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BiOptimizers: Reviewing the biOptimizers Supplements (2023)

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BiOptimizers is a nutrition supplement company led by President Wade Lightheart and CEO Matt Gallant. They have paired with a team of many leading experts in their fields, including Chinese herbal experts, top enzyme specialists, top formulators in the world, and a man they believe to be the best plant extractor expert on the planet. Amongst those top team members, they have an extended roster of teams to help support all other aspects of the company, including research, marketing, and operations. The confidence and pride they have in their team shine through in their products.

Their focus is to shift their customers from a sick condition to a biologically optimized one. They believe in getting everyone to a state where their bodies are functioning perfectly in harmony.

Due to their constant need to help others, they donate a free bottle to someone who is not physically well for every ten bottles of product they sell. They also do work with the Anti-Cancer Institute.

What is biOptimizers?

BiOptimizers was founded in 2004 by President Wade Lightheart and CEO Matt Gallant. Wade and Matt became fast friends after meeting in the gym. They both shared a personal training background and a desire to help people become the best versions of themselves. BiOptimizers came to fruition after Wade watched his sister lose her battle to cancer, and Matt helped his best friend lose almost 200 pounds in a year and a half. They decided together they would develop a company to help support people’s general well-being and optimize their health.

Matt and Wade started in 2004 with this passion and selling fitness programs, enzymes, and plant-based protein. From their humble beginnings, they are now part of the top online supplement brands on the market today.

BiOptimizers Supplements

All supplements in the biOptimizers lineup implement several strict guidelines to ensure quality across the board. They are all made in the USA, FDA approved, made in a GMP certified facility, and have the manufacturing COA badge. You can rest assured that the products and their contents are clean, safe and have gone through rigorous testing to ensure you are getting a top product.

You’ll notice that almost all the prices of each of the supplements and bundles are higher than other equivalent supplements on the market. BiOptimizers isn’t trying to shy away from this, which is refreshing. They own their prices and explicitly state that they are 200% to 400% higher than most on the market currently. Their policy is that there is nothing more expensive than a product that doesn’t work. And so, they claim to go all-in on their formulations and use optimal and effective dosages to ensure results. The price point is something to consider as many won’t be able to afford their premium prices.

If you subscribe to any of the individual supplements, you can save 10% on your purchase – and this rings true for all supplements on the biOptimizers site. It’s not much, but you can save a few dollars on each bottle if you are a frequent user.

Magnesium Breakthrough

image 15

This proprietary blend of all seven forms of magnesium provides your body a boost in overall health. Magnesium Breakthrough works to improve your sleep, reduce stress, build strong bones, maintain a healthy heartbeat and boost your immune system.

Most of us get anywhere from 1-2 forms of magnesium, and that’s where this product differs by offering all 7. Due to this critical feature, Magnesium Breakthrough can tackle many health concerns all at once. However, because it is a proprietary blend, we don’t know how much each form of magnesium is in every capsule.

Blood Sugar Breakthrough

image 5

Blood sugar breakthrough was created to address all cellular aspects of blood sugar control. It can improve blood sugar uptake into the muscles rather than fat, improves athletic performance, aids in carbohydrate metabolism, promotes and balanced inflammatory response, and helps regulate and stabilize blood sugar spikes.

This 100% natural product uses scientifically backed ingredients at clinically proven doses to help address any blood sugar concerns you may have. Due to its effects on reducing oxidative stress in the body, it also has some anti-aging benefits!


image 8

This mood enhancer supplement was developed to support both a healthy gut and a healthy brain. Cognibiotics work as a nootropic blend that improves mental clarity, learning, memory, and focus by optimizing gut bacteria.

The brain and the gut are incredibly intertwined in both communication and their effects on the body. A gut issue may present itself as a brain symptom like brain fog or vice versa. That’s why Cognibiotics is so great, as it tackles both critical systems of the body in one capsule. The specific probiotic blend and prebiotic complex work synergistically to improve your gut flora as well as cognition.


image 13

KApex is specifically geared to those on a ketogenic diet, as many individuals experience digestive problems when transitioning to keto. This supplement is a digestive enzyme that helps support ketogenesis, fat loss, and overall energy levels. It helps to support your body in the digestion of protein and fat contents and reduces keto flu and fatigue during the initial keto adaptation.

