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13+ LGBTQ+ Dating Sites And Apps: Pros and Cons

We all know just how exhausting dating can be. If you’re a part of the LGBTQ+ community, it can be even more tiresome. Today, we want to touch on some of the LGBTQ+ dating sites that stand out to us. We’ll also mention the pros and cons of using each so you know what you’re getting into.

Even if you’re just trying online dating, it can be hard sorting through the countless platforms. Finding one that’s LGBTQ+ friendly is a whole different beast on its own. When it comes to gay dating or transgender dating there are platforms out there just for you.

There are approximately 1,500 dating apps nowadays. That makes it almost downright impossible for you to pick between them. Fortunately, we’ve looked all across the web so you don’t have to. Check out the most LGBTQ+ friendly dating platforms online.

Top 14 LGBTQ+ Dating Sites & Apps

1. MenNation – Best for meetups and casual dating

If you’re looking to explore casual dating or get spicy with something casual, MenNation is a potential option. Keep in mind, they delve pretty exclusively into that department. So, if you’re looking for fulfilling, long-term relationships, there are other options on our list for you.


  • It’s easy and simple to create an account
  • They have an appealing, user-friendly interface
  • Over 100 million GBTQ men from across the world
  • Widely known for its diversity in the community
  • Safety is a priority here!


  • There’s no app available, only the website
  • You must pay for a premium membership to access some of the features

2. eHarmony – Best for tailored matchmaking

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As one of the OG dating sites, eHarmony is a classic. They used to be exclusive to heterosexual Christians, but have since embraced inclusivity for others, too.


  • Perfect for finding fulfilling, long-term relationships
  • Comprehensive, 80-question compatibility quiz to get started
  • Matches are based on habits, interests, values, and more
  • Their matchmaking algorithm has been vetted and perfected for decades
  • One of the oldest and most well-known dating sites on the web


  • Some users may lie on their compatibility quiz because of the extensive list of questions
  • It was originally designed as a Christian, heterosexual dating platform, but has since changes lanes and become LGBTQ+ friendly

3. Zoosk – A for the younger generations

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Another classic, Zoosk has been in the game since 2003. While it’s an older site, it has mostly younger users. Generally, they’re in the 18 to 34 age range.


  • Ideal for younger gay men as it skews for the younger generations
  • Has a unique, game-like style on its app
  • Tends to be perfect for finding long-term relationships
  • The platform is used in over 80 countries
  • A very active community of over 35 million users


  • Can feel like too much of a game for some users
  • Microtransaction on the site can add up

4. Grindr – Best for casual and intimate dates

Many are familiar with Grindr. If you’re not, it was one of the very first exclusively gay dating apps. It’s only grown in popularity since then.


  • One of the best free, widely-known dating sites for gay people
  • Used in over 200 countries across the globe!
  • A popular hub for casual dating between gay men
  • Sections have been added for both nonbinary and trans folk, too
  • Over 6 million active users


  • The app can be laggy depending on your mobile device
  • Not ideal for those looking for long-term relationships

5. Pinkcupid – Best for gay women and lesbians

On the opposite end, PinkCupid is Grindr for lesbians. Messaging is unlimited and free, which is a pretty big deal for users. Many consider it the best gay dating app for queer women.


  • Essentially the Grinder for lesbians
  • Finally, an app exclusively for gay women
  • Community events and niche groups to feel at home
  • No more unwanted men hitting you up just because you’re both on the same dating site
  • A dedicated spot for preferred pronouns in your bio


  • An app for lesbians exclusively, so there are sometimes issues with biphobia
  • Limited profiles, as the community is still growing

6. Gaycupid – Best for gay men that are bears (or cubs!)

GayCupid is likely best suited for men in the GTBQ+ community. It’s a top-rated gay dating app that seeks diverse types of men. Many users consider it their go-to when traveling.


  • Another exclusive dating site for men in the GBTQ community
  • “GayCupid Travel” feature lets you organize meetups wherever you’re going
  • A top-rated gay dating app with geolocation to narrow in on singles locally
  • Find matches in a variety of communities, including cubs, bears, daddies, and more
  • One of the most unique dating sites for its diversity and values


  • The app may crash from time to time, depending on your mobile device
  • Free membership, but at the cost of watching ads

7. Hinge – Best for fulfilling, substantial relationships

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Finally, we get to a dating site that focuses on finding you a long-term, fulfilling relationship. Their matchmaking algorithm is top-quality, so we recommend giving it a try.


  • A top-notch matchmaking algorithm
  • Popular among millennials
  • The app focuses on nurturing real, fulfilling relationships
  • It was “designed to be deleted” once you find your true match
  • They have some unique profile criteria, like a user’s stance on marijuana or their political affiliation


  • You have to pay for unlimited matches
  • As it’s not exclusive to LGBTQ+ members, there may be a limited number of gay users in your local area

8. Lex – Best for nonbinary and queer folk

Another inclusive space, Lex was designed for nonbinary and queer folk. It’s a space where users can feel safe as their true selves.


  • Designed for nonbinary and queer folk
  • Feel inclusive with an array of identity options, including two-spirit and genderfluid
  • A non-conforming dating website with a Craigslist-style design
  • The site has a zero-tolerance policy on creepiness or hate speech of any kind
  • Browse through the personals of fellow, like-minded people


  • Still a young dating website, so there’s a smaller pool of users
  • The interface can feel outdated at times

9. Feeld – Best for polyamorous people

If you’re looking to explore, especially in the bedroom, Feeld might be for you. They cater to non-conforming relationships.


