Best Phone Psychics in 2022, Where to find Affordable Phone Psychic Readings about Love, Money, Family More

It can be scary to look into the future, but it can also be comforting to have a better understanding of how events might pan out.

This is what the best psychic phone readings can offer you: Expert insight into the events of tomorrow so that you can start making better, more concrete plans today.

Along the way, they’ll even offer you guidance that can help to positively influence your decisions.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best online sites that give you accurate psychic readings by phone. And while most of them eventually require a fee, all of them offer free minutes to get you started so that you can decide whether or not you’re suited to a particular psychic.

Whether you’re looking for tarot card readings, angel card readings, or whether you want to connect with a lost loved one, these are the most accurate and reliable psychic reading platforms around in 2022.

Where to Find Real Psychic Readings by Phone – First Look

  1. Best over the phone psychic readings – AskNow
  2. Every possible type of psychic reading – Kasamba
  3. Your go-to site for love & relationship readings – Psychic Source
  4. Most reputable psychic hotline – Keen
  5. LIVE video call readings – Oranum

1. AskNow – Best Service for Psychic Phone Reading (1-888-815-1999)

Best Features!

  • Only has legit psychic readers
  • Phone and video chat psychics available
  • Great introductory offers
  • Allows you to save using deals and coupons
  • Easily accessible phone line: 1-888-815-1999


  • Base per minute rates somewhat pricey

AskNow might not have a name as mystical as other psychic reading websites out there, but know this: they’re one of the best in the field. To say that this company is a jack of all trades would be wrong because they’re masters of them.

Whether you want to do a remote viewing, speak with your loved ones from another plane, or get a glimpse at what life has in store for you, AskNow’s roster, which is exclusively made up of legit and trusted phone psychics, tarot readers, spiritual guides and more is there to help.

You can either visit their website or call a psychic hotline (just key in 1-888-815-1999) to get on a video chat or phone call with one of their experts.

Their introductory deals are great, too. You get your first 5 mins FREE. And then additional discounts that can help you save up to $300 on your sessions. Yes, their base rates aren’t the lowest out there, but with the help of their promos and discounts, it all evens out.

And in case your intro period is done, don’t worry: AskNow regularly offers coupons and other deals to help you save money and get more readings from some of the best psychics the industry has to offer.

2. Kasamba – Best Phone Psychics for Every Type of Reading Going

Best Features!

  • Exclusive roster of top-notch psychic readers
  • Highly trusted psychic reading online platform
  • Live chat features available
  • Lots of psychic reading services
  • Frequently runs promos


  • Per-minute rates are expensive

For over two decades now, Kasamba has been one of the most reputed and trusted psychic reading sites where people can get their readings by phone from some of the most gifted psychics in the industry. As such, Kasamba has made a name for itself for being home to only the most talented experts in the psychic reading services industry.

They offer a wide array of online psychic readings, ranging from tarot readings to astrology and even spiritual readings, numerology readings, and psychic medium services. Not only that, but Kasamba has been able to stay as one of the best online psychic reading sites because of how they’re able to keep up with the times.

Whereas they initially only offered phone psychic readings way back when (and they still do, actually), their psychic services also now feature a live psychic chat option over the internet. That way, each and every one of you can get your stars read easily and more conveniently with Kasamba.

Admittedly, though, Kasamba isn’t the cheapest psychic reading online platform around, which is perfectly understandable. After all, you can’t expect Nostradamus levels of phone readings at carnival mystic rates.

Even better, too, is how they offer free psychic reading sessions from time to time as promotions for their services. This helps you save a bit of money while getting a glimpse of what lies ahead.

3. Psychic Source – Best Phone Psychic Readings for Love Worries

Best Features!

  • Top online psychics
  • Talented love psychics perfect for love readings
  • Great introductory offers
  • Various psychic phone readings available
  • Highly accurate psychic readings by phone chat


  • No video call option

Simply put, Psychic Source is the best online psychic reading platform if you’re specifically focused on matters of love. Whether it’s about your romantic entanglements or friendships, there’s an impressive selection of skilled love psychics to choose from. However, make no mistake: that’s not the only thing that the psychic readings online on Psychic Source can provide you.

