Psychic Mediums Near me: Best Sites For Medium Readings Online

Every person in the world has to make some decisions in their life. These decisions are necessary for their life to move forward, for their growth and development. However, making these such decisions that have the potential to change or alter life is always hard. One has to consider every aspect of their life, their family members and close ones, the future that they have been dreaming of, and thousands of other aspects.

Psychic reading has always been the window of insight and knowledge to people who are surrounded by doubts in their life. The practice of psychic reading has been around for ages, ensuring to show the right path to the believers. However, the pop media culture has painted psychic reading as a hoax practice that is based on nothing more than baseless claims and spiraling puzzles that have no meaning behind them.

It is because of that portrayal that people do not believe in the existence of psychic mediums and how they can predict the future based on someone’s current decisions and the choices that lay ahead of them. Psychic mediums can provide authentic advice that can help one get the clarity required to make the decision that has been keeping them up at night.

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While searching for a psychic medium near me, one will find various viable options to whom they can reach out. However, with the busy schedule that most people follow, it can be hard to meet a psychic medium. Most psychic mediums work during odd hours, which can clash with the regular schedule of people. There is also the question of location and the distance that one will have to cover to reach the place where the psychic medium is located.

Adding to these issues is the ongoing pandemic. It has made it risky to get psychic readings near me. One of the best solutions that one can approach to replace the ness of medium reading near me is to find psychic readings online. Various websites claim to provide psychic readings and similar services. However, choosing one that has an authentic approach to psychic mediums can be hard to find.

To ease the endeavor of finding a trustworthy online psychic medium, we have listed down the best websites that have been best rated by their users. Most of these sites are available from anywhere across the globe. Anyone can create an account on them and get immediate help without having to do extensive research to find the perfect psychic readings near me.

Best Psychic Mediums Sites For Accurate Readings:

Kasamba – Best psychic mediums website, Kasamba has been a leader in the field of online psychic reading for years. The clients can get the trial offer that includes the first three minutes of the session for free, along with a hefty 50% off on the rates of regular reading sessions.

California Psychics – Excellent site for first time psychic medium readings services, users can turn to the trusted psychic mediums available at California Psychics, It is currently running an introductory offer of $1 per minute for any online reading. The users can also use the code ADD5 to get the first five minutes of a session completely free.

Psychic Source – Best psychic mediums match guarantee, psychic source is an unmatched website for people who are searching for an accurate psychic medium reading. New clients get a trial period of three minutes along with an additional 75% off on all sessions.

Kasamba – Best Psychic Website for Medium Readings


Kasamba is a one-stop solution for people who are tired of searching for a specialized psychic medium near me every time they need advice regarding a subject. It provides a plethora of services that are supported by experts from all around the world. The user can create a free account on the website. They will have to verify the account before they can proceed with the website. The verification process is set up to ensure that there are no bots registered on the website. It helps to secure the database against any malware and virus as well.

Once the user is registered, they will need to enter their financial details. The financial details are required so that they can pay for a session. There are various options for payment available at Kasamba. One can choose to pay for the session through credit card, debit card, online banking, and PayPal. The financial information that the user enters will include the details of the method of payment.

All the information provided by the user is secured and encrypted. Every necessary security measure is adopted by the website to ensure that the users get the best experience of online reading without worrying about technicalities.

The users can browse the profile of thousands of readers, psychic mediums, tarot readers, etc., that are available on the website. The profile includes the basic information regarding the reader, including their name, field of experience, specialty, and availability. If the reader is currently online and available for a reading session, then it will be indicated on the profile through a green mark.

The users can also go through the reviews that were left by past clients. These are available on the profile as well. All the information about the reader that is provided is authenticated. Using the information, the user can find the reader that matches with the best.

The website also hosts a section of expert-curated and written blogs, articles, how-to’s, listicles, and much more. These are provided to educate the new users regarding the art of psychic reading and how it works. Anyone can access these blogs to get insight into the practice of psychic medium and how they can get the most out of reading.

Salient Features

  • The first three minutes of any session is free for all users registered on the website.