It works by supporting digestive function during a low-carb state. The full spectrum of digestive enzymes breaks down protein and metabolizes the increased fat. KApex also positively affects stress levels in the body, making it easier to stay in ketosis.


image 20

Primergen-V is a liquid multivitamin with a vitamin B complex delivered in a fulvic acid base for ultimate absorption into the body. Due to its liquid form, it allows the vitamins to be more acceptable for your body to take on and reap the benefits. It also eliminates the issue of swallowing a capsule or pill.

Each serving of 7 drops provides you with support in healthy energy production, red blood cell health, brain and eye health, increased immunity, and prevents any vitamin deficiency that could arise. You get just over 100 servings in each bottle, ensuring you are stocked up for several months without breaking the bank.


image 19

Primergen-M, another fulvic acid-base liquid, contains a proprietary blend of ionic minerals to help increase metabolism, regulate hormones, boost energy, eliminate brain fog, and nourishes cells.

Although it seems like a great idea, this product has little information about what it contains. Due to the proprietary blend, we already don’t know the quantities of the ingredients within that blend. Still, biOptimizers has little information as to what “ionic minerals” are actually in this product or any further information about the ingredients for that matter.

Herbal Parasite Guardian

image 11

Herbal parasite guardian is a blend of herbs with digestive enzymes to eliminate parasites, fungal infections, and viruses from your body. This is also the first product in this list without a proprietary blend! This means you get an exact amount of every ingredient listed on the bottle.

The supplement also contains turmeric and slippery elm to help fight inflammation and soothe the gut lining from any irritants. The herbs in this blend are also beneficial at fighting off yeasts and harmful bacteria, so you really can be sure you’re fully covered. You only need to take one capsule per serving to get the benefits out of this product. As it comes packed with 90 capsules, you are set for three months of fighting off anything lingering in your digestive tract.

Herbal Power Flush

image 12

If you feel constipated or feel like it might be time to clean out the pipes, Herbal Power Flush is a product you should consider introducing. It was formulated with ingredients that work to clear out any waste that could be stuck in your colon, leaving you feeling clean and clear, make you go to the washroom more regularly, and help to support an overall healthier digestive system.

This 100% plant-based and vegan-friendly formula uses psyllium husk as its primary fiber source to help bulk up your stools and helps feed the gut bacteria. Herbal Power Flush also contains some digestive enzymes to help support optimal digestion. It has a very gentle laxative to ensure you get rid of everything without feeling like you need to spend every waking hour on the toilet.


image 16

Digestive enzymes aid your body in breaking down the food you eat so you can absorb more of the nutrients from the proteins, fats, and carbs. Masszymes uses a blend of proteases and 11 other digestive enzymes to help you better break down your meals.

It will allow for better absorption of amino acids and specific vitamins, improved digestion and gut health, increasing energy levels, mental clarity, and decreasing any brain fog you may be experiencing. You may even experience better skin and less sensitivity to foods that irritate you as you use this product. A healthy gut leads to a much healthier overall body! You need to take three capsules per serving, which means if you are eating three main meals a day, that’s nine capsules in total. The bottle contains about a month’s worth of three times daily usage.

HCL Breakthrough

image 10

HCL Breakthrough is a hydrochloride and full-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement to promote healthy stomach acid levels and increase your nutrient absorption. As you begin to heal the gut, you may experience relief from bloating, gas, indigestion, post-meal fatigue, and any discomfort after meals.

Stomach acid is crucial for activating certain enzymes to digest proteins, stimulating the closure of the valve so as not to allow stomach acid to splash back into your esophagus (acid reflux), and ensures the overall proper function of the digestive system. Incorporating this supplement into your regime can alleviate many of the symptoms associated with low stomach acid as well as give your system a little extra support.

