brands on the market producing Best Delta-8 Flowers.

Our List Of The Best Delta-8 Flower Online:

According to our research, these are the best Delta-8 flower brands on the market:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Top Delta-8 THC Flower Strains & Buds Online, Editor’s Pick
  2. BudPop – Most Potent Delta-8 Hemp Flower
  3. Delta ExtraX – Premium Delta-8 Strains for Sale

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Exhale Wellness – Top Delta-8 THC Flower Strains & Buds Online, Editor’s Pick


Brand Overview

Exhale Wellness is the first brand and website on our list since they provide their customers with the most high-quality Delta-8 Flowers. This brand has become more popular nowadays because they are extremely customer friendly, and also provide free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.

The website is easy to navigate and search for the wanted product. The Delta-8 lovers can use the many discounts and many coupons that come with 20% off for all new customers. So if you are a new customer, this online company is excellent for you.

They have a range of high-quality Delta-8 Flowers and all types of Delta-8 Products. The flowers are made with the best CBD and also Delta-8 THC.

They use third-party labs to test their flowers. Moreover, they always put up their lab testing results online so everyone can see them and read them. They offer ten different strains, and they all have a different amount of Delta-8 THC and CBD. So, you can order a strain depending on your desired effect.

Exhale is one of the best brands known worldwide because of its different and wide options of strains and different Delta-8 THC products. They offer flowers and also various products such as edibles, gummies, tinctures, gels, and vape carts.

They are completely transparent when it comes to their product lab tests. They use third-party lab testing, and they always provide detailed Reports for each product. You can find all of their reports updated on their website.

This brand is becoming more popular because of their quality Delta-8 Flowers, which, as we said, are difficult to make and find. Also, they provide fast shipping, and you can always request a refund. All you have to do is contact them, and their customer service will provide you with information on how to proceed in order to get the 30 days refund.

Available Strains

This brand actually has ten different flowers that they have to offer you. Let’s go and review one of their best available products that are worth mentioning.

Sour Space Candy Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flower

As you can notice by the product’s name, it is indeed sour, and it is all made of natural ingredients. They provide the best relaxed and mind-centered feeling that you have ever experienced before. It gives you the best relaxing feeling that you have ever experienced before.

This product comes in a jar of 4 grams or 7 grams, which is a great deal compared with their affordable price. You can take it as you wish, or you can start with little for beginning to see the effects and then adjust the dosage according to your tolerance.

Hawaiian Haze Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flower

A premium quality product that is made in Oregon, and it is not like any other flower. It provides you with a smooth floral taste that explodes around your taste bud, and the smoke can actually help you make an aromatic atmosphere. You will feel the tropical and citrus aromas that will spread all around you. It will provide you with great results, meaning a clear head and ready to work.

This product also comes in a jar and contains 4 grams of flowers, or you can choose a jar that contains 7 grams. You can use it as you wish, or you can start with smaller doses and increase gradually. That depends on your tolerance.

Gorilla Glue Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flower

And of course, the name Gorilla Glue tells you that this is actually powerful, and it is pretty sticky. Once you open the packaging, you can definitely smell the chocolate, coffee, pepper, and citrus. You can take it in the morning, and it will work like magic! You will feel the best morning energy that you have ever experienced before, and it will wake up all your senses.

This flower product also comes in a jar of 4 grams, but you can also order it up to 7 grams. It all depends on you and your preference when it comes to consuming it.

Manufacturing Methods

As we said, they are using one of the best manufacturing methods, and they are completely transparent about it. They use the indoor growing method in order for their strains to create a perfect and controlled environment for the hemp plant.

Also, they use rolling and sifting methods when it comes to producing their Delta-8 hemp flowers. They use various types of distillate to keep their product quality. So depending on the strain, your flower is rolled into Delta-8 isolate and Delta-8 distillate. You can find all of this information on their website.

Honesty & Third-Party Testing

As we said, they are transparent about their CBD products, including the Delta-8 Flowers that they are producing. They provide a complete list of ingredients used and their origin, and you can access all of this information by clicking on the product’s picture.

Let’s not forget the third-party lab testing. They do all types of testing, and they provide the reports on their website. So, if you are interested in the flowers in detail, you can just visit their website and find the lab report.

