Resurge Reviews: What are the Customers Saying?

Resurge is a daily weight loss supplement that includes eight (8) ingredients that push the body into significant weight loss with no extra effort by users. This remedy is easy to take nightly, though users won’t have to worry about their sleep being interrupted. Resurge can only be purchased from the official website at www.Resurge.com.

What is Resurge?

The supplement industry seems to have a product to help with nearly anything that the body goes through. From the immune system to how the digestive system handles nutrition, these products are plentiful in every grocery store. Weight loss is one of the endeavors that consumers pursue with a plan of exercise, dieting, and more. However, the right supplement can significantly change their success, and Resurge aims to be a more effective solution than many others.

Resurge provides users with improved support for their general sleep cycle and increases the HGH in their bodies. Taken before the user goes to sleep, this formula pushes the body to burn through more calories when it would typically be resting.

The only time that consumers do not directly get the opportunity to work out or diet is at night when the body slows down in its energy use. By increasing the calories that the body burns through during this otherwise idle time of day, consumers can shed extra pounds without putting in any extra work. Users won’t have to engage in a diet or exercise program, and they will even see anti-aging benefits with this remedy.

How Sleep Impacts Weight Gain

Most studies are reasonably clear – weight gain is often directly associated with the lack of sleep in someone’s night. Getting adequate sleep is a crucial step in many brain processes, as it needs to recuperate at the end of every day. Throughout the day, the brain’s use causes it to war down connections, and rest must repair and rebuild the relationships. The metabolism is one of the processes in the body that needs this rest as well, or the body cannot burn through the calories it typically would during the daytime.

Another reason that sleep is essential is that consumers feel more stressed when they haven’t slept enough. The body compensates by releasing cortisol, which also triggers a greater appetite. Consumers satisfy the excessive hunger, even though they aren’t actually in need of food. By sleeping better, the individual becomes less stressed with a regulated appetite, which means that consumers will not feel triggered to consume more than they should during the day.

Studies have consistently shown that individuals who sleep even just four hours a night will have a greater desire to eat throughout the day than people who sleep nine (9) or even ten (10) hours. Most people who lack sleep will even seek out carb-rich foods rather than foods that benefit their health.

Ingredients Included in the Resurge Formula

Resurge is so effective that it narrows down all of the benefits to 8 ingredients. They even show precisely how much of each ingredient is involved in getting a clear picture of what they can expect when they take Resurge.

The main ingredients include:

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Theanine
  • Ashwagandha
  • Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract
  • Hydroxytryptophan
  • Melatonin

To ensure that consumers know what to expect, here’s a little more information about what happens within the body when consumers digest these ingredients.


Magnesium is an essential ingredient for hundreds of different reactions in the body. It helps with the battle against depression, and it can support the benefits of exercise. Seeming to touch on every possible function in the body can defend the body from type 2 diabetes just as quickly as it reduces unhealthy blood pressure levels. It even reduces inflammation and the resistance to natural or synthetic insulin.


Zinc is a necessary ingredient for the immune system, helping it send signals to the body areas that need healing. It enables the body to fight off disease, which allows the user to eradicate any possible contaminants or irritates that may keep them up. Plus, it helps the body improve wounds’ healing and preserve the user’s sense of taste.

This mineral is also crucial in producing certain hormones associated with the sex drive, including testosterone and prolactin.


The most popular reason that consumers include L-Arginine in their daily routine is because of the benefits it offers to nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide serves multiple functions, acting as an excellent neurotransmitter to improve the brain’s health.

Furthermore, nitric oxide is used to improve the widening of blood vessels for better flow. It is often included in remedies for male enhancement, though it is equally helpful for individuals to transport nutrients for the body.


L-Lysine eases anxiety, which helps individuals keep themselves up each night from this issue. It reduces the body’s ability to send out stress signals, which means that users can relax much more easily at night when they try to get some extra rest.

This ingredient also serves the user’s health – regular use can improve how well the body absorbs calcium, which increases bone strength. It also helps the body heal from wounds with the production of collagen. This ingredient is likely one of the reasons that this product can make the user look less aged.


