Best Online Psychic Reading Websites of 2022, Authentic Readings for Love, Life and Money Worries

We all wonder what the future has in store for us, a fact that has many people turning to online psychic reading services for much-needed guidance and support.

Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy online psychic isn’t always easy, and with the large number of options to choose from, knowing where to start can be challenging.

If you feel like this has stopped you from finding the best psychics for you – don’t worry; we’ve taken the time to do the research and have found the best online psychic reading platforms around.

Whether you want to know more about your love life, career prospects, or find yourself interested in basic fortune-telling, the online psychic reading websites covered below offer some of the most accurate and reliable psychic readings around.

‌Let’s get into it!

‌Best Online Psychic Reading Websites: First Look

Kasamba Experienced psychic readers 3-minute free reading with every new advisor
Keen Psychics A variety of reading techniques First 3 minutes free
Psychic Source Skilled tarot readers First 3 minutes free
Oranum Live video readings 10,000 free credits upon signing up
AskNow Accurate readings via phone chat 5-minute free reading*
Lifereader Psychic experts specializing in horoscopes Free horoscope tool
Meet Your Psychic Spiritualist readings Free zodiac compatibility tool

1. Kasamba – Best Online Psychics

Our favorite features…

  • Online psychics are thoroughly vetted
  • Free psychic trial and a satisfaction guarantee
  • Useful mobile app to get accurate psychic readings on-the-go
  • Offers rare psychic reading practices
  • Excellent customer service


  • Can’t do video psychic readings
  • Limited search options

Kasamba is one of the longest-running psychic websites for online psychics and readings. With over 20 years of experience, they continuously evolve to offer more nuanced services like numerology readings and dream analysis.

Plus, over the years, they have steadily built a reputation for accuracy and fair rates – which is why users keep coming back.

You can choose from a wide range of readings that come with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the psychic experience you had, you can contact customer support to resolve the matter, who will either refund you or offer you a new reading.

Best of all? Psychic readings are available 24/7, giving you more freedom to choose a time that works best for you!

While the limiting search results can be frustrating when trying to find the psychic reading you want, Kasamba offers a wide selection from dream interpretation, fortune telling, career forecasts, past life readings, and more.

‌Most Kasamba users want to know more about their love lives and find psychic readings on this subject to be the most accurate of all our other top picks for the best psychic reading websites. You can even see a Cheating & Affairs Advisor for advice in such a situation.

Another popular psychic service on Kasamba is aura readings. An aura reading can help you identify what you’re feeling, release pent-up emotions, and discover areas you need to work on. They have the best online psychics for that.

Kasamba also has an Android and IOS app, making it so much easier to access their psychic services from any mobile device.

2. Keen Psychics – Impressive Variety of Psychic Readings Online

Our favorite features…

  • First 3 minutes are free
  • Handy mobile app
  • Wide range of reading techniques
  • Affordable psychic reading services
  • Over 1700 psychic specialists


  • No video readings
  • Respected psychic experts are expensive

Keen Psychics recently reached their 20-year mark with a proven track record of accurate readings. In addition, they have a huge variety of online psychics that specialize in different areas, such as tarot card readings and Vedic astrology.

You can contact their psychic reading experts via phone, email, or live chat – but they don’t offer a video chat option. If that’s something you want, Oranum might be your best option.

Keen Psychics does have an app, so that makes it easier to connect with a psychic reader from anywhere and at any time, too, as psychics are available 24/7. The user interface is also super easy to use, just like the website.

Choosing the right psychic for you is easier than with other websites. Each psychic provides a detailed profile so that you can gain a deeper insight into their experience and service offerings.

Most users on Keen Psychics feel the tarot readings are the best option. Tarot cards use images and skillful intuition to help you uncover your feelings towards different areas of your life. In addition, Keen Psychics has some of the rarest and most diverse psychic offerings available online.

3. Psychic Source – Best for Live Psychic Readings with Tarot Cards

Our favorite features…

  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Offers phone, email, live chat, or video readings
  • Interesting blog
  • Prices start at $1/minute
  • First 3 minutes are free


  • Some psychics are expensive
  • Introductory rates are a bit high

Psychic Source first started in 1989, making it one of the longest-running online psychic reading sites that predominantly focus on love and life readings. Along with the phone, email, and live chat, you can use video calls to get your psychic reading. Plus, you can also access a huge database of articles to learn more about everything related to psychics.

Their customer satisfaction guarantee gives you free psychic readings if you aren’t happy with your first reading. This might help you turn a positive into a negative if you find your reading to be inaccurate!

Tarot card readings are one of the most popular psychic services that this online psychic reading site offers. This reading provides a deeper understanding of your personality and what might lie ahead for you in the near future.