Gluten Guardian

image 9

Gluten Guardian is a digestive enzyme specifically made to assist in the digestion of casein (milk protein) and gluten – two very common irritants. This product was formulated with a blend of 6 plant-based proteolytic enzymes that have been proven to break down gluten and three more digestive enzymes to help break down starches and sugars.

It does contain a proprietary blend said to include extracts to improve peptide and amino acid absorption at a cellular level. Due to the ingredients, it has to enhance the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. You may experience relief from bloating, gas, and indigestion from high-carb meals.

Protein Breakthrough

image 21

This plant-based protein shake can help you to reach your goals in the gym and recovery. Protein breakthrough provides you with a meal replacement on the go that tastes delicious and can satisfy any sweet tooth cravings you may get. This product is marketed as both a protein shake and meal replacement but is more meal replacement with over 200 calories per serving.

Protein Breakthrough has a vegan, low-carb, low-glycemic, soy-free, and gluten-free formula that also includes insoluble fiber to support healthy digestion. Although it has a pretty impressive nutrition label, you need to take two scoops per serving which only gives you 16 servings per container. It also only comes in the chocolate bliss flavor – if you aren’t a chocolate fan, you will have to skip this product.


image 18

P3-OM is a patented probiotic and prebiotic blend that contains Lactobacillus Plantarum OM. This formula helps to support digestion and nutrient absorption, optimizes digestive function, controls the growth of harmful bacteria, yeasts, and viruses, improves mood, may help with weight loss, and so many more.

It works by strengthening your gut barrier, allowing the healing to begin while reintroducing healthy bacteria cultures to aid digestion. BiOptimizers added in FOS, which can cause many issues for some people and should be considered before purchase.

Leaky Gut Guardian

image 14

The final product on the biOptimizers roster is the Leaky Gut Guardian. It comes in two flavors – chocolate carnivore and vegetarian vanilla and works to improve overall gut health. It’s a combination of egg-derived immunoglobulins, prebiotic and probiotic strains.

The egg immunoglobulins IgY max help your bowels seal up any holes they may have to start the healing process and better absorb nutrients and more efficient movement. The pre and probiotic blend work to provide the gut benefits like decreased inflammation, decrease bloating and gas, repopulate your gut with healthy bacteria and improve your immune system.

The only difference between the two flavors is that the chocolate flavor also contains bovine collagen and bovine bone broth (carnivore). These two ingredients are great for other gut-boosting benefits but, if you are vegetarian, go with vanilla as it does not include those two ingredients. Both flavors are the same price.

BiOptimizers Stacks

BiOptimizers provide the option of buying many of their products in bundles based on their function. It can save you some cash if you’re looking to purchase more than one supplement from this company. However, many bundles are meant to be used in a specific regime, and the capsule per day count can get very high. Although yes, you can use the products you usually would but just something to keep in mind.

BiOptimized Digestive Health Stack – $277.00

image 3

MassZymes (2), HCL Breakthrough (2), P3-OM (2)

The BiOptimized Digestive Health Stack comes with two bottles of MassZymes, two bottles of P3OM, and one bottle of HCL breakthrough. The protocol to use this stack and get the best results is to take five capsules of the MassZymes and three capsules of P3OM in the morning and before bed on an empty stomach, and with each meal, you need to take 5 MassZymes, 3 P3OM, and 2 HCL Breakthroughs.

Although this benefits your digestive health, you take around 40 capsules a day if you follow that protocol! This may be way too much for many individuals, especially if you take other supplements during the day. If you enjoy these supplements separately, you will save some money buying this stack and then use it to your discretion.

Bulletproof Gut Stack – $219.95

image 6

Leaky Gut Guardian chocolate or vanilla (1), Cognibiotics (1), P3-OM (1)

The Bulletproof Gut Stack is meant to make your gut exactly that, bulletproof (for digestion purposes). Each of these products works to enhance your mood, optimize neurotransmitters, boost good bacteria and eliminate the bad. Together, they work symbiotically to create an effective gut-boosting regime to give you the best of all the products together. You can either do the chocolate leaky gut guardian with the other two supplements or the vanilla leaky gut guardian.

