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Tarot Reading Online: Best Tarot Readers Can Lead You to A Better Future

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It is a fact that life is uncertain, especially in this modern time. Times are hard as all the wrong doings are constantly in our faces due to technology and it can be overwhelming and makes it hard to stay positive. Due to this there emerges a dire need to walk on eggshells and make all the right turns to avoid obstacles and help us reach our destination.

During such circumstances, it is essential to seek guidance. Guidance from experts who know what they are doing and are trained experts, can surely be a blessing in disguise. They can help you find out direction and purpose in life, which you thought would never be possible.

Because there’s too much information on the internet it becomes difficult to trust and choose a reader. You need to research and figure out your needs so that you filter and pick accordingly. There are reviews everywhere, and that is the best way to make an educated guess. The more you read about something, the better you will understand it. With the online tarot card reading sites presented on our list, it has become extremely simple to find the necessary nudge and help to walk the way of life with a smile. All the online readers are professionals, experienced and have been working in this field for decades. They are selected after a proper process, and you have nothing to worry about as the authenticity and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Best Online Tarot Reading Sites

Kasamba – Extremely accurate tarot readers, experts for love tarot readings (Get 3 free minutes + 50% off)

Keen Psychic – Trusted & proven tarot readers, best for meeting your budget (Get 10 minutes session at $1.99)

California Psychics – Excellent for future telling tarot readings ($1 per minute plus 5 minutes free on the usage of code: ADD5)



Key Features

  • First three minutes free+50% off
  • User-friendly website
  • Expert professional’s tarot readers
  • Price quotation option
  • Accurate readings with 100% customer satisfaction
  • Experts for love tarot reading, career & money advice, future telling

Kasamba has been in the business of connecting users with psychic and tarot readers for more than twenty years now, and over the years, they have created a platform that is trusted and reputed by millions because of the quality services they provide. No matter what problems you are facing in your life, you can be sure to find an answer to that when you choose Kasamba as your rescue.

At kasamba, users are given the first three minutes free regardless of the tarot reader they choose. There are a lot of rumors suggesting that online tarot reading is not very effective, and this is what makes users hesitate a bit before investing in such platforms. Kasamba completely understands this fact and hence provides the first three minutes free. In these free minutes, users can get an idea of whether they like the service or not.

In case they are liking it, they can go ahead and continue the same session. As the three minutes end, they will be charged as per the rates of that particular tarot reader. However, if they choose to discontinue the session, they are free to do so. Just that they need to ensure that they are ending the services before three minutes end; otherwise, they will be charged for it.

The psychics at kasamba undoubtedly provide users with the best tarot card reading online. However, there are always specialties that can be linked to a particular platform. There are a lot of tarot readers on this platform with their ways and specialties. However, the website is overall recognized for its services in the areas of love tarot readings, future tarot readings, finding clarity, spiritual guidance, financial outlook, career advice and more.

In the former one, the psychics help people dive into the spiritual aspects and help users connect with their loved and deceased ones. And the latter one aims to guide by using cards as main tools. Users can seek advice on any matter relating to career, relationships, love, finance, or any other problems as well.

One also does not need to worry about the reliability of the services provided by kasamba. They have a rigorous selection process of onboarding the psychics on their website. All the tarot readers need to pass this process and meet the standards; only then can they get a place in kasamba. The tarot readers are tested based on their abilities, specialties, background check, and qualifications. It is important that the guidance provided by online tarot card reading actually adds value to a user’s life, and hence the extensive selection process.

The process of registration on this website is extremely simple as well. As the users decide on the tarot reader they want for their session, they can register by clicking on the chat or call option. Once that is done, as per the policies, the first three minutes shall be free. And to ensure that payment is happening after that, users need to add a payment option. It could be through cards or other online payment options as specified by the website.

There is no hassle on the website as well. Since first-time users are already a little hesitant, the website is made extremely simple to use. All the tabs and buttons are specified on the front page itself, and users can easily navigate back and forth on the website to finally land on the page they want to. Those who are not comfortable with the online browser can also choose the option of downloading the app. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Another interesting thing to mention about the website is that users can quote a price they are willing to pay for a particular session. It gives the users an option to quote a price lower than what the psychic is charging. However, this depends on the tarot reader as it will work only when they are willing to provide the session at the rate mentioned by the users. However, there is no harm by the user’s side, as if accepted, well and good. If not, they are still not losing anything.