With a host of available phone psychics who can provide you with accurate, precise psychic phone readings, Psychic Source is a force to be reckoned with in the world of psychic websites. This platform can provide you with an outlook on other subjects, such as business and your overall luck.

From tarot card readings, dream analysis to past life readings and even pet psychics, you’re going to appreciate how this psychic hotline is able to provide you with the perspective you need. That said, Psychic Source would be so much better if they finally offered video call services as well to give their clients a more personal, intimate reading session.

Still, their phone readings are more than enough to help you get the answers you need in your life, so you won’t have any complaints there. Additionally, Psychic Source is one of the best online psychic reading sites for new clients.

Why? This platform has one of the finest introductory offers that you simply can’t find on even the best psychic reading sites out there. You get the standard 3 free mins for a free psychic reading—typical for phone psychic readings—but you also get a whopping 80% OFF for your next psychic reading session.

4. Keen – Most Reputable Over the Phone Psychic Reading Service

Best Features!

  • Available as a mobile app
  • Phone psychics offer a variety of readings
  • Easy payment process
  • Video chat psychics available
  • Reasonable per minute rates


  • Needs more introductory offers

Keen, or Keen Psychics, is another one of the most popular places to get your psychic readings online. As with most online psychic readings today, they’ve kept up with the times and offer more than just skilled phone psychics.

Now, they offer a wide array of online psychics who are more than well-versed in their respective fields. So, be it tarot readings, spiritual readings, love readings, fortune-telling, or dream analysis, Keen Psychic readings can help you with any concerns you might have.

It’s also nice that they’re available as a mobile app, which means you can find answers to some of your most burning questions wherever you may be. They have some of the best online psychics who are more than happy to not just get on the phone with you but give you some nice facetime with the use of their video chat service.

The result? An intimate and personal reading experience that provides a more accurate interpretation of your cards, stars, or signs.

If there’s one flaw to Keen Psychics, though, it’s that their introductory offer is rather lackluster. They provide the basic free psychic reading online for your first 3 minutes. Then you’re on your own. The good part, though, is they accept PayPal and credit cards, which makes it easy for nearly everyone to use this psychic reading site.

5. Oranum – Best Video Call Psychic Readings

Best Features!

  • Live psychic readings online
  • Experienced tarot card readers
  • Great introductory offer
  • Clairvoyant phone readings (video)
  • Overall rates are affordable


  • Psychics’ prices vary

Oranum is one of the leading online psychic reading spots today. And it’s a place where psychics and inquiring minds can have as much of a connection as they can WITHOUT having to break the bank to find the answers they’re looking for.

For one, Oranum offers a public chat room where you can check out any psychic reader who’s online to see if they’re the right fit for you. Once you’ve chosen the perfect clairvoyant or divinator to do your, say, tarot reading, you can then decide to start a private chat room with them.

But what we love the most about Oranum’s psychics is how they don’t just skip the process and give you the results. They actually take time to do the live tarot reading right in front of you! You can see whatever it is that’s happening on their end and make sure that you’re getting legit readings from their psychics.

Oranum uses “credits,” their online currency, which you exchange for real money using your credit card or PayPal account.

Yes, the prices of the psychics on Oranum differ depending on a variety of factors (experience, the type of psychic reader they are, how long you consult with them, etc.). But rest assured that the overall rates are pretty reasonable on this online psychic reading hub.

6. Mysticsense – Best New Hotline for Real Psychic Readings by Phone

Best Features!

  • New callers get a 5-minute free psychic reading
  • Affordable overall per-minute rates
  • Specializes in tarot cards and crystal ball readings
  • Phone, video, and chat psychics


  • Not the most well-known company (yet)

MysticSense is steadily making a name for itself as one of the finest places to get your psychic reading by phone remotely. They’re available for phone, video, and online chat, giving users a myriad of options on how they can get the guidance that they need from one of the company’s experts.

This company specializes in providing readings through the use of tarot cards and crystal balls, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. However, they’re just as adept at providing help in other aspects of life as well since there’s such a variety of skilled psychic advisors to choose from, such as Clairvoyants, Pet Psychics, Empaths, Psychic Mediums, Grief Counselors, and so on.

