NicoBloc Reviews: Does It Work? What are Customers Saying?

NicoBloc is a liquid formula that can help you quit smoking.

By applying NicoBloc drops to the filter of your cigarette before smoking, you block tar and nicotine from entering your body. The formula uses natural ingredients to preserve the smell and taste of the cigarette while blocking harmful compounds.

Does NicoBloc really work? Can you use NicoBloc to stop smoking? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about NicoBloc and how it works.

What is NicoBloc?

NicoBloc is a new way to quit smoking. You can buy NicoBloc online today through GetNicoBloc.io.

NicoBloc uses a liquid formula with natural ingredients to block tar and nicotine from entering your lungs when you smoke.

Before you smoke, you place a few drops of NicoBloc on the filter of your cigarette. Then, you smoke as you normally would. You enjoy the ritual of smoking without the tar and nicotine, making it easier to quit at your own pace.

While NicoBloc blocks the tar and nicotine, it does not block the taste, smell, or sensation of smoking. You can continue to smoke as you normally would while gradually reducing your physical dependence on nicotine. After using NicoBloc for just a few days, you may notice your cravings decrease substantially, for example.

NicoBloc is patented, doctor recommended, and made in the United States. The liquid formula is made with natural ingredients that have zero known side effects. All purchases are backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

How Does NicoBloc Work?

NicoBloc blocks up to 99% of tar and nicotine, giving you a better way to quit. Just drop NicoBloc on your cigarettes to significantly reduce the amount of tar and nicotine you inhale from those cigarettes. You choose the amount of nicotine to block, making it easier to quit at your own pace.

The more drops of NicoBloc you apply to your cigarette, the more nicotine and tar NicoBloc will drop:

  • 1 drop blocks 33% of tar and nicotine
  • 2 drops block 66% of tar and nicotine
  • 3 drops block 99% of tar and nicotine

Some people try to quit smoking cold turkey, only to struggle. Quitting cold turkey is hard. Your body is physically dependent on nicotine, and the withdrawal symptoms can be difficult. Plus, many people have built a ritual around smoking.

When you quit smoking with NicoBloc, you virtually eliminate these withdrawal symptoms while still enjoying your smoke breaks. Within a few weeks, you’ll be free from your addiction without ever feeling like you quit smoking cold turkey.

Here’s how the official website explains the benefits of quitting with NicoBloc:

“When you try to quit cold turkey, the immediate nicotine withdrawal symptoms can make quitting unbearable. Quitting with NicoBloc virtually eliminates these withdrawal symptoms by gradually reducing your nicotine exposure.”

NicoBloc is 100% natural with zero known side effects and is completely non-addictive. While other stop smoking aids (like gums, patches, and pills) contain chemicals and have side effects, NicoBloc is natural, clinically proven, and doctor recommended.

Plus, NicoBloc is backed by science. In one study involved 680 participants, 58% quit smoking while using NicoBloc. In another study, 53% quit smoking with NicoBloc. The makers of NicoBloc publish this clinical data online, making it easy to see exactly how NicoBloc works – and what science says about the unique formula.

How to Use NicoBloc

Using NicoBloc is straightforward. Here’s how the manufacturer recommends using NicoBloc to block tar and nicotine:

  • Step 1) Make a small indent in the filter of your cigarette.
  • Step 2) Apply 1 to 3 drops of NicoBloc (depending on whether you want to block 33% or 99% of tar and nicotine).
  • Step 3) Smoke your cigarette as you normally would.

That’s it! NicoBloc will automatically block tar and nicotine from your cigarette.

NicoBloc Features & Benefits

NicoBloc advertises the following features and benefits:

100% Natural & Drug-Free: Patches, gums, and pills contain chemicals. Some of these chemicals artificially replicate the effects of nicotine to make it easier to quit. NicoBloc, meanwhile, contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients while being 100% safe and non-addictive with zero side effects.