  • A multi-staged qualification process is carried out to ensure that all the readers added to the website are certified and hold relevant experience.

  • The website is divided into easily navigable sections and has a clean interface. New users can find the reader that they are searching for in minutes.

  • The users can get reading in various ways, including chat, online live video, phone, and even email. It is one of the few websites that offer readings through email.

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California Psychics – Trusted Psychic Mediums


California Psychics have been an active part of the online psychic reading community for more than 25 years. During this tenure, they have provided aid and guidance to millions of users around the world. The positive effect that California Psychics have left on its clients is mirrored in the ratings that they have left on the website.

The advisors and readers that are available on California Psychics to offer their services are curated and selected after reviewing and confirming their proficiency. The users can access all parts of the website for free. The profiles of the readers are filled with reviews and ratings that can help the new users understand how they provide their services and what they can expect from a session.

California Psychics is the perfect option for people who cannot detach themselves from their daily routine and find time for a psychic medium session. Whether the user is busy with their household or finds little time out of their job, they can turn to the readers and advisors that are available at California Psyches for help at any time of the day. With round the clock services that are offered even on odd days and holidays, California Psychics has proved its worth and reliability.

The advisors at the website employ their abilities, experience, and talent to ensure that the clients get the best answer possible. The priority of the readers is to ensure that the users find comfort during the session and are left with a positive feeling once the session is complete. It is their positive and unique approach that has made them popular through the years of their service.

The readers are trained to ensure that even over an online chat reading, they can understand the emotions of users. Through their intuitive talent, they can assess the aura and feel of the users so that they can provide an accurate answer to the queries of the users. Whether one needs financial advice, a way to regrow their relationship with their partner, steps to make their familial life more fulfilling, or any other question that has been troubling them, the advisors at California Psychics can help the users in all ways possible.

The user will find a varied array of services on the website. The website is known for special readers that can guide one to make life-altering decisions. With astrology, numerology, aura reading, and various other arts and methods, the users can chase the answers that have been keeping them up at night.

Salient Features

  • The site offers various introductory and promotional offers from time to time. The users can use these offers and vouchers to get a reading at affordable rates.

  • Different readers charge different rates. The rates vary as per the expertise and niche of the reader. The users can find a reader that fits their budget and qualification on the website.

  • It offers psychic medium reading through phone and online chat.

  • The website is designed in such a way that new users can easily find their way around and get the benefits of various features available on the site.

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Psychic Source – Best Psychic Mediums Match Guarantee


One of the strongest standing competitors in the world of online psychic reading is Psychic Source. A provider of psychic aid for more than three decades, it has garnered a following of millions of users spread across different demographics around the world. There are a multitude of features that make Psychic Source one of the most trusted websites and alternative to finding psychics near me, one of them including its impeccable customer service.

The website hosts a 24/7 customer help portal that is available to address any issue the users face during the session or their experience on the website. If the user finds that the session that they paid for did not add any value to their life or was not satisfactory at all, then they can register a complaint on the customer service portal. The officials from the website get back to each query as soon as possible. If there was a genuine issue with the reading session, then the users can even be offered 100% cashback to compensate for their bad experience on the website.

Psychic Source also values the privacy and safety of its users the most. It is for this reason that it offers different ways to get a reading, including online chat and phone that can keep the identity of the user a secret. The user may choose to stay anonymous and not share their personal information with the reader. Along with this, the session is encrypted at both ends as well. Thus, only the reader and the user can access the conversation that is exchanged during the session.

The users can also choose to record the session so that they can refer to it in the future. They are also provided with a three-minute trial offer. If a user finds that they cannot form a connection with the reader, they can end the session within the first three minutes. Thus, they will not be charged anything if the session ends before the first three minutes are up.

However, if the user finds that the advisor can genuinely help them with their issue, they can choose to continue the session. The time limit depends on the user. Once they feel that all their doubts have been answered, they can end the session. They are charged at the rate of per minute. The rates of each advisor vary and are detailed on the profile as well.

Salient Features

  • The website hosts a daily horoscope available for free for the users. It is a quick way to reassure and assert positivity on the day of the users.

