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Wealth Megatrends Review (Weiss Ratings) Stealth Attack on America

Wealth Megatrends is a financial analysis newsletter published by Sean Brodrick and the Weiss Ratings team.


By subscribing to Wealth Megatrends, you can discover the next big megatrend before the market does. The newsletter recently launched a marketing campaign discussing a “stealth attack on America.”

What is the stealth attack on America? Should you subscribe to Wealth Megatrends? Find out everything you need to know about this newsletter today in our review.

What is Wealth Megatrends?

Wealth Megatrends is a financial newsletter led by editor Sean Brodrick.

Each month, subscribers receive a new issue of Wealth Megatrends featuring market news and analysis. Sean and his team aim to recommend the best investment megatrend before they go mainstream.

By subscribing to Wealth Megatrends today, you get a range of bonus products, including eBooks, investment guides, and more. Wealth Megatrends is calling it the “Stealth Attack on America” promotion. Bonus reports include “American Armageddon and “7 Pandemic Stocks to Buy Now,” among others.

  • Wealth Megatrends is priced at $30 to $60 per year.

What Will You Learn in Wealth Megatrends?

Wealth Megatrends is based on the idea that there are three types of people in the world:

  • 1) People who make things happen
  • 2) People who watch things happen
  • 3) People who wonder what the heck just happened

By subscribing to Wealth Megatrends, you can spot trends before the rest of the market discovers them. The newsletter aims to teach subscribers about the next big movements in the stock market before everyone else discovers those movements.

What is the Stealth Attack on America?

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Weiss Ratings has launched a “Stealth Attack on America” marketing campaign for Wealth Megatrends.

In a dramatic video and sales page, we learn about a secret attack on America – and how to protect your investments and earn huge returns throughout the attack.


No, Sean Brodrick is not talking about COVID-19; instead, he’s discussing a “sneak attack” on America that has been in the works for decades.

Here’s how Sean introduces the attack on America:

“Over seven decades ago, a stealth campaign to challenge America’s financial and political greatness began. It was, from the start, the most ambitious war ever conceived. Yet, for years, pundits and politicians played along or looked the other way. Now, as the battle has reached a decisive stage…A major new attack looms.”

Sean claims the threat is now too big to ignore. America will either face a threat and win – or succumb to the threat and lose.

In fact, Sean claims this attack could be the end of the American empire:

“…in a zealous pursuit for global supremacy, one supposedly “friendly” foreign nation is eagerly using the economic crisis of 2020 — and America’s domestic political battles — towards its goal of gaining global supremacy …And thereby ending the American Empire. This foreign nation is working hard to trigger a chain of events that could sink the U.S. economy far worse than any pandemic ever could.”

Sean Brodrick is talking about China. Sean claims China recently put the final phase of its plan into action – and that could spell the end of America. China, according to Sean, is succeeding where the Soviet Union failed.

It’s not all bad news: Sean wants to teach you how to protect your wealth and earn money over the coming years. By following Sean’s investment advice, you can purportedly protect your family “in the postwar world” – while also protecting America:

“You could be among the few investors who secure a legacy of prosperity for their family in the “postwar” world. That outcome will not only be good for you. It will also be good for the country.”

By subscribing to Wealth Megatrends today, you can discover the stocks most likely to retain their value or grow regardless of the outcome of a war with China.

Why is China a Threat?

Clearly, Sean believes in the power of his investment recommendations, and he’s convinced America will continue to be threatened by China in the coming years.

Why does Sean believe China is a threat to the American empire?

Sean cites the usual statistics: the increasing hostility of China’s military, its rapidly growing economy, and its numerous human rights abuses.

However, Sean also identifies ancient Chinese warring codes that could spell the end of the American empire.

These warring codes explain what China will do over the coming years to dominate the world.

Ancient Code #1: Get Others to Work for You…in Harmony: China has more buying power today than at any point in its history. This will allow China to continue to control the labor force. As China has grown over the past few decades, it has become increasingly dominant.


Ancient Code #2: Steal from Your Enemy: China is the primary source of cyber espionage against the United States – and most other countries. Instead of developing their own technology, Chinese firms have stolen from the west. As Sean explains, China’s spying “allows them to cheat their way up the technology ladder.” As China has stolen from the enemy, it makes the rest of the world weaker.


