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Millionacres Mogul Reviews – Motley Fool Investing Service to Buy?

Mogul is a premium subscription service from Millionacres.

Millionacres is Motley Fool’s new real estate investing service, and Mogul is the flagship subscription for that service. In exchange for $3,000 per year, investors receive detailed information about new real estate investment opportunities.

Is Mogul by Millionacres worth the price? What will you learn in Millionacres Mogul? Find out everything you need to know about this paid subscription service and how it works today in our review.

About Millionacres

Millionacres is a new real estate investment brand launched by Motley Fool.

Motley Fool aims to use Millionacres to demystify real estate investing – just like Motley Fool has demystified stock investing for ordinary investors over the last 25 years.

Millionacres offers free information through its blog at You can discover news stories and analyses from across the real estate investing space.


Millionacres offers two paid subscription services, including:

Mogul: $2,999 per year

Real Estate Winners: $249 per year

When you subscribe to either service, you get detailed information about new investment opportunities from across the real estate space, including crowdfunded investments, real estate ETFs, REITs, and more.


What is Millionacres Mogul?

Mogul, also known as Mogul: Inner Circle, is a premium real estate investing service from Millionacres. In exchange for $2,999 per year, you receive one year of access to Mogul, multiple real estate investing reports, and detailed real estate investment recommendations vetted by the Mogul team.

Want to invest in real estate across the country without spending a fortune? Mogul lets you do that with crowdfunded real estate opportunities. After subscribing to Mogul, you can view real estate investment opportunities from across the country. You can browse commercial real estate investment opportunities, apartment complexes, office spaces, and more.

Mogul’s team ranks properties based on a Mogul Score. You can browse properties based on their Mogul Score, then choose the best investment opportunity for you.

It’s no secret that real estate is a powerful investment opportunity. In fact, real estate has made more billionaires in recent years than any other asset class, according to Forbes. Mogul aims to open the doors to the world of real estate investing, helping investors generate real wealth by accessing new investment opportunities.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

The Millionacres Mogul sales page lists multiple reasons to invest in real estate. Real estate can be an effective way to earn “real” money. You can create inter-generational wealth and secure your fortune for generations.

Here are some of the reasons to invest in real estate, according to the Mogul sales page:

  • Real estate is the best performing investment in modern history.
  • Real estate has been minting billionaires for generations due to a set of unfair advantages, including tax breaks and other perks.
  • Real estate investing can pay cash yields of 14% per year and higher.
  • Because of recent changes to legislation, real estate is more accessible for individual investors like you.

Millionacres cites numerous statistics to validate the claims mentioned above. They show that real estate has been the stock market by nearly 2:1 since the early 1970s.


Another chart shows that real estate has delivered higher returns than stocks and bonds despite having lower volatility. In that chart, we see real estate delivering annualized returns of 11.06% (more than the 10.75% of stocks) while carrying a volatility rating of just 10.7 (lower than the 22.78 volatility rating of bonds).


Because of these advantages, Millionacres believes there’s never a better time than today to invest in real estate.

Top 3 Unfair Advantages of Real Estate Investing

As the Mogul team explains, real estate investing comes with multiple “unfair” advantages. People have been using these advantages to grow their wealth for generations. Today, you can grow your wealth too using these unfair advantages, which include:

Unfair Advantage #1: They’re Not Making More Land: With stock investing, there’s no limit to the supply of capital that can flow into a new high-demand market. Real estate is different. There’s only so much land in each city on which to build. Zoning and other laws protect property values in desirable places. By learning to read these factors, investors can realize significant price appreciation by buying in great locations. Demand will continue to grow if you pick the right location – but supply is capped because there’s a fixed amount of land.

Unfair Advantage #2: The World’s Most Unbelievable Tax Breaks: Mogul’s team emphasizes that real estate investing comes with unfair, almost unbelievable tax breaks. You can deduct mortgage interest tax, for example, or set up 1031 exchanges to defer capital gains. You can deduct operating expenses and depreciation on properties to shield yourself from taxes, all while maintaining a positive cash flow. These tax breaks have made real estate investing a playground for the rich, and Mogul wants to teach ordinary investors how to play the game, too, leveling the playing field.

