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12 Best Delta 8 Brands: Strongest Delta 8 Cartridges, Flower, Gummies by Top Delta 8 Companies [Delta 8 Review 2021]

Since its introduction to the market, Delta 8 has become a massive hit due to its mild, anxiety-free high and its smoother effect on the nervous system.

And as Delta 8’s popularity continues to soar, more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon, looking to make a kill, at least before the cannabis market becomes saturated (and increasingly regulated).

The presence of many Delta 8 brands makes it fairly hard to choose proven, high-quality oils, flowers, vape juices, and gummies – especially if you’re relatively green about all-things Delta 8.

Luckily, that’s where we come in!

In this article, we’ll review some of the best Delta 8 brands based on features, pros, cons, and customer reviews.


Then let’s get straight to business.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Skip to our top recommendations if you’re already familiar with Delta 8.

Delta 8 THC, or Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, is a naturally occurring psychoactive compound found in small traces in cannabis and hemp plants.

And although similar (in terms of chemical structure) to its popular cousin, Delta 9, Delta 8 is known to be less potent, which results in a milder high with reduced adverse effects like anxiety and paranoia.

12 Best Delta 8 Brands: First Look

Exhale ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Delta Extrax ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Diamond CBD
  • Up to 75% discount
  • All-year-round discounts on Delta-8
  • US-grown D8 flower
  • Rewards system
  • Unique blends
  • Lab tested by third party labs
Secret Nature CBD
  • Free shipping*
  • Customer-focused returns policy
Just Delta 8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Exhale – All-Round Best Delta 8 THC Brand (Premium Quality D8)

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • D8 Quiz to find the best product
  • 20% OFF first purchase
  • Organic grown hemp
Delta 8 Flowers Tinctures Pre-rolls Gummies Capsules Cigarettes Cartridges

Exhale is a Los Angeles-based Delta 8 company that partners with hemp farmers in Colorado to produce high-grade, 100% organic hemp products.

Perhaps one of Exhale’s standout features is its commitment to the research and development of its Delta 8 THC products. All products go through rigorous quality control checks during the manufacturing process, ensuring you consume pure, high-quality products.

Not only are Exhale’s Delta 8 products made from organic, all vegan ingredients, but they also come packed with superfoods for added health benefits. You’ll also appreciate that all ingredients are non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

Concerned about the natural quality and safety of Delta 8 products?

If so, then Exhale has got you covered. The premium brand provides a Certificate of Analysis for all its third-party tested products, which you can easily access by clicking on the “lab tests” button on the website.

The third-party testing ensures that you consume products free of residuals, solvents, and heavy metals, making Exhale one of the most consistent producers of pure Delta 8 products.

Other notable features that give Exhale an edge over other companies are its 30-day money-back guarantee and free economy shipping on every order.

If it’s your first time buying premium hemp products from Exhale, all you’ll need to do is key in your email address to get a 20% discount.

2. Delta Extrax – Best Delta 8 THC Disposables

Delta 8 Bundles Flowers Cartridges Tinctures Concentrates Pods Edibles

Delta Extrax (previously known as Delta Effex!) is a well-known THC company that specializes in Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC. Since its formation, the company has established itself as one of the most reliable and consistent producers of Delta 8.

Similar to most reputable THC companies, Delta Extrax publishes all its products’ lab tests on the official website, which makes it possible to verify the amount of natural chemicals, Delta 8 THC, and CBD present in each product.

The Delta Extrax website is simplistic and easy to use, which makes it ideal for hemp enthusiasts that aren’t tech-savvy.

The learning center button on the Delta Extrax website is a great resource for both new and experienced Delta 8 users as it provides more information on all things Delta 8.

You’ll also appreciate the detailed FAQ section, designed to let users know more about Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC.

All domestic orders are shipped at a flat rate of $6.29. Delta Extrax also gives clients full refunds on cancellations of any unshipped orders.

3. Diamond CBD – Best for Discounts on Delta 8 THC Products

Delta 8 Cartridges Edibles Oils Capsules Flowers Cigarettes Tinctures

If you’re looking for a Delta 8 brand with massive all-year sales, then you need not look further than Diamond CBD.

The premium Delta 8 THC brand has amazing offers ranging from 50-75% off of the product price, making it one of the best places to shop for Delta-8 or Delta-10 quality products. The *2-day express shipping is also a great steal for orders above $100.

New clients are eligible for crazy discounts of up to 70% upon registration, which makes Diamond CBD a truly cost-effective brand if you’re looking to save on orders. You can also click on the learn button to know more about Delta 8, CBD products, lab reports, and a host of other FAQs.

And although Diamond CBD has a fairly transparent return policy, it doesn’t accept returns on sale items and wholesale orders. You’ll also need to return the products within 30 days to be eligible for a refund on damaged or defective items.

