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Intelligent Cryptocurrency Review: Risky Crypto Masterclass?

Intelligent Cryptocurrency is a masterclass found online at

The masterclass is free for anyone to attend. During the masterclass, attendees will learn how they could turn a $1,000 cryptocurrency bet into a $271,244 fortune – including the perfect time to sell before the next crash.

What is the Intelligent Cryptocurrency webinar? Should you attend the masterclass today? What’s the catch to the free webinar? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Intelligent Cryptocurrency.


What is Intelligent Cryptocurrency?

Intelligent Cryptocurrency is a free webinar from crypto analyst Dirk de Bruin. Dirk has been involved in the crypto space since 2015. Now, he wants to share his knowledge and experience with the world.

During the webinar, Dirk will explain how to start investing in crypto as a complete beginner without any technical knowledge, trading experience, or investment knowledge.

Dirk will also tell attendees how they could potentially turn $1,000 bets into windfalls of $271,244 by buying the right cryptocurrency and selling at the right times.

Despite bitcoin reaching record highs, Dirk insists that there is a “huge bitcoin and cryptocurrency opportunity available right now.” By attending his masterclass, you can discover more about this opportunity.

The Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass is free for anyone to attend online. Just enter your name and email address into the online form at Then, you’ll be able to view the 75-minute webinar on the next page.

What Will You Learn During the Intelligent Cryptocurrency Masterclass?

Anyone can attend the Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass for free online. Just enter your name and email address into the online form, then get instant access to the masterclass.

During the 75-minute video presentation, Dirk will explain his qualifications as a crypto analyst, how new investors can get started in crypto, and where to look for some of the best crypto opportunities.

Overall, the masterclass is an introduction to cryptocurrency investing catered to beginner and intermediate investors. If you have heard about cryptocurrency investing and want to get started, then the Intelligent Cryptocurrency is a good starting point.

With DOGE, BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies surging to record highs in recent months, investors have poured into the cryptocurrency market. Some want a slice of the action. Others are curious about how it all works. With the Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass, you can get a basic overview of how crypto investing works from a man with firsthand experience in the space.

Who is Dirk de Bruin?

The Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass is led by a crypto analyst named Dirk de Bruin. Dirk became involved with crypto in 2015. Over the years, he has shared his research and analysis with people all over the world.

Today, Dirk runs a private cryptocurrency training platform called Intelligent Cryptocurrency. The Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass is a free introductory video. If you like Dirk’s teaching style and want to learn more, then you can sign up for paid Intelligent Cryptocurrency courses and classes.

Dirk has traveled the world to attend crypto conferences. He also publishes his work on and other major platforms.


Topics Covered During the Masterclass

The Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass is catered to people who are new to cryptocurrency but want to learn more. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you have some basic knowledge, you can learn more about cryptocurrency investing through Dirk’s masterclass.

Dirk is careful to explain that his information is not investment advice. He’s not telling you to specifically invest in one or two coins; instead, he’s explaining how crypto works, the technology behind certain cryptocurrencies, and how to invest in those coins if you’re interested.

Some of the topics covered during the 75-minute masterclass include:

How Bitcoin Works: Dirk explains the fundamentals of bitcoin’s blockchain technology, including how bitcoin solved the double spend problem, how bitcoin emission works, and why bitcoin is so unique.

Why There Are Still Plenty of Crypto Opportunities: With DOGE, ETH, BTC, and most other cryptocurrencies hitting record highs in recent months, it’s easy to feel like you’ve missed the boat. Dirk claims that’s not the case. During the masterclass, Dirk will highlight some of the best opportunities in the crypto space today.

The 1% Net Worth Rule: Dirk is a fan of investing a single digit percentage of your net worth into cryptocurrencies. By investing 1% to 9% of your net worth into cryptocurrencies, you could protect your wealth against inflation. Dirk even claims some investors will quadruple their net worth in 2021 just by having a single digit percentage of their net worth in cryptocurrencies.

