VigRX Max Volume Review – What are Customers Saying?

Sex is a significant source of happiness for many people. For guys, great sex usually depends on the size, strength, and power of climax. VigRX Max Volume is a 100% natural dietary supplement that could increase your semen volume and force of ejaculation. We’ll show you how it works and describe its capabilities in this VigRX Max Volume review.

You’re probably already aware if you’re a middle-aged guy – but as we men get older, many of us suffer from massively reduced ejaculate volume and force. Unfortunately, this is a natural part of the aging process. It can lead to a lower quality of life, mainly due to a lack of pleasure derived from sex. Weak orgasms tend to mean mediocre sex.

How’s your sex life been lately? Do you feel like your finishes have been getting smaller? Are you less excited by sex than you once were?

If you’re like me, the answer to these questions is most likely yes. But I’m here to tell you that you can have bigger, more forceful orgasms and shoot thicker, more voluminous loads that leave you completely satisfied and your partner full of lust.

I know because I tried VigRX Max Volume myself. And my results were massive. I’m going to share my personal experience with you. But first, I’ll give you all the relevant background information on this dietary supplement as we move forward in this VigRX Max Volume review.

What Is VigRX Max Volume?

VigRX Max Volume is a proprietary formula consisting of all-natural ingredients optimally dosed and delivered in gel capsules to improve the volume of your semen and the quality of your orgasms. It’s what’s known in the health supplement world as a “semen volumizer” or “volume enhancer” because it focuses on nourishing your reproductive glands and promotes enhanced semen quality.

Semen volume and orgasmic pleasure are highly related to overall health. Issues with aging, diet, exercise, nutrition, and stress can all impact your bedroom climaxes. It can be pretty hard to improve all of these aspects of health at once. But a high-quality semen volumizer can enhance the size and force with which you finish in just a few weeks.

VigRX Max Volume is designed to flood the male reproductive system with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to improve the health of your organs, glands, and cells. That way, your reproductive system works at peak efficiency resulting in thicker orgasms and more forceful finishes.

How Does It Work?

VigRX Max Volume works by inundating the male reproductive glands with proven semen-volumizing nutrients. The proprietary formula focuses on the main glands contributing to semen production. This holistic approach allows VigRx Max Volume to operate quickly and efficiently for you.

Let’s break down the 3 front approach that VigRX Max Volume takes.

Emission (Semen Volume)

Semen consists of amino acids, proteins, minerals, plasma, and mucus. Multiple organs and glands produce these various fluids which make up your loads.

Semen consists of:

  • 50-80% Seminal Vesicle Fluid
  • 13-33% Prostate Gland Fluid
  • 5% Bulbourethral Gland Fluid
  • Assorted Fluids And Compounds

The active ingredients in VigRX Max Volume work to promote the production of these fluids. They do so by maximizing the health of the glands which produce the juices. In time this leads to significantly more voluminous semen for you.

Ejaculation (Force)

Next, the active ingredients in VigRX Max operate to increase the force with which you ejaculate. This phenomenon can happen for a couple of reasons.

First of all, you’ll be producing more bulbourethral gland fluid. This little publicized fluid is actually what many might call “pre-cum,” and it works to lubricate the urethra before the climax. That way, your semen travels rapidly through the shaft, meaning a more forceful orgasm.

On top of that, since your semen volume will increase, your brain will signal your muscles to release harder and more forcefully. Scientific studies suggest that when men have more voluminous semen, the brain triggers the sex organs to release semen more powerfully.

And it makes sense, right? It takes more force to move a larger load. And you can reap all of the highly-pleasurable rewards of that increased force.

Orgasm Intensity (Pleasure)

Now that your glands produce optimal levels of seminal vesicle fluid, prostate gland fluid, bulbourethral gland fluid, and other adjacent compounds, you’ll have thicker ejaculate. And your muscles are firing on all cylinders to release those loads. You’re going to experience significantly more pleasure while cumming.

Once your reproductive health has improved, you’ll feel euphoric pleasure each time you climax. That’s because your reproductive system is working at peak efficiency due to the influx of nutrients. Think about the strongest orgasm you’ve ever had. The VigRX Max Volume formula aims to give you that every time you climax.

By taking a 3 step approach to improving the male orgasm, VigRX Max Volume promotes healthy long-term growth. It nourishes all of the contributing factors to the male orgasm. In doing so, this formula can enhance overall reproductive health from the foundation up.

What Does It Do?