No specific protocol was indicated for this stack, so it’s best to use the supplements as per the instructions on the label.

Bulletproof/Keto/Paleo Stack – $147.00

image 7

P3-OM (1), kApex (1), HCL Breakthrough (1)

The Bulletproof/Keto/Paleo Stack comes with one bottle of each of the supplements. It was created to improve keto, low-carb, and paleo digestion, increase energy and expedite the fat loss process. The protocol outlined on the product page indicates to take 3-6 kApex capsules upon waking and then with each meal to consume 1-2 more KApex, 2 P3-OM, and 1 HCL Breakthrough.

Try to stay away from kApex after 5 pm, so you don’t disrupt your sleep.

Muscle Building Stack – $277.00

image 17

MassZymes (3), P3-OM (1), HCL Breakthrough (1)

The Muscle-Building Stack is almost the same as the digestive health stack; the only difference is here you get one more MassZymes and one less P3-OM and HCL Breakthrough. You’ll see a more significant difference in the protocol outlined here. For the muscle Building stack, it is recommended at each meal to take 5-10 MassZyme capsules depending on calories, 3 P3-OM capsules, and 2-4 HCL Breakthroughs again depending on the calories on that meal.

For the meals that are heavier on calories, you would take the higher end of that range for both the MassZymes and HCL Breakthrough. This is a ton of capsules per day and something to keep in mind when looking at this stack.

Vacation and Cheat Day Stack – $147.00

image 22

Gluten Guardian (1), HCL Breakthrough (1), P3-OM (1)

The Vacation and Cheat Day Stack is meant to help support your digestion through a cheat meal or vacation when you go a little overboard on the calories. The suggestion for this stack is to take five capsules of Gluten Guardian, 3 of P3-OM, and 3 HCL Breakthrough with each of your cheat meals.

90 Day Total Gut Cleanse Stack – $977.00 (or $377/1 month for three months)

image 1

Herbal Power Flush (1), Herbal Parasite Guardian (3), MassZymes (6), P3-OM (6), Leaky Gut Guardian Vanilla (3)

The Total Gut Cleanse Stack was created to eliminate any lingering parasites and harmful bacteria in your gut. Although on the expensive side, it does come with an additional 90 detox guide, so you know exactly what to do and how to maximize your experience. If you can’t commit to the $977 lump payment, they offer the same stack but with a payment plan over three months.

Bioptimized Brain Stack – $186.95

image 2

kApex (1), Cognibiotics (1), Primergen-V (1), Primergen-M

The Bioptimized Brain Stack is to ensure you are getting optimized brain function and energy. Upon waking, you should take 4-6 capsules of kApex to give all-day energy, two capsules of Cognibiotics, seven drops of both the Primergen-V and M. In addition to that morning haul, throughout the day up to three times, and you should take another round of 7 drops of the Primergen-V and M.

Bioptimized Nervous System Stack – $164.95

image 4

Magnesium Breakthrough (1), kApex (1), Primergen-V (1), Primergen-M (1)

The last of the stacks, the Nervous System Stack, was made to give your nervous system a little extra love and support and, in turn, improve your quality of sleep. The recommended protocol for this stack is a little more extensive compared to the others. In the morning, upon waking, you are taking 3-5 kApex capsules, 2 Magnesium Breakthroughs, seven drops of Primergen-V, and 7 of Primergen-M. With lunch, it’s half – 1-2 kApex, 2 Magnesium, but the same Primergen dose (7 and 7). In the afternoon, you’re going to do another seven drops of the Primergen V and M and finally 60-90 minutes before bed, and you are going to take two magnesium.

Whew, that’s a lot. If you are someone who isn’t good at remembering to take their supplements during the day, you may want to skip this bundle!

BiOptimzers Reviews: What Do the Customers Have to Say?

The reviews on the biOptimizers website show that the customers who are buying these supplements are satisfied. They don’t have many reviews; however, all the products are rated above four stars.

It’s important to remember that they won’t typically post any bad reviews on any company website. They may include average ones, so it doesn’t seem like they all handpick the five-star ratings, but more often than not, you won’t see a rating below a four-star. Some of their more popular products are also available on Amazon, and so we searched here for some possible diversity in reviews.

