Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Review: Is Sound Wise Hearing Aid Kit Legit?

The Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids are popular new hearing aids available through GetSoundwise.com.

Made using CIA technology, the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids can purportedly cancel out background noise, amplify voices, and minimize tinnitus symptoms – all while being easy to fit and a fraction of the price of conventional hearing aids.

Do the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids work? How do the hearing aids work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the new Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids.

What Are Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids?

Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids are hearing aids priced at around $499.


Available exclusively online through GetSoundwise.com, the hearing aids claim to improve overall hearing, retrain the brain, and even help prevent dementia and deadly falls, among other benefits.

Each rechargeable hearing aid is made using a micro design, which means it’s tough to notice them within someone’s ears. They’re discreet and designed to provide high-quality digital sound for the best possible noise experience.

While conventional hearing aids cost thousands of dollars and require multiple appointments, Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids do not.

You can order the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids online today, then take them out of the box and regain your hearing in just 2 minutes. There’s no need to book an appointment with an audiologist, pay costly doctors’ fees, or pay thousands of dollars for a single pair of hearing aids. Instead, you just order the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Kit online without a prescription, then regain your hearing.


How Do the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Work?

The Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids work similar to other hearing aids: you place the devices in your ear, and the device uses an amplifier to raise levels of voices – all while occluding unnecessary ambient sound.

Here’s the basic process the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids use:

  • The microphone on the hearing aids receives sound and convert it into a digital signal
  • The amplifier raises levels of voices and music
  • The hearing aids filter out background noise, wind, and other unnecessary ambient sounds
  • The receiver sends these amplified sounds into your ear, allowing your brain to process them as ordinary sound
  • The hearing aids are rechargeable. Just place them in their holder when not in use.

You can adjust the intensity of the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids using built-in controls. If it’s too loud or too quiet, for example, then you can adjust the sound as needed.

Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Features & Benefits

Soundwise emphasizes all of the following features and benefits with its Aria Hearing Aids:

  • Rechargeable: Rechargeable units so you never have to worry about replacing batteries
  • Discreet: Micro design, which means most people will not notice them in your ears
  • CIA Sound Processing Technology: Digital sound processing for the best possible sound experience
  • No Background Noise: Improved noise reduction, allowing you to hear what you want to hear instead of background noise
  • Easy to Use: Just take the hearing aids of the charger, turn them on, and use the correct size of ear dome to insert the hearing aids into your ear
  • Adjustable: Adjust sound levels easily at any time using the included tool
  • Digital Sound Amplification: Digital sound amplification to make it easier to hear conversations
  • Included Strings: Pull strings to allow you to place and remove the hearing aids easily
  • Fits Your Face: Works with glasses, face masks, and oxygen tubes without issue
  • No Prescription or Doctors’ Visits Required: Available without a prescription or audiogram (the FDA recently made it legal to sell hearing aids over the counter)
  • Works Within 2 Minutes: Hear better within 2 minutes of receiving your package

How Are Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids So Affordable? What’s the Catch?

Traditional hearing aids cost $1,500 to $3,000 per pair. You may need to visit an audiologist or other specialist, raising costs further.

Soundwise, Aria Hearing Aids, on the other hand, is priced at just $500. So what’s the catch? Why are they so cheap?

As Soundwise explains, the company cuts out 4 or 5 go-betweens to lower costs for consumers:

“We didn’t cut out one middleman; we cut out 4 or 5. Hearing aids are so expensive because of the doctor’s salary, the equipment needed, and the office they use.”

That doesn’t mean Soundwise sells a subpar, medically-unsound product. Instead, Soundwise has a doctor on their staff, Dr. Kent Nunnally, who makes sure the hearing aids work as advertised. By using his expertise for thousands of patients instead of requiring individual patient visits, Soundwise can sell quality hearing aids at a discount rate, helping customers save thousands.

Who Should Use the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids?


Sometimes, it’s obvious you need to use hearing aids. You can’t hear anything, or you struggle to hear basic conversations. With most people, however, hearing loss is gradual. One day, they realize they’ve had trouble hearing the TV and conversations for years.

Here are some of the signs you should consider using the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids:

  • You can’t hear what people are saying on TV
  • You need to ask friends and family to repeat themselves frequently
  • Loved ones get frustrated and may give up trying to talk to you
  • You fake laugh at jokes because you didn’t hear them
  • You avoid restaurants and public places because you can’t hear conversations
  • You avoid going to a movie theater because you can’t hear the dialog
  • You struggle to hear birds chirping
  • You often lose your balance for no obvious reason
  • You find it hard to mentally focus, or you have some mental fog
  • You’re more forgetful

The hearing loss issues extend beyond problems with your ears. It can also make cognitive issues worse. Many people also develop balance issues, tinnitus, and other ear-related disorders after developing hearing loss.

How Do Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Help with Tinnitus?

You can find other hearing aids that amplify sound and filter background noise. However, Soundwise specifically markets its Aria Hearing Aids as a solution for tinnitus. According to the official website, hearing aids can rapidly stop the ringing in your ears.

According to Kriss and the Soundwise team, the Aria Hearing Aids improve symptoms of tinnitus by:

  • Improving overall hearing. The hearing aids improve the quality of external sound, helping you focus less on the inner sounds of tinnitus.
  • Retraining your brain. The Aria Hearing Aids use a technique called habituation. Via habituation, the hearing aids use external sound to teach the brain to ignore the tinnitus.

