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Who isn’t curious about knowing the future? We all are. However, all of us also know that predictions cannot be 100% accurate, and there is a possibility of change all the time. Yet, most of us still try to find a psychic in one way or another; to gain some insight into our future.

Most people look forward to hearing future predictions as it helps us prepare for the worst & the best situations that may come in our lives. Unfortunately, many psychics attempt to deliver a correct prediction, but they tend to get wrong.

Today, you will find various online psychic websites populated with psychics who claim to have special powers. These gifted people have different abilities & are called soothsayers, stargazers, oracles, clairvoyants, crystal ball gazers, palm readers, dream interpreters, etc. Finding their authenticity becomes difficult & most people, therefore, hesitate to invest in them and the psychic sites.

If you are enthusiastic about knowing your future and avoid getting scammed, we will give you a detailed review of the top three psychic reading sites that you can trust.

Best Psychic Reading Sites for Accurate Guidance and Answers

Kasamba – Top choice for Authentic Love and Tarot Readings 5 Star Reviews, New Clients Gets 3 Free Minutes + 50% Off.

California Psychics – Excellent choice for career advice & financial outlook, rates start at $1/min + 5 Free Minutes with (CODE: “ADD5”)

Keen Psychics – Trusted Psychic Network, Excellent for finding your path in life, new members introductory offer – 10 minutes at $1.99

The best thing about these top three sites is that they want to help people find the answer to the questions that trouble them for a long time. These psychic websites find skilled psychics who believe that knowledge of the future is an opportunity to face their worst fears. They help their clients to build confidence in life and find solutions to problems ahead of time.

Now, when we talk about psychic reading, there is always a sense of mystery around it. Most people are skeptical about it and don’t believe in the notion of an afterlife. However, if you are among those who are interested in fate, destiny, and future reading, here is a detailed review of the mentioned sites.

Kasamba- Highly Rated Psychics Available

  • Three free minutes for customers for any psychic reading + 50% off
  • Money-back-guarantee if not satisfied within 7days
  • Extremely accurate psychic readers
  • Various psychic reading services through phone, chat, online

Kasamba Psychics have been working day and night for customers since 1999. Today it has over four million users who boast about its services. The expert range of their service includes Astrology readings, love & relationship guidance, tarot card readings, dream interpretation, fortune-telling, etc.

Besides, when it comes to Kasamba, all types of psychic services are available for customers. From relationships and marriage to finances or health, you will get the perfect psychic match here. Kasamba only employs psychics who can get a deep understanding of your psyche, mind, heart and reveal your destiny. Interested people can opt for various subcategories of psychic consultation services, like aura readings, pet psychic, crystal readings, rune castings, etc.

How will you know that you need a psychic service from Kasamba?

Problems come and go in our life. We all face difficult situations and try to get out of those circumstances with ease. However, everyone needs support and a guide when one feels directionless in life. So how will you know that Kasamba is the platform that will provide a solution to your problem?

Kasamba psychics will help you:

  • With Financial trouble

    While you are trying to fulfill your monetary goals but are failing, a psychic can help. If you are facing financial losses or job & career problems, Kasamba psychics can guide you towards success. Their predictions and advice help a person to focus on work better, & gives them motivation too.

  • Free psychic Love reading & relationship problems

    Ups and downs in a relationship can make a person depressed in life. Often, when people go through break-ups or divorce in marriage, their life seems to fall apart. The advisors at Kasamba help a person to manage relationships in a better way. They help their clients to find hope and teach them how to mend relationships rather than ending them.

  • Want an insight into past, present, and future

Kasamba psychics know how to use psychic tools like tarot cards, Angel cards, horoscopes, etc. They are also proficient in numerology, Cartomancy, medium reading, etc. All of these abilities help a person to find closure in life. If you want to just know about how your week will go, you can go for a weekly horoscope reading.

Besides, for a complete understanding of the pathway of life, Angel card guidance is best. The best thing is, people who come to Kasamba can choose a particular service they want according to their choice.

Take a look at how psychics work in the Kasamba way!