4. BudPop – Best Delta 8 THC Infused Flower

  • Quiz to determine best Delta-8 products
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Rewards system
  • Third party lab tests
Delta 8 Gummies Cartridges Flowers Capsules Cigarettes Pre-rolls Tinctures

BudPop is a premium D8 brand that only deals with US-grown (and processed) top drawer hemp plants. The hemp plants are cultivated in Nevada without the use of GMOs and pesticides, making the resulting hemp extracts clean and safe for use.

While BudPop’s gummies contain artificial flavors and colors, their vape cartridges contain plant-based terpenes and natural flavors. However, for more clarity on the components of the Delta 8 products, it’s best to check the lab test reports posted on the official website.

The reputable brand also has a reward system that allows you to redeem points for awesome rewards. For example, signing up alone gives you 100 BudPop points, while you can also earn 50 points for liking the brands’ socials.

And although BudPop doesn’t sell as many products as other reputable brands, its attention to detail and insistence on quality over quantity has allowed it to keep up and set trends.

You’ll also appreciate BudPop’s free shipping and 30-day money-back guarantee policies.

5. 3Chi – Best For Fast Delta 8 THC Shipping

  • Fast, free shipping (orders above $99)
  • Unique blends
  • Colorado grown hemp extracts
  • Free of D9 Tetrahydrocannabinol
  • Third-party lab tests
Delta 8 Vapes Edibles Disposables Blends Tinctures Oils Concentrates

Although 3Chi has a restrictive return policy that prohibits the return or exchange of products once sold, it still produces some of the best Delta 8 products in the cannabis industry.

3Chi is undoubtedly an industry leader when it comes to product shipping as it offers a variety of shipping methods. You can also cold ship your Delta 8 edibles to ensure they don’t melt during transit.

The simplistic design of 3Chi’s website allows for smooth navigation. You’ll also find the dedicated FAQ page useful if you want to learn more about the Delta 8 products and how to use them effectively.

6. Secret Nature CBD – Best For International Delta 8 THC Shipping

Main Features:

Delta 8 Capsules Pre-rolls Blunts Flowers Cartridges Tinctures Edibles

Most Delta 8 brands are known to have relatively strict shipping and return policies. However, Secret Nature CBD takes a different approach and ships not only in the US but also across the globe to locations where Delta 8 is considered legal.

In its effort to promote customer satisfaction, Secret Nature CBD is open to issuing full refunds on orders canceled within 24 hours of purchase. The Delta 8 THC brand is also open to exchanging defective, damaged, or incorrect products at no additional cost.

7. Just Delta 8 – Best New Delta 8 THC Brand

Main Features:

Delta 8 Gummies Cartridges Tinctures Oils Flowers Pre-rolls

While the Just Delta 8 isn’t as popular (or experienced) as the likes of Exhale and Delta Extrax, it still makes it on our list due to its focus on producing high-quality gummies and carts.

However, the relatively new Delta 8 brand has a limited number of products on its catalog, which makes it a bit less ideal if variety is what you’re after.

That said, Just Delta 8 also has a fairly flexible 30-day return policy that allows you to return your D8 product in case of any manufacturer-related defects.

8. CBD Genesis – Best Delta 8 THC Gummies

Formerly known as, CBD Genesis stands out from other Delta 8 brands due to its wide varietyof edibles.

From full-spectrum, watermelon-flavored gummies to nacho cheese flavored chips, and super sour Delta 8 rope bites – you won’t go wrong with CBD genesis if you’re big on edibles.

Other Delta 8 products you can buy from CBD Genesis include THC flowers, e-liquid, tinctures, vape cartridges, disposables, and concentrates. All these items will be shipped free by CBD Genesis if you place orders over $50.

9. Binoid CBD – Best Delta THC Dabs

Binoid CBD claims to test its products 5 times before sending them in for third-party lab testing.

Moreover, the Delta 8 brand is also cGMP and ISO certified – which is proof of its legitimate extraction and production processes. Some of Binoid’s Delta 8 products include vapes, tinctures, gummies, dabs, bundles, and capsules.

The cannabis company has a responsive customer support team that can help you process orders while also answering questions on return and exchange.

You’ll also love that Binoid deals with a host of other cannabis products like Delta 10, CBD oils, CBG oils, and THC-O products.

10. ATLRX – Best Delta 8 Free Shipping

ATLRX is a cannabis company that sells Delta 8 THC flower, Delta 8 THC terpene gummies, Delta 8 THC tinctures, Delta 8 dabs, Delta 8 pre-rolls, and Delta 8 soft gel.

The brand offers free delivery on all its products, which should come in handy when looking to buy Delta 8 on a budget.

However, the free shipping tends to come at a price as you might have to contend with significant delays. Some clients complain about slow responses from the customer care team, so you might want to try out other options in case customer care is among your top features in a cannabis brand.

11. Blue Moon Hemp – Best for Delta 8 Gel Caps

Blue Moon Hemp is a great brand to consider if you’re big on Delta 8 gel caps and gummies. Besides Delta 8 THC products, Blue Moon Hemp deals with various cannabis products like CBD salves, hemp flowers, CBD for pets, CBD tinctures, and CBD shatters.