On top of that, Psychic Source offers tarot readers gifted in Angel card readings to help you connect with your spirit guides when looking for answers.

Another great bonus about Psychic Source is that their gifted psychics are available 24/7, and all psychics have to go through an intensive background check, so you know they aren’t a fraud!

Lastly, they have a “Find a Psychic” tool that makes it so much easier to locate the services you want.

4. Oranum – Best Video Psychic Reading Platform

Our favorite features…

  • Best live video psychics readings online
  • Offers a free psychic chat
  • Multilingual reliable psychic advisors
  • Newcomers get 10,000 free credits
  • Variety of psychic advisors (even Pet psychics)


  • Free psychic chat rooms occasionally freeze
  • Confusing credit system

If you are looking for a video reading from an experienced psychic advisor, then Oranum is the best option for you! They only offer their services via video, but you can keep your video off if you wish. And while their psychic reading site looks a little outdated – it’s easy to navigate!

Oranum has many years behind them with an enormous customer base because of their accurate readings. You can choose from a range of services, including tarot readings, sound baths, and even pet psychic readings. Unfortunately, you can’t do sessions over the phone – but most people who use Oranum don’t mind because they like seeing their psychic.

The most popular online psychic reading service they offer are palm readings, thanks to the video feature. A palm reading can help you figure out your purpose and where your life might head in the future.

While you have a wide range of trustworthy psychics to use, finding the right one can be tricky because you can’t refine your search as much as on other sites.The main advantage with Oranum is that you can experience the readings with your own eyes, making it more authentic.

One downside is that Oranum doesn’t use a per-minute system. Instead, they give their customers credits, which can be a little confusing. But, newcomers do get 10,000 free credits when they sign up.

5. AskNow – Best Psychic Readings by Phone (1-888-815-1999)

Our favorite features…

  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Reliable phone psychic readings
  • Get 15 minutes for only $10
  • 5-minute free reading*


  • No email or video psychic readings
  • Outdated website design

AskNow has a vast selection of online psychics to choose from and offers some of the best psychic phone readings around! On AskNow, ‌you can get guidance from loved ones who have passed on or communicate with your spirit guides.

The only downside to the site is that it can be frustrating to use their services if you prefer to use email or live video chat, but there are plenty of other psychic sites for these types of readings – like Psychic Source!

That said, for a psychic reading by phone, AskNow might be your best bet. After purchasing an introductory package, you get 5 free minutes! And the good news is that the prices are discounted, so you can pay as little as $1/minute.

You can even get access to the Elite or Master psychics during this stage. ‌After your introduction phase is complete, you can stick with the expensive psychics or move to a cheaper plan.

Another great bonus is that their psychic reading services operate 24/7. Most customers enjoy the love readings that AskNow offers – especially since they offer a detailed analysis of your compatibility and love charts.

6. Lifereader – Find a Psychic Reader Specializing in Horoscope Readings

Our favorite features…

  • A good selection of chat and phone psychics
  • Great promotion on first psychic reading
  • Free horoscopes
  • Online tarot readings


  • No video chat available
  • Overwhelming selection of psychic mediums

Lifereader is a New Zealand-based psychic reading site that began operations in 2008. Since then, Lifereader has managed to garner a reputation as a quality online psychic reading platform, one that’s used by hundreds of people a week.

The site layout is straightforward and easy to use, and the homepage displays a handful of the top online psychics featured on the platform – most of whom charge between $4.50 and $6.50 per minute.

Aside from psychic readings, Lifereader also provides users with access to Tarot readings, horoscopes, mind/body/spirit guidance, and love/relationship advice. Additionally, the site features a free horoscope section that offers astrological readings for all of the 12 Zodiac signs. Should you need further insight/clarification, several online psychic readers specializing in horoscopes will be listed below.

New customers looking for an accurate psychic reading online will enjoy a welcome promotion of $0.19/minute for the first 10 minutes. This promotion is available for all psychic readers featured on the platform.

Additionally, Lifereader also offers a 4-minute deal that you can use to get a free psychic reading online via chat with every reader. This promotion allows users to try out different psychic mediums and determine which one is best for them.

In the online psychic reading industry, Lifereader stands out for offering both chat and phone psychic reading services. Unfortunately, video chat readings are not available.

7. Meet Your Psychic – Best Online Psychics for Spiritualist Readings

Our favorite features…

  • Several free psychic reading tools
  • Attractive introductory offer
  • Affirmation, abundance, and love readings
  • Strong focus on Zodiac compatibility
  • Good selection of love psychics


  • Poor filtering options for available psychics
  • No video or email readings

Since 2009, Meet Your Psychic has offered affordable psychic readings via phone, text message, and live chat – something that has established them as one of the best online psychic reading platforms.