  • The users can avail of the offer of getting the first three minutes of a session for free. After that, the session is charged at a rate as low as $0.66 per minute.

  • The website hosts a customer care section that is always active to provide 100% customer satisfaction to the clients.

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Can Phone Psychics be as Accurate as Psychics Near Me?

Any psychic reading is not dependent on the method of reading as much as on the people who are involved in it. The accuracy of the reading depends on the user and the reader. One will require an experienced, qualified, and intuitive reader to form the essence of the reading. However, to understand the readings that a psychic medium intercept, the user will need to establish a bond.

Most people doubt that online psychic mediums will not be as effective or as accurate as the psychic readings near me that they can find located around them. However, one can never be sure of the qualifications of the medium near me. Also, they will have to disclose their identity to the reader they are meeting face-to-face to get a reading.

An online reading provides a plethora of options to choose from. Whether you need a specialist in numerology or someone adept in the art of reading angel cards on online websites and platforms, you can find a reader that exactly fits your description. That might not be true when searching for a medium near me.

Another factor that plays an essential role to prove the authenticity of online psychic reading is that all the readers that are added to the website are well-tested to ensure that their qualifications and experience is true. They are also rated and reviewed, all of which is available on their profile so that new users can research and choose the right reader for them.

If the user fails to form a connection with a reader, then they can choose to end the session immediately. Various sites also offer a trial period during which the user is not charged with any fee or session charges. These additional features allow the user to ensure that they choose the right reader for them even by the hit and trial method.

Different Types of Psychic Readings Provided Online

There are different ways one can find psychic help online. The user does not have to limit their options, as is the case when finding a medium reading near me. The user can choose the type that fits their needs perfectly and get immediate help to attain their peace of mind. The most prominent and popular psychic readings are listed below.

  • Phone Psychic

    Phone psychic is one of the most popular ways through which people get reading from psychic medium online. The calling option is usually hosted on the website of the app where the user has registered. Most psychics are available for phone reading 24/7. With this method, one can get an in-depth solution and read at any time of day as per their convenience.

  • Psychic Help through Online Chat

    The users who want to maintain their anonymity and not share any personal information with the reader can opt for the chat reading option. Most of the psychic sites offer this option. The availability of a reader is indicated on their profile. If they are online, the user can begin the session and get a quick answer to the most burning question in no time.

  • Online Video Psychic Reading

    To imitate the personalized feeling of getting a psychic reading near me, the users can use the online video option. The live psychic reading can be perfect for those who need a face-to-face conversation to connect with the psychic. This option is also available round the clock and can be available from any location.

  • Email Psychic Reading

    For people who cannot set aside any time for a psychic reading, some websites also provide the option of email psychic reading. The discussion and reading take place over the exchange of various emails that the user can save for their future reference as well. Though uncommon, the option can be helpful for people who want immediate help without disclosing their identity to the reader.

Things to Keep in Mind While Getting a Psychic Reading Online

If the user wants to ensure that they get the most benefit from their online psychic medium reading, then they will have to prepare for the session beforehand. Some misconceptions surrounding the working of psychic reading should be resolved and corrected before one enters a session with a psychic medium. Here are some of the points that you should keep in mind while getting psychic help online.

The client should ensure that the psychic medium that they are looking for in a session is someone who fulfils their criteria. If they want a love-specified reading, then they should ensure that they get a reader who has experience in love psychic reading. Specialised readers provide much more detailed and accurate answers. They can also predict the situation much better because of their experience in dealing with similar questions and clients.

Once the user is sure that they have found the best reader for their particular issue, they should ensure that they go through all the reviews and ratings that have been left by previous clients. The reviews will help the user understand the working of the reader and if their method of providing psychic reading is suitable for the user or not. Agreeing to the direction followed by the psychic medium during reading is an essential part of developing trust.

The client must ensure that they are the reader. If there is any room for doubt, then the reading may fail to provide the client with the required answers. The art of psychic reading is based on trust and belief. The user will have to believe the way a psychic medium works along with the medium themselves.