As we mentioned earlier in this VigRX Max Volume review, VigRX Max Volume is a “semen volumizer.” It focuses on improving the volume of your semen and supplying you with more pleasurable orgasms. But that’s not all it can do.

  • VigRX Max Volume could:
  • Maximize Semen Volume
  • Produce More Forceful Orgasms
  • Increase Sexual Pleasure
  • Promote Sex Drive
  • Enhance Bedroom Confidence
  • Improve Overall Sexual Health

Clearly, VigRX Max Volume is made to increase the size and force of the male orgasm. However, it does have some other benefits, as well.

Having bigger orgasms and firing huge semen loads all over the place will take your sex life to a new level. You’ll be excited about sex as you carry newfound confidence and swagger. And your partner or partners will respond. After all, nothing turns on a sexual partner more than passionate sex capped off with a massive finish.

What’s In It?

The best dietary supplements will always have a transparent list of clinically backed ingredients. VigRX Max Volume does precisely that, which is a colossal checkmark in favor of this product.

VigRX Max Volume consists of 4 ingredients. Each ingredient has significant clinical backing to show efficacy and is optimally dosed by nutrition experts, who spent thousands of hours cultivating this formula.

Let’s run down the list of ingredients in VigRX Max Volume.

Sunflower Lecithin 1000mg

Lecithin is a fatty substance that occurs naturally in the body. It’s critical in producing and regenerating many cells, including sperm and other cells in semen.

Many forms of lecithin, such as that in soy, can trigger estrogen levels to rise, which can be bad for male health. However, sunflower-based lecithin doesn’t do this, meaning it’s the cleanest form of the compound for men.

Lecithin is high in omega fatty acids that contribute to increased semen volume. A 2019 study determined that lecithin supplementation could increase semen volume.1

L-Arginine HCL 100mg

L-Arginine is an amino acid that contributes to protein production in the human body. L-Arginine can be converted into nitric oxide in the body, contributing to better circulatory health and harder erections.

This amino acid is also essential to producing thick, voluminous semen. That’s because a considerable portion of semen consists of proteins that l-arginine helps to synthesize. A 2018 clinical trial concluded that l-arginine supplementation could result in larger orgasms, increased sperm motility, and thicker semen.2

HCL means the hydrochloride salt version of l-arginine. VigRx Max Volume uses this because it’s the easiest form of amino acid for the body to absorb.

Zinc 40mg

Zinc is a trace mineral found in some meats, green vegetables, nuts, and legumes you consume. It’s critical in many bodily processes. It’s also quite literally a building block of semen. In fact, zinc is most highly concentrated in male reproductive organs and semen.

A 2016 clinical study determined that zinc deficiency significantly contributed to weakened orgasms and even infertility in males.3 In contrast, men with adequate zinc levels showed healthier sperm, thicker semen, and higher fertility rates.

AstraGin 50mg

AstraGin is a US-patented compound that can enhance the rate at which you absorb other nutrients. Sometimes called “bioavailability enhancers,” compounds like AstraGin are exclusively found in expensive pharmaceuticals and elite health supplements.

AstraGin is a derivative of several natural compounds, most notably the “super herb” ginseng. It can increase the absorption rates of other nutrients by as much as 50-90% based on clinical evidence.4

The VigRX Max Volume formula is simple, with just 4 ingredients. But each ingredient has loads of evidence to back its efficacy. The fact that all of the ingredients in this proprietary formula have been proven to have semen-volumizing benefits is impressive. And the addition of a patented bioavailability enhancer makes this product special.

Who Makes It?

This VigRX Max Volume review wouldn’t be complete without giving you some information on the manufacturer. This semen-volumizing dietary supplement is made and distributed by Leading Edge Health.

Leading Edge Health is a North American-based health supplement company that has been in business for over 2 decades. They meet the industry’s highest production standards and have an excellent track record of supplying elite health supplements.

This company is truly one of the best, and the fact that they make VigRX Max Volume gives us great confidence in this product. Check out their official web page today.

Who Should Use It?

VigRX Max Volume is specifically designed for men. So, we’re sorry to say that women shouldn’t use this supplement.

More directly, VigRX Max Volume is made with middle-aged guys in mind. As we all get into our late 30’s, 40’s, and beyond, we’ll deal with declining masculinity. For many guys, that means weaker semen volume and decreased orgasm intensity.

So ask yourself. Am I suffering from thin, puddle-like semen volume? Have my orgasms become weaker?