Ancient Code #3: Economic Power Trump’s Military Might: China has one of the world’s strongest militaries, but China also understands a strong economy is much more effective than a strong military. The Chinese Yuan has become increasingly popular as a reserve currency, replacing the US Dollar. Sean expects this trend to continue, which would “sign the death warrant on America’s seemingly endless line of credit.”

Because of these three ancient codes – and all of the other evidence – Sean believes China will inevitably become the world’s most dominant superpower, replacing the United States.

How to Survive the War with China

It’s not all doom and gloom: Sean claims there are actions you can take to protect your investments over the coming years.

On the new Wealth Megatrends sales page, Sean explains the things he’s doing with his own investments over the coming years. He plans to use these strategies to grow his portfolio and protect his family from what’s ahead.

Sean’s five recommended investment strategies over the coming years include:

Survival Strategy #1: Build a Wall Around your Wealth: Sean recommends protecting your wealth and assets. If America falters over the coming years, programs like Medicare and Social Security could be cut back. That means lower pensions and fewer benefits. Sean recommends taking steps to ensure your family’s physical safety because he expects police forces to be cut significantly over the coming years. In fact, Sean hints that it could all break down into Armageddon, and you may need to flee the cities for shelter to survive.

Survival Strategy #2: The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Instead of being defensive, Sean recommends maintaining a good offense. For example, Sean recommends buying a specific aerospace company to tackle China’s rising military might over the coming years. He has also identified a cybersecurity company that could defend against China’s attacks. Other recommended stocks include biotech stocks, manufacturing stocks, and semiconductor companies.

Survival Strategy #3: Leverage Gains from the COVID Reset: As COVID-19 subsides, markets will inevitably change. Some stocks will drop, while others will gain. Sean recommends buying seven specific stocks as we recover from the pandemic because these companies “will make the most of the world’s fight against the coronavirus.”

Survival Strategy #4: Wild Profits in Precious Metals: Sean recommends investing in gold and silver to protect your wealth over the coming years. As the world enters a state of turmoil, precious metals and similar assets will rise.

Survival Strategy #5: Turbocharge Your Portfolio: Sean claims the dollar’s most dramatic declines are dead ahead. These declines, however, will lead to increases in natural resources. By lowering your cash exposure and increasing your natural resource exposure, you can purportedly turbocharge your portfolio.

Sean claims his previous investment recommendations have led to gains of 72.3% to 351.6%. Many of his advertised gains occurred after just a few weeks or months of holding an asset. Sean claims his Innovative Industrial REIT recommendation led to an 84.7% gain in just 7 days, for example.

What’s Included with Wealth Megatrends?

By subscribing to Wealth Megatrends today, you get access to bonus reports discussing all the survival strategies mentioned above.


Here’s what you get with your subscription to Wealth Megatrends:

  • Monthly Issues of Wealth Megatrends: Each month, Sean and his team publish investment analysis, market research, and stock recommendations. The goal is to identify the next big trend in investing – before the rest of the market discovers that trend.
  • Flash Alerts on Breaking News: If there’s a sudden change in the market, or if Sean spots a sudden opportunity, he’ll send a flash alert to subscribers warning them of the opportunity.
  • Online VIP Briefings: Subscribers receive regular VIP video updates from Sean and his team.

Bonus Report #1: American Armageddon: Sean believes we’re approaching an Armageddon scenario because of America’s war with China. In this report, Sean explains how to immediately protect your savings, investments, real estate, and everything you own. Sean discusses physical safety tips for you and your family, along with recommendations for defending your investment accounts, 401(k), and other accounts.


Bonus Report #2: American Heroes: Make Money by Fighting Back: In this report, Sean identifies five “American Hero” companies fighting back against China. By investing in these recommended stocks today, you can purportedly earn huge returns over the coming years as America fights back against China. The companies include an aerospace firm, a cybersecurity company, a biotech company, a manufacturing company, and a semiconductor manufacturer.