  • Easy to use website

    Opening an account in Kasamba is hassle-free with just a few clicks. Once you open an account, no one can access your account without your password. Therefore, it is safe and secure. Besides, Kasamba gives introductory offers which one can benefit from and has multiple filtering options to make your Psychic search easy.

  • Communication and transparency

    Chat, call, email, etc., facilities are available for the customers at Kasamba. All the information of the psychics, their qualifications, and specialization is accessible on their site for the audiences. If someone is interested in their services, they can effortlessly go through the profile page of the psychic and then decide who they want to book a session with.

  • Customer Support and convenience

    For those who want a technologically advanced psychic consultation option, the Kasamba app is the best. Other than using a psychic web platform, users can download the app on their phones. The mobile application has the same facilities as their online web portal. People are free to use the app to call or chat with their chosen advisor. Additionally, Kasamba customer care service is open 24×7 for users. So getting a gratifying psychic session here is a piece of cake.

Click Here To Speak With Kasamba Experts – Find Your Clarity Today

California Psychics- Extremely Accurate Advisors

  • Affordable pricing $1/minute + 5 free minutes using (CODE: “ADD5”)
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Complete transparency
  • Highly accurate psychic readers
  • Psychics with various specializations such as love readings, tarot reading, life questions, money advice, future telling and more.

In the psychic reading and solutions business from 1995, California Psychic has millions of customers today. California Psychic offers numerous psychic services including, love psychics, career psychics, pet psychics, astrology, money and relationships, mediums, etc. Besides, plenty of psychic services also have psychic advisors based on different psychic abilities. One can pick a psychic advisor from the list of empaths, clairvoyants, mediums, clairaudients, dream analysis experts, clairsentients, etc.

Additionally, the psychics here are knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate about their work. Therefore, they can help give you the answers that you seek. Many psychics are available who can answer your questions in both English and Spanish languages.

How can California psychics help you?

  • You will find the Psychic you are looking for

    California Psychic platform has a massive number of Psychic guides practicing in distinct psychic disciplines. Here you will find psychics experts offering love life solutions, money trouble advice, life path guide, etc. You will find many unique services like psychic medium reading, pet reading, lost object psychic, etc.

  • Every Psychic here at California Psychic undergoes a tough

    The seasoned psychics here at California Psychic are employed after a thorough interview process, and user’s only find the best Psychics here. The psychics here are proficient in using different tools & are expert Tarot Psychics, Astrology Psychics, Numerology Psychics, etc. You will also find Psychics competent in using other tools like Crystals Psychics, Oracle Cards Psychics, Runes Psychics I-Ching Psychics, Pendulum Psychics, etc.

  • Psychic readings just the way you want

    Booking a psychic session in the mode of communication you like is a plus point while using California Psychics. People who use this website are free to choose live psychics chat or phone call facilities if they want. Besides, the people who opt for a service for the first time also get an introductory offer.

What’s different in California Psychics from other sites?

  • Get smooth & reliable Psychic reading services at California Psychic

    People who use this website can get karma rewards & earn free psychic session credit points. Besides, at California Psychics, the company offers full money-back assurance if someone is not pleased with their services. Therefore, using this psychic site is worth it if you are trying psychic reading for the first time.

  • Fast signing up process

    To get the benefits of California Psychics services, all you will need is to sign up on their official website. You can start searching for the psychic advisors categorized according to their specialties here. The filtering options include types of psychics and types of reading for the convenience of the customers.

  • Satisfactory payment policy

    There is a wide range of options available at California Psychics when it comes to payment. Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, etc., are the payment options one can choose. The customers are not charged for free sessions and are charged only if the session exceeds three free minutes. Besides, if a person is not happy with a psychic session, he/she can ask for partial refunds.

  • Customer Care experts who are always there for you

    All Psychic service websites have customer service, but what makes California Psychic best is their never-ending support. The customer service team of California Psychic is available 24 ×7, and every member of their team can answer all customers’ queries. They recommend the best psychic advisors to the customers and clear all the doubts of users. You can get all the information about scheduling, billing, & signing up from customers.

