Commission Hero 2.0 Reviews (Robby Blanchard) What are Customers Saying?

Robby Blanchard and his team have launched Commission Hero 2.0.

Featuring a 6-week of masterclass, automation tools, and traffic generation techniques, Commission Hero 2.0 aims to teach anyone how to earn thousands of dollars per day online.

Is Commission Hero 2.0 a scam? Who is Robby Blanchard? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

What is Commission Hero 2.0?

Commission Hero 2.0 is a package of online training modules, tools, software, and strategies to help transform your online business in 2022.

Even if you’ve failed in the past, and even if you’ve struggled to make any money through digital marketing, you could transform your business with Commission Hero 2.0.

Here’s how Robby Blanchard, creator of Commission Hero 2.0, explains the program on the official website:

“This is the system to build your freedom in business in 2022! Everything you need for success is in Commission Hero 2.0.”

According to Robby, those who buy the system today enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Start making money almost immediately with the proven Commission Hero 2.0 system
  • Anyone can implement this system and enjoy massive success
  • Even if you only have a few hours per week, you can start making money fast if you take action and follow the system

You can sign up for Commission Hero 2.0 online today for a one-time payment of $2,497 or 3 monthly fees of $997. After signing up, you get instant access to Commission Hero 2.0 and all modules, tools, and software.

What’s Included with Commission Hero 2.0?

Your Commission Hero 2.0 purchase includes a masterclass, business tools, guides, etc.

Here’s what you get when you purchase Commission Hero 2.0 today:

Component 1: 6 Week Live Masterclass


During the six-week Commission Hero 2.0 masterclass, you get all of the help, coaching, resources, and done for software to “virtually guarantee your success” and have you quickly start earning thousands of dollars per day, according to the official website.

Topics covered in the 6 Week Live Masterclass include:

  • 6-week training session covering the core tents of the Commission Hero 2.0 system, including how to turn into a pro in your online business
  • A step-by-step guide to scaling a company up to $100 per day and then up to $1,000s per day
  • How to enjoy life-changing income and freedom by the end of the 6-week masterclass
  • All of the tools, training, strategy, and help you need to see excellent results in your online business

Component 2: Commission Hero 2.0 Automation Tools


The best online businesses use automation to run on autopilot, generating income for you around the clock. With the second component of Commission Hero 2.0, you get a series of automation tools that make it easier to run your online business.

Here are the included automation tools and how they work:

  • Shortcuts, including custom tools to help improve your success and make it easier to get started
  • Software that enables you to write advertising copy and setup ads within 30 seconds
  • Additional systems to find hidden audiences of buyers to triple profits on ads
  • Robby Blanchard claims to have spent over $100,000 developing pro tools to help CH 2.0 members save money. When you buy CH 2.0 today, you get access to all of these tools.

Component 3: The Traffic Money Magnet


Traffic is crucial for an online business. Obviously, with this third component of Commission Hero 2.0, you get Robby Blanchard’s traffic generation secrets and strategies. You can discover how to implement Robby’s proven traffic generation methods in your online business today to maximize profit.

Covered topics in this section of Commission Hero 2.0 include:

  • Every last secret Robby knows about driving profitable traffic to your offers
  • A step-by-step blueprint to help you get hundreds of sales per day – even if you’ve failed in the past
  • Robby’s 4-step phase program for scaling any campaign
  • Robby’s insider secrets and scaling techniques

Component 4: 7 Figure Offers


Robby claims to have personally brokered exclusive deals with the highest converting and paying offers, including offers that generate $100 to $400 per sale. That means Commission Hero 2.0 members get paid the highest possible commissions while gaining access to exclusive offers. It also means members can skip the research part of choosing an offer – and skip right to optimizing their sales funnels.

Key features of the 7 Figure Offers part of the Commission Hero 2.0 package includes:

  • Robby brokered exclusive deals with the best-converting and highest-paying offers
  • Thanks to Robby’s complete negotiation skills, Commission Hero 2.0 members can generate $100 to $400 per sale
  • Members get paid the highest possible commissions on these exclusive offers
  • Members eliminate the tedious, time-consuming product research to avoid wasting time and money

Component 5: Rapid Scale Testing


Once you’ve found the best ad, it’s time to scale up your business quickly. In this module, Robby teaches you how to scale your business for maximum conversions and profitability rapidly.

Covered topics include:

  • How to scale up your winning ad quickly after you’ve found it, including a step-by-step guide to scaling up your winning advertisement
  • How to go from spending zero to spending thousands per day profitable in fewer than 30 days
  • Everything you need to know to have massive success online this year

Component 6: Lead Generation Gold Mine


Today’s online marketers make money without selling anything. In this module, Robby teaches you how to create lead generation gold mines, generating enormous profits without selling specific products or services. Instead, you drive the customers to the business, then let the business do the rest of the work.

