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Effuel Reviews – Is Eco OBD2 Chip Legit or Fake Scam Device?

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Effuel is a performance chip for your vehicle. By plugging Effuel into your vehicle, you can improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency.

The makers of Effuel claim their chip can reduce fuel consumption by 35%. Just plug in the chip, let it analyze your driving habits, then watch your fuel efficiency increase.

How does Effuel work? What does the chip do? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Effuel.

How Effuel Works

Effuel is an OBDII performance chip. Like other OBDII chips, the chip slots into your vehicle’s OBDII port. Any vehicle sold in the last 25 years should have an OBDII port. After plugging Effuel into that port, the chip goes to work analyzing your driving habits. Then, the chip makes small changes to your vehicle’s performance to improve fuel efficiency.

Effuel is also known as an EcoOBD2 plug. Like similar devices sold online, the chip improves fuel efficiency by tuning your vehicle’s performance.

Every car made since 1996 has an OBDII port. Most people don’t use it. It’s used to analyze vehicle diagnostics. Chips like Effuel analyze your vehicle’s diagnostics through the port, then adjust driving performance to maximize fuel efficiency.

The makers of Effuel claim their plug can increase fuel efficiency by 15% to 35%.

Who Should Use Effuel?

Some people install Effuel because they want to spend less on gas. The makers of Effuel claim the product can help you save hundreds of dollars per year on gas by improving fuel efficiency. After installing Effuel, you could boost fuel efficiency by 15% to 35%, helping you save an enormous amount on gas every year.

Others install Effuel because they want to reduce their carbon footprint. They’re doing it for environmental reasons.

Whether installing Effuel for money-saving, planet-saving, or both, you can buy the device exclusively online through the official website, where it’s priced at around $40 per unit.

Check out Effuel’s write up in the Globe Newswire.

How Does Effuel Work?

All vehicles sold since 1996 have an electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU is the brain of your car. It monitors the performance of your vehicle and other diagnostic information.

Some vehicle shops offer tune-ups. They claim to tune up your vehicle to improve its fuel efficiency. Although most modern vehicles are already highly efficient, some shops adjust performance through the ECU using the OBDII port. They install a chip in the OBDII port, then adjust vehicle performance to make it more fuel-efficient.

With Effuel, you get all of the benefits of a tune-up without needing to visit a shop. You buy the chip online, install it into your vehicle’s port, then tune up your vehicle to improve its performance.

Just install Effuel into the port, let it analyze vehicle diagnostics for a few hours, then enjoy better fuel efficiency by 15% to 35%.


How to Install Effuel

Any vehicle made in the last 25 years should have an OBDII port. That means Effuel works on virtually any vehicle new or old.

To install Effuel, you plug the chip into your car’s OBDII port, letting the chip access your vehicle’s ECU.

In most vehicles, you can find the OBDII port to the lower right or upper left of the steering wheel. Check your dashboard and look for a cover. If you remove that cover, you should see the OBDII port underneath.

After plugging Effuel into your car’s OBDII port, it needs to collect data over the next 150 miles. Drive your car as you normally would. Effuel will analyze the data, then gradually tune your vehicle to improve fuel efficiency.

If you drive in the city, the Effuel may adjust vehicle performance in one way. If you drive long distances on highways, then Effuel may adjust vehicle performance in other ways. By adjusting vehicle performance slightly, Effuel can improve fuel efficiency and performance by 15% to 35%.


What to Expect After Installing Effuel

After installing Effuel, you may be able to significantly improve your gas mileage and performance.

Many vehicles draw more power than they need. Although modern vehicles are fuel-efficient, they might be more fuel-efficient in some situations than others. When a vehicle draws more power than it needs, it reduces fuel efficiency.

Effuel claims to adjust power to maximize fuel efficiency without decreasing performance. You shouldn’t notice less power or worse acceleration after installing Effuel. Instead, you’ll notice better gas mileage with no downsides.

Three advertised benefits on the Effuel sales page include:

  • Up to 35% more power
  • Up to 25% more torque
  • 15% to 35% better fuel efficiency

Effuel is backed by a 30-day refund policy. If you’re skeptical about Effuel and unsure if it works, then you can buy the chip online, try it for 30 days, and request a complete refund if you’re unsatisfied.

Overall, Effuel works similarly to other OBD devices, OBDII dongles, and OBDII chips sold online today. Some chips are marketed as performance chips. Others are marketed as eco-friendly chips to improve fuel efficiency. Most chips are priced between $25 and $50 and work similarly to Effuel: you plug the chips into your car, then enjoy better performance and efficiency after 100 to 200 miles.

Your benefits will vary depending on the type of vehicle you own. Some cars will save 35% on fuel using Effuel. Others will save just 2% because they’re already highly efficient. Some cars use power unevenly. Others draw more power than they need. Effuel can help cars manage power efficiently, improving gas mileage.

Effuel can also nullify the effects of poor driving habits. If someone accelerates sharply while driving your vehicle, for example, or if you regularly press down on the accelerator with too much force, then Effuel could neutralize these effects, preventing you from wasting too much gas.


What’s the Difference Between Effuel and Remapping?