Moreover, they use different third-party labs for each strain. They use this kind of method in order to ensure that the company does not favor the results. Also, each report includes the complete profile of cannabinoids used to create the product. So there is no scam, and you can buy your legit and high-quality product.

User Convenience

Shopping online is made so much easier with Exhale’s user-friendly website. You can easily navigate and find the product that you are looking for in just a few seconds.

If you are a new customer, you can enter your email, subscribe to their site, and get a 20% off coupon. And shopping is made easy for everyone. You have to click on the wanted product and then check the strain and amount of flowers you want to buy.

Remember the flowers come in different grams, so from 4 grams up to 1 pound. They provide this option in order to suit your preference.

Customer Reviews

This brand is one of the best brands on the online market that can actually provide you with high-quality and potent flowers. They also offer a large variety of strains. Also, you can choose different grams of flowers, depending on your needs. They offer from 4 grams up to 1 pound of flowers.

Keep in mind that they have a great 30-day refund policy and fast shipment. So you can get high-quality flowers in no time.

The brand’s motto is to provide everyone with high-quality Delta-8 Flowers and the best customer service. As we can see, they are achieving their goals, and they will continue to do that in the future.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness for the Best Offers

#2. BudPop – Most Potent Delta-8 Hemp Flower


Brand Overview

BudPop is one of the best Delta-8 flower producers today. Some of the customers say this is one of the best brands, and they believe with their whole heart and give the best feedback.

This brand has the potential to become the number one brand in the cannabinoid industry. They produce one of the best Delta-8 products. There is a variety starting with cartridges, vapes, flower strain, and many more.

They are using all of the methods mentioned in this article in order to provide you with the best products on the online market. When it comes to their Delta-8 Flowers, they are entirely legit and produced in different ways. And both of their flowers are Indica dominant, producing more fun and more energy during the day and night.

This is a brand new company on the market that started their online business in 2021, and they are expanding every day with more than thousands of customers. They provide legit products, including Delta-8 Flowers, that have the highest quality ingredients and come in two packages. We are going to see each product in detail.

This brand is completely transparent when it comes to sharing all of the information from their third-party lab testings. You can find all of the details underneath all of their products.

Moreover, they are super customer-friendly. They have a great customer care support team that is always there for you. They can answer all of your questions and help you find the right product for you in case you are completely new to cannabinoid products.

Available Strains

As we mentioned in the previous section, the company provides two types of flowers. So, let’s go and review them in detail.

Northern Lights Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flowers

These are great hemp flowers that provide the best Indica strain effects. They are third-party lab tested and are derived from Colorado’s topshelf hemp flowers that are organic and non-GMO.

Also, they are infused with Delta-8 Extract, and they are not sprayed. So in this way, you will get all of the benefits from the Delta-8. Moreover, the company provides fast and free shipping.

Cookies Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flowers

These types of flowers are also Colorado’s top-shelf hemp flowers that are infused with premium Delta-8 Extract, and they are Indica-dominant hybrid strains. They are organically grown and non-GMO.

Moreover, they are lab-tested, and you can see the lab reports under each product on their website. The company offers fast shipping. Also, it is worth mentioning that they both are regulated by the Federal Farm Bill Compliant.

Manufacturing Methods

Their flowers are entirely made in organic farms in Colorado that are regulated by law. So in this way you know you get the best quality product without a doubt. So all-natural ingredients, or should we say all-natural hemp is non-GMO, and it is responsible for their top quality Delta-8 THC-infused products.

And another thing that is important is their flowers contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC because this particular percentage of the flowers are legal to ship everywhere in the US.

Honesty & Third-Party Lab Testing

Even though they are completely new on the market, they have ensured that they have transparency and honesty presented to their customers. In this way, they have created a strong community that is true to their website and always follows them and recommends their site and products to everyone they know.

Once you open up a product on their website, the first thing you can notice is the lab report that provides detailed information on the product and its ingredients. So it is all available to the public, and there are no scams.

Also, they do not hide their manufacturing process. This makes them one of the best sites that provide all needed information to their customers and everyone new to taking Delta-8 flowers. All of this information only indicates that their customers are comfortable with buying their products from their site, and they are satisfied with all information given.

