Free Tarot Card Reading Online: How Tarot Readings Can Help Your Journey to Wellness

There are days when one can either not sleep because of the thousands of questions that keep churning their mind, or all one wants to do is sleep because facing the reality that they are stuck in is something they want to avoid. These days are common in everyone’s life. However, no one can ignore their lives or decisions they need to make to move on with their lives. We all have responsibilities that we need to tackle in life. At such testing times, seeking help from an expert can help the user gain peace of mind.

A tarot card reading is a perfect way for people to gain the clarity required to deal with life changes. A tarot card reader can help the user understand what the user is truly striving for and succeed in that endeavor. With just one session, the user can gain the information and answers to all the questions keeping the user up at night. The information can help the user move on in life and make better decisions that can lead to success. Click Here To Go To The Best Tarot Reading Websites Right Now!

Everyone needs to accept the changes in their lives to fit in the situations that their life presents them. It is the only way to live without any worries, regrets, or other negative emotions weighing the user down. A tarot card reading session can help the user understand how to deal with unfavorable situations and exercise patience and kindness to remain happy and satisfied.

The user no longer needs to search for a reader near the user, get their reviews from trustworthy people, book an appointment, and go to meet them. Through an online tarot card reading session, the user can cut short the process of getting a reading. The websites that are listed here provide the world’s best tarot card readers to the user. The user can reach their expertise and services with just a few clicks and get rid of the worries forcing the user to toss and turn through the night.

Whether the user needs to know more about the prospects of their love life, or the user needs to know what steps the user can take to get a promotion at the company, these tarot card readers can help the client reach the perfect answer. With their years of training and experience, they can identify their true needs and provide a personalized solution that will help them make the best decision in life.

Most Trustworthy Online Tarot Card Reading Sites of 2021 :

Among the hundreds of websites available across the internet, only some prove to provide the most reliable services. The sites listed below ensure that the advice-seekers get the best experience at the most affordable rates.

Kasamba – The site has been known as one of the best places for love tarot card reading. It is currently running an attractive offer for new users under which they can get a reading for the first three minutes free with an additional 70% off.

California Psychics – California Psychics houses the best tarot card readers who specialize in the sectors of money and career. They can provide the client with information regarding the past, present, and future. New users can book a reading session at rates as low as $1 per minute with an additional offer of the first five-minute free tarot reading online, accurate with the code ADD5.

Keen Psychics – Keen Psychics offers one of the cheapest services at $1.99 for 10 minutes. They have an array of experts that have years of experience in tarot card readings.

Psychic Source – At Psychic Source, the users can avail the offer of the first three minutes of the session for free. It also offers the services of expert tarot card readers at an affordable rate of $1.00.

Kasamba – Editor’s Choice Best Love Tarot Reading


Tarot card reading has been a reliable method for years to get the answers to the questions that keep us up at night. These cards cannot look into the future but can help the client understand the present. The essential insights can help the client reach out to themselves. For people who want specialized help from experts, Kasamba is the best place.

Kasamba has been in business for more than 20 years. During this tenure, it has amassed a loyal customer base that reaches millions. Used by people worldwide, Kasamba ensures that its services are as varied and inclusive as possible and ensures continuous efforts towards that direction. The client can find a plethora of specific services, including love tarot reading , career advice, advice to overcome grief, and much more.

The website provides a clean interface that is easily understandable and accessible. The client can find the reader that matches their needs and questions quickly with the help of separate divisions that are made. These divisions can be accessed from the menu section of the website. Once the client reaches the reader’s profile that the client has shortlisted, the client can browse through it to read the reviews and experiences left by the past readers. These reviews and the average rating can help the client better assess whether the reader is suitable.

Through the reviews and the profile, the client can know the specialization of the reader, their years of experience, and method of working. The profile also shows whether the reader is currently available for a reading or not and the modes through which they can provide an online tarot card reading.

Key Features

  • It ensures the anonymity of the user and the protection of the user’s data with its highly capable and advanced security methods.
  • The payment process is transparent with no hidden charges.
  • The website is divided into separate web pages for better access and easier navigation.
  • The tarot card readers at Kasamba are chosen after a thorough selection process to ensure their credibility.
  • One of the only websites that provide email reading and phone tarot reading, online chat, etc.

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California Psychics – Best For New Users


Tarot cards can be used to know the person’s daily horoscope or get a specific answer to a broad question. The versatility of the art of tarot card reading has made it one of the most popular methods of psychic reading. Another website providing the true essence of tarot reading by offering authentic services and experienced readers are California Psychics. It has also been in business for decades, and the long-standing website proves its credibility through the immense number of positive reviews.