Click Here To Visit California Psychics – Get Accurate Answers Today

Keen – Very Good Reviews, Reputable Psychics

  • 10 minutes reading session for only $1.99
  • Good choice for those on a budget
  • Trusted & Accurate psychic readers
  • Supportive customer support

Keen advisors are popular among people searching for psychic reading near me as they offer a host of psychic services at low prices. Besides, they have a user-friendly website, and one can find the type of psychic service they are looking for effortlessly. From love psychics, career reading, life questions, the Keen site has multiple unique psychic readings for customers. If one is interested in trying dream interpretation, aura, or chakra cleansing, the Keen site is the preferred choice. Pet psychics, Cartomancy, angel card readings, spiritual readings are some best online psychics options here.

How can you benefit from Keen services?

  • Get solution to all your life problems in one platform

    Keen offers innumerable psychic services. This site is a one-stop for people looking for psychic advice on love matters, career issues, finance, Heath, etc. The website has psychics with different skill sets and qualifications to solve any life problem that you have.

  • Risk-free service with free minutes

    The keen platform gives its users free 3 minutes of their first session like a free trial run. It allows one to get an idea about psychic online reading services. Plus, keen only charges $1.99 for 10 minutes as an introductory offer which is exceptional for figuring out if a psychic is best for you or not.

  • Request a refund & get your money back

    The Keen psychic platform lets you request a refund if you want. You can contact the customer support team by calling them directly or filling out an online form if you need a refund. In most cases, users get back the whole amount if they are not pleased with the services.

Why Keen platform is worth an investment

  • Finding a psychic on the Keen is easy

    The homepage of the Keen website is strategically made for users. It gives a website visitor three search features. The options are reading topic, method, and then the cost. One can click on the psychic reading option to select the type of reading they want. Further, the method option is to choose whether a person wants to go for a chat or call readings. For the price range, you can take a look at the rates of the featured psychics below.

  • Upfront pricing and no hidden charges

    Once a person books a psychic session on Keen, they don’t have to worry about hidden costs or extra charges. The prices are clearly mentioned on the website, and there are no additional charges added after a session is over. The price of a psychic session here starts from $1 and can go up to $50 or more.

  • Keen app and multiple payment methods

    Yes! Keen has a mobile app, too, just like Kasamba and California Psychics. Their mobile applications are easy to use, and all a person needs is a smartphone to download the application. Other than that, their payment method is decent with various options like PayPal or major debit/credit cards, including Discover cards, Visa, American Express, & MasterCard.

  • User reviews that speak highly of Keen

    Who doesn’t want to try out a website that has the majority of good reviews? The Keen is one of those psychic websites with millions of loyal customers and positive feedback. People who have used this psychic site are pleased with their services. Plus, they recommend it to their friends & family.

What kind of Psychic reading options can I get?

There are two types of psychic consultation services today. An interested person can either go for an in-person psychic reading or opt for online Psychic reading services. The best thing about online psychic service is their limitless facilities. In online psychic sessions, you will not need to go anywhere. Now, this saves your time and money on travels. Plus, today, many websites offer budget-friendly service rates, which are sometimes less than in-person meetings.

You are free to schedule a time and date of reading at online web portals, which is a bonus. Besides, the option to choose from hundreds of psychic profiles makes online Psychic sessions more attractive to customers. Here one gets multiple filtering options which make it easy to find a perfect psychic guide for someone. Here are a few ways one can connect with an online psychic.

  • Online video chat

    Just like an in-person meeting, the online video chat option is for people who are comfortable with direct face-to-face psychic readings. People are free to use this option, use their laptop or computer at home, according to their convenience. Some websites also have a mobile App which is an excellent option if someone is traveling and seeks guidance from psychics.