User Convenience

Since this company provides all of their manufacturing information, customer care service information, return policy, shipping policy, it makes their customer continue buying their product and believe in their growth.

Their website is straightforward to navigate, and it is easy to find the product that you are looking for just by clicking on them. So there is no way for anyone to get lost on their website.

Moreover, they offer different sizes of their flowers, including packaging of 4.2 g or 7 g, and that is all you need. You can find the lab test report at the bottom of every page, and also, you can see an up-close picture of the packaging if you are interested in more details.

Customer Reviews

Customers say that this is one of the best brands on the market if you are looking for a variety of different legit flowers. They provide two types of flowers, and you can quickly get them by purchasing them online. They use entirely organic hemp seeds and the best methods in order to provide you with a quality product.

You get fast shipping and also the best quality for the price you pay. Overall BudPop is a great company that will only get better over time.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of BudPop for the Best Offers

#3. Delta ExtraX – Premium Delta-8 Strains for Sale


Brand Overview

Delta ExtraX is one of the newest and best online companies on the Delta market. Their website is one of the best when it comes to construction, and the overall website has a fantastic look. It is so easy to navigate that everybody can shop their products in just a few minutes.

They are one of the best brands when it comes to satisfying their customer needs. They provide a range of different products, starting with flowers, cartridges, edibles, gummies, and many more. They are famous for their high-quality Delta-8 Flowers.

Moreover, they provide excellent terms and conditions and also customer service. You can get a product in no time with their fast shipping, and you can also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the product or the product is damaged, all you have to do is contact their customer care team, return the product, get your money back, or order a new packaging.

This brand is only using all organic and non-GMO hemp seeds that are grown in the farms of Kentucky, Tennessee, Oregon, Colorado, and North Carolina. They are all regulated by the law, so there is no reason for anyone to be worried. They guarantee that their products, or in this particular case Delta-8 Flowers, are all healthy, legal, non-GMO, free from pesticides and metals.

Of course, the first thing we took into consideration was the brand’s image and its popularity. They are a known brand all over the states, and their products are used by many satisfied customers.

They produce the best Delta-8 Flower that can help you during the day, and also, there are types of flowers that can help you during the night. They provide you with the best choice when it comes to the variety of flowers. Starting with Sativa and also Hybrid Delta THC-infused Hemp flowers. Now let us see the flower products and why they are famous.

Available Strains

This brand offers three different hemp flowers, and let’s review them in more detail.

Sour Diesel Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flower

The Sour Diesel Premium Delta-8 THC-infused flower is one of their premium products. This product has been produced since 1990, and it is the customer’s favorite hemp flower. It is infused with Sativa strain, and the Sativa strain has a very mild diesel-like smell that you can actually sense once you open the packaging. So if you need a clear mind and some creative juices that need to flow in your head, this is the perfect flower for you, without a doubt.

Remember that this product is one of the best on the market because of its third-party lab testings and also all organic hemp seeds that are used. Also, once you open the website, you can find the third-party lab findings and all of the reports.

You can get the product in 3.5 g, and the suggested use is ¼ of the flower to be smoked. You should inhale at least 1 to 3 times and wait at least 30 minutes before smoking Delta-8 again. Once you establish tolerance, you can go on and take the wanted dosage by your needs and also personal experience.

Bubba OG Kush Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flower

The Bubba OF Kush is one of their premium brands, as you can notice by its name. The flower you get is infused with the best Indica strain created by crossing the Bubba Kush and Ghost OG. Once you open the cute packaging, you will implicitly feel the frequency of the sweet peppery notes that are followed by a citrusy and herbal taste. So if you have trouble socializing or you might feel anxious, this is the perfect flower for you. You will get sociable and also relaxed at the end of the day.

This flower, in particular, is made out of its cleaner terpenes which are infused into the flower in order to provide you with the best experience. Keep in mind that the product is third-party lab tested in their raw form and also in their finished form, and you can always find their reports underneath the product.

You get 3.5 g of the flower, and they recommend using the flower by ¼ into a smoking apparatus. You should inhale at least once or twice and repeat the same process in 30 minutes. In case you are already familiar with this kind of product, and you have long-term experience, you can always adjust the dosage according to your tolerance.