Unlike other websites, kasamba ensures to cater to the users’ needs by always communicating with them. The status of availability of the tarot readers is always communicated to the users so that they are not left hanging and are not wasting their time unnecessarily. Both parties can communicate their terms of availability and decide mutually on a time for an online session. However, if users are looking for an offline session, they can search for tarot card reading near me and mee the tarot reader in person. All the terms for payments, timings, and other relevant information can be discussed beforehand itself.

Click Here To Start Your Tarot Reading Session at Kasamba With 3 Free Minutes

Keen Psychics


Key Features

  • Extremely affordable services and great tarot card reading online
  • 10 minutes for only $1.99
  • Specialized readings through emails as well
  • Reliable tarot readers
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

Keen psychic is a trusted psychic readings and tarot card readings service that has been in the industry for over two decades now. They have helped millions of users through the quality services they provide. There are a lot of times when people are extremely lost and have no idea as to what the future holds for them. There is uncertainty for sure, but that should not be the reason a person stops chasing their dreams. For the same reason, keen psychics have able psychics who can provide solutions to even such extremely complex questions.

One of the reasons why keen psychics have been able to connect to a global audience is because all of their psychics are mostly English speaking. This helps users communicate effectively about their problems and get a solution. It’s often seen that people are tempted to find “tarot reading near me” becauseof the belief that offline services are going to be better and more effective. However, psychics at keen psychics are experts and trained well enough to conduct complex things like tarot cad reading as well online in an effective way.

When a person seeks offline guidance, there is a lot that goes in. Users need to take out the travelling cost and also ensure that they are taking out time from their busy schedules and adjusting to the availability of psychics to get that session. People who have their own businesses or are self-employed can still opt for it, but it gets difficult for people with fixed schedules. Plus, even after going through so much trouble, there is no surety that the user is going to like the services. In case they are dissatisfied, all the money and efforts go to waste. With keen psychics, such problems can be easily eliminated.

Even if the users are attempting to use the site for the very first time, there is nothing to worry about, as the website is extremely easy to use. As soon as people land up on the website, they can see various psychics listed. On these psychic profiles, everything from specialization to background and rates is mentioned. Even the reviews are mentioned, and this helps the new users understand the experience of previous users and helps them make an educated guess on how it would be like, for them.

For payments, the users need to add a method from the option that they are most comfortable with. The best is the wallet method, wherein users can transfer money from their bank accounts and use it as and when they like on the website. For the first few free minutes, they will not be charged, however as soon as that ends, they will be charged according to the rates specified by those psychics. These free minutes also give users a chance to understand if they are satisfied with the services or not. They can continue it if they like, if not, there is no pressure to keep going.

There are various methods available for conducting sessions as well. It could be through phone, chat or live, whatever the users are comfortable with. And there is absolutely no hesitancy as to which method is better. All methods are equally effective, just that some users are comfortable with one, while the others with the other methods. The website also offers email readings, which adds to its distinctive features, as there is hardly any website that offers this option. So if users want a response, but not immediately because of being busy with work, other things, they can opt for this option.

Click Here To Connect With Keen Tarot Card Experts

California Psychics


Key features

  • Gifted advisors
  • Great for a tarot card reading online
  • Sessions at $1 per minute and 5 minutes free on the usage of code: ADD5
  • Easy signup process
  • Free horoscopes

With more than two decades of service in the field of psychic and tarot readings, California psychics has become a reputed site that is home to hundreds of gifted psychics. Since there are so many psychics, it adds an advantage to the users as they get a variety of options to choose from. All the psychics have specific specialties that they list on their profiles. Based on that, the users can decide as to what they think will add the most value to their life.

California psychics is known for its relationship with customers. They understand that users are not comfortable paying huge sums of money for psychic readings, especially the first time when they are not sure of how the services will turn out to be. For the same reason, they give a lot of introductory offers and discounts so that the users can decide for themselves by paying less. This way, they do not feel hesitant as they are not spending much. If they feel that they are liking the sessions, they can continue with the same; however, if there is dissatisfaction, there is full liberty to discontinue the session then and there.