All members that subscribe to the Blue Moon newsletter are eligible for a one-time 20% discount, while shipping is free on all orders above $99.

12. MoonWlkr – Best for Affordable Delta 8 Bundles

MoonWlkr is not a new name in the fast-growing Delta industry. The cannabis company has many loyal fans that are lyrical about its pocket-friendly D8 bundles, which comes in handy if you’re looking to buy Delta 8 vapes and gummies on a budget.

Be warned, though, that you’re likely to encounter several pop-ups on the MoonWlkr website, which can greatly take away from your browsing experience.

Delta 8 THC Brands: Buying Guide


You should always buy Delta 8 products from brands that use high-quality processing techniques and premium extraction technology.

Companies that do (and post) 3rd party testing on all products are transparent and therefore a lot more credible than those that don’t.

Purity Vs. Spectrum

Purity is an important factor to consider when buying Delta 8 THC products, lest you end up with flowers, oils, and edibles that do more harm than good.

To stay on the safe side, it is advisable to try out brands like Exhale and BudPop, which are known to use all-natural ingredients.

Be on the lookout for opaque and dark-colored Delta 8 products as they more often than not contain impurities. Instead, you should go for Delta 8 THC that’s golden, rose, clear, or champagne in color.

Spectrum helps determine the amount of THC concentration remaining in the final product. With full spectrum hemp grown products, you’ll get full benefits of THC, which is a great plus, whether for recreational or medical use.

Brand Reputation

Since Delta 8 THC is yet to be fully regulated, you should pay close attention to the brand you’re buying from. Always go for proven cannabis brands that post their lab test results on their websites.

It’s also advisable to choose Delta 8 companies that have been around for a while. The companies should also have enough customer reviews as proof of good service.


Experienced Delta 8 producers like 3Chi, Exhale, and BudPop have tons of products on their catalog, while relatively new brands like JustDelta have limited products.

If you want to play around with a wide range of Delta 8 THC products, then it is advisable to choose brands that sell carts, oils, pre-rolls, concentrates, tinctures, oils, blends and great tasting Delta 8 THC gummies.


When you’re looking to buy weed online, know that some Delta 8 brands have amazing offers that can allow you to save around 50- 75% of the total costs.

Others use reward systems that allow you to redeem your points and make purchases at discounted prices.

You should also check on a brand’s shipping policy.

Most cannabis companies offer free shipping for products above a specified price range. As a result, you should always review shipping policies before settling for a particular brand.

Best Delta 8 Companies: FAQs

Is Delta 8 THC Legal In My State?

Even though the possession of cannabis and marijuana plants is illegal under federal law, the 2018 Farm Bill permitted the growth and use of hemp plants (with less than 0.3% THC). This makes Delta 8 products federally legal.

However, due to a lack of enough research, Delta 8 has been deemed illegal in states like Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Colorado, Idaho, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Montana, and Iowa.

It’s also worth noting that West Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, and Virginia have issued safety warnings for Delta 8. And since more states are likely to tighten Delta 8 regulations, it’s always best to check with the seller to confirm whether they ship to your state.

Does Delta 8 Make You High?

Delta 8 will make you high, although not as high as its Delta-9 cousin.

The mild high associated with Delta 8 THC has made it a firm favorite for cannabis enthusiasts who prefer a smooth, mild high with reduced adverse effects like anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks.

Can Delta 8 Make You Fail A Drug Test?

Although Delta 8 THC is federally legal as per the 2018 Farm Bill, you’re still highly likely to fail a drug test with the compound in your system.

Most people return positive results since drug tests aren’t advanced enough to detect and differentiate the different types of THCs and their respective metabolites.

Can Delta 8 Be Addictive?

Despite its current status as a federally legal substance, Delta 8 can lead to addiction when chronically abused.

Due to this, you should be careful about your usage, trying as much as possible to keep your reliance in check.

However, due to Delta 8’s reduced potency, it might take longer for a user to become addicted. The withdrawal symptoms of Delta 8 are also likely to be less severe compared to Delta 9.

The Takeaway: Where Is Delta 8 Available?

Now you may be wondering – where can I buy Delta 8 near me?

Considering that Delta 8 is largely unregulated, it’s crucial to buy products from trusted, leading brands that are transparent about ingredients used and third party laboratory results.

For instance, Exhale is well-known for its pure, 100% natural products, while Delta Extrax (aka Delta Effex) has a solid reputation for selling a wide range of Delta 8 THC products from tinctures to carts, Delta 8 flower strains, and edibles.

BudPop is also a great option if you want a seller with a solid reward system that allows you to buy products through points.

Therefore, before settling for a particular brand, it’s important to check on the products offered, shipping policies, 3rd party lab results, and overall customer satisfaction through customer reviews.

We hope that you find the brand you’ll love!

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