Unfair Advantage #3: Leverage Supercharges Returns: Stock investing is volatile. Using leverage to enhance returns is a dangerous strategy that can lead to disaster. In real estate, leverage works differently. As Mogul’s team explains, “The capital preservation provided by the land properties sit on makes the use of leverage in real estate significantly more attractive.”

These unfair advantages are becoming stronger. Mogul by Millionacres wants to teach ordinary individuals how to fight back and grow their wealth through real, actionable real estate investing tips and opportunities.

How Mogul Builds Wealth Through Real Estate

Mogul by Millionaires teaches investors new ways to build wealth through real estate, including:

New Way to Build Wealth #1: Directly Investing in Real Estate: Mogul teaches investors how to invest in real estate without having inside connections directly. You can get a slice of hot hotels, commercial properties, office spaces, and more through Mogul. You can buy shares of these properties just like you would buy shares of a company on the stock market. Mogul makes it easy. On its sales page, Mogul highlights two opportunities they recently featured, including a hotel in Nashville projecting 26.3% annual returns and a 17-story office tower in Charlotte projecting 14.9% annualized returns.


New Way to Build Wealth #2: Make Historic Tax Breaks Work for You: The wealthy have been taking advantage of tax breaks for decades. Mogul wants to teach you how to use those tax breaks for yourself. Mogul cites a new piece of tax legislation related to “Opportunity Zones.” Investors can roll capital gains into investments in qualified areas, potentially leading to a massive reduction of total capital gains tax bills. Mogul teaches subscribers about these tax breaks and other perks. Mogul claims to have recently featured a real estate investment opportunity that led to 4x gains thanks to this Opportunity Zones tax break.

New Way to Build Wealth #3: Capture the Upside of Trends Reshaping Real Estate Through More Strategic Investing: Certain trends reshape the real estate space. Technology companies transformed Silicon Valley’s commercial and residential real estate, for example. Technology hubs have led to substantial population growth in Austin, Denver, Seattle, and other metro areas. Mogul aims to equip real estate investors with information about these trends as they occur, helping them capitalize on upward movements. By selling shares of commercial shopping centers today, such as buying shares of distribution centers for online shopping companies, you can capitalize on a growing trend.

Overall, Mogul advertises itself as a one-stop solution for building a complete real estate investing strategy.


Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing with Mogul

When you subscribe to Mogul, you can view a catalog of crowdfunded real estate investment opportunities.

Mogul’s team travels the United States, meeting with property developers to assess new investment opportunities.


Mogul also uses its proprietary Mogul Score system to analyze new opportunities. Each investment opportunity receives a rating of 0 to 100 based on its appeal.

You can view these opportunities through the Mogul dashboard. You can browse real estate investment opportunities across the United States, view each opportunity’s projected return, and ultimately invest in each project.


Mogul gives ordinary investors access to real estate investment opportunities they would normally be unable to access. Instead of investing millions in a specific project, you can buy a share of a real estate project just like you would buy a share of a company.

Mogul makes it easy to diversify your real estate investment portfolio and access opportunities you would normally be unable to access. That’s the power of its crowdfunded investment system.

The Real Estate CPAs from Mogul

Tax planning can make an enormous difference in real estate investing. Mogul subscribers receive access to exclusive content from The Real Estate CPAs, a full-service tax firm focusing on real estate investing and tax-related issues.


You can browse to the ‘taxes’ section of the Mogul dashboard for detailed information about real estate investing and tax strategy.

The Real Estate CPAs also host regular webinars for Mogul investors. Each webinar will cover a different investment topic related to real estate investing.

About the Mogul Score Rating System

Mogul subscribers receive access to the Mogul Score rating system. Mogul uses a proprietary system to rate direct real estate investments, allowing you to separate good and bad investments.


Each direct investment featured on the Mogul website features a Mogul Score from 0 to 100. Mogul’s team developed the proprietary system after flying across the country, meeting with different companies in the space, and evaluating deals.


The Mogul Score rating system uses five factors to help you build the best direct real estate investments for your portfolio:

1) The Platform: There is a lot of real estate investing platforms available today. Some platforms do a good job of filtering low-quality deals, while others do not. Mogul considers the platform when calculating its Mogul Score.

2) The Deal: Mogul’s proprietary system analyzes ‘the deal,’ which is the risk-reward of the investment opportunity based on market demand, demographic trends, project risk, debt terms, and tenant makeup, among other factors.

