The Cold Plunge Reviews – What are Customers Saying?

The Cold Plunge, also known as the Plunge, is a cold water immersion tub launched in 2020.

You can set up your Plunge at home, then use it daily to expose your body to cold water, helping you enjoy various health benefits.

Is a Plunge tub worth the price? Should you buy one? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about this cold therapy solution.

What is The Cold Plunge?

The Plunge, found online, is a wellness company offering a lineup of cold immersion tubs.

You immerse yourself in the tub daily to expose your body to cold temperatures, unlocking certain health benefits.

Some studies show exposure to cold temperatures increases energy levels, speeds up physical recovery, boosts mood, burns fat, boosts immunity, and improves sleep, among other benefits.

Instead of adding ice to a trash can or bathtub, you can enjoy a more luxurious experience with The Cold Plunge and the company’s lineup of products.

The Cold Plunge was founded to make cold plunging “as common as coffee,” to quote the founders. The Sacramento-based company wants to deliver stunning, easy-to-use, reliable cold plunges to the world.

The Cold Plunge offers two flagship products, including the original Plunge ($4,990) and the Plunge Pro XL ($6,990). You can also buy a Hot and Cold Plunge Pro XL ($7,490), which functions as both a hot tub and a cold tub.


Benefits of Cold Plunging

The creators of the Plunge tub believe there are many benefits to immersing yourself in cold water. Their website discusses several research-backed benefits linked to cold plunging.

Here are some of the benefits of cold plunging and using The Cold Plunge’s products, according to the official website:

Overall Health: According to the creators, you can support your overall health with cold plunging. Cold plunging supports your immune system, alleviates chronic pain, boosts metabolism, helps increase blood flow, and gives you a better sleep – all of which are crucial for overall health.

Mental Health: Cold plunging may also boost your mental health by raising your energy levels, elevating your mood, and increasing stamina.

Recovery: Cold plunging may help reduce inflammation, ameliorate muscle soreness, and boost performance. There’s a reason many athletes take an ice bath after a big workout: it’s proven to boost recovery.

Energy: Everyone is different, but for many, taking a cold plunge in the morning can help raise energy levels throughout the day. As proof, The Cold Plunge cites a report from Dr. Rhonda Patrick that explained how cryotherapy, cold water immersion, and cold stress could trigger the production of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which is critical for regulating attention, focus, and energy.

Resilience & Stamina: Cold plunging can also build resilience. An intense workout pushes your body to the limits, and a cold plunge does the same thing. Taking the plunge for the first time can be a battle, and remaining in the cold bath is a challenge. Each day, however, you may find it easier to take the plunge, which can do wonders for your mental and physical toughness.

Mood: Some studies show cold plunging can boost your mood. We’ve already established that cold plunging raises norepinephrine. There’s growing evidence that a lack of norepinephrine contributes to depression. By raising levels of norepinephrine, a cold plunge could help you ward off depression.

Stress Relief: Taking a cold plunge can wipe away the stress of the day. When you take the plunge, your body triggers the autonomic nervous system, a network of vessels and nerves that control your body’s response to stress. There are two parts to this nervous system, including the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

Better Relaxation and Sleep: Because taking a cold plunge is linked to stress relief, you could relax and sleep more easily after taking the plunge. Some people take the plunge daily to wipe away stress, making it easier for them to relax and fall asleep at night. Because the plunge interacts with your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, you may be able to fall asleep more easily and get a night of deeper sleep with The Cold Plunge.

The Cold Plunge Products

The Cold Plunge offers three types of Plunge products, including the Plunge, Plunge Pro XL, and a commercial version of the Plunge.


The Plunge, also known as the Cold Plunge, uses cooling, filtration, and sanitation systems to give you cold and clean water whenever you want it. Instead of giving yourself an ice bath or using a chest freezer, you can enjoy a safer, cleaner, and more pleasant way to expose yourself to cold temperatures.

Just fill-up the Plunge with a hose, turn it on, set your temp (down to 39F), and you’re ready to go. The Plunge is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

There are two versions of the Plunge, available on their website, including a standard Cold Plunge or a Hot & Cold Plunge. The Cold Plunge only cools the water, while the Hot & Cold Plunge cools and heats the water, giving you the option of taking an ice bath or a hot tub soak.

  • Cold Plunge: $4,990
  • Hot & Cold Plunge: $5,490

Plunge Pro XL

Plunge Pro XL is 3” taller, 6” longer, and 1.5” wider than the standard Plunge. It’s a new and improved version of the original Plunge with more space for taller individuals.

Plus, the Plunge Pro XL comes with a Pro chiller for extra cooling power. If you buy the Cold Plunge Pro XL, then you can cool your tub and enjoy a classic plunge experience. Or, you can buy the Hot & Cold Plunge Pro XL, which functions as an ice bath and hot tub.