Use Cigarettes to Quit: With NicoBloc, you don’t need to immediately stop smoking. Instead, you’re quitting using the same cigarettes you’re already familiar with. That means you can enjoy the same taste, feel, smell, look, and satisfaction of your favorite cigarettes without the tar and nicotine, allowing you to quit at your own pace without removing the ritual or habit of smoking immediately.

Quit While Pregnant: The makers of NicoBloc claim their tar and nicotine-blocking solution is so effective that you can use it while pregnant. NicoBloc lets you quit smoking while you are pregnant. Attempting to quit cold turkey when pregnant can lead to dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Meanwhile, nicotine replacement therapies aren’t available for pregnant women. That’s why NicoBloc believes it can help.

Mess-Free Applicator: NicoBloc comes with an applicator that makes it easy to dab the liquid formula onto the filter of your cigarette. It’s a quick, easy-to-use applicator that can quickly become part of your smoking routine.

Quit in 6 Weeks: NicoBloc claims to help you quit smoking in 6 weeks using the proven NicoBloc tapering method.

Improve your Health: According to GetNicoBloc.io, the liquid formula will allow you to “improve your health and feel better within a few weeks of quitting.” It’s no secret that quitting smoking can lead to powerful health benefits. In fact, recent studies have shown that people who stop smoking can eliminate nearly all lung and body damage associated with smoking.

How Does NicoBloc Block Tar and Nicotine?

NicoBloc claims to block 33% to 99% of tar and nicotine from the cigarettes you smoke, depending on the number of drops you use (1 drop blocks 33%, 2 drops block 66%, and 3 drops block 99% of tar and nicotine).

How does NicoBloc work? How do the ingredients in NicoBloc block tar and nicotine?

Here’s how the official website explains it:

“As the smoke passes through NicoBloc fluid, the tar is absorbed by the corn syrup and the nicotine is neutralized by the citric acid.”

By blocking tar and nicotine, NicoBloc reduces your body’s physical dependence and addiction to nicotine – even though you’re still smoking the same number of cigarettes daily. This can make it easier to reduce your cigarette intake and quit.

On average, a smoker who smokes a pack a day will reduce consumption by 25% after each successive week using NicoBloc. If you smoke 20 cigarettes per day, for example, then you may reduce your consumption to 16 per day in week 1, 12 per day in week 2, 9 per day by week 3, etc.

Despite blocking the tar and nicotine, NicoBloc will not block the taste or smell of cigarettes. In fact, the formula claims to leave the taste and smell unchanged. You’ll still feel like you’re smoking your favorite cigarettes, and you can enjoy the same taste, feel, smell, look, and satisfaction of those cigarettes – all while substantially reducing your physical dependence.

NicoBloc Ingredients

NicoBloc contains all natural ingredients. According to the official website, NicoBloc is a blend of corn syrup, water, citric acid, and food-safe stabilizers.

According to the manufacturer, NicoBloc “is completely safe to use, as there are no known side effects.” There are no drug ingredients or artificial chemicals in NicoBloc. Plus, NicoBloc has completed extensive testing to ensure it’s safe and effective.

Scientific Evidence for NicoBloc

According to the official website, NicoBloc is backed by independent clinical trials proving it works as advertised.

In independent clinical trials, 58% of smokers quit smoking altogether after using NicoBloc, which was 10 times better than the national average. Other participants in the study reduced their smoking by 77%, on average. That study involved 680 participants.

In NicoBloc trials, smokers reported no change is satisfaction or taste, nor did they experienced increased cravings or withdrawals.

NicoBloc is also trusted and recommended by doctors and behavioral therapists that specialize in addiction. Medical professionals like NicoBloc because it minimizes withdrawal symptoms and encourages people to quit smoking on their own terms, increasing the chance of real, long-term, sustainable change. The Chief Clinical Officer of NicoBloc is Dr. Gregory Jantz, who claims “NicoBloc really works.”

We can find limited information online about how corn syrup absorbs tar. However, corn syrup may work by physically absorbing tar. The tar gets trapped in the thick corn syrup, making it difficult for the tar to get through the filter and enter your lungs.