How to Make $270,000+ with Crypto: The Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass is advertised online with stories of investors turning a small bet of $1,000 into a $271,445 windfall.

How to Get Started with Crypto Investing: Dirk will explain how to get started with cryptocurrency as a complete beginner, even if you have zero trading experience, crypto knowledge, or investment skills.

Top 3 Recommended Cryptocurrencies: Throughout the masterclass, Dirk will tease viewers with three cryptocurrencies he is currently buying. Dirk reveals all three of these cryptocurrencies by the end of the webinar.

Dirk is a genuine crypto evangelist: he believes in the power of crypto, claiming crypto is “the largest wealth opportunity of our lifetimes.” By attending the Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass today, you can learn more about Dirk’s crypto investing philosophy – and how you can get started today.

Top Three Cryptocurrencies Dirk de Bruin is Buying Today

During the masterclass, viewers will discover three cryptocurrencies Dirk is buying today. Dirk claims he’s considering these coins for his own profile. However, Dirk is careful to explain that these coins are not investment recommendations or financial advice: they’re just Dirk’s ideas. Dirk claims they’re “bets” – not investments.

The three cryptocurrencies mentioned by Dirk during the Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass include:

Coin #1: ARK: ARK is a blockchain technology platform that aims to make blockchain easier and accessible for everyone. Dirk likes ARK because of its active development team, strong support system, and enterprise blockchain platforms like Protokol (, all of which enhance the usability of the platform.

Coin #2: ICX: ICX is the digital token for the ICON Project. The makers of ICON describe the project as a “living organism and ecosystem.” You can use ICON for banking, insurance, securities, health care, education, and other unique applications. While other blockchains focus on finance and transfers, ICON brings blockchain to unique fields. That’s one of several reasons why Dirk likes the coin.

Coin #3: ENJ: ENJ is the digital currency for Enjin, the largest gaming community creation platform online. With over 20 million registered gamers, Enjin allows gamers to create and share content. The Enjin blockchain hosts stores that earn millions of dollars of revenue. ENJ is the ERC-20 smart token that fuels transactions across the community. Made by a Singapore-based development team, Enjin is also one of the longest-running projects in the blockchain space, launched in 2009 as a non-blockchain platform. Today, Enjin and the ENJ coin allow game developers, content creators, and gaming communities to implement and manage virtual goods, facilitating transactions across multiple types of games. That’s why Dirk likes the coin.

During the Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass, Dirk explains the basic tenets to each project and why he likes each coin. He also backs up his discussions with links to the project’s GitHub pages, whitepapers, and other online resources.

Intelligent Cryptocurrency Masterclass Pricing

The Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass is free for anyone to attend.

There’s no catch. Just enter your name and email address into the online form, and you will immediately be taken to the 75-minute video presentation. You can watch the entire presentation from start to finish without spending anything.

What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch to the Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass. Dirk has genuinely made the class free for anyone to attend online, and you can watch the entire 75-minute presentation without spending anything.

In exchange for entering your name and email address into the online form, you agree to receive marketing communication from Dirk de Bruin and the Intelligent Cryptocurrency team. Dirk and his team offer a paid cryptocurrency training program for $997 per year (or $1,997 for lifetime access).

Intelligent Cryptocurrency Program Pricing

After attending the 75-minute Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass, you may want to sign up for the full Intelligent Cryptocurrency training program. The program includes a complete cryptocurrency for beginners course along with technical analysis courses, money management courses, bonus reports, and more.


You can choose two subscription options, including:

Annual Subscription: $997 per year

VIP Membership: $1,997 (one-time fee)

Intelligent Cryptocurrency accepts all major credit cards and PayPal via its online form.

What’s Included with the Intelligent Cryptocurrency Program?

If you sign up for the core Intelligent Cryptocurrency program, then you get access to bonus materials and reports, including a comprehensive training program that introduces you to the world of cryptocurrency investing.