The user should know the exact question or issue that they want to be addressed during an online psychic session. If the user is not sure what is troubling them, the reader will not be able to direct their reading to a particular niche. The user can have a list of questions prepared before they enter the session to make sure that they know exactly what to ask.

The questions that are asked during a session should be open-ended. They should allow the reader to indulge in discussion and thinking. Only through extensive discussion and contemplation can one reach the accurate solution to the problem at hand. Thus, the user mustn’t ask questions that have one-worded answers.

Questions that You Can Ask During an Online Psychic Reading

There are various questions that the user can ask their readers. One thing to keep in mind while asking questions to the readers is that the user should keep themselves as the subject of their questions. The user should trust that they can change their future, and with worthy goals, they can achieve the aim that they want. Thus, they should make sure that all the questions are positive and active. Even if the user feels like they are stuck, they should ask questions with a positive attitude and accept the answers with the same belief.

Here is a comprehensive list of questions that the clients can ask the psychic medium to get the answers they are searching for. One can use this list as an example or use the exact questions during the reading. Make sure that the question encompasses the essence of the issue that the user is facing and formulates it. The question should not be framed as if the user is asking the reader to predict the future. Psychic reading is not a way to know your future. One can get insights regarding their future, but not the exact events.

Future is an entity that changes every second based on each decision that we take. Thus, it is not wise to ask the reader a question about a future event as there will not be any accurate answer. Instead of the event that lies in the future, the user can ask the path that they can choose to reach the desired goal.

  • Can the universe lead me to the path where I can find my inspiration?
  • What are the steps that I can take to regain my strength?
  • What are the aspects and habits in my life that are tethering me down?
  • Can the spirits guide me about the meaning behind my dream?
  • Can the medium tell me if there is a hidden meaning behind the numbers that keep recurring in my life?
  • What does my inner-self want to tell me?
  • How can I better control my emotions?
  • Can the universe guide me to the path of true happiness?
  • How can I better control my consciousness to keep a positive attitude towards my life?
  • Can the universe guide me to the path of familial happiness?
  • What should I do to gain peace in my life?
  • Which option should I choose from the ones that are available to me now?
  • Can the spirits lead me to the path of spiritual enlightenment?
  • What should I do to ward off the negative energy in my life?
  • How can I solve the conflict that I am facing without any losses?
  • Which aspects of my life should I change to attain freedom from negative thoughts?
  • How can I balance my love life and work-life?
  • How can I attain balance in my emotions?
  • Can the universe guide me to the path that will relieve me from my grief?
  • How should I let go of my past regrets?
  • How can I financially progress in my life?
  • Which sacrifices will provide me with a happier life?
  • Can the spirits tell me what can I do to ensure the happiness and security of my family?
  • How can I bring back laughter in my life?
  • Can the universe tell me the hindrances that I might face in the future?

How to Get Most Out of a Psychic Reading Online?

There are various tips that the user can adopt to ensure that they get the best results from the psychic medium online. These are also applicable when the user is getting a reading from a medium reading near me . These tips will ensure that the user can get the satisfaction and peace that they have been searching for through the reading session.

The user should answer the reader truthfully. Other than personal information, avoid hiding things that can affect the reading directly. They should be more open so that they can form a connection with the reader.

The user should clear and calm their mind before entering a session. They should be focused on the problem that they are facing instead of being confused about how they should behave, what questions they can ask, will the reading help them, etc.

The client should try to establish trust and connection with the reader. There are times when they want to hear a very particular answer, and when they are unable to find it, the user feels dissatisfied, and in worst cases, they might even feel cheated. They should make sure that they receive the advice of the reader with an open mind.

The reading will have a better impact if the user actively engages in a conversation with the reader. They can do this by asking readers various questions, offering them information, and actively listening to their advice. Active and two-way conversation is the best way that the reader and client can together conclude their issue.

Last Words

There are various online alternatives to mediums near me. The user has the responsibility to ensure that they do the proper research to avoid any fraudsters or people making high promises that they cannot fulfil. The websites provided here have been used by millions of people around the world and have proven to be a bright way to reach the answers to the questions that keep burning in one’s mind.

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