Having satisfied the thirst for knowledge of millions of people worldwide, California Psychics provides quality services to people consistently. the client can access the services on the website from anywhere in the world at any time of the day, irrespective of the time zone that the client is living in. the client can ask questions about the past and ancestry, along with questions about the opportunities that lie ahead in the future. The readers available at California Psychics can provide an accurate answer to all the queries, no matter their scale.

Even if a user is new to the hopeful world of tarot card reading, they can try a session at cheap rates. With affordable plans and other additional offers, California Psychics ensures that no person cannot reach the benefits of reading. The client can get instant clarity, peace of mind, and resolution with a session with one of the specialized and experienced readers available at California Psychics.

Key Features

  • Having served millions of users, California Psychics has risen to become one of the prominent names in the world of psychic reading and tarot cards.
  • The users can find readers who offer their services at different plans to find one that fits their budget. The client can find sessions at rates of $1, $2, $3 per minute on the website.
  • The users can get a reading through an instant online chat feature and phone readings, online video calls, etc.
  • It offers readers that are specialized in a specific niche so that they can better understand their doubt.

Visit California Psychics Fully Certified And Accurate Tarot Readers

Keen Psychics- Experienced And Trusted Tarot Readers


When the client visits the website of Keen Psychics, the client will find thousands of reviews left at the profile of various readers that detail the positive experience the customers had. The readers at Keen Psychics are selected through a series of stages included in the selection process. The process ensures that only the most trustworthy, experienced, and capable readers are added to the website’s database.

Whether the client has questions regarding their love life, familial relations, career questions, or the client needs guidance in any other part of their life, and the client will find a specialized tarot card reader at Keen Psychics. The client can connect to these readers round the clock and resolve their difficulties immediately. The client does not have to alter their daily schedule or skip any responsibility to reach out to a tarot card reader for help.

The readers available at Keen Psychics tailor the process of the tarot reading as per the doubt that the client has. If the client has a vague question that needs lots of thinking and information to conclude, the reader will indulge the client in a two-way conversation that includes an active discussion. If the client has a specific question in mind, the reader will provide the client with the exact guidance the clients were searching for. When the client finds a reader who matches their interest or has the clients’ profile, the client can read and research more about them to know their exact process and working method. Then, the clients can book a session with them or immediately start one if they are available at the time.

Key Features

  • One of the most affordable websites is the perfect place for new users to try free tarot reading without spending any money.
  • The website has a customer feedback session to register a complaint if the client were not satisfied with any service.
  • The website’s interface is designed so that anyone can navigate it with ease and reach the reader that piques their interest as soon as possible.
  • The client can get online chat reading, phone reading, live video call reading at the rate of $1.99 for 10 minutes.

Try Keen Gifted Tarot Readers For Instant Clarity

Psychic Source – Highly Skilled Readers Available


One of the oldest websites that provide psychic services, Psychic Source is one of the most trusted websites for online tarot card reading. It is especially preferred for a love tarot card reading. The client can find various readers and tarot card experts here to provide the client with a quick solution and a detailed explanation of the problem concerning the user.

The client will find a summary of the reader on their profile that includes their experience, the field of their training, and practice. Along with that, the client can also read the reviews to find how apt their reading is. The client will need to register to the website before the client can begin a session. For the completion of the registration process, the client will need to provide them financial details. The complete information is encrypted and secured to ease the worries of the visitors of the website.

The readers can also explain how the tarot cards work and how the client can utilize the reading. They can give the client the best advice for questions that are commonly answered and provide personalized solutions for the specific questions. The client can ensure that the client pays for the service of only that reader that the client matches with. With the free trial, the client can find the tarot advisor that fits their needs.

The readers provide their services in various languages, including English and Spanish. The client will also find special sections and readers that provide services to the LGBTQ+ community for an inclusive experience.

Key Features

  • Get the first three minutes of the reading for free. That means, if the client ends a session within the first three minutes, the client will not have to pay for it.
  • Get daily horoscopes on the website for a quick reference.
  • Various introductory offers are provided to make the tarot card reading experience for the new users a delight.
  • Find the answers to these questions over online chat, video call, and phone tarot card reading.

Get Powerful answers and clarity with psychic source best tarot readers.

How Does Tarot Card Reading Work?

Tarot card reading has been practiced as an art and skill for more than six centuries. It has helped people throughout the years to understand their present better so that they can find out what their future holds. It has been a reliable way to uncover the secrets of the past. The decisions and lessons of the past can help the clients make better decisions for their future.

The art of tarot card reading works based on the card that the client chooses from the deck. Different readers use different decks as per their preference and experience. Each card represents a story in itself that has been a part of our culture for thousands of years. Based on the metaphors and analogies hidden in these stories, the reader analyzes the answer to the question the client had in mind while choosing the card.

Most tarot card readers would agree that the art of tarot reading is based on interpretation. Each person, each card, each question, and situation brings out a new interpretation that can only be deeply understood by an experienced and professionally trained tarot card reader.