  • Psychic reading by Phone

    One of the most used psychic reading options by people, a phone psychic reading is fast and reliable too. You don’t have to bother where you are with phone reading facilities. Whether one is at home or outside, one can just call the appointed psychic at the scheduled time for the reading. Plus, some people are introverted and might not feel comfortable speaking to someone face to face. The phone call facility helps the introverts to open up to their psychic advisers. Moreover, this allows them to get the most out of a psychic reading.

  • Chat or email Psychic reading sessions

    There is no doubt that everyone is busy today with their job and other life responsibilities. Finding time to speak to someone is like a humongous task. Chat and email psychic consultation services allow one to get a service without worrying about time. One can send their questions they want to ask their psychics through emails and get answers within a day. Moreover, chat is timelier than other methods of Psychic reading sessions. You can book chat psychics on a reputed psychic website and clear all life queries & doubts by a quick chat with a psychic.

Click Here To Connect With Keen Gifted Psychics – 10 Minutes for $1.99

How Can I Find Genuine Psychic Websites and Separate Them from Fraud Websites?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fraudulent psychic websites on the internet. They do not employ genuine psychics and charge a lot for single psychic sessions. Plus, these sites take all your bank account details and are not safe for payments as well. Therefore, if you want to find a trustworthy psychic website, research is a must. Here are a few tips you can use to select authentic websites.

  • Always check the feedback of previous users

    The good news is you can read reviews and check the ratings of every website on the internet today. If a psychic website gets your attention, you must check the ratings of the particular website on Google. Further, you can go to their official website and check the reviews of the old users of the platform. Now, this will give you a clear idea of the website.

  • Don’t blindly trust completely free websites

    We all want free services, attractive discounts, & rewards. However, everything that looks impressive doesn’t mean it’s legitimate. There is no doubt that many people opt for a free psychic reading just because of its ‘no price policy.’ However, the truth is, these websites don’t have credible psychics, and all they do is guesswork when it comes to future telling. Therefore, it is better to go for those sites that offer paid service with discounts and ensure top-quality psychic reading.

  • Check the qualifications of the psychic and transparency of the website

    Psychic websites like Kasamba, California Psychics and Keen allow everyone to check the detailed information of the psychics. On these sites, you can go to the profile page of the psychics you think is suitable for you and search for their details. The information regarding their experience, skills, psychic specializations are all available on the sites. More importantly, you can find the reviews of the previous users here as well. Now, this makes it easy to find out if psychics can be trusted or not.

  • Read the privacy policies of a website

    When you create an account on a psychic website, you will never want your details to get leaked. Right? Besides, everyone wants the payment process to be secure too. Therefore, to make sure that the psychic website you are opening an account in protects your privacy. Websites like Kasamba and Keen keep user data encrypted and assure that no one else can use them.

  • Keep an open mind but do not invest money twice if you feel cheated

    Remember, the scammers may not give you a correct future reading, but they have the power to influence. Do not fall into their trap if they ask for money for better reading if you are dissatisfied once. It is possible that you will not be happy with a psychic session on a reputed site. There can be various reasons behind that too. However, a decent psychic website will give you a refund & will never ask for more money later on.

What Kind of Free Psychics Are Available On Online Psychic Websites?

Psychics have special abilities & heightened senses that make them different from an average human. They have apt skills to use distinct techniques and psychic tools like spirit guides, birth chart reading, astrology reading, and tarot readings to predict one’s future.

Most of them specialize in a particular type of reading and offer a person a glimpse of their future. As fascinating as it sounds, it is more interesting how they predict the future & even solve present life problems. Here are the most common types of future reading that you will find online.

  • Overall Psychic Readings

    You always don’t need to have to choose a particular type of psychic service. Those who are not sure which psychic reading type will be suitable for them can go for an overall psychic reading, as well. During these general readings, the psychic advisor will tune into their energy & identify issues in their life.

  • Financial outlook and career guides

    Anybody can have doubts about their job life. They can be stressed about their finances and may need help in figuring out money matters. A person can ask questions to career psychics about money & income. They can get proper guidance from psychics for a promising future.

  • Psychic Mediums

    Psychic mediums possess abilities to communicate with a loved one who has passed away & pass on their messages to you. People interested in connecting with a deceased person or have questions can book a session with mediums.