Topics covered in this part of the program include:

  • Why you can make money without selling anything.
  • How you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day by sending leads to an offer, earning enormous income without needing to make a sale.
  • Robby’s most profitable offers and recommended niches to focus on, taking all guesswork out of your success.
  • How to scale offers as high as you want at will.

Component 7: Commission Hero Coaching Group


When you buy Commission Hero 2.0 today, you get full support from the Commission Hero community. You can share your success with other community members and ask questions.

Some of the advantages of the Commission Hero Coaching Group include:

  • Full support from everyone in the Commission Hero community
  • The ability to ask questions and get fast help 24/7 from Robby and his team
  • Share your big wins and get help when frustrated
  • 24/7 support from Robby’s team, including weekly question and answer sessions with Robby’s high-level coaches

Bonuses Included with Commission Hero 2.0

As part of a 2022 promotion, Commission Hero 2.0 comes with a package of bonus products and services. Here’s what you get with all new purchases of Commission Hero 2.0:

Bonus #1: Access to the Next Commission Hero Virtual Event

When you sign up for Commission Hero 2.0 today, you get access to the next virtual event.


The virtual Commission Hero 2.0 event will include:

  • Two full days of insider training, coaching, and strategy discussion
  • Hear from experts who make millions per year online
  • Discover proven strategies for increasing web traffic and sales

Bonus #2: Robby Blanchard’s Personal Ad Library


New Commission Hero 2.0 signups also get access to Robby Blanchard’s ad library, including over 1,000 images from his library. Robby has personally used these advertisements to generate millions in online sales.

You get:

  • Access to Robby’s private library of ads
  • Over 1,000 images from Robby’s library
  • Access to images that have made Robby millions
  • The module is called Robby’s 8 Figure Ad Library, suggesting Robby has earned over $10,000,000 through these images

Bonus #3: Robby’s 7 Figure Landing Page


The right landing page can let you earn seven figures. Instead of creating your seven-figure landing page, you can rely on Robby’s proven landing pages.

This bonus includes:

  • Some of Robby’s best landing page templates, including templates he has personally used to make millions.
  • Why you don’t need to guess anymore while accelerating your success faster.
  • How to get on the fast track to success using Robby’s proven campaigns.

Bonus #4: Full Access to Spy Hero


Spy Hero is a spy tool software for finding winning advertisements. Robby describes the software as “the secret sauce” to his success – and the success of his students.

Spy Hero comes with the following features:

  • The best spy tool software on the planet for researching and identifying the most successful advertisements
  • Why Spy Hero is the secret sauce to Robby’s success and his students’ success
  • Your Commission Hero 2.0 purchase includes your first 30 days of membership to Spy Hero, allowing you to start spying on winning ads from the first day.

Bonus #5: Full Access to Cometly


Your purchase of Commission Hero 2.0 also includes a free 30 day trial to Cometly, a campaign tracking system. Robby describes Cometly as “The best and easiest to use tracking system on the planet,” making it easy for Robby and his students to scale campaigns quickly.

Features include with Cometly:

  • Scale-up campaigns faster than ever before
  • Robby pays for your first 30 days of Cometly
  • Discover the best and easiest-to-use tracking system on the planet
  • How to scale winning campaigns with good tracking and accurate numbers

Special Bonus: VIP Network Access


Robby claims to have access to special networks with exclusive affiliate offers. Robby claims “virtually nobody” knows about these networks except for insiders like himself. Robby is releasing these VIP networks to his members as part of a special 2022 promotion for Commission Hero 2.0.

You get:

  • Access to little-known networks with a range of high-converting offers, including VIP affiliate networks that virtually nobody knows about except for insiders.
  • Get access to little-known blue ocean offers.
  • Enjoy having access to offers that convert at high rates and have zero competition.
  • Special Bonus: The CH 2.0 App.

Robby and his team have developed a mobile app for Commission Hero 2.0.

You don’t need to be in front of a computer to access Commission Hero 2.0 and all the training tools; instead, you can access it anywhere using the app:

  • Get training, coaching, and resources on the go from your mobile device.
  • Use the new Commission Hero 2.0 app to learn and build your freedom business on the go.
  • Available for iOS and Android.

Special Bonus: CH 2.0 Landing Page Builder


Good landing pages are crucial for a successful offer. They’re the difference between earning $0 and $1 million on an offer.

By signing up for Commission Hero 2.0 today, you get a simple, easy-to-use landing page builder to create effective landing pages quickly:

  • Simple landing page builder to help you create landing pages quickly
  • Preloaded with templates to help you be profitable with advertisements faster than ever before
  • Built exclusively for Commission Hero 2.0 students

Special Bonus: Omnipresent Traffic


Omnipresent Traffic teaches you how to generate traffic all the time using the power of chat training.

This module includes:

  • YouTube, native, and many chat training to optimize success
  • How to scale on multiple platforms at the same time

What is the Brand New 3 Step Freedom Business Generating $1000s Per Day?

On one Commission Hero 2.0 landing page, Robby describes the program as a “brand new 3 step freedom business” that is helping users generate “$1000s per day.”