As with any supplement, results will vary between individuals as we all have different bodies, nutritional and supplemental needs, and goals. Naturally, you will always find a group of individuals who either had no effect on the supplement or were dissatisfied. Always look for the majority of the reviews, as this will probably be the most accurate representation of the supplement.


  • Amazon reviews were overall good – 4.5 stars and above.
  • Products are created with high protocols and high safety and health standards (FDA, GMP, CMO)
  • The company works with charitable foundations and individuals who are in need
  • Subscribe & save for repeated users
  • Can purchase some products from Amazon
  • 365-day money-back guarantee


  • Price is higher than other brands for a similar product
  • The company picks testimonials on the website
  • The majority of supplements have a proprietary blend – not precise on the quantity of each ingredient.
  • Some negative reviews on Amazon indicated a lack of results and other side effects that were not desirable (headaches) and difficulty returning the products through Amazon.
  • Online customer service help chat was never online – always had to leave a message.
  • Serving size for some of the supplements is high

BiOptimizers Refund Policy

BiOptimizers provides a 365-day money-back guarantee on all purchases from their site. If you have purchased more than one bottle, for a full refund, you must return all bottles unopened except for one.

All return information is clearly stated on their website under the page BiOptimizers Refund Policy.

Contact biOptimizers

  • Located in Reno, NV
  • Contact via email:
  • Phone: 1-800-719-2467 10am – 6pm EST

BiOptimizers Recap

BiOptimizers, led by Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart, along with their team of top-tier scientists, have been slowly climbing the ladder in the supplement world. Their mission is to get their customers to reach biological optimization through their supplements. They instill safety and security into their customers by creating products that meet the highest standards in supplement formulations. BiOptimizers products cover anything from gut health (most considerable emphasis) to performance enhancement with their protein shake.

While all supplement companies have their science and mind-blowing reviews, our team took it upon ourselves to honestly figure out whether or not the products biOptimizers has created are worth spending your hard-earned money on (and a lot of it in this case).

BiOptimizers use natural ingredients and provide you with a lot of information in most of their supplements explaining some of the science behind them. However, many of the ingredients had proprietary blends and other blends. Although this isn’t necessarily an issue, it poses the question of how much of each ingredient exists per capsule for those blends, something to consider if you are looking for a supplement with complete transparency in their labels.

When you spend your money investing in a supplement, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Although biOptimizers is transparent on this, it doesn’t change the simple fact that their products are straight up more expensive than most. It’s good that they are open and honest about this; however, they back it up by saying they use the top ingredients and scientists to formulate their capsules. But doesn’t every supplement company make that claim to some extent? Because not everyone will 100% love their products (just like any other supplement company), it puts them at a disadvantage for people looking to try their products.

They have the option of purchasing stacks or bundles to maximize both their efficacy as well as your usage. The stacks are again priced at that premium level, and some of the protocols associated with them require you to take upwards of 40 capsules a day, which is ridiculous. This protocol is a suggestion for the best use of the products together; however, that’s a huge amount of capsules without considering food or even other supplements someone may already have in their routine.

BiOptimizers offers a few discount options when purchasing from their website. You can subscribe and save to a supplement to save 10% on your purchase, which is lower than competitors. They offer free shipping on orders over $90 (US). You can receive their book “From Sick to Superhuman: The biological Optimization Blueprint” for free if you purchase over $150. And, if your order is $400 or more, they add in a free bonus gift.

BiOptimizers Final Thoughts

BiOptimizers’ mission and overall business model is focused on biologically optimizing their customer’s health by using their supplements in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. They have a group of delighted customers with their products and swear by their results, which is always lovely to read. Due to the higher price point, proprietary blends, and a couple of other cons listed above, biOptimizers may be a good option for some but out of reach for others.

Overall the products are well researched and seem to provide excellent results for those who take them. Despite the expensive price point and some of the other minor issues listed above, they offer a 365-day moneyback guarantee which means you can try the product without losing your money if you aren’t thrilled with the results.

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Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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