  • Love and Relationships

    Love and relationships psychics specialize in solving issues related to matters of the heart. These love psychics have expertise in solving romantic problems, from finding soulmates to settling divorce situations.

  • Tarot card readings

    Tarot reading depends on tarot cards. Psychics who read tarot cards use 78 cards with images that have different significance. These cards help a tarot psychic reveal answers about a person’s life.

  • Astrology reading

    Astrology reading psychics analyze the birth chart of a person and reveal one’s future. They have the ability to understand the current planetary position in a person’s birth chart and determine his/her future. Astrology reading also has various subtypes like Chinese, Mayan, and Vedic astrology.

Why Is Going For A Free Psychic Reading Online Session Or Consultation Good For Us?

Many people are confused about going for a psychic reading. While some don’t believe in the afterlife and destiny, others may be afraid of fraud. However, you will be surprised to know that booking a psychic session with a skilled psychic can have numerous benefits.

Now the question is, what can they do exactly for you? How can psychics change your life? Can they solve your present problems and give you a clear idea of what’s coming next in your life? There are many questions in the mind of people who never went to a psychic in their life before. So if you are among those wondering whether a psychic session is worth your time, here are some reasons why you should book a psychic meeting now.

  • Improves self-esteem & build confidence

    Going through a stressful situation in life can hamper the growth of a person. It not only affects persons productively but takes them towards depression and anxiety. A person with low self-esteem cannot progress in life, and that impacts his/her future. Talking to a psychic can help a person come out of this mental struggle and feel confident again. Psychics act as supportive guides and help a person to get rid of mental suffering.

  • Psychic reading gives you a better insight into your life

    Most of us have doubts about the purpose of our life. We all may suffer from identity crises and feel like we don’t belong to a place or situation where we are stuck. A psychic session helps in self-discovery and helps a person to understand his/her inner voice. Psychics connect with the emotions of a person on a deeper level. Plus, they help them realize what they want in life.

  • Free psychic readings by phone or chat are motivating and

    With competition in every sector today, people are often afraid of following their passion. However, in the long run, this becomes the reason for dissatisfaction in life. Psychics motivate people to do what their heart desires and succeed in it.

  • Assuring and optimistic

    A fight between spouses, break-up in a love relationship, or family problems is enough to pull down a person mentally. Psychics help one solve these relationship issues and help you find the happiness you deserve in life. Besides, there is nothing that a psychic cannot help you with. From money problems to health issues, talking to a psychics adviser gives you reassurance and helps you build a bright future.

  • Mental healing

    Often people get a feeling of restlessness when they lose a person. Not only a family member but losing a pet too can be traumatic and mentally draining. Psychics can help you find closure by answering your questions. They can connect with the deceased loved one and provide you the clarity that you want.

    Therefore, there is nothing wrong with seeking psychic help in need. Only remember to check the credibility of the psychics before putting your trust in them.


Psychic reading online is a great way to get your life back on track when you feel lost. However, it is crucial to ensure that you are receiving authentic services and are not fooled by frauds. Therefore, before opting for an online psychic session, research is a must. If you are confident about the authenticity of a website, only then move on to picking a psychic.

Besides, it is vital that the Psychic near me website you find or are using guarantees your confidentiality. Make sure that when you share the details about your personal and professional life, they are kept private. Beware of the website that asks for the user’s bank details, financial details, budget details, etc. They may not be genuine, so you must end such sessions immediately. Besides, in case of improper or unprofessional behavior, you must report about the psychic. Further, you must stop the session.

There are websites where a psychic can start asking non-relevant questions. Remember, these sites may be fake, so do not invest in them. If something like this happens, one must register a complaint and apply for a refund if the platform has such options.

Platforms like Kasamba, Keen, or California Psychic offer a satisfaction guarantee and even give an immediate refund after a complaint. So only invest your time and money in these sites. Hopefully, with this detailed review, you can choose the best Psychic websites. Moreover, you can step towards a better future.

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