New MysticSense users get their first 5 mins free, which is just ample time to get a single psychic reading online. And once you’re past the free trial period, there’s no need to worry about the rates that this company charges its clients.

They have a variety of price points for all budget tiers, ranging from 0.99 USD to pricier, more premium readings charged at 10 USD per minute. All in all, we won’t be surprised if Mysticsense becomes one of the top phone psychic reading companies out today sooner rather than later.

7. California Psychics – Best Phone Psychic Reading Rewards System

Best Features!


  • No free psychic readings

California Psychics might not look like a great affordable phone psychic reading option at first glance, but give it a closer look, and you’ll discover that the opposite is very much the case.

No, CP doesn’t provide its new callers with a free trial period right out the gate. Instead, they provide you with something better: all callers— whether you’re new to their line or a regular customer— receive discount codes that they can apply to get additional free minutes and discounts on their consultations.

Additionally, CP is a psychic phone reading company that values brand loyalty, which is why they have their Karma Rewards program in place. Each call with one of their experts grants you points, which you can then exchange for more discount vouchers and even 100% free consultation sessions.

Lastly, we love how this company is able to provide its services with confidence, all the while building client trust. They have a money-back guarantee in place in cases where you don’t feel satisfied with your consultation. Although we highly doubt you’ll be disappointed with what CP has to offer!

8. Psychic Oz – Most Versatile Psychics to Call (Tarot, Horoscopes, Runestones…)

Best Features!

  • Offers a variety of psychic reading techniques
  • Features 100% legit online psychic readers
  • Easy and quick payment process


  • Needs more free trial and new caller offers

Psychic OZ has made a name for itself in the psychic phone reading world as being one of the most versatile companies out there.

For one, they offer their callers one of the widest selections of psychic reading methods available from any given company out there. Aside from the more common methods, such as horoscope readings and tarot cards, Psychic OZ also provides less known (but no less effective) reading techniques like runestones and numerology.

Aside from the methods that they use to read your fates, Psychic OZ experts are also more than capable of providing you guidance and perspective on any topic under the sun, be it about your relationships or your career.

This company also stands out by providing you with easy and quick payment methods and processes to make sure that you can spend more time consulting with a psychic reader than keying in your payment details.

9. Lifereader – Best Psychics to Call for Affordable Readings

Best Features!


  • Relatively small stable of psychic experts

Lifereader might just be the most affordable phone psychic reading line that you can get right now, which is partly why it’s become one of the best companies to connect with if you’re looking to get your fates read by a legitimate psychic.

At first glance, you might think that the free trial period, which is honestly shorter than what the average psychic reading company offers, isn’t a lot. But where LR really shines is the additional discounts and deals that new callers get after the free 4 mins have expired.

To be specific, you can get your readings and consultations from one of their experts for as low as 0.19 USD per minute: a rate that’s far lower compared to what other psychic reading hotlines charge.

Don’t think for a second that you’re getting subpar services here, too, as LR makes sure that each and every psychic advisor they have on their roster has been thoroughly screened prior to hiring to ensure their legitimacy.

If there’s one gripe we have with LR, though, it’s that they don’t have the largest pool of online psychics just yet. But hey, it’s a case of quality over quantity, and we’ll take that any day of the week!

Over the Phone Psychic Readings – FAQs

Can I Call a Psychic by Phone For Free?

Yes. Sites like AskNow, Kasamba, and Oranum, just to name a few, give their new clients introductory offers that let them chat or consult with their accurate psychic advisors for a period of time. These can last anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes, which might appear short. But is, in fact, more than enough time to give you an answer to whatever question you might have.

Beyond that, though, these sites and psychic chat lines usually charge by the minute. The rates vary depending on which company you’re using and the psychics themselves. If you’re mindful of your budget, though, there’s no need to worry: a lot of these online psychic platforms offer various promos regularly to help their users get more value for their money.

Psychic Source, for instance, offers 80% OFF your second psychic reading. Nice!

How Much Do Phone Psychic Hotlines Charge?