Here’s what you get with your Intelligent Cryptocurrency program membership:

  • Cryptocurrency for beginners training course
  • Cryptocurrency technical analysis and trading course
  • Money management course
  • Special Intelligent Cryptocurrency (IC) reports and analysis
  • Access to past and future Intelligent Cryptocurrency newsletters
  • Access to monthly cryptocurrency market analysis video updates
  • Access to private members-only chats and members-only dashboard

If you buy the annual membership, then you get access to all of the above for one year. If you buy the lifetime membership, then you get access to all of the above for life.

Here are some of the components included with your Intelligent Cryptocurrency subscription and how they work:


Monthly Crypto Newsletter: Each month, Intelligent Cryptocurrency subscribers receive a 20+ page email newsletter. Each issue features market news and analysis, a breakdown of the latest movements in the crypto space, and other information about the crypto industry. Each newsletter also contains a research report on one specific cryptocurrency project that the Intelligent Cryptocurrency team believes has potential. By subscribing to Intelligent Cryptocurrency today, you get access to all previous monthly reports, allowing you to go back and view any report you like.


Monthly Video Updates: Each month, Dirk posts a new video to the members-only area. In the video, Dirk reviews the latest news stories and developments in the crypto space. He breaks down market movements, gives viewers access to previous video updates, and helps viewers stay up to date on the biggest changes in the space since the last update.


Cryptocurrency Beginners Course: New to crypto? Want to become a better crypto investor? The Intelligent Cryptocurrency beginners course is a comprehensive training program featuring 18 cryptocurrency lessons. Each lesson is available as a video or text presentation. You can discover how to buy cryptocurrency for the first time, how cryptocurrencies work, how to securely store your crypto, and other lessons for beginner and intermediate users.


Technical Analysis & Trading Course: Intelligent Cryptocurrency’s technical analysis and trading course is for intermediate users. If you have already completed the beginner course, then you might want to move on to more detailed technical analysis and trading. This course features 20+ HD video lessons from Dirk de Bruin. He explains how to apply technical analysis strategies to crypto investing, using market data to predict future movements. He explains it all in an easy-to-understand way, allowing crypto investors to implement the lessons immediately.

Money Management & Rules Course: In this course, Dirk explains additional lessons about managing your money, including securely storing your crypto and growing your wealth over time.


Special Reports: Dirk and his team at Intelligent Cryptocurrency periodically publish reports from across the crypto space. Subscribers get access to all new reports and previous reports. You can look at past research from the team to see how it fared in today’s market. Some of the latest reports from Intelligent Cryptocurrency have covered topics like “Building a Cryptocurrency Portfolio” and “Creating an Exit Strategy,” among other topics.


Private Members-Only Groups: Members get access to a private Discord chat group where they can interact with other members of the Intelligent Cryptocurrency community. You can interact with the group on your phone, mobile device, or tablet, discovering what other members are saying and what cryptocurrencies they’re buying.

Dirk’s Personal Buy and Sell Movements: Subscribers get access to Dirk de Bruin’s personal buy and sell recommendations, including the exact trades Dirk is making right now. You can follow Dirk’s trades in your portfolio to earn similar returns to Dirk.

Intelligent Cryptocurrency Refund Policy

Your Intelligent Cryptocurrency program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

You can obtain a full refund within 60 days of your original date of purchase. If you’re unhappy with the course, or if you did not get the experience you expected, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

Contact Intelligent Cryptocurrency

Contact Dirk de Bruin and the Intelligent Cryptocurrency team via email for all refunds, customer support requests, and other inquiries.




Intelligent Cryptocurrency has launched a crypto masterclass online through During the free, 75-minute masterclass, viewers can learn more about the basics of crypto investing, including how to get started for the first time.

The Intelligent Cryptocurrency masterclass is free for anyone to attend online. Viewers interested in learning more can sign up for the full Intelligent Cryptocurrency program, priced at $997 per year (or $1,997 for a lifetime subscription). All purchases are backed by a 60 day refund policy.

To learn more about Dirk de Bruin and Intelligent Cryptocurrency, or to view the 75-minute masterclass today, visit

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