Aside from affordability, Meet Your Psychic has one of the better introductory promotions around which offers new users a psychic reading for just $1.00/minute for the first 20 minutes. On top of this, the first three minutes are free!

While Meet Your Psychic offers a wide range of medium services, their psychic readers focus heavily on love/relationship topics with a specialization in Zodiac compatibility. What’s more, the site offers a free Zodiac Love Compatibility feature for those who aren’t interested in paying for live psychic reading sessions.

Meet Your Psychic also offers professional affirmation services. In case you’re unaware, affirmation uses the power of intention and positive thinking to help manifest desired goals or outcomes into existence.

Although this process can be done on your own, it’s greatly enhanced when performed in conjunction with an experienced psychic.

Other Options to Get a Psychic Reading Online

You might want to get a psychic reading online without signing up on a paid-for platform. Well, our runner-ups fit that box. Here are the best free psychic reading sites online.

Just bear in mind that free psychic readings might not be as accurate or authentic as you’d hope.

‌1. Free Psychic Readings And Spiritual connections Facebook Group

This Facebook group offers free psychic readings online to those who can’t afford them and paid services to those who wish to contribute.

However, you must be 18+ to join the group. Still, they have over 100,000 members – so you can easily find an online psychic reader to chat with.

Some psychics in the group underwent an official authentication and testing process, while others haven’t. The group does warn that you must discern for yourself whether someone is genuine or not, and you will have to sign an agreement that you understand the risks.

‌2. The Los Angeles School for the Spiritual Arts

Help a student out by getting an online psychic reading done at the LA School for the Spiritual Arts. Students from the Mentoring program will give you a free psychic reading online to help them hone their skills and offer some insight into your life.

Sessions are about 10-30 minutes long and only focus on spiritual communication with passed loved ones. These can provide comfort to those going through the grieving process, and you might receive messages from beyond or maybe find some closure.

3. LT Free Tarot Readings

This psychic website is interactive and offers a basic, interactive tarot card reading. The deck is already shuffled twice when you land on the page, but you have the option to shuffle again.

They use their signature universal six-card spread, using a major arcana tarot deck. After you’ve chosen your cards, you can read the brief interpretation of what their positions mean for you.

4. Tarot Reading & Horoscope App

If you’re looking for a free-ish app, then Tarot Reading & Horoscope is the best option. The only fee you can choose to pay is to get rid of all the ads.

This app offers free tarot readings that might help you find answers about your past, present, and future. You can also use the app in a party setting where you can enjoy comparing each other’s readings. If you like, you may also receive a daily horoscope.

Overall, this app can be helpful for finding some direction in any area of your life, be it love, health, or your ultimate purpose.

5. Trusted Tarot

Trusted Tarot is another free and interactive tarot card reading website.

The cards are pre-shuffled as the page loads, but you can reshuffle if it makes you more comfortable. Once done, you pick 10 cards from a deck of 78 cards that are either laid out in the Celtic Cross or Classic Selection.

The website gives a lengthy explanation of how to do and interpret your free online psychic readings. Moreover, they also recommend grounding yourself and trying to connect to your spirit guide before starting your reading.

6. Eva Tarot

Eva Delattre is the creator of this free online tarot reading website. She is a clairvoyant and tarologist with over 30 years of experience, and she bases her research on manuscripts by magus, Edmond and promises a truly unique experience.

As you land on the page, there are 22 cards ready for you. Cut and reshuffle if you wish, then choose ten cards. You can read more about how to use the website underneath the tarot deck as you scroll down the page.

I found my reading to be very accurate!

7. Crystal Gazer

Crystal Gazer is still under construction, but it is another website that will soon offer free tarot card readings.

You only choose three cards on Crystal Gazer, and you can cut and shuffle the deck before making your picks. Each of the three cards represents your past, present, and future.

Tips to ‌Consider When Choosing an Online Psychic, Clairvoyant, or Medium

  • Any Free Minutes? Some people find that some psychic readers are more in tune with them than others. Because of this, there is always a short feeling-out process during which you’ll discover if a particular reader works for you or not. Having access to free/cheap minutes can greatly reduce the overall cost of this process.
  • How Do You Get In Touch? Everyone has different preferences regarding how their online psychic reading session is conducted. While some may strongly prefer psychic readings by phone, others feel more comfortable over chat or text message. When considering different online psychics, think about which method you prefer.
  • What Psychic Services Do They Have? Like any field of work, psychics tend to have specialties they focus on – such as love, grief, tarot cards, and dream analysis, for example. When deciding what reader to work with, make sure they have experience dealing with your exact needs.
  • How Many Years of Experience? Although a psychic’s abilities depend largely on their natural gift, experience plays a major role as well. While we don’t recommend discriminating against new psychics, you should consider experience when looking for guidance.
  • What Do Other Customers Say? As with any product or service, reviews from past customers provide invaluable insight into a psychic’s abilities.
  • Comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee? Check if the website offers a satisfaction guarantee so that you can get your money back or a free psychic reading session if you aren’t satisfied.