  • Perfect for exploring polyamory and other non-mainstream types of relationships
  • Over 20 sexuality and gender options
  • Users are typically upfront and very honest about their intentions
  • Its versatile and inclusive environment is inviting for so many walks of life
  • An up-and-coming dating site that’s growing every day


  • Depending on your location, there might be a smaller pool of users
  • Can be difficult to sort through so many opinions for a true match

10. Jack’d – Best for finding diverse matches

Available only as a mobile app, Jack’d still has a lot to offer. They offer a community where you can make friends, develop deeper connections, and so much more.


  • An inclusive website, especially for queer people of color
  • They have a worldwide community across 180 countries
  • Inclusivity is their primary goal, with over 5 million members across the globe
  • Location-based, so it’s similar to Grindr and Tinder
  • Possibly the most diverse app — make connections with many, whether it be friendships, romantic relationships, or something in between


  • There is no actual website, it’s only available as a mobile dating app
  • It’s not very easy to get ahold of support, but fortunately, we never had to contact support

11. Chappy – Best for finding a meaningful connection

Another dating site meant for meaningful relationships, there are no annoying free trials at the beginning. Instead, you can have an entirely free membership.


  • Bumble’s certified, exclusively gay dating counterpart, even though Bumble itself is also LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Search for serious relationships, casual friendships, and more by adjusting preferences
  • Created to make a safe, comfortable dating space for gay men
  • No annoying trial periods — it’s just free!
  • The vast majority of members are between the ages of 18 and 34


  • While it’s exclusive, it’s only available in limited areas
  • Best suited for the younger generations

12. Hornet – Best for meetups internationally

With a massive userbase and lots of features available to free users, Hornet is a go-to for younger users. Simply put, there’s a lot to love about the casual dating platform.


  • The massive user base contains over 25 million members worldwide
  • Geared towards international gay men in countries that aren’t necessary LGBTQ+ friendly
  • A discreet, careful, and safe way to meet while in a foreign country
  • Known now as the “digital home” for the gay network across the globe
  • Maybe even find the international love of your life!


  • You can only log in with a Google or Facebook account
  • There likely won’t be a lot of local users in your area since they cater to international members

13. EliteSingles – Best for meeting fellow professionals

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If you’re a busy professional trying to dip your toes into the dating scene, EliteSingles might be calling your name.


  • This site is known for its high-quality singles around the world
  • One of the top-rated sites for finding other professionals seeking a serious relationship
  • A high-end dating site that not everyone will qualify on
  • They provide an in-depth personality test to find you a perfect match
  • Your education level plays a crucial role in the personality test


  • You must pay for premium features, as the site is meant to be for highly paid professionals
  • The elite status across the site may come across as snobby to some people

14. PlentyofFish – Best for the budget-conscious

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Another one of the older dating sites, PlentyOfFish has lots of opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community.


  • The most popular Canadian dating app
  • Millions of active members across the globe
  • You can let the algorithm match you or search for matches yourself
  • Video dates, as well as live streams, video chats, and unlimited messaging, are all available options
  • Their “Ultra Match” feature is unique and offers something exciting to the dating world


  • While it’s one of the most well-known dating sites, it’s not exclusive to LGBTQ+ members
  • There are some profiles with low-quality photos

Pros and Cons of Using LGBTQ+ Dating Sites

Now that we’ve touched on each dating platform, it’s time to touch on the overall pros and cons. We of course mean the pros and cons of online dating for the LGBTQ+ community.

As you may well know, it’s not the easiest to date — especially if you live in a marginalized area. So, what are the real pros and cons of online dating for LGBTQ+ members of society?


There’s more choice than ever

Especially if you’re in a marginalized area, you have more fellow members in the LGBTQ+ community than ever before. You can get as specific as you want with the internet’s mass of dating sites at your disposal.

You can afford to be fussy

In that same sense, that gives you the straightforward ability to be as picky as possible. Online dating has changed the game here. The fact is, some platforms have millions of active users every day. Find out what your true preferences are and narrow in on some perfect matches.

LGBTQ+ communities are growing every day

Sure, there are already over 1,500 dating sites out there. But the LGBTQ+ communities on them grow every day. For dating sites that are exclusive to the community, these numbers grow tenfold. The internet is finally offering safe, inviting spaces for people of all genders and sexualities to take part in.

Everyone has similar goals

It can be awkward walking up to someone in person to try to get to know them. This issue is pressed even further if you’re trying to identify if they’re part of the LGBTQ+ community or not. It’s a completely different world online, though.

Dating platforms offer transparency. Users will tell you their intentions, why they’re on dating sites, what they’re looking for in you, and more. Communication is as straightforward as it gets here.


It can be scary switching to IRL communication

The transition from online to in-person can be disconcerting for some. For others, perhaps those with social anxiety, it may even seem impossible. The online atmosphere you enjoy may be your psychological comfort zone. Getting out and connecting with the same people in real life may take time.

It’s hard to convey tone over text

At the same time, it can be difficult to discern someone’s motivations. In reality, you can never 100% be sure of someone’s intentions. It’s a scary world, so it’s vital to use internet safety when communicating with anyone.

While it might be on a dating site, you never know when you might be texting a fake profile. It never hurts to be cautious when you’re interacting with users on the web.

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