If you answered yes, VigRX Max Volume could be suitable for you.

If you’re a younger guy who simply wants to have bigger orgasms, VigRx Max Volume could also help you. As long as you stick to recommended dosages, VigRX Max Volume has no negative side effects but could significantly increase the size of your loads.

How To Take It

VigRX Max Volume comes in small gel capsules that go down like a breeze. They are tiny pills and can quickly be taken with water.

It’s recommended to take 4 pills a day. It’s best to take all 4 capsules in the morning to nourish your body throughout the day.

VigRX Max Volume comes with no negative side effects. However, you could experience stomach discomfort if you exceed the recommended dose.

Where To Buy It

VigRX Max Volume is only available for purchase online. Head to the official Leading Edge Health website to find the industry’s best prices and customer service.

Leading Edge Health offers a 67-day money-back guarantee on all of its products. You can try VigRX Max Volume for 67 days, and if it doesn’t work, return the open bottles and get your money back. That is an elite guarantee you won’t find elsewhere.

Ultimately, you’d be assuming no financial risk. That’s how confident Leading Edge Health is in VigRX Max Volume.

How Much Does It Cost?

Leading Edge Health has the best deals we could find. So, we’ll be showing you their prices. Since your refund is guaranteed and buying in bulk offers significant savings, we’d recommend buying several months’ worth of VigRX Max Volume.

The pricing looks like this:

  • 1-Month Supply—$59.95
  • 3-Month Supply—$154.65 ($51.65 per bottle)
  • 6-Month Supply—$289.95 ($48.32 per bottle)

As you can see, buying a larger shipment offers significant savings.

VigRX Max Volume Review – Using The Semen Volumizer

We didn’t think we could provide the best VigRX Max Volume review without a first-hand user experience. So, since I’ve been suffering from less-than-ideal sexual climaxes in recent years, I decided to try it.

I’m generally pretty strict about what I put in my body, so I did tons of research before deciding to take VigRX Max Volume. After reading dozens of reviews, speaking with users, and discussing ingredients with medical professionals, I concluded that this supplement was safe and could potentially work.

I’m excited to share my results with you. To put it simply, I’m thrilled with VigRX Max Volume. It has absolutely improved my life.

VigRX Max Volume Review—Early Days

I bought my VigRX Max Volume directly from the supplier, Leading Edge Health. At that time, I was worried that a big box saying “semen volumizer” would show up at my building. However, the shipment arrived in just 3 days in a generic box. The packaging looked just like any other online purchase and came quickly. I was impressed.

The whole purchasing process was painless. I could track my package and time exactly when it would arrive. And the shipping was 100% free.

VigRX Max Volume Review—Weeks 1-3

Many VigRX Max Volume users report significant gains in as little as 2 weeks. However, by no means is this the norm. It may take some individuals 3-6 weeks before seeing results.

My first week went by with little fanfare, but I was cautiously optimistic. I took 4 capsules every morning but didn’t notice any real gains initially.

By the end of the second week, I noticed that my libido was higher than usual. My partner noticed as well, and we had a great time together.

As I reached day 20 of daily VigRX Max Volume consumption, I noticed significant gains. That day, my partner and I had some fun. And I finished in a massively explosive way. I felt deeply satisfied, and my partner was in awe at the size of my semen load.

VigRX Max Volume Review—Weeks 3-6

My results only got better from there. As I finished my first month using VigRX Max Volume, I consistently had huge orgasms and fired with massive force.

Going into it, I was pretty sure this supplement could help, but I was shocked to see just how seriously effective it was.

I knew for sure that I would continue using VigRX Max Volume for a long time. There was no way I was returning this product. Heck, it seemed like a bargain once I got my results.

VigRX Max Volume Review—Concluding Thoughts

Fast forward to today, and lo and behold, I am still using VigRX Max Volume. This VigRX Max Volume review sent me deep down the health supplement rabbit hole. And I’m so glad it did because my sex life and overall happiness are the best they’ve been in years, thanks to my newfound semen volume.

If you’re interested in having more powerful, robust, masculine climaxes and feeling completely satisfied after sex, check out VigRX Max Volume. It has done a lot for me, and could do the same for you.

Thanks for reading this VigRX Max Volume review. Sex should be fun, and it should make you feel good. Have the best possible sex that you can and get the most out of your life. Consider VigRX Max Volume as a simple, safe way to amplify your pleasure.



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