Hearing X3 Reviews (Scam or Legit?) Is It Worth the Money?

Effective communication requires the ability to hear – the ability to perceive sounds within the environment. The function of our auditory system and hearing expands well beyond our ability to perceive noise. Our auditory system plays a critical role in identifying where we are in space as well as balance. Did you know, people with hearing impairments have been found to increase the risk of falling in older adults?

As we age, our hearing capabilities begin to decline naturally. As this becomes to escalates, further hearing loss may occur. Hearing loss is divided into many varieties ranging from gentle to more severe types and can affect our health, social, and emotional wellbeing.

Not all is lost; the rate at which our hearing declines is something we can control to prevent a world without audition. To ensure optimal hearing and continue living in a world full of sound, we must do everything to support our healthy hearing and auditory systems.

What Is Hearing X3?

Zenith Labs, led by Dr. Ryan Shelton, has created a natural advanced hearing support supplement. Equipped with over 15 different herbs, extracts, and ingredients, Hearing X3 has been developed with the goal of supportive optimal hearing.

Hearing X3 is a safeguard against age-related hearing decline and supplies supportive cells of the ear with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Reasons to Choose Hearing X3

Our auditory system is susceptible to harmful chemicals and compounds that can cause havoc on it.

Our internal ear is composed of thin cilia called cochlear/auditory hair cells. These hair cells are surrounded by fluid and are responsible for sound production. Essentially, these cochlear hair cells are what enable us to hear sounds around us.

The reason why this is important to note is that hair cells cannot regenerate or be renewed.

Cochlear hair cells are susceptible to harmful chemicals causing permanent hearing loss.

As a safer alternative, Zenith Labs has created Hearing X3 with natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that will never cause harm to the delicate cochlear hair cells.

Hearing X3 supports optimal hearing and auditory strength by providing ingredients, vitamins, and minerals to be utilized internally within the digestive system rather than intruding on the fluid surrounding the auditory hair cells.


Protects Against Age-related Hearing Loss

After the age of 30, it is widespread for Americans to suffer from age-related hearing decline. A variety of reasons can cause this, but one of these reasons is under our control. Our bodies can thrive by providing the body with the ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients it needs to function correctly.

You don’t have to settle for a decline in hearing each year.

Hearing X3 contains ingredients that can prevent age-related hearing and support ear health.

The active and natural ingredients within Hearing X3’s formula support cochlea hair cells, decrease inflammation, increase blood flow, and prevent further hearing inhibitions.

Supports Inner Ear Cell Growth

Although cochlea cells may never regenerate, that doesn’t mean other cells of the auditory cannot.

One of the many cell functions surrounding the inner ear includes protecting the auditory system from bacterial and viral infections.

The specialized epithelial cells of the ear canal do this with proper support of nutrients, blood flow, vitamins, and minerals.

By including Hearing X3 in your diet, you supply the specialized cell of the ears with the ingredients it needs to decrease inflammation, eliminate bacteria and viral compounds, and support proper cell growth.

Protection Against Oxidative Stress

A large majority of compounds found within Hearing X3 are antioxidants. This means that these ingredients work to eliminate free radicals within the body that cause havoc on critical physiological systems of the body.

The cochlea – the portion of the auditory responsible for perceiving sound is particularly susceptible to oxidative stress.

Free radicals that make their way into the fluid surrounding cochlear hair cells can cause damage which may contribute to hearing loss.

Hearing X3 is saturated with an abundance of antioxidants that ensure protection against harmful free radicals, therefore, protecting you against permanent damage and hearing loss.

The point is oxidative stress within the body is bound to occur. When it is left unchecked, significant problems arise.

Using a supportive, healthy hearing supplement like Hearing X3 protects the body’s physiological systems responsible for healthy hearing from oxidative stress that can cause damage.

Things to Consider About Hearing X3

Hearing X3 was created under cGMP regulations and standards to support healthy hearing for all ages, defend against age-related hearing loss, and protect inner ear cells from harm.

Zenith Labs has created this product for individuals over 18 and should not be used by pregnant women.

Hearing X3 is not a prescription drug to treat hearing-related diseases but rather a natural alternative to support healthy hearing.

For the best results, Hearing X3 should be taken two times per day.

The formula found within Hearing X3 contains a large variety of rare beneficial ingredients. Some people have stated that they have found it challenging to track down these ingredients individually. As a more efficient alternative, Hearing X3 compacts them into easy-to-take capsules.

Ingredients found within Hearing X3 take time to work with the body. For this reason, Zenith Labs states the best results occur within the first two weeks of consistent use.

Hearing X3 provides 60 capsules with every order. This 2-month supply is well priced, making it an excellent option for people on a strict budget.


Hearing X3 Ingredients

Here are some of the essential 15 key ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that help Hearing X3 to support healthy hearing


This plant has been regarded as one of the top-tier natural ingredients for cardiovascular health.

Important for hearing and audition, the resveratrol extract found within Hearing X3 also decreases inflammation surrounding cochlea cells of the ear by reducing enzymes responsible for causing damage and harm.

Ginkgo Biloba

An essential ingredient that acts as an antioxidant to reduces oxidative stress and free radicals within the body.

Zenith Labs claims that 82% of people benefitted from better hearing and audition due to ingesting Ginkgo Biloba.

Gotu Kola

Another antioxidant that opens blood vessels and protects cells from death.

Gotu Kola is essential in keeping the cochlear cells of the ear healthy and stable, enabling optimal hearing capabilities.

Folate & L-5-MTHF

These compounds work by reducing homocysteine, an amino acid responsible for clotting blood vessels and causing damage to the cardiovascular system.


This molecule provides a protective layer that surrounds cells of the cochlea. CoQ10 works to reduce toxic compounds that can forever eliminate cochlear hair cells.

N-acetyl-cysteine (NAS)

NAS decreases the number of cytokines within the body, which ultimately reduces inflammation.

This is crucial to ear longevity and health because severe inflammation can cause inhibited hearing by decreasing the efficiency of the ear canal’s ability to carry sound.

Zinc Citrate

This antioxidant removes toxins within the ear canal, a crucial system to prevent age-related hearing loss.


This ingredient is causing vasodilation of blood vessels surrounding the ear.

In doing this, cells of the auditory system are exposed to increased levels of blood flow which means a larger store of nutrients, oxygen, and enzymes.

Acetyl-L Carnitine

It is responsible for improving the ability to produce energy of cells found within the auditory system.

Alpha-lipoic acid

This antioxidant eliminates free radicals within the body that cause harm to cells and decreasing ROS.

This ingredient decreases the onset of age-related hearing by keeping it safe against oxidative stress, determinantal to delicate cochlear hair cells.

Hearing X3 Conclusion

Ultimately, the system that allows us to hear correctly is quite fragile. For the most part, this system declines as we age. Some pieces of our auditory system, like our delicate cochlear hair cells, can never be restored once they die, affecting our hearing capabilities.

For this reason, it is critically important that we do everything in our power to support the decline of age-related hearing loss.

One solution to this problem is using proper ingredients, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support healthy hearing and healing cells within the inner ear.

Hearing X3 compacts 15 key essential ingredients that work to do just that. Hearing X3 may be the solution you are looking for if you are concerned about your hearing abilities and decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation, which can cause damage to the auditory system.

But the benefits do not end there. Hearing X3 also promotes proper blood supply to the ear to allow the optimal amount of oxygen, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

If you are on the fence about considering Hearing X3, check out The Zenith Labs website to see the overwhelmingly positive reviews and testimonials from other people in a similar situation as yourself. If you are not happy with your results, Zenith Labs has a full money-back guarantee.


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