  • Cold Plunge Pro XL: $6,990
  • Hot & Cold Plunge Pro XL: $7,490

The Plunge Supplies

The Cold Plunge also offers supplies and accessories on their website to keep your Plunge running smoothly, including:

  • Residentials Maintenance Package ($190): This package gives you six months of everything you need to maintain your plunge, including filters, sanitizers, oxidizers, alkalinity balancers, pH balancers, and testing strips.
  • 6 Pack of Filters ($36): The Cold Plunge recommends changing filters in the Plunge every month with daily use or bi-weekly if dealing with high volumes of dirt and debris. A 6-pack of filters costs $36.
  • Carbon Hose Filter ($28): You can filter water as it comes out of your hose using the Carbon Hose Filter.
  • Sirona Test Strips ($25): The Cold Plunge offers a lineup of Sirona Spa Care test strips to test sanitation, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, and pH. You get 25 test strips.
  • Sirona Sanitizer ($36): The Sirona Spa Care Sanitizer keeps your Plunge clean without the use of harsh chemicals. Sirona is the only EPA-approved, non-chlorine, non-bromine sanitizer on the market.
  • Baqua Spa Surface Cleaner ($36): Your 16oz bottle of Baqua Spa Surface Cleaner helps you clean the surface and material of your Plunge.
  • Sirona Oxidizer ($36): The Sirona Oxidizer works in conjunction with the Sirona Sanitizer to keep the water in your Plunge crystal clean. Studies show oxidation is a better way to clean water than chloride.
  • Sirona Alkalinity Up ($36): Each 16oz bottle of Sirona Alkalinity Up increases your Plunge’s total alkalinity, giving you a stable pH.
  • Sirona pH Down ($36): Each 20oz bottle of pH Down decreases the pH of your Plunge to achieve balanced water, helping you hit a target of 7.2 to 7.8 pH.
  • Measuring Teaspoon / Tablespoon ($5): Measure your maintenance chemicals with the Plunge’s measuring spoons.
  • Phone / Tablet Mount ($39): The Phone / Tablet Mount lets you mount your cell phone or tablet on the side of your Plunge. It attaches to the outside edge of the Plunge, letting you watch videos, play music, or follow guided Plunge sessions on your device.


The Cold Plunge Features & Benefits

Features and benefits vary slightly among different Plunge products. However, some common features across all products include:

  • Insulated Spa Cover: Keep debris out and consistent temperatures inside with the insulated spa cover.
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty: All Plunge products are covered by a 1-year factory warranty. You can extend the warranty to 3 or 5 years for an added cost.
  • Guided Plunge Videos: The Cold Plunge offers a library of guided plunge videos explaining how to plunge correctly, the benefits of the plunge, and how to install and maintain your system.
  • Cell Phone Holder: Attach your cell phone to the cell phone holder to watch guided videos, set timers, or play music as you plunge.
  • Tablet Holder: If you buy the Plunge Pro XL, then it comes with a tablet holder (not just a phone holder). You can attach your tablet to the tub to watch movies or play music as you soak.
  • Hose Filter: Your Plunge comes with a hose filter you attach to the end to filter out impurities.
  • Skimmer Net: You can scoop any floating debris out of your plunge using the included skimmer net.
  • Made from Acrylic Materials: The Plunge is made from sturdy acrylic material. It’s designed to last for years when used indoors or outdoors.
  • Hot Tub Option Available: If you live in a cold climate and want to use the Plunge outside, or if you want the added benefit of a hot tub, then you can get a hot tub version of the Plunge and the Plunge Pro XL. Whether you’re looking for a hot or cold soak, the Plunge could deliver.
  • Water Treatment: You can purchase a six-month water maintenance package through the website for $190. You get six filters, a 16oz Baqua Spa Sanitizer, a 32oz Baqua Spa Oxidizer, a 16oz Alkalinity Up, a 16oz pH Down, and 25 testing strips, helping you keep the Plunge at the perfect type of water. Some studies show ozone-enriched water is better for your skin than chlorine-treated water, providing superior cleanliness without the unpleasant scent or chemical side effects of chlorine.
  • Use Indoors or Outdoors: The Plunge is ideal for use on patios or in small backyards. However, others put it inside their home, in a garage, or in other spaces in and around the house. You can use the Cold Plunge indoors or outdoors however you like.
  • The base Plunge model is 5.5 feet long and 3.5 feet wide, similar to a full-sized bathtub. It fits a person up to 6’6” comfortably. The Plunge Pro XL offers larger dimensions if you’re taller or larger.
  • Underwater Lighting: The Plunge comes with underwater lighting to give the pool a more luxurious look and feel. The lights make the Plunge look nice for a relaxing evening or when plunging outside at night.
  • 20 Micron Circulation Filtration: The Plunge has a 20-micron filter that filters the water in the tub every 10 minutes, keeping it clean from bacteria and dirt.


The Cold Plunge Warranty

Every Plunge comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty out of the box.

You can add a three year or five-year warranty for an added cost:

  • 3-Year Protection Plan: $294.99 for up to 3 years of coverage.
  • 5-Year Protection Plan: $589.99 for up to 5 years of coverage.

The Cold Plunge Refund Policy

In addition to the warranty, each Plunge comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Plunge, then you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

The Cold Plunge on Shark Tank

The Cold Plunge was featured on Shark Tank.

The Cold Plunge’s founders, Mike and Ryan, negotiated with the Sharks to make a deal.

About The Cold Plunge

The Cold Plunge is a Sacramento, California-based company launched to make cold therapy easier and more accessible to anyone.

The company was founded by Mike Garrett and Ryan Duey, who have ten years of experience running health and wellness organizations.

Mike and Ryan ran separate float spas and cryo-spas. In March 2020, COVID-19 shut down float spas. Mike and Ryan were motivated to bring the float experience to people’s homes, so they designed the Plunge to make it happen.

Each Plunge is made by hand and thoroughly tested. The company opened a factory in Sacramento.

You can contact The Cold Plunge via the following:

You can learn more about the company’s origin story here.

Final Word

The Cold Plunge, also known as the Plunge, is a tub that provides cool, clean water from the comfort of your home.

Designed for use indoors and outdoors, the Plunge gives you a luxurious float/cryo spa experience from the comfort of your own home. Taking a cold plunge daily is linked with various health benefits, and The Cold Plunge can help you enjoy those benefits from the comfort of home.

To learn more about The Cold Plunge or buy the Plunge online today, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>


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