Bonus Report #3: 7 Pandemic Stocks to Buy Now: In this report, Sean reveals seven companies that are fighting back against the coronavirus and set to prosper as we exit the pandemic. Sean believes these companies will take full advantage of the “COVID reset,” exiting the pandemic while delivering huge profits to shareholders.


Bonus Report #4: How to Go for Wild Gold Profits in 2021: Sean is a big fan of investing in gold and other precious metals. Sean recommends buying gold today because he believes it’s going “to $3,000, $5,000, and beyond.” He also believes paper currencies will lose their value significantly over the coming years.


Bonus Report #5: The Windfall of a Lifetime: In this report, Sean explains how to build generational wealth in any market by making money through stocks, bonds, currencies, gold, silver, and commodities – all without buying a single one.

If you buy the “Premium Membership,” then you get three bonus reports, including:

Bonus Premium Report #1: Global War Investment Dossier: Sean believes China and America will engage in a warlike Cold War – over the coming years. In this report, Sean recommends buying three US defense-related stocks. Sean believes his recommended investments “could easily turn every $10,000 into $30,000,” tripling your initial investment. This report discusses Sean’s “War Cycles Model,” an artificial intelligence software Sean uses to guide his investment decisions.

Bonus Premium Report #2: The World’s Best Privacy Havens: In this report, Sean explains how to secure your personal privacy. The world is becoming increasingly snoopy, and people who don’t protect their privacy today will lose their freedoms.

Bonus Premium Report #3: Your Best Defense Fundamental: This report explains why Sean believes gold will be worth over $5,000 an ounce and why silver will be worth over $125. Sean explains different ways to buy and store gold, including his tips for saving money every time you buy gold and other precious metals.

Wealth Megatrends Pricing

Wealth Megatrends is priced at $29 to $59, depending on your subscription option:

Standard Membership ($29)

  • Includes digital-only subscription to Wealth Megatrends
  • Includes 5 bonus reports

Premium Membership ($59)

  • Includes digital and print subscription to Wealth Megatrends
  • Includes 5 bonus reports
  • Includes 3 additional bonus reports

If you sign up for Wealth Megatrends today, then your subscription will automatically be renewed one year from today at the lowest available membership option. It’s unclear how much your credit card will be charged, but Wealth Megatrends will warn you 30 days before automatically charging your card.

Note: The website lists a third membership, the deluxe membership, for $129, but it’s more expensive than the Premium Membership and comes with less stuff.

Wealth Megatrends Refund Policy

Wealth Megatrends comes with a one-year refund policy. You can request a complete refund with no questions asked.

If you’re unhappy with the investment advice provided in Wealth Megatrends, or if you did not make a significant return on your investment, then you are entitled to a complete refund within 365 days of your original purchase date. You get to keep all bonus reports as a gift.

About Sean Brodrick

Wealth Megatrends is led by editor Sean Brodrick, who describes himself as “the Indiana Jones of natural resources.”

Over the last decade, Sean has worked as an editor and analyst for Oxford Club and Weiss Group, two financial publishing firms. He specializes in analyzing gold, silver, oil, copper, and natural gas investing.

Today, Sean edits several newsletters for Weiss Ratings through Wealth-Wave.com, including Gold & Silver Trader, Marijuana Millionaire Portfolio, and others.

About Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings is a Florida-based financial analysis firm and publishing company.

Founded in 1971 by Dr. Martin D. Weiss, the firm was originally based in New York. Weiss Ratings analyzed the financial status of banks and other institutions for high net worth clients.

Today, Weiss Ratings continues to provide professional financial analysis. The company also publishes email newsletters, paid financial analysis subscriptions, and other products and services.

You can contact Sean Brodrick and the Weiss Ratings team via the following:

Final Word

Weiss Ratings has launched a new marketing campaign for Wealth Megatrends. Led by Sean Brodrick, Wealth Megatrends aims to equip subscribers for the future by telling them the stocks and other assets to buy today.

By following Sean’s investment recommendations, you can purportedly protect your wealth as America struggles against China over the coming years.

Although we’re skeptical of some of the gains mentioned on the Wealth Megatrends sales page, the newsletter is backed by a 365-day refund policy. If you’re unhappy with any of the recommendations, or if you don’t earn a significant return on your investment, then you can request a complete refund and keep all the bonus reports.

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