3) The Sponsor: The ‘sponsor’ is another term for the ‘developer.’ Mogul’s rating system analyzes the project developer. Do they have a proven track record? Are they able to execute? What are the chances of success or failure based on previous projects?

4) The Return: Next, Mogul ranks the potential return of the project. How likely is the project’s projected rate of return? What are the chances that the project will meet or exceed its expected rate of return? Are the factors driving that rate of return believable? Or is the project more likely to fail?

5) The Macro Environment: Finally, Mogul’s scoring system analyzes the opportunity against overall macro trends. It considers things like potential changes to interest rates, for example, to determine the value of an investment.

Based on these five factors, the Mogul Score pushes certain investments to the top of the rankings. Some investments are better-rated than others, delivering oversized returns to investors. Others are doomed to fail.

Some of the best-of-the-best investment opportunities identified by the Mogul Score system include:

Signature Assets: Mogul puts a high value on signature assets, which are properties with hard-to-duplicate features. These properties have prime locations where land is limited, access to nearby amenities like mass transit or entertainment, and other unique selling features that allow them to rise above competitors.

Experienced Developers: Mogul’s team spends “a significant amount” of their time meeting with developers and evaluating their track records. Mogul’s team only recommends projects when the strongest developers back them and when those developers’ interests are aligned with investors’ interests.

The Biggest Trends: The best-scoring properties on Mogul tend to be part of the biggest trends. These properties give investors exposure to massive demand shifts or societal changes.

Example Real Estate Investment Opportunities from Mogul

Mogul’s sales page highlights several real estate investment opportunities featured by the company, including:

  • Heritage at Twin Creeks, a senior living facility in a fast-growing metro area (Dallas) with a projected annualized return of 23.9% and a projected yield of 11.9%, located in Allen, TX; Mogul also expects the value of this space to grow because of the growth of senior living facilities (a macro trend)
  • An industrial property located in Plano, Texas, giving investors exposure to a fast-growing metro area (Dallas) and the growth of eCommerce (two macro trends); the property has a projected annualized return of 19.4%
  • Class A apartments in fast-growing Jacksonville
  • An Opportunity Zone investment in downtown Atlanta
  • The recently renovated Marriott in San Diego, which gives investors exposure to a market rich with technology and biotechnology firms
  • Other investment opportunities across the United States

Mogul Helps Investors Diversify

One of the biggest advantages of Mogul and its crowdfund investment system is that it helps investors diversify.

Instead of investing in one area and putting all your eggs in one basket, you can split that same amount of money across multiple areas of the country.

Instead of spending $100,000 on an office building in Houston, for example, you can buy a $25,000 slice of office buildings in Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Boston.

And, instead of investing heavily into the nursing home real estate market, you can invest in that market, commercial office space, and other niches.

Mogul makes it easy to diversify across not just geographic locations but also investment lengths and property types.

Some of the ways to diversify with Mogul include:

  • Cities and regions
  • Investment lengths
  • Property types
  • Projected yields
  • Rates of return

Mogul Pricing

Mogul: Inner Circle is priced at $2,999.


Millionacres claims they’ll eventually raise the price to $4,999. As part of a new promotion to launch Mogul, however, the company sells a one-year subscription at a discount rate.

What’s Included with Mogul: Inner Circle?

Your Mogul subscription includes:

  • 1 year of instant access to Mogul
  • 3 reports, including:
  • Stormproof: The 1 Real Estate Investment Best Suited to Help You Weather 2020
  • The 10 Tax Facts Every Aspiring Real Estate Mogul Should Know
  • Exigent Circumstances: How to Play Real Estate During Global Disruptions
  • A 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Mogul Refund Policy

Mogul comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You can request an in-store credit refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Millionacres does not offer cash refunds on Mogul. You can only receive a refund for in-store credit within 30 days. You can use this credit towards any other service in the Motley Fool portfolio.

Contact Millionacres

You can contact Millionacres and Motley Fool via the following:


Phone: (888) 920-9480

Final Word

Mogul is a new real estate investing service from Millionacres. You subscribe for $3,000 per year, then discover vetted real estate investment opportunities researched by the Millionacres team.

If you want to invest in real estate and grow your wealth, then Mogul by Millionacres could help. The subscription service aims to demystify real estate investing, making it easier to find the best real estate investment opportunities across the United States.

To learn more about Mogul or to buy a subscription today, visit

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