Food Freedom Reviews – What are The Food Freedom Customers Saying?

Food Freedom is a guide on surviving the upcoming supply chain meltdown.

According to the creators of Food Freedom, we may only have months, weeks, or even days to prepare for the collapse of our supply chain, which could mean catastrophic consequences for you and your family.

Should you really be worried about a supply chain meltdown? What will you learn in Food Freedom? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Food Freedom today in our review.

What is Food Freedom?

Food Freedom is a guide that explains how to survive a future supply chain collapse.

According to the creators of Food Freedom, the information in Food Freedom “could save your life” when systems collapse.

In fact, the creators of Food Freedom believe we’re just months, days, or weeks away from “a global system-wide failure unlike any we’ve seen before in human history.”

By taking action today, you can protect yourself and your family. In Food Freedom, you can discover actionable tips for surviving the upcoming crisis, including how to create your own aquaponics system, how to grow food at home, and things you need to survive the apocalypse.

The creator of Food Freedom, Henry Cobb, claims Food Freedom is “the most important message I have ever given in my entire life.” By watching the Food Freedom video and buying the guide, you could discover how to save your life.

How Food Freedom Works

Food Freedom is a collection of videos and eBook explaining you how to survive upcoming food shortages.

Led by Henry and a mysterious survivalist named Ray, Food Freedom teaches you how to secure your own food supply, protect your family, and grow an endless supply of food wherever you are – even if you have zero experience.

Key features of Food Freedom include:

  • How to create a two-part aquaponics system with a near-endless supply of fish and vegetables
  • The right seeds for your survival seed vault
  • How to grow 100lbs of food in a 4 square foot box
  • Long-term food storage strategies
  • How to build your own geodome to grow food year round, even in the middle of winter
  • Other strategies, tips, and tools you need to survive the upcoming crisis

Henry has created this information for people with all levels of experience. Whether you live in the city or country, have zero experience or decades of experience, you can use Food Freedom to survive upcoming food shortages.

Who Created Food Freedom?

Food Freedom was created by Henry Cobb, a history professor, husband, and father of two little girls.

Henry Cobb is 43-years old and lives in southern Colorado, where he teaches history at a small junior college in town.

Henry has spent his whole life studying history, including the rises and falls of empires. Today, Henry is growing increasingly concerned with the state of the world, and he believes we’re days and weeks away from an impending collapse.

Although Henry claims to be the father of two little girls, he also claims he recently attended a PTA meeting for his “son Jacob’s school.” The PTA had called an emergency session to discuss food shortages. That’s when Henry realized he needed to warn the world.

What Will You Learn in Food Freedom?

Food Freedom discusses some of the simplest and most effective strategies for securing your family’s food future starting today.


While other doomsday manuals focus on stockpiling guns and ammunition and building bomb shelters, Food Freedom focuses on practical tips for creating and securing your own food supply.

The goal of Food Freedom is to teach you how to live self-sufficiently off-the-grid, feeding you and your family.

“I’m going to show you how to build a total fortress of protection around you and the ones that matter to you most. One that virtually guarantees you rise to the top of the fallen society.”

According to Henry Cobb and the Food Freedom team, we’re not far away from a post-apocalypse scenario. Henry believes gangs will roam the streets, police will disappear, and food will be the only currency that matters.

In fact, Henry Cobb claims elite powers are actively trying to take down his video because it doesn’t fit into their “narrative.” He claims he’s putting his family at risk by publishing this information online, and that he suspects it will be taken down within days.


Topics Covered in the Food Freedom Presentation

In an introductory presentation, Henry Cobb discusses topics like:

  • The 3 food collapse triggers and how to prepare for the coming supply chain shortages
  • How to deal with the “inflation tsunami” that will skyrocket food prices in the next few months
  • What to do when the food supply runs out and how to get an endless supply of food for next to nothing

Why Henry Cobb Believes We’re Nearing a Food Crisis

Henry Cobb claims he’s not a conspiracy theorist, nor is he a doomsday prepper; instead, he’s just an ordinary guy who started to pay attention.

Henry wasn’t looking for an excuse to warn people about the apocalypse. He was paying attention to the world around him and got an increasing feeling that something was “wrong.”

Henry claims it’s not just the pandemic: it’s everything about the world today. After studying the rises and falls of empires, Henry claims he sees many parallels in today’s society. And that’s why Henry believes we’re approaching a catastrophic collapse.

Henry believes these three factors are all early warning signs of an impending collapse:

  • Labor shortages
  • Food shortages
  • Supply chain shortages

Businesses are struggling to hire people. Everything has become more expensive. There are supply chain shortages that make it difficult to manufacture goods to keep up with demand.

Instead of seeing these issues as temporary restraints in a unique global economy, Henry believes they’re signs of a “supply chain meltdown” that will make it impossible to get food or water from your local grocery store.

By following Henry’s recommended steps today, you can prepare for the apocalypse, secure your own food supply, and protect your family.

What Are the Collapse Triggers?