L-theanine helps consumers focus quickly, activating the brain’s parts that allow them to concentrate while they relax. Though the mind works synapses more efficiently, this ingredient won’t keep the user up late. Instead, it improves the user’s ability to sleep since there are no anxious thoughts, just keeping them awake all night.

While the brain works more efficiently, the rest of the body benefits as well, L-theanine reduces high blood pressure and improves weight loss in the body. In some cases, L-theanine also responds to specific treatments for cancer.


Ashwagandha, an herb, is primarily used to reduce blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of cancer significantly. With this control over blood sugar levels, users won’t randomly become hungry, but cortisol reduction contributes to the lack of overactive appetites. Users endure less anxiety and stress, easing depression as well.

In men, the use of Ashwagandha can improve testosterone levels, as well as improve their fertility.

Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract

Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract, found in a plant in some parts of Africa, can ease anxiety and reduce symptoms of depression. By regulating these chemicals in the brain, consumers can also rectify their difficulty with insomnia for better sleep.

This extract also improves weight loss since the seeds contain 5-HTP.


Hydroxytryptophan tackles both of the purposes of this formula – improving weight loss and promoting better sleep. However, it has a third benefit that is always helpful during weight loss – improvements in mood. Maintaining a pleasant attitude reduces stress, which means that cortisol levels won’t inhibit sleep hormones release.

Though this ingredient is mainly effective and safe, consumers that take it for more than a year can develop health issues.


Melatonin keeps the circadian rhythm that the body needs to maintain proper sleep. It helps the body to feel tired when surroundings become darker. Most studies recommend using this ingredient for a short time, as it can disrupt the natural production by using it for too long.

Though the body already produces melatonin, supplementation has consistently been a safe and beneficial way to increase that production. The formula includes a synthesized version of the chemical, but it works safely with whatever exists already.

Purchasing a One-Month Supply of the Resurge

Getting ahold of a bottle of Resurge is as simple as visiting the official website. One bottle covers a one-month supply of this formula, and the total cost is $49, as well as the shipping cost.

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Consumers that want to stock up will get a discount on their order, depending on how many bottles are ordered. The website offers a three-bottle package for $117 ($39 each) or a six-bottle package for $204 ($34 each). The multi-bottle orders also come with free shipping to further reduce the cost.

If the user finds that Resurge doesn’t help them with weight loss, they have up to 60 days to get a refund if needed.


Frequently Asked Questions About Resurge

How many bottles should consumers order of Resurge?

Since each bottle accounts for one month of use, the number of bottles that users need will coincide with how much time they are willing to commit to the routine. The creators behind Resurge state that users should take the formula for at least 90 days to see realistic results, which means that users will need at least three bottles to take the products for that time consistently.

Is Resurge safe for anyone?

Typically, yes. This formula uses natural ingredients that have all been researched for their safety and efficiency. However, if the user is allergic to any of these ingredients, this product may not be the match for them.

Will Resurge work?

Yes. There are no side effects associated with Resurge, and the ingredients seem to back up the impact it aims to provide. Users should see evident changes in their body with three months. Plus, targeting weight gain helps to support the transition to better health.

How should Resurge be taken?

The capsules should be taken about an hour before the user sleeps. The remedy will activate while the user is resting, but the impact should not wake them up.

How quickly will customers get their orders?

Once the order goes out, individuals within the United States and Canada should see their order within about seven (7) business days.

Is this purchase a subscription?

No. Users will only be charged for the bottles that they order. If they want to get additional bottles of Resurge, a new order must be placed.

The customer service team will be available for any other questions or concerns by sending an email to support@resurge.com.

Bottom Line

Adding Resurge helps consumers improve their ability to rest at night, filling the formula with ingredients that support reduced anxiety. The formula is easy to keep up with, allowing users to take a serving of it with each night as they are settling in for the night. There are no allergens associated with it, but consumers that currently take medications may want to check with their doctor first.

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