The website is so organized that users hardly have any issues using it. Everything is displayed simply, and users can choose accordingly. They also have a sort and filter option as well, which helps the users put their preferences and help them find the perfect match. They have services ranging from tarot reding online to aura reading, dream analysis, and much more at one place itself. This basically means that users are bound to find answers when they come to California psychics no matter the problems.

After landing on the website, the procedure to connect with the tarot readers is pretty simple as well. There are various tarot readers listed on the platform that the users can browse through and choose the ones that they like. Then they can choose the medium through which they want the session to get conducted. After deciding on the tarot reader they want to go ahead with, they can understand the terms and conditions of payments and accordingly pay for the session through various online available options. It needs to be kept in mind that they do not have to pay for the free minutes.

There are a lot of problems that one can be going through in life, and it is not easy to understand the way out of it. However, the psychics at California Psychics try and do their best they can to ensure that providing answers to such problems using the tools and expertise they have. Users are sometimes hesitant toward sharing their problems because of fear of judgment or any other insecurity. Psychics at California psychics have the capacity to read beyond what the users are speaking; they dive deep into their emotions to understand the actual issue so that helpful guidance can be provided.

Users also do not have to worry about the kinds of problems they can ask from a particular tarot reader because it is meant for everybody and every kind of question. It could be matters relating to love, career, money, relationships, or anything else. These are usually the most important aspects of one’s life, and using the various tools and mediums, California psychics ensure that the best advice is being provided. This brings out users from the dark place in their lives and gives them direction, purpose, and path, which all in all can be extremely life-changing for them.

Click Here For A Powerful Tarot Readings Session With California Psychics

Are Online Tarot Card Readings Reliable?

Users are often unsure of the fact whether these services are authentic or not. Here are some factors that will help you understand the truth.

  • Professional tarot readers

    These readings take place by people who have been studying and practicing in this field for decades and decades. These years of experience instill in them the needed understanding and intuition to look beyond the problems stated by the users so that they can dive deep into their actual emotions and help them face those problems. This is why tarot readings are so accurate, as even if the user is hesitant to tell the problems, the reader already understands them because of their gifted abilities.

  • Selection process

    All the readers who get a profile of their own on websites, do so by going through a rigorous selection process. The platform tests them on the basis of knowledge, specializations, qualifications and background to ensure that the right person gets hired. Although self-researching by way of studying reviews and matching one’s needs is something that is always recommended.

  • Reviews and ratings

    Any user who takes tarot card reading usually shares their experience on the profile of that psychic. This is extremely useful for new users to help them understand the authenticity of these websites. In case they see that the reviews are overly positive, with only a little variation, it gets obvious that the reviews are fabricated. However, if the reviews are detailed and varying, then it shows that they are authentic. The users can make an educated guess based on this fact and decide for themselves the readers they want to associate themselves with.

  • Extreme transparency

    With genuine websites, you will never face a problem of transparency. Everything will be told to you as it is, without hiding any facts or information. All the details regarding the qualifications of psychic, to the reviews, to the availability and specialties of the reader, everything is displayed on the website, which is the same for everyone. You can also call those psychics and check for yourself. Also, the free minutes provided by these websites is an added advantage, as it lets you decide whether you want to continue with a service or not.

  • Customer satisfaction responsibility

    All the psychic and love tarot reading platforms exist because customers believe in them. They will not want to mess up with the services they provide, because they have built them over decades, and the amount of time and money that goes into it is massive. They take complete responsibility for the satisfaction of users. If, in any case, the users feel dissatisfied, they have the option to disconnect the call and talk to customer care. The customer care will do the best they can to ensure that you get value out of your money.

Things To Keep In Mind Before A Tarot Reading Session Starts

To ensure that you are deriving maximum value out of the session, here are a few things that you should do to prepare yourself.

