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Millionacres Real Estate Winners Review – Worthy Service? (Motley Fool)

Real Estate Winners is a real estate investing subscription service from Millionacres.

Priced at $249 per year, Real Estate Winners teaches subscribers how to build a real estate portfolio and develop real wealth.

Should you subscribe to Real Estate Winners? What will you learn by subscribing to this service? Find out everything you need to know about Real Estate Winners and how it works today in our review.

About Millionacres

Millionacres is a new real estate investing brand from Motley Fool. It features a blog, free investing content, and paid subscription services.

Millionacres aims to demystify real estate investing just like Motley Fool demystified stock investing. Since the mid-1990s, investors have relied on Motley Fool for stock trading information. Now, Motley Fool is turning its attention towards the real estate investing space.

Millionacres was founded to allow ordinary individuals to participate in crowdfunded investment projects. When you subscribe to Millionacres’ paid services, you can learn more about these investment projects and how they work – including how you can invest in these projects to start creating real wealth.


Real Estate Winners is one of two paid investment services offered by Millionacres:

Real Estate Winners: $249 per year

Mogul: $2,999 per year

Both services identify real estate investment opportunities for customers. Mogul focuses on crowdfunded real estate investment opportunities ranked via the native Mogul Score system. Real Estate Winners recommends other real estate investment opportunities and REITs.

The Millionacres brand and all its services aim to help investors build real wealth. Real estate has been one of the best investments in modern history. Millionacres makes real estate investing more accessible to ordinary investors with free and paid information services.

What is Real Estate Winners?

Real Estate Winners is a subscription service that aims to help investors profit from the so-called “unfair” real estate investing advantages.

The world’s elite have used these advantages for decades. Now, thanks to recent changes in real estate investing laws, ordinary investors can participate as well, potentially earning big returns from real estate projects.


Here’s how Millionacres introduces Real Estate Winners:

“If you’re ready to rack up returns like 13.4%, 14.1%, and 16.7% per year – Real Estate Winners can help. You can benefit from real estate’s supposedly unfair advantages like almost unbelievable tax breaks, government-mandated payouts, and limited supply without ever becoming a landlord and swinging a hammer!”

Real Estate Winners’ goal is to give subscribers the information they need to create a real estate portfolio with just a few clicks.


Subscribers receive newsletters with new investment opportunities, including crowdfunded real estate opportunities vetted by the Millionacres team.

Real estate has minted more billionaires in recent years than any other investment class. Real estate is one of the most powerful investments in modern history. Investing intelligently in real estate today can secure wealth for generations.


Real Estate Investing Opportunities from Real Estate Winners

Real Estate Winners shares real estate investment opportunities with subscribers. The Millionacres team has vetted each opportunity for its value, potential returns, and overall appeal to investors.

Some of the opportunities recently featured by Real Estate Winners include:

  • Own the distribution centers that support America’s logistics engine, earning 4.11x better returns than the market
  • Make America’s largest telecommunication companies pay your rent, beating the market by 3.58x.
  • Own a slice of North America’s most irreplicable property, giving you 7.03x better returns than the S&P 500

Real Estate Winners aims to identify similar “winners” you can use to grow your portfolio. Subscribers receive new real estate recommendations every month. By investing in these opportunities, subscribers could supercharge their wealth, diversify their portfolio, and earn consistent and predictable income, among other perks.

Real Estate Investing Has Special Advantages

Millionacres touts the advantages of real estate investing. They claim the world’s wealthiest individuals have profited from these advantages for decades. Now, thanks to recent changes, it’s easier for ordinary investors to access these special advantages.

Some of the advantages featured on the Real Estate Winners sales page include:

  • Tax-advantaged corporate structures
  • Liquidity from REITs
  • Steady cash flow streams from long-term tenants
  • High cash returns through legally-required dividends
  • Investors who buy real estate today can enjoy all of these advantages. These advantages are no longer held exclusively by the world’s wealthy real estate moguls; instead, ordinary investors like you can get insight into this world by subscribing to Real Estate Winners.

Who Should Subscribe to Real Estate Winners?

Millionacres markets its Real Estate Winners to anyone interested in learning more about real estate investing.