Henry wrote his master’s thesis on collapse triggers. After studying the rise and fall of empires throughout history, Henry noticed three collapse triggers linked to many fallen empires.

The collapse triggers included:

  • Collapse Trigger #1: Natural Disaster
  • Collapse Trigger #2: Rising Food Prices
  • Collapse Trigger #3: Supply Chain Fail

Henry claims that when all three of these collapse triggers occur at the same time, “mass starvation always follows.”

As proof, Henry cites the Soviet Union in the 1930s, China in the 1960s, and Korea in the 1990s.

Collapse Trigger #1: Natural Disaster

Natural disasters cripple food supplies, leading to higher food prices and greater social unrest. Social unrest disrupts supply chains, making the problem worse and worse.

Henry sees similar trends in today’s world:

  • Brazil is going through its worst drought in history right now
  • Brazil grows most of the world’s soybeans
  • 98% of the soybeans grown in the world go towards livestock
  • Meat prices have soared because of higher soybean shortages
  • The United States is also facing record droughts. Temperatures get hotter each summer, making it harder to grow crops. According to Henry, this drought could lead to a drop in 98% of wheat production.
  • Henry cites other evidence proving we’re facing a food collapse, including soaring temperatures around the world, flooding in China, and other “unprecedented” events.
  • COVID-19 could also be considered a natural disaster, as it kicked off the worsening supply chain issues.

Collapse Trigger #2: Rising Food Prices

Food prices are soaring. Grocery stores have become more expensive, and restaurant chains are raising their prices every month.

Henry believes we’re reaching a point where food prices are so expensive that ordinary people cannot afford to buy groceries.

When food becomes too expensive for ordinary people to buy, it leads to social unrest. This social unrest will lead to chaos in the streets, which will worsen supply chain issues.

In fact, Henry believes we’re just weeks away from a complete social meltdown in the United States:

“Just wait until gangs of marauding thieves are roaming the streets, wide-eyed with hunger…[because] they can’t afford eggs for their families…That’s the world we’re heading to.”

Collapse Trigger #3: Supply Chain Fail

A combination of natural disasters and social unrest eventually causes supply chains to fail.

Yes, the world has faced natural disasters and social unrest before without collapsing. However, Henry claims we used two things to navigate out of previous crises:

  1. Cooperation between countries
  2. Intact supply chains

During previous catastrophes, countries would work together to release food reserves, cooperating to solve various problems.

Today, however, Henry claims countries aren’t cooperating with each other. They’re closing themselves off to preserve their food supply.

Even if countries were cooperating, they wouldn’t be able to send goods around the world because of supply chain issues.

The combination of a lack of cooperation and supply chain issues will lead to the apocalypse, according to Henry. Henry calls it “The Great Unravelling,” and he claims a specific event will cause the collapse.

What is The Great Unravelling?

The goal of Food Freedom is to teach you how to prepare your family for The Great Unravelling. Henry believes we’re just months, days, or weeks away from The Great Unravelling. By taking specific steps today, you can protect your family and avoid starvation.

The Great Unravelling will lead to:

  • Chaos and social unrest in the streets
  • Mass starvation worldwide
  • Increased demand for government welfare
  • Lawlessness

Bill Gates Wants to Create The Great Unravelling

Henry believes Bill Gates is engaging in “Napoleonic” tactics by buying land across the United States, giving him huge control over America’s food supply.

Bill Gates is one of America’s largest landowners. He has been buying farmland across the United States for years.

However, Henry claims Bill Gates has nefarious motives in mind:

Whenever someone seizes so much control of our food, they decide who eats and who doesn’t.”

When The Great Unravelling hits, Bill Gates will control who eats and who doesn’t. That’s why Henry wants you to buy Food Freedom.

Later in the presentation, Henry claims global elites are deliberately preparing for “The Great Reset,” pushing plant-based meat and insect burgers on us. They want people to own nothing and be happy. That’s the future Henry is trying to avoid.

Henry claims he isn’t a conspiracy theorist. He’s just a guy who has “seen the writing on the wall.” After considering the food shortages, rising prices, supply chain disruptions, and Bill Gates’ land acquisitions, Henry realized he needed to warn the world. So he created Food Freedom.

What Will You Learn in Food Freedom?

Food Freedom covers a range of topics about survivalism, food supply, and self-sustenance.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in Food Freedom:

How to Secure a Vitamin and Mineral-Rich Food Supply: Many doomsday preppers get it wrong. They buy shelf-stable foods packed with sodium and low in vitamins and minerals. In Food Freedom, you’ll learn how to create your own vitamin and mineral-rich food supply.

How to Build a Two-Part Aquaponics System with Live Fish and Plants: Ray, who helped Henry write Food Freedom, created a two-part aquaponics system. Part of that system has live fish in tanks. Those fish fertilize the water used in the other part of the aquaponics system, which goes towards growing plants. Meanwhile, the plants filter the fish’s waste. You get tasty fish and juicy vegetables with no added watering or fertilization required.