There is evidence, however, of citric acid helping people stop smoking. In this 1993 study, for example, researchers found that a citric acid aerosol may successfully reduce smoking in a group of smokers. A previous study from 1987 found that citric acid aerosols stimulate tracheal sensations produced by cigarette smoke, satisfying the smokers’ desire to smoke.

Many e-liquids also use citric acid for a tart flavor. Many contain a concentration of 5% to 10%, for example. However, this is used for flavor – not to neutralize the nicotine as advertised by NicoBloc.

Nevertheless, the makers of NicoBloc are confident their formula can neutralize tar and nicotine and prevent most of these substances from entering your lungs, making NicoBloc a powerful and popular smoking cessation solution.

Plus, NicoBloc is patented. The device has a genuine United States patent from the USPTO. That patent was filed in May 2010. It applies to fluids that cover the diameter of the cigarette with substances that stop tar and nicotine. The patent specifically mentions corn syrup, potassium sorbate, citric acid, water, and coloring, which are all of the ingredients used in NicoBloc.

You can view a summary of NicoBloc’s research data here.

NicoBloc Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

NicoBloc is backed by thousands of positive reviews online. Here are some of the experiences customers shared online through GetNicoBloc.io:

One man claims he went from 20 cigarettes a day to 0 with NicoBloc. That man had tried to quit smoking for years using patches, gums, and vaping. He claims vaping made his addiction worse. However, NicoBloc was “the key” because there was no change in the taste of the cigarette, no withdrawal symptoms, and real results.

Another man claims he used NicoBloc to finally quit smoking, using 1 drop the first week, 2 drops the second week, and 3 drops the third week. The more drops you use, the more tar and nicotine it traps. That man claims he was surprised to notice he no longer craved cigarettes as much after using NicoBloc, and that he was taking more time between cigarettes. Eventually, he quit smoking entirely because he was down to 1 per day.

Multiple reviewers like how NicoBloc “lasts forever.” While other stop smoking aids are short-term products that stop working when you stop taking them, NicoBloc involves real, behavioral change. It encourages you to stop smoking.

Another reviewer claims she cut her smoking in half after taking NicoBloc. Although she did experience minor withdrawal symptoms, she claims it was easy to quit overall.

Overall, reviewers like how easy it is to use NicoBloc, how quickly they were able to quit, and how they were able to continue with their smoking ritual while still cutting back on tar and nicotine using NicoBloc.

NicoBloc Pricing

NicoBloc is priced at $24.99 for 1 bottle (2 week supply) when purchased through GetNicoBloc.io. However, the price drops as low as $18 per bottle when ordering multiple units.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 x NicoBloc (2 Weeks Supply): $24.99 + $4.95 Shipping
  • 3 x NicoBlocs (6 Weeks Supply): $59.98 + Free US Shipping
  • 5 x NicoBlocs (10 Weeks Supply): $89.97 + Free US Shipping

NicoBloc Refund Policy

NicoBloc comes with a 1-year warranty and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with NicoBloc, then you are entitled to a refund within 60 days. If there is a manufacturing problem with your NicoBloc bottle, then you can request a refund within 365 days.

About NicoBloc

NicoBloc is sold online by a company named GiddyUp. GiddyUp curates innovative products online, and the company created GetNicoBloc.io to sell NicoBloc. When you buy NicoBloc through GetNicoBloc.io, you are buying from and supporting the original inventor instead of third party retailers.

You can contact the makers of NicoBloc via the following:

The NicoBloc patent was filed in May 31, 2010 and awarded to inventors Gerard Hayes and Alan Haymes.

Final Word

NicoBloc is a fluid that blocks nicotine and tar in the cigarettes you smoke. Made with citric acid, corn syrup, and other natural ingredients, NicoBloc lets you continue to smoke as you normally would without absorbing tar or nicotine.

To learn more about NicoBloc or to buy the stop smoking aid online today, visit GetNicoBloc.io.

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