According to that landing page, Commission Hero 2.0 can help you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Discover a simple system that has helped over 11,553 people make over $87,831,489 online
  • How to earn thousands per day without your products, webinars, eCommerce stores, email list, social media following, and without having to make a sale

You can sign up for a live webinar online to learn more about the 3 Step Freedom Business. During the webinar, Robby or a team member will explain the basics of Commission Hero 2.0 – including how you can use the Commission Hero 2.0 system to earn huge returns on your investment.

About the Commission Hero 2.0 Free Webinar

Robby and his team have created a free online webinar. By attending that webinar, you can learn more about the Commission Hero 2.0 system and how it works.

The free Commission Hero 2.0 webinar covers the following topics:

  • How to use the Commission Hero 2.0 system to supercharge your profits in 2022
  • Why Commission Hero 2.0’s students are using this system to make anywhere from $1,000 per day to $18,135.16 per day while working just 4 hours per week

The simple three steps of “Freedom business” that are helping ordinary people retire from the 9-5 grind faster without having to sell anything, including how to use AI-generated software to get the job done:

  • The new 3-step method has helped over 11,553 people and generated over $87,831,489 online
  • Anyone can join the webinar for free. There are multiple time slots per day. Just pick the slot that works, then sign up.

What is the Commission Hero 2.0 Freedom Report?

To promote Commission Hero 2.0, Robby and his team have also launched a free Freedom Report guide.

After entering your email into the online form, you’ll get access to the free Freedom Business Report and the Commission Hero 2.0 webinar discussed above.

According to Robby, the Freedom Business Report is worth $97 and teaches you how to “make life-changing income online in 2022” – even if you have no prior online experience.

Some of the topics covered in the report include:

  • How ordinary people are making $1,000+ per day online in 2022
  • How to set up your own “3 Step Freedom Business.”
  • Why thousands of people worldwide are using the system to unlock life-changing incomes, earn thousands per day, and enjoy financial freedom.
  • Why you don’t need to use Amazon, Shopify, dropshipping, email lists, or your products to earn a fortune online
  • How to use a powerful new suite of AI-driven software to convert hours of work into minutes per day and more

Overall, the Commission Hero 2.0 report introduces you to the Commission Hero 2.0 business model and how it works, including how you can use the business model to generate huge returns through your own online business.

How Much Money Can You Make with Commission Hero 2.0?

The Commission Hero 2.0 sales page is filled with screenshots of massive earnings.

Some of the earnings displayed on the Commission Hero 2.0 sales page include:

  • Screenshots of weekly Clickbank sales of $8,900 to $25,600 per week
  • Screenshots of daily Clickbank sales of $1,496 to $6,353 per day

One Commission Hero 2.0 user finally had his first $1,000 day on January 15, 2022, after being part of the program since March 2020; that user has earned $1,574 to $3,127 per week since the start of 2022, including earnings as high as $1,429 per day.

Another user has earned so much money through Commission Hero 2.0’s strategies that he was recently able to quit his 9-5 job; he finally quit his job after earning $30,000 in the last week, including $5,900 in a single day

According to the official website, the Commission Hero system has helped “over 11,242 people make over $50,000,000 online,” and it’s assisting ordinary people to generate $1,000s per day in 2022

Another Commission Hero 2.0 user earned $260,000 in January after joining Commission Hero two years ago; to earn this money, the user copied a successful user’s advertisements and header and changed it slightly, then made huge returns on investment.

According to the Commission Hero 2.0 website, the program can give you unlimited time for your friends and family, secure retirement that lets you live on your terms, the ability to be your boss and work wherever you want, and the ability to give your family opportunities and experiences they never had before, among other perks.

Commission Hero 2.0 Pricing

According to Robby Blanchard, all products listed above have a total actual value of $57,344. However, you can get instant access to all of these tools, modules, and software for a fraction of today’s price.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • One-Time Payment: $2,497
  • Three Payments: $997 per month for three months

You can buy Commission Hero 2.0 online today, then get instant access to everything above.

Commission Hero 2.0 Refund Policy

A 14-day moneyback guarantee backs commission Hero 2.0, but only if you have not accessed the course or the Facebook group.

If you change your mind about Commission Hero 2.0 and have not accessed the course or Facebook group, you can request a cash refund within 14 days.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard is the CEO of Blanchard Media. He’s also the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world.

Today, Robby aims to inspire others to launch their successful online businesses. With online packages like Commission Hero and Commission Hero 2.0, Robby has taught thousands of users to earn huge returns online successfully.

Final Word

Commission Hero 2.0 is a package of online products, tools, and software that can help transform your online business.

By following Robby’s Commission Hero 2.0 system, you can set up an online business, get access to proven templates, drive traffic to landing pages using proven strategies, and begin earning thousands of dollars per day without selling specific products and services.

To learn more about Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero 2.0 and how it works, or to buy the program online, visit the official website.


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