How Anyone Can Build Aquaponics for 98% Less: You can find plenty of aquaponics systems online today. However, many aquaponics systems for survivalists are complicated and expensive. In Food Freedom, you can discover how to build a simple, effective, two-part aquaponics system for 98% less.

How to Create a Pocket-sized, Portable Garden of Eden: Many doomsday preppers create a stockpile of food, but they keep it in one place and it’s impossible to move. In Food Freedom, you can discover how to create a pocket-sized, portable Garden of Eden. You can bring that garden anywhere to create your own food supply on-the-go. It will make you an “irreplaceable” asset in post-apocalyptic America, according to Henry.

How to Build a Sturdy, Geometric Dome to Grow your Own Fruits and Vegetables: Food Freedom also teaches you how to build a sturdy, geometric dome. That dome reflects sunlight in a specific way to scatter it throughout the dome, making it easy to grow fruits and vegetables. It’s a superpowered greenhouse that can help you grow more than enough food for your family.

How to Grow 100lbs of Food in 4 Square Feet of Space, Even Without Sunlight: You don’t need a lot of space to grow a lot of food. In Food Freedom, you can discover how to grow 100lbs of food in 4 square feet of space even if you don’t have sunlight.

How to Prepare for 5, 10, or Even 20 Years Completely Off the Grid: Food Freedom teaches you how to grow an ample food supply without the need for amenities like electricity or water. Instead, you can discover how to create a self-sustaining ecosystem in a home, on land, or anywhere you can survive. According to Henry, his systems can help you survive 5 to 20 years off-the-grid, providing ample food supply for your family.

What’s Included with Food Freedom?

Food Freedom comes with a package of eBooks and guides explaining everything you need to know to overcome America’s upcoming food shortage.


Your purchase includes instant access to all of the following:

Do It Yourself Aquaponics: A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Your Own Food: Henry is a big believer in using aquaponics to secure your food supply. In this guide, he explains how to create a two-part system with live fish and vegetables. The fish fertilize the vegetables, and the vegetables cleanse the water for the fish. It’s a self-sustaining system to secure a huge food supply – and anyone can make it at home in a few hours without spending a fortune.

Build Your Own Geodome: Grow Food Year Round – Even in the Dead of Winter: In this guide, Henry describes how to build a “geodome” that lets you grow food year round – even in the middle of winter. It’s a uniquely-shaped greenhouse designed for maximum sunlight.

33 Things You Need to Survive: That You Can’t Get When Disaster Strikes: From medicine to tools, some things will be impossible to find when disaster strikes. By stockpiling these items today, you can prepare for the upcoming apocalypse.

Long Term Food Storage: Keep Your Family Fed During the Winter: Growing your own food is useless if you can’t store it. In this guide, Henry explains how to keep your family fed during the winter by storing your food correctly. By canning, preserving, and salting food the right way, you can secure your food supply long-term.

Bonus #1: Survival Seed Vault: Get the Right Seeds to Survive: Securing the right seeds today can help you survive the upcoming disaster. In this guide, Henry teaches you the right combination of seeds for optimal food production.

Bonus #2: Grow 100lbs of Potatoes in 4 Sq. Ft. Build Your Own Potato Box: You don’t need a lot of space to grow a lot of food. In this guide, Henry explains how you can grow 100lbs of potatoes in a small box you place in your backyard.

Bonus #3: Access to Private Members Area: After buying Food Freedom online today, you get free access to a private members area. You can access all Food Freedom guides from this private members area, including videos and PDFs.

Food Freedom Pricing

  • Food Freedom is priced at $37.

It’s a one-time fee. You pay $37, then get instant access to Food Freedom. You can download the guide immediately and begin implementing the lessons.

Food Freedom Refund Policy

Food Freedom is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

You can request a complete refund within 60 days from the date of purchase. If you’re unhappy with the information contained within Food Freedom, or if the apocalypse does not occur within the next 60 days, then you’re entitled to a complete refund.

About Food Freedom

Food Freedom is a survival guide created by Henry Cobb, a 43-year old history professor from Colorado.

Henry claims to have created Food Freedom with the help of an unidentified person named “R” (later revealed to be Ray). Ray heard Henry speaking at a PTA meeting, then called him to share his knowledge with the world. Ray owns a ranch 25 minutes outside of town where he grows his own food supply.

Together, Henry and Ray wanted to warn the world. So Henry collected Ray’s knowledge into Food Freedom, created the Food Freedom video presentation, and uploaded it all online to help others before the crisis begins.

Henry Cobb does not disclose his contact information. For refunds, contact Clickbank.

Final Word

Food Freedom is a guide explaining how to survive an upcoming collapse of the world’s food supply.

According to Henry Cobb, the creator of Food Freedom, we’re weeks away from complete societal collapse. If you want to protect your family, then you need to take action today.

In Food Freedom, you can discover actionable strategies you can implement today to protect your family and safeguard your food supply. It’s a step-by-step blueprint you can use in the cities, suburbs, or countryside to secure your food supply.

To learn more about Food Freedom and how it works, or to buy the survival guide online today, visit the official website at GetFoodFreedom.net.


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