White Rhino Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flower

White Rhino Premium Delta-8 THC-infused hemp flower is one of their hybrid strain products. Actually, it is produced by White Widow and North American Indica. It is the perfect mix that is also enriched with premium Delta THC and also Cannabigerol. The combination creates an excellent and unique experience. The plower has an earthy and kind of woody flavor because of the used strain. Also, it has perfectly balanced ingredients so that it can provide you with a great relaxing feeling.

As we mentioned earlier, they use the cleanest terpenes and infuse them into their flower to provide you with the best and one-of-a-kind experience. So remember, this flower is also lab-tested, and it won’t disappoint you in any way.

The packaging contains 7g of flowers. It is recommended to be used in a smoking apparatus, inhale at least three times, and repeat after 30 minutes if you are entirely new. In this way, you will get to know if this is the perfect dosage for you or you need to take more or less.

Manufacturing Methods

This brand’s mission is to create the best products. That is why they managed to get the best labs in town to check their products’ quality.

Delta ExtraX provides the best THC-infused hemp flowers that can help you in many ways, and they are made in sufficient circumstances to provide you with the best experience. They use all-natural hemp seeds that are derived only from US-regulated farms. They provide one of the most advanced researches on the market and use the best labs in order to get correct information.

They are completely transparent when it comes to manufacturing methods, and also they provide complete studies and also third-party lab reports. All of the reports include a detailed view of the product and all details about the used hemp seeds. The testings also provide information on how the products actually work and how they benefit your body.

Honesty & Third-Party Lab Testing

This company’s products, or in this case Delta-8 Flowers, are completely lab-tested. They are honest with their customers regarding this issue since it is of great importance for everyone to know what they are inhaling and what they are bringing to their bodies.

Nobody wants to experience side effects, and that is the reason why this company provides you with complete peports and all information. So in case you are taking some medications, such as for anxiety control, some of the ingredients might not work for you, but some of them might help you even more. But make sure you consult with your PCP first in case you have some kind of health condition.

User Convenience

Delta ExtraX has one of the best-designed and user-friendly websites. So no matter what age you are, you can always find your way around and navigate the website easily. They offer great terms and conditions, as we mentioned above. Moreover, their return policy and shipping policy are also amazing.

You can get their Delta-8 flowers in no time with fast shipping. Also, if by any chance you receive a damaged product or you are not satisfied with the product, you have the option to contact their customer care support, and they will provide you with information on how to return the product. Also, you can exchange the damaged product for a new one, or you can get your money back. This all depends on your preference, but overall these are great things for you to know.

Furthermore, all of the products come in adorable packaging and are easy to use. They also have their instructions for taking the flowers updated underneath the products. So you can find all you need just by clicking on the product that you desire to buy.

Customer Reviews

Customers say that this brand is fantastic! It provides you with three different options that you can choose from at any time. Also, their products are all-natural, and non-GMO, which is most important.

You can find all of the detailed lab results reports just by clicking on the product, and also, you can find their flavors and all the details you want to know. The website is easy to use by anyone and easy to navigate through all of their products.

Moreover, keep in mind that they have great terms and conditions, an excellent return policy, and fast shipping. This is why they are and will stay one of the best online companies. Their mission is to satisfy your needs, and they are actually doing it by providing all kinds of information.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Delta ExtraX for the Best Offers

Criteria for Choosing the Best Delta-8 Flowers

When it comes to manufacturing the Delta-8 Flowers, we need to ensure that the brands are following all of the manufacturing standards. Nowadays, it can be challenging to find a good quality Delta-8 flower. So, we have researched and followed strict standards to choose the best brands.

Brand’s Reputation

The first thing that you should consider is the brand’s reputation. Not all brands are the same, and not all brands provide the same quality products. You can tell a lot about one product just by looking at the customer’s feedback and reading their comments.

You will find different people with different experiences. Some of the users are delighted, and some of them are full of criticism. So just by looking at the overall brand’s rating, you can find out if they are legit and if they produce high-quality products, or if they are just a scam. Because, at the end of the day, you don’t want to spend your money on something that is fake.

Manufacturing Methods

There are different types of manufacturing methods. Each brand uses another kind of method, and they all require a lot of knowledge and expertise. To extract and refine the best Delta THC, it is essential to double-check the manufacturing method.