Because of these two effects, your brain can eventually turn down tinnitus while wearing the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids, helping you focus on louder, clearer sounds while avoiding the ringing in your ears.

How Do Soundwise Hearing Aids Help Prevent Dementia and Deadly Falls?

According to Soundwise, Aria Hearing Aids can even help prevent dementia and deadly falls.

When you struggle to hear, your body struggles to balance itself. Your brain also gets stuck in negative cognitive loops, which can increase the risk of cognitive degeneration.

As proof, Soundwise cites this study published by ASHA. In that study, researchers found even mild hearing loss “triples the risk of an accidental fall.” Plus, for every ten extra decibels of hearing loss you have, the risk of a fall increases by 140%.

Hearing affects balance and cognition for three reasons, according to research:

It makes people less aware of their environment, preventing them from noticing other people, pets, or activities around them.

Hearing loss can decrease spatial awareness, making it difficult to gauge where your body is relative to other people and objects.

Hearing loss causes the brain to use more resources to hear, interpret speech, and process sound. That means fewer resources go towards gait and balance.

Because of all of these factors, people with hearing loss are more likely to lose their balance and fall. According to Soundwise, the Aria Hearing Aids could help.

Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Every hearing aid company claims to offer crystal clear sound and maximum quality. But what do customers actually say about Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids and how they work? Do they really supercharge hearing as advertised?

Here are some of the reviews from verified customers featured on the official Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids website:

One 53-year older man left a review after using the hearing aids for just a few hours. He has worn many hearing aids over the years, but he believes the Aria Hearing Aids are his favorite. He is 60% deaf in one ear and the other ear is totally gone, and he claims the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids work as advertised. He claims some noises are harsh – like slamming doors or items dropped on the floor. However, he claims the sound quality is better than the Beltone hearing aids he used to wear.

Another reviewer claims the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids work better than the $2,000 hearing aid she purchased from the audiologist.

One reviewer got rid of his old hearing aids because they were $1,500 each and were going to cost $1,000 to repair. That reviewer likes the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids because he can use the phone with them in. He also wanted the fast shipping, claiming he ordered on Sunday night and received the hearing aids on Thursday.

Another reviewer described the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids as “the best things since mothers milk,” claiming she “instantly fell in love with them” the same day she received them.

One reviewer purchased the Aria Hearing Aids for his 95-year old mother who has age-related hearing loss in her right ear. She was “instantly amazed” by the hearing aids despite being disappointed by her old, $4,000 pair of hearing aids. That woman could hear her daughter speaking in a normal voice from another room – something she had not been able to do in years. Now, she watches TV at a normal volume.

Overall, customers agree that the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids work as advertised to improve hearing while replicating the effects of higher-end devices.

What’s Included with Each Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Kit?

Each Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Kit is priced at $499 and includes:

  • 2 Aria hearing aids
  • Charging case
  • Charging cord
  • Selection of 5 ear domes for custom sizing
  • Volume adjustment and cleaning tool

Each kit includes everything you need to start using the hearing aids out of the box. There’s no need to purchase additional accessories.

Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Pricing

The Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids are priced at $499 per kit. However, you can save money by ordering two kits at once.


Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Kit: $499 + Free US Shipping
  • 2 Kits: $749 + Free US Shipping
  • 1 Kit (Financed for Lower Payments): 3 payments of $185 + Free US Shipping

Although Soundwise does not process insurance claims for patients, the company does allow customers to pay with their HAS or FSA card, allowing your hearing aids to be tax-deductible. They also encourage customers to keep their invoices and submit a claim after their purchase.

You can pay an extra $97 for loss protection. For $97, the company will replace up to two lost hearing aids for one year. If you lose one or both of your hearing aids, for example, then you can request two new ones from the company, with free shipping, for up to one year after your purchase.

Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids Refund Policy & Warranty

Soundwise backs up its Aria Hearing Aids with a 1-year money-back guarantee and warranty.

If you’re unhappy with your hearing aids for any reason, or if you break your hearing aids, then Soundwise will replace your hearing aid if possible. In fact, if you damage your hearing aid in any way, the company will do its best to repair your hearing aid or send a replacement one. However, if you lose your hearing aid, then you’ll need to pay for a new one.

About Soundwise

Soundwise is a hearing aid company co-founded by Kriss Berg and Dr. Kent Nunnally.

Kriss was motivated to create a hearing aid when he noticed his dad’s hearing decline. Eventually, it reached a point where his dad couldn’t hear his grandkids. His dad also started to experience tinnitus, forgetfulness, and other cognitive issues.

Kriss’s dad tried hearing aids, but he was disappointed. He still had the ringing in his ears. His first set of hearing aids cost $7,000 and didn’t work very well. Kriss’s dad thought he would never hear again.

To make a long story short, Kriss created his own hearing aid with the help of Dr. Kent Nunnally and Dr. Victoria Taylor, two experts with 50 years of combined hearing aid experience. Kriss is a health research and health expert, but he’s not an audiologist. That’s when Kris skew he needed to make a change.

You can contact Soundwise via the following:

  • Email: barb@getsoundwise.com

Final Word

Soundwise has launched a new pair of affordable hearing aids. Available exclusively online through GetSoundwise.com, the hearing aids use CIA technology to improve hearing, reduce background noise, and help with balance and cognition, among other benefits.

To learn more about the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids and how they work, or to buy the hearing aids online today, visit the official website.


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