Types of Tarot Card Decks

A trained and professional tarot card reader who understands the root of tarot card reading can give the client an accurate reading using even a normal deck of playing cards. However, the client maintains reliability, and for various other reasons, including preference, most tarot card readers use a specialized deck that has been painted with beautiful and detailed images. Each image is based on a legend or a story of our past.

Most tarot card decks have 78 cards. Out of these, 22 cards are known as major arcana. Major arcana cards are only used in more dire and serious situations. For most readings, a reader will never use the major arcana cards. They are used for reading only when the situation is highly important for the advice seeker. These 22 cards include some of the most famous cards such as Death, The Fool, The Lovers, Wheel of Fortune, and more.

For common readings, a reader will use the rest of the 56 cards, known as minor arcana. Some readers will claim that the minor arcana part of the deck is the most important as it can provide accurate readings for most cases and questions. They are used for love, career, money, relationships, and other such questions.

These cards are a good indicator for the oncoming change in the life of the advice seeker. Each card carries a special meaning that can be drawn and understood differently, depending upon the advice seeker. An experienced reader is always firm that a tarot card reading cannot provide a fixed answer. It provides a suggestion, a thought, or an idea that the client can ponder on and then take the decision accordingly.

The advice seeker chooses the card that matches their energy. Tarot cards work on the principle of like calls to like. It is, therefore, better to go with their instinct and choose the card without putting much thought into the process.

Here are the most prominent types of tarot card decks that readers around the world use. These have different images, and thus, relay a different story. Each deck has its specialty and can provide an accurate reading when worked by a professional reader.

  • Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
  • The Wild Unknown Tarot Card
  • Modern Witch Tarot Card
  • Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck
  • Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck
  • The Spark of Joy Printable Tarot Card
  • Forest of Enchantment Tarot Deck
  • Santa Muerte Tarot Deck
  • The Fountain Tarot Card Deck
  • Golden Tarot of Marseille

How Online Tarot Card Reading Can be Performed ?

An online tarot reading is flexible as it can be performed in various ways. The client can choose how the clients are most comfortable. Various online tarot card reading websites offer readers who are available for round-the-clock services in various such ways. The client can find if a reader is available for a particular online tarot card reading on their profile.

  • Phone reading

    Phone readings are one of the most common and popular choices of reading. The client can contact the reader through a phone call at any time of the day. They will guide the client through the process of choosing cards and explain their interpretation to the user. The voice connection makes the experience feel more personal and allows the client to better connect with the reader.

  • Chat tarot card reading

    Another preferable method for those who do not want to share their information with the reader is chat reading. The client can connect to the reader through the online chat services available on the online tarot card reading website. When the reader is available, the client can begin the reading.

  • Email tarot card reading

    If the advice seeker needs a way that lets them talk to the tarot card reader at any time of the day and cannot take the time out of their day for an hour of the phone call, they can choose to email the reader.

  • Tarot reading over video call

    If the client wants a completely personal experience that feels the most similar to an in-person reading, the client can choose to read over a live video chat. This way, the client can see and interact with the tarot cards and choose the one without any sliver of doubt.

The Difference Between Angel Card Reading and Tarot Card Reading

Many people confuse angel cards and tarot cards. They assume that both the decks work similarly and have no difference in their functions. However, both these card decks share some similarities and have various dissimilarities as well.

Both angle and tarot cards are used as the means of recommendation for future decisions and actions. Though, angel cards work based on the energies of spirit guides and other similar angelic entities that surround us and guide us towards the path of a better, moral life.

Tarot cards, on the other hand, work based on the intuition of the advice seeker. The aura, the cosmic energies that surround the user, attracts the client towards a certain card. They do not provide any news. They clarify the current situation to the advice seeker and inform them how their present decisions can affect their future.

Being considered a work of angels, Angel cards only relay positive and uplifting information about the present, past, and future. Such readings heal their soul and lift their mood to continue with their lives with new vigor.

Both the cards have different decks, with different images and numbers of cards. The client will find some angel cards covered with quotes, images, etc., that aim to provide a healing effect on the advice seeker. Some decks of angel reading cards are geared towards and are specifically used for questions based on love, career, money, life, past grievances, regrets, etc. An expert can provide the client with the exact words and emotional support the client needs to move on from the past and move towards a better future.

Things to Keep in Mind During an Online Tarot Card Reading

If the client is new to the world of tarot online, it is normal for them to fumble and be nervous during their first reading. However, the client must ensure the points explained below to ensure that the client gets the most out of the reading session.

Ensure that the vibe matches that of the reader. There are various methods through which a reader carries out a reading. Some readers ask the client to shuffle the cards, and some need to concentrate before beginning a reading; some may ask the client to share some information about the client before they present the client with the cards.