Getting Spiritual Readings Online – Your Questions Answered

What Is Psychic Reading? Types of Psychics Explained

You can find a wide range of readings online, but what do they all mean? Here is a quick breakdown of some of the most popular online psychic reading services people like to use:

  • Empaths – Intuitive psychics that work with emotions to help you clear negative feelings around situations in your present or past.
  • Mediums – connect with spirit guides or the souls of loved ones that have passed on to find answers to your questions.
  • Clairvoyants – see symbols and visions that help you answer questions about life
  • Astrology Psychics – Use your time, date, and place of birth to create a detailed astrological chart that gives you insight into your personality and future.
  • Clairaudients – Can hear voices and sounds that might be a message to you from somewhere.
  • Cartomancy – Channel spiritual energy using a particular deck, like tarot, angel, or oracle cards, to answer your psychic questions and give insights into the current situations in your life.
  • Clairsentients – Have strong emotional connections and reactions to questions that help offer more profound insight into the answers you seek.
  • Numerology reading – Calculate crucial numbers in your life using your full name and date of birth to guide you through the present.
  • Itching – Chinese tradition of throwing coins to create a hexagram that answers your questions based on different lines. Itching is a relatively rare form of psychic reading.

What’s the difference between Phone Psychic Readers and Chat Psychics?

Psychic readings by phone fall into the category of ‘live readings,’ which also includes video call and in-person sessions. Live readings are considered to be more accurate and allow online psychics to establish a stronger connection compared to non-live readings.

Chat readings, even when done in real-time, are not considered live and therefore are not as accurate. Still, many people prefer chat readings because they offer a greater degree of flexibility.

Can I Trust an Online Psychic Readings?

For the most part, you can trust an online psychic reading, but you should pay attention to your intuition as psychic readers are not infallible.

Often, you will find excellent psychic readers and horrendous ones, and just like any other service, the quality of a psychic reading will depend largely on the practitioner.

You can also take measures to find trustworthy psychics by using a popular psychic reading platform like Kasamba or Keen Psychics. Just make sure to read through their detailed bios and check client reviews, as this will help you find the right psychic reader for you and minimize the risk of fraud.

Why Should You Get an Online Psychic Reading?

When a quality and gifted medium is used, online psychic readings can provide an array of positive benefits, the most important of which include:

Guidance: Life can be confusing at times, and whether it’s a potential career move, a breakup, or even an existential crisis, sometimes extra guidance can make a world of difference.

Clarity: Doubt can be a major hindrance to mental clarity, and when traditional avenues of counseling and mainstream psychology don’t help, a quality psychic reading often can.

Certainty: Sometimes life gives us signs that can help us make better decisions in life. Unfortunately, these signs are often hard to interpret and understand, and those needing some extra clarity often turn to online psychics for assistance.

Dream Interpretations: Are you having recurring dreams you can’t make sense of? If so, a quality psychic reading online can help you better understand their significance.

Healing: Whether it be the loss of a loved one, a bad breakup, or anything other sources of mental stress/anguish, a quality psychic reading can help provide the insight and closure necessary to move on.

How Do You Spell Psychic? Is it “psych reading” or “physic readings”? Help!

Psychic is spelled P S Y C H I C – that’s PSY, not PHY or PYS. But honestly, it’s a tricky word to spell since it really isn’t spelled as it sounds. And with so many people searching things like “physic reading,” “phycic reading,” “physcic reading,” and “physic readers,” it’s no wonder people are getting confused with the spelling. So don’t feel bad!

The Takeaway – Where to Find the Best Psychic Readings Online?

Getting a psychic reading online can help you find the answers you’re looking for or give you closure from past hurt. Now more than ever, we turn to our spirit guides to help with our past, present, and future selves.

And with our guide, hopefully, you no longer need to keep searching for “psychic readings near me.”

According to our research, Kasamba is the number one choice and our top contender for the best psychic reading online service. They have over 20 years of experience, thoroughly vet their psychics, and offer affordable rates.Moreover, you can get a 3-minute free psychic reading with every new psychic reader you wish to try out.

Keen Psychics comes in at a close second. They have the biggest selection of online psychic advisors available online and also offer some truly rare services like Vedic astrology readings.

Then we have Psychic Source, which comes in third and is the best psychic website for tarot card readings. They have over 30 years of experience and a rigorous vetting process for their psychics.

Choosing the right psychic comes down to your intuition and what questions you want to be answered. We hope you enjoy searching through these online psychic reading sites and finding the right person for you!

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