Unlike the other Millionacres subscription service, Mogul ($3,000 per year), Real Estate Winners is an affordable way for investors to dip their toes into the space, learn more, and get started – even if they have limited or zero real estate investing experience.

Some of the groups mentioned on the Real Estate Winners sales page include:

  • Anyone starting out
  • Investors who want to compound their portfolio
  • Someone building a nest egg
  • Anyone with zero to expert knowledge of real estate investing.

Maybe you’re a young investor seeking to build an empire. Maybe you’re an older investor looking to grow your nest egg. Real Estate Winners aims to appeal to all types of investors who are interested in real estate investing.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities with Real Estate Winners

After subscribing to Real Estate Winners, you can discover real estate investment opportunities that have generated returns of 15%, 18%, and 21% per year.

Mogul by Millionacres focuses on crowdfunded real estate investment projects, including multi-million dollar office spaces, hotels, and other unique opportunities.

Real Estate Winners works differently, identifying real estate investments and REITs that meet strict criteria.

Some of the opportunities recently featured by Real Estate Winners include:

  • Owner and developer of R&D hubs and campuses building a breakthrough life sciences laboratory with a 10-year return of 182.8% (an annualized return of 10.96%)
  • Owner of property at the heart of the transition to 5G connectivity with a 10-year return of 387% (an annualized return of 17.15%)
  • Critical infrastructure link in the chain for AI, delivering a 10-year return of 271.3% and an annualized return of 14.02%
  • A project meeting the booming housing needs of the millennial generation, delivering a 10-year return of 537.9% and an annualized return of 20.36%
  • A warehouse that functions as the backbone of e-commerce, delivering a projected return of 305.9% over the next 10 years for investors

When you subscribe to Real Estate Winners, you can learn more about each one of these opportunities. The Millionacres team vets each opportunity. That team travels the United States to find new investment opportunities, recommending the best investments to Real Estate Winners and Mogul’s subscribers.

Real Estate Winners Versus Mogul

Millionacres offers two paid subscription services, including Real Estate Winners and Mogul. The two promise similar results (helping ordinary investors make successful real estate investments), but they work in different ways.

Real Estate Winners: Priced at $249 per year, Real Estate Winners gives investors at least one new recommendation per month, including a real estate investment, a crowdfunded project, a REIT, or a similar opportunity. These opportunities are ideal for investors who are just starting and looking to research real estate investment opportunities and earn returns through real estate investing.

Mogul: Priced at $2,999 per year, Mogul is marketed towards more experienced investors ready to take a bigger position in the real estate space. Like with Real Estate Winners, Mogul delivers at least one new recommendation each month. Investors get access to the Mogul Score system and can view a selection of investment opportunities along with their Mogul Score.

Real Estate Winners Pricing

Real Estate Winners is priced at $249 per year.


Your subscription automatically renews at the current price. Right now, that price is $249 per year. However, if the price goes up, then you’ll pay the higher fee.

What’s Included with Real Estate Winners?

Real Estate Winners comes with all of the following:

  • At least one new real estate investment recommendation every month
  • Updates on recommendations after earnings announcements or other important events
  • Educational content and resources to make you a smarter real estate investor
  • Quarterly Top 10 Investment Alerts

Real Estate Winners Refund Policy

Real Estate Winners has no refund policy listed on its sales page. As far as we can tell, you cannot obtain any refund on Real Estate Winners if you are unhappy with your purchase.

Here’s how the sales page explains it:

“If there is no refund offer or credit transfer offer stated on this order page, none will apply for the purchase of this product.”

Because no refund policy is listed on the sales page, there does not appear to be a way to request an in-store credit refund or cash refund on your Real Estate Winners subscription.

Contact Millionacres

You can contact The Motley Fool and Millionacres via the following:


Phone: 888-920-9480

Final Word

Real Estate Winners is a paid subscription service from Motley Fool’s new real estate investment platform, Millionacres.


By subscribing to Real Estate Winners today, you can discover real estate investment opportunities from across the United States. Real Estate Winners’ goal is to share profitable, vetted real estate investment opportunities with subscribers, helping them build real wealth while demystifying real estate.

To learn more about Real Estate Winners and how the subscription service works, visit today.

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