Miracle Sheets Review – What are Customers Saying?

Miracle is a brand that offers silver-infused sheets that reduce the growth of bacteria and do not need to be cleaned nearly as often as other sheets. The Miracle brand provides sheets in all standard bed sizes, made from Soft Supima Cotton that reduces odors and gives you healthy soft skin while you sleep.

What is Miracle?

One of the most tedious tasks anyone has in the cleanliness of their home is keeping their bed clean. Most people don’t wash their sheets as often as they should (weekly), which means they might lie on top of dust mites and bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors, illness, and even damage the sheets. While some try to wash their sheets more often, Miracle Sheets help consumers protect their health, skin, and beds more effectively.

Miracle created an exclusive set of sheets that are made with natural silver. Only with this type of silver can consumers protect themselves from up to 99.9% of bacteria, which makes it easier to maintain healthy skin and protect them from unwanted odors. Every set of Miracle Sheets comes with incredibly soft Supima cotton. These sheets were only made with a limited inventory; however, there are still nearly 1,000 available.

The industry behind bedding and bed sheets has seen surprisingly little change in the last few years, even though the type of material is the perfect setup for bacterial growth and dust mites. When it comes to luxury bedding, the first thing consumers rarely think of is hygiene, but that’s what Miracle has created in their bed sheets. Individuals who use these sheets can improve their skin and reduce the risk of acne.

What Makes the Miracle Sheets Antibacterial?

The entire reason that Miracle sheets are infused with silver and why they are so helpful in eliminating threats from bacteria. Due to increasing antibiotic resistance, there has recently been a renewed interest in using silver as an antibacterial agent. Silver can reduce the growth of microbes and bacteria. These microorganisms are responsible for foul odors, retaining heat, and causing damage to the skin. However, with the properties of silver, consumers can be healthier and safer.

Since Miracle Sheets reduce the likelihood of bacterial growth, most consumers do about a third of the laundry they used to do. The Miracle Sheets regulate the user’s body temperature at night by thermoregulating, making it easier to get a good night of sleep by allowing your body to maintain its core internal temperature. Ultimately, they improve almost every aspect of sleep to eliminate germs and improve health.

With Miracle Sheets, users get an anti-microbial silver that has a powerful effect on bacteria. It can connect with the bacteria similarly that magnets attract each other. Once it attracts the bacteria, it is destroyed, which means that the bacteria can’t reproduce and spread, protecting the body. Because of the anti-odor properties, people who use this silver in their sheets can reduce their laundry and have healthier skin. Silver also reduces the odds of having dust mites.

Buying a Set of Miracle Sheets

Make a Miracle Sheets purchase on the official website; then, the customer must first decide on the fabric, size, and color of their sheets. They can choose from Signature or Extra Luxe for the material and any standard bed size for the sheet size. They have three color options, though users will only have the color Stone available for the California King sheets.

For the Signature sheets, the prices are:

  • Twin-size sheets for $109 Free USA shipping
  • Full-size sheets for $119 Free USA shipping
  • Queen-size sheets for $129 Free USA shipping
  • King-size sheets for $139 Free USA shipping
  • Cali King-size sheets for $139 Free USA shipping
  • For the Extra Luxe sheets, the price goes up by $50 for each set. Free USA shipping

If the user isn’t happy with the Miracle sheets, they have up to 30 days to request a refund. The refunds are fulfilled through customer service with an email to the team for a shipping label. To get reach the customer service team, call 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm EST – Monday – Friday or email them at:

  • hello@miraclebrand.com
  • Phone: USA 1 888-683-4875 Or International +1 904-640-8231


Frequently Asked Questions About the Miracle Sheets

Q. How are the Signature and Extra Luxe sheets different?

A. The Signature sheets come with long-staple cotton, using a percale weave that keeps users cool and comfortable all night. On the other hand, the Extra Luxe sheets are made with Supima cotton with a sateen weave that makes it feel silky.

Q. How are the Miracle towels and regular towels different?

A. Consumers are immediately at risk for mold and bacteria with a regular towel after a single use. The silver in the Miracle towels prevents this growth and consistently feels fresh and clean.

Q. What are the Miracle sheets made of?

A. All of the sheets use high-quality Supima cotton that is blended with silver to prevent bacterial growth.

Q. What are the Miracle towels made of?

A. The Miracle towels use Turkish cotton and silver.

Q. How frequently will consumers have to wash their Miracle sheets?

A. While regular sheets should be washed weekly, the Miracle sheets can go up to three weeks between washes. The company shares that the Miracle sheets can be machine washed in warm water and tumble dried on low. They also state that users of Miracle sheets do not use bleach or fabric softener when laundering the sheets.

Q. What is the thread count for the Miracle sheets?

A. The Signature sheets have a 350-thread count. The Extra Luxe thread count is 500.

Q. Are there any strong chemicals in Miracle sheets?

A. Not at all. They contain no chemicals, which is proven by their Oeko-Tex certification.

Final Thoughts

The Miracle sheets help consumers to keep their beds clean and free of bacteria and mites. This material is an excellent way to regulate body temperature and promotes healthier skin with freshness. The material lasts up to 3 times longer between washes than standard sheets, and users can pick any size for their bed. Plus, without the bacteria from skin cells and other particles in the room, consumers can reduce the risk of odor with a risk-free trial that allows customers to use the sheets; if they are unhappy, they can return the sheets with no hassles. Shop the Miracle Sheet company website to get your set of Miracle sheets today.



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