Ask open-ended questions. Do not constrict the tarot card reading session by asking questions that have clipped answers or, worse, having ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. These questions fail to provide any clarity regarding the matter and do not develop a flow of conservation.

Understand that the reading is not set in stone. There are times when the client will disagree with the reading, or the reading is not to their liking. That is completely normal. Reading does not have any power over the user.

Tarot cards are more about the present than the future. They will help the client understand and comprehend the present situation. If the client is confused about a situation in their life in the present, then the cards can help them solve it in the most profitable way possible. They can help the client trust themself, create a better relationship with their conscience, and get in sync with their inner-self and thoughts.

Questions that the client can Ask During a Tarot Reading Session

Now that the client has understood what the client needs to avoid and the methods the client should follow to have the best experience during a tarot card reading, the client should prepare themselves for the reading beforehand. Get a list of questions that the client can ask during the interview. Make sure that the questions are exactly based on the problem that the clients are facing. Also, make them open-ended so that the client and the reader can indulge in a discussion.

The client can also ask questions based on the card that the client chose. This way, the client can give a specific direction to the reading and reach the answer sooner. Remember to keep them possibilities and mind open while asking the questions. Also, these questions should be based on the user. They should be focused on what the client can do instead of what someone else can do for the user.

The following list of possible questions can help the clients get an idea of the questions the client can ask during an online tarot card reading.

  1. How do I find balance in my work and private life?
  2. How can I accelerate my career growth?
  3. Can the universe guide me towards the financial path that is the best for me?
  4. What new opportunities lie in my future?
  5. I have reached my goal. How should I plan further?
  6. Which career path should I choose that aligns with my ethics, values, and skills?
  7. How can I get through these financial testing times?
  8. Can the universe tell me if I am shielding myself from an opportunity?
  9. Which different skills should I learn?
  10. How can I better access new and better opportunities in my life?
  11. What can I do to lead my own life towards a moral and successful path?
  12. What are the great adventures that lie in my path?
  13. What lessons do I need to learn for me to grow?
  14. Can the universe guide me towards living a more empowered and balanced life?
  15. How can I attain freedom in my life again?
  16. What are the things in my past that need to be dealt with?
  17. What are the actions that I should take in my life right now?
  18. Which external forces are stopping me from reaching my complete potential?
  19. What can I do to excel in my competition?
  20. How can I gain the recognition that I deserve?
  21. How can I stay on my path without getting distracted?
  22. What are the most important opportunities that lie in my future? What can I do to recognize them as I cross paths with them?
  23. What steps should I take so that I am not taken advantage of?
  24. Which part of my life needs immediate change?
  25. What is that action that the spirits want me to take to achieve balance in my life?
  26. How to find inner strength?
  27. What can I do to achieve the motivation to reach my goals?
  28. What does my inner voice want to tell me?
  29. Which path should I take to make my dreams come true?
  30. How to experience peace and spirituality?
  31. Can the spirits tell me about the beginnings of changes that are coming towards me?

Which is Better: Online or In-Person Tarot Card Reading?

One cannot always find the time to search a tarot card reader around them and book a session with them. With work, family, and other responsibilities, it can be hard for some to take time out of their busy schedule to visit a reader. When searching for a tarot card reading near me, the client will find that the client has severely limited options. The client will not be able to find a specialized reader, or they might be located very far from you.

When it comes to online tarot card reading, the client does not have to worry about the timings. The client can contact any advisor that the client likes at any time of the day. The tarot card reading online services are available 24/7 and can be accessed even during the late hours of the night. Through online reading, the client can ensure that the client finds an answer immediately, no matter when the client is pressed with a question.

The client does not have to choose an advisor from a limited pool of tarot reading near me. Online tarot card websites offer a wide array of specialists to help the client through various questions and doubts. If the client needs answers to questions based on love, the client can contact love tarot card reading experts on these websites to get personalized and accurate service.

Furthermore, the client does not have to travel to unknown or unsafe places to reach a tarot card reader. The client can reach the best one from anywhere, even from the comfort and safety of their home. All the clients need to do is call them or connect with them online to talk and get a session with them. The client does not have to take time out of their day to travel longer distances.

Final Word

Find help and guidance at every turn of life from experts. Ensure that the clients’ path will be fruitful for the client and their loved ones. Through a quick tarot card reading session, the client can understand the past, present, and future. The insights achieved from these cards can help the clients solve the problems that are surrounding their life. It is normal if the client takes some time to find the reader the client match with, but the effort and time input will be worth it in the end.

Online tarot card reading allows the client to find the most experienced and specialized experts who match their needs. These readers can understand their energies, their aura, and their intentions to provide the client with the best answer. Find the tarot card reader that understands their consciousness and explains it to the client at one of the most effective tarot reading online websites.

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