Some mechanics advertise tune-ups, also known as a remap. With a remap, a mechanic will tune your vehicle to improve its fuel efficiency.

The makers of Effuel advertise similar benefits to a remap without needing to visit a mechanic or shop. You could pay mechanics hundreds of dollars for a remap. Or, you could simply install the Effuel chip.

Another advantage of Effuel is that the remap is temporary. If you don’t like how Effuel changed your vehicle, then you can remove the chip to remove the changes. With a mechanic remap, you need to visit the remap to undo the remapping process.

The makers of Effuel specifically claim their device can deliver similar benefits to a mechanic tune-up by a professional but at a lower price. The company claims “you will achieve the same level of fuel optimization” with Effuel as you would with a mechanic.


How to Use and Calibrate Effuel

Installing and calibrating Effuel is easy, even if you have limited experience with technology, cars, or OBDII ports.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Turn off your vehicle and remove the keys from the ignition.

Step 2

Find the OBDII port on your vehicle. Every vehicle made since 1996 should have an OBDII port that’s easily accessible from the driver’s seat. In most vehicles, this port is on the upper left or lower right side of the steering wheel. You may need to remove a cover to access the port. In other vehicles, the OBDII port is less commonly found behind the dashboard, in the console, to the left of the steering wheel, or around the glovebox. If you can’t find your OBDII port, look up your vehicle make and model’s OBDII port online.

Step 3

Remove Effuel from its packaging and plug the device into your OBDII port.

Step 4

Put the key in the ignition of your vehicle, then turn the key to the first stage (do not fully start the car or turn the ignition; only turn the key to the first stage).

Step 5

Press and hold the reset button on Effuel for five seconds. Release the button, then wait for another 30 to 60 seconds.

Step 6

Start your vehicle, then drive for 150 miles as you normally would. You don’t need to drive all in one shot. You can leave Effuel plugged in, then use your car normally over the next few days.

Over the first 150 miles, Effuel will monitor your vehicle’s performance, then make small adjustments to your vehicle’s power to maximize fuel efficiency. There are no downsides to the chip: you can only improve your vehicle’s performance instead of weakening it.

You may not feel any changes to your vehicle after installing Effuel. Most of the changes are related to the power draw of your vehicle. Unless you’re constantly revving your car at maximum power or racing your vehicle, you may not notice the effects of Effuel when driving daily. However, if you monitor gas consumption over time, then you could notice a drop in gas usage even if you don’t notice any changes in how your vehicle performs.


Effuel Features & Benefits

According to the makers of Effuel, you can enjoy all of the following features and benefits from their chip:

  • Reduce your car’s fuel consumption and improve fuel efficiency by 15% to 35%
  • Save money without adjusting your driving habits
  • Developed based on years of research and testing
  • Uses intelligent fuel-saving strategies to reduce vehicle fuel consumption (like reducing power draw when not needed)
  • Easy for anyone to install with zero tech skills or car knowledge
  • Works on any vehicle

According to testimonials on the Effuel sales page, customers have saved hundreds of dollars per year by installing the device. One customer claims he saves “hundreds” at the pump each year since installing Effuel. Another person is a mechanic who claims to have witnessed Effuel in action. That mechanic claims many vehicles draw more power than they need. Effuel controls power consumption, allowing drivers to save money.

Customers also report Effuel working on all types of vehicles. It can work on a gas-guzzling truck or SUV, for example. It can also save money on smaller vehicles and all other types of cars.

Plus, Effuel will not damage your vehicle in any way. The device can only improve your vehicle’s performance. If you dislike any of the changes that Effuel made, or if you’re unhappy with performance for any reason, then you can remove the device from the vehicle to reverse all changes.


Effuel Pricing

You can purchase Effuel from their official website. Effuel is priced at $39.98 per unit, with discounts available when ordering multiple units. Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordered:

  • 1 Chip: $39.98 + Shipping
  • 2 Chips: $59.97 + Free Shipping
  • 3 Chips: $79.96 + Free Shipping

You can buy an extended warranty through the Effuel sales page. For an extra $6.95 fee, the manufacturer will extend the warranty for a total of two years, giving you two years of protection against manufacturer defects.


Effuel Refund Policy

All Effuel purchases come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. You can request a refund on your purchase within 30 days, minus original shipping costs.

If you’re unhappy with the results of Effuel, or if you did not notice significantly better performance after using the device, then you can request a complete refund.

Who Made Effuel?

The makers of Effuel invested years of research and development into the device. However, the company provides limited information about itself, its manufacturing location, or the members of its team, among other information.

You can contact the makers of Effuel via the following:

  • Email: support@effuelshop.com
  • Phone: 855-227-0908

Effuel Final Word

Effuel is a vehicle performance chip that remaps your vehicle to improve fuel efficiency. After installing Effuel into your vehicle’s OBDII port, you can improve fuel efficiency by 15% to 35% while also improving power, torque, and other aspects of vehicle performance.

Overall, Effuel works similarly to other OBDII performance chips sold online today. It’s easy for anyone to install, works within minutes, and can significantly improve the performance of your vehicle.

To learn more about Effuel or to buy the chip online today, visit their website, where all purchases are backed by a 30-day refund policy.

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