  • Prepare your questions

    Nobody knows better than you about your life. Instead of thinking about the questions during the session, you can prepare them beforehand. This gives you a sense of confidence and also ensures that you are not wasting those precious minutes thinking about what you want to ask. When you are prepared, there can be a better flow of conversation, and you are sure to derive value from it.

  • Do not interrupt

    When the session starts, mentally prepare yourself to not interrupt the session while the reader is trying to read tarot cards. It is a process that requires knowledge and awareness. If you disturb the reader at the time they are reading cards, it disrupts the flow, and then the guidance may not be as accurate. Rather let them read the cards and tell you what they think. Once their side of the conversation is over, you can go ahead and ask your doubts.

  • Sit in a quiet spot

    It is important that you sit in a place where there is absolutely no disturbance. Every minute is charged, and you want to ensure that your connectivity is proper, and the area is free of noise. These are the little things that, if you pay attention to, can show a drastic change in the value you derive from a free tarot reading session. Make sure that everything from your side is on point. So that if anything is wrong from the other side, you will know. Otherwise, most of your time will go in figuring out the tunes=necessary things.

Are Online Tarot Readings Accurate?

This is something that is always at the back of the mind of some people. And it is valid because of the rumors surrounding them. However, it is important to understand that tarot card reading is a science that depends on who is performing it. It is said that the cards attract the users, and there is a role of energy into it, which makes it more authentic and the connection that develops is deeper. Which ultimately helps the reader provide better insights and also creates ease for the user if they want to ask more questions.

However, it is also to be kept in mind that it depends on the qualifications of a particular psychic. So ensure that you are researching well about the psychic before jumping into the session. You should also take advantage of the free minutes to understand whether you are finding it accurate or not. If not, you are free to switch.

What Kind Of Questions To Ask In A Reading Session?

This is something that highly depends on what kind of answer you are looking for. It could be anything related to love, career, money, finance or anything about life. These readers are there to answer the most complicated questions. However, ensure that you are deriving the maximum value by asking deeper questions. The questions should not be about why something is happening, because knowing the cause will hardly do any good. Rather one can ask about ways to improve that situation. That is something that will take you forwards, and not backwards.

Also, if you are hesitant in talking or fear judgement, you can also write down your questions beforehand, so that you are prepared and have your questions ready. Do this in a quiet spot where your mind is free of thoughts, and you can focus on what you want to ask.

Why Not “Tarot Reading Near Me”?

It is often wondered as to why not offline reading sessions. Well, there is no harm, however, the advantages of online sessions are a little too many. In case of offline reading sessions, one needs to take time out from their busy schedules to match the timings given by the psychic. Along with that, you need to take care of the travelling cost and time. And, even after putting in so much effort, time and money, there is no guarantee that you will be satisfied. Also, there is no system in place to ensure that users are satisfied.

However, when it comes to online sessions, users can choose the time according to their preference and even the medium they want the session to get conducted through. Along with that, there are free psychic minutes and a proper customer satisfaction system in place.

Why Should I Get a Tarot Reading? Is It Helpful?

A lot of times in life, we are stuck with situations that seem like a dead end. It could be anything, especially given life’s uncertainty, it is hard to find answers to all questions. The readings help people find a new perspective on life and get a view of how to get out of those problems. Everybody has the right to get ways through which they can become better and prosper in life. And free online tarot reading helps one with exactly that. It can be extremely life changing, in a positive way.

What to Do During The Session?

A session may last from anywhere between 15 minutes to as long as you want it. Now, during the session, you should ensure that you are not distracted throughout. The reader will want to dive deep into your emotions and find the problems that you are going through. If you do not focus, then it will be hard for the reader to read your mind. Rather try to be calm and composed, so that the session goes free of distractions.


With the onset of this pandemic, people are understanding the advantages of online tarot reading even more. Technology has given people the opportunity to explore and understand more. Especially when people cannot go out to experience these services, they understand that it does not stop offline. There are online tarot card reading services that provide far more advantages than the offline ones as well.

Even if one is unsure, there is nothing to lose when it comes to tarot card reading online as all the websites provide a few free minutes in which the users can decide whether they are liking the services or not. In case they do not like the services, they can end it then and there and report that particular psychic, and still rest assured that they will find their perfect match and the value for their money.

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