This will show you how the brand is making their products, in this case, the Delta-8 Flowers. It is essential that the brand is transparent about providing such information. If you can see this online, then the product for sure is legit.

Honesty & Third-Party Testing

If you want to verify if the brand is producing high-quality products or not, it is of great importance to check if they are transparent and honest about their lab testing. The legit companies always provide detailed information about each product. Also, they include the overall reports from each lab and also from each study done.

In this way, you can conclude if the product is safe to consume or not. Moreover, one more crucial factor is to ensure that the brand has the Certificate of Analysis, which actually shows if the product contains the legal amounts of THC and CBD levels.

User Convenience

Well, one of the best things is to google the product and find a website that is easy to navigate and use. Then you can go on and check their terms and conditions and privacy policy for you to get a complete picture of the brand. Also, you can check the order details and how fast you can get the product and also if the website offers a return policy.

How We Choose These Brands?

First of all, we have compared thousands of brands and come up with a couple of them. Then we made sure we double-checked all of the above-mentioned standards for each brand, and finally, our conclusion was done. These three brands have made it to the top 3 best online brands when it comes to Delta-8 Flower manufacturing.

We made sure that the products were third-party lab tested and met the user’s expectations, and also we have looked deeper into the Lab Report details. We concluded that they are trustworthy and are overall the best.

What You Should Know Before Consuming Delta-8 Flower?

  • The first thing you should know is that there is a difference between Delta-8 and CBD Flowers. So you don’t want to confuse yourself while ordering them. They both have different molecular compounds.
  • The second thing you should keep in mind is that the product you are getting must not contain Delta-9 THC since it is completely illegal and harmful to your overall health. Moreover, if you use Delta-9 THC, you have a great chance of becoming dependent, while using only Delta-8 THC carries far less risk.
  • And the final thing you should remember is that there is no actual Delta-8 flower. To simplify, the Delta-8 THC comes in small amounts from the hemp plant, and the manufacturers use different methods to extract the Delta-8 THC. They get so little from each hemp plant, and all companies use the infusion process to create the flowers. Some companies might use spraying, but that doesn’t provide you with the same effect as the Flowers infused with the Delta-8 THC.

FAQs Regarding Delta-8 Flower

Q. Can a Delta-8 Flower Make Me High?

According to different research done over the years, it has been proven that the Delta-8 Flowers can actually get you high but like a mild high. The Delta-8 Flowers are completely legal in the US, and you don’t have to worry about some harmful side effects.

Also, the flowers can not make you addicted in any way. This means you can take the flowers whenever you want without becoming addicted, and you can experience all of their positive benefits. Starting with reducing anxiety and nausea and keeping your mind focused while at work or doing any other task. Also, remember to check the strain, either Sativa or Indica, since they both are different and provide different effects.

Q. Is Delta-8 Flower Good for Overall Health?

Of course, they are suitable for your overall health. They can provide you with many health benefits. The Delta-8 flowers are an excellent substitute for marijuana since they provide almost the same effect, but they don’t get you high as marijuana does. So you will experience a mild high that is normal, and you will feel less stressed and less anxious. But what you should keep in mind is that you should find the best brand that produces legit Delta-8 infused flowers.

Q. Can I Make Edibles With Delta-8 Flowers?

The answer to this question is simply yes. Of course, you can cook with the Delta-8 THC flowers. You can make different kinds of edibles using raw flowers that are infused with Delta-8 THC, and also, you can use pre-made products such as Delta-8 Tinctures to add a little bit of spice to your edibles.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you must use the correct dosage. The dosing is the primary key to making the best edibles. All you have to do is multiply the serving size of the product by the number of portions you want to make.

Also, all you need to do is preheat your oven to 240ºF, and then you should bake your edible at a temperature that is 314ºF exactly because you don’t want to lower the potency of your edibles.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, the Delta-8 Flowers are becoming more popular in the cannabinoid industry, and each brand is trying its best to produce high-quality infused flowers. All of the brands mentioned above are some of the best on the market, as we can see, and they provide the most affordable prices and the best quality. Our favorite being Exhale Wellness for its top-quality products.

We hope that we have provided you with the most helpful information regarding Delta-8 Flowers.

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