It depends on a variety of factors. As a guide, feel free to check out some of these below:

The Site/Phone Line

Depending on which reading platform you’re using, you might spend less or more depending on their base rates and the promotional offers and discounts they provide their users.

Reading Type

There are a variety of ways with which online psychics can divine an answer for you. Some of them are more complex than others. For example, tarot readings are more affordable than using a medium due to the effort and expertise required by the latter.

Popularity and Reputation

As with other fields, psychics who have more experience or are more in demand tend to charge higher than their less experienced and less popular counterparts. However, rest assured that each and every psychic on the sites that we’ve provided you in this article are guaranteed legitimate and gifted with the necessary skills and abilities to perform their duties.

When Should I Speak to Psychics over the Phone?

You can think of these psychics as guides that help illuminate the way for you. As such, it’s advisable to contact them if you have uncertainties and questions not just about your future but about your life in general. For instance, love readings or dream analysis aren’t the only topics you can ask about. You can also ask about any career and money questions you might have.

But when it comes down to it, the topic doesn’t really matter since psychics are open to providing you with answers on all subjects, whether it’s love, wealth, spirituality, your emotions, etc.

What Benefits Do I Get From a Phone Psychic Reading?

Getting your stars or sign read isn’t just a matter of knowing the future. Further than that, these psychic readings help you gain a clearer perspective on whatever aspect of your life you might think you’ve hit a dead-end at.

Most psychic phone reading services aren’t just able to provide you with glimpses into the future; they give you a fresh point-of-view—not unlike the kind you might get from a close friend who’s there to offer their eyes and ears to help you.

What Kind Of Abilities Do These Phone Psychics Have?

You might have researched as much as you can about “medium readings near me,” but there are numerous psychic abilities in the world, with each of them manifesting through various means and used for a variety of purposes. Here are a few of the most common ones that you can find among these online psychic experts:

Astral projection

This is the ability to make one’s spirit roam outside their physical body for a period of time. Thus allowing them to traverse spaces and dimensions outside of the physical realm, to travel at rates and with methods unhindered by our corporeal selves, and to see things invisible to the naked eye (remote viewing).

Energy medicine

The use of one’s life force to heal another in mind, body, and spirit through the use of their mental and spiritual energies.


This is the ability that allows a person to find details about the past through supernatural means. This could be done using their mental or spiritual gifts.


A more general psychic ability, divination involves the use of various occult or psychic tools (tarot cards, runestones, animal bones, etc.) to see into the future; gain insight into certain events; find missing objects; determine energies; etc.

Remote Viewing

This psychic ability allows the user to see things that can’t be viewed through more physical means and to view objects at great distances with the use of one’s mental (extra-sensory perception) or spiritual (astral projection) gifts.

How Do I Find The Best Phone Psychics Online?

Look no further than the sites that we’ve listed in this article. AskNow, Psychic Source, and Keen are some of the most reputable and trusted platforms where people can get accurate psychic readings from their experts. Each of these companies has a stable of some of the best psychics that the industry has to offer, with abilities and gifts that they use to help their clients.

How Often Should I Consult With A Phone Psychic?

There’s no set limit for when you should check in with a psychic expert. Some people prefer to treat these consultations and psychic phone readings like a therapist appointment where they visit their experts regularly. On the other hand, some people prefer to rely on psychic services whenever they need something to be resolved.

In the end, it all depends on how you feel. If going for a reading once in a while is more your cup of tea, then go ahead. But if you find yourself searching for local psychics readers every other day, you want to make it a monthly—or even weekly—affair, that’s also well and good.

Best Psychic Readings over the Phone – Final Verdict

With the help of Kasamba, AskNow, Keen, Oranum, and Psychic Source, finding answers to some of life’s mysteries has become more convenient than ever. The mystic arts don’t have to be stuck in the past, and these psychic reading websites prove that technology and mysticism can go hand in hand.

Whatever it is that you think you need help with, the online psychic experts on these platforms are more than capable—and willing—to provide you with the guidance to help you shine some light on whatever subject you’re concerned with.

Go in peace, all of you lifelong wanderers!

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