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Barbarian XL Reviews: Is Zenith Labs Testo Booster Worth It?

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It is no secret that sexual problems affecting men of all ages are becoming increasingly more prominent over the course of the last couple of decades. In this regard, it should be pointed out that with age, a number of problems such as reduced testosterone production, erectile dysfunction are becoming increasingly more prominent in males (especially those individuals living in developed nations).

In this regard, Barbarian XL can be thought of as an all-new dietary supplement that is designed to help men regain their sexual prowess in a quick, easy manner. The product features only naturally occurring substances that do not have an adverse effect on our bodies, even when used for prolonged periods of time.

Formulated by Zenith Labs and Dr. Ryan Shelton, the supplement is able to provide users with the following tangible benefits within just days of use:

(i) Testosterone production: As many of our regular readers may be well aware of, testosterone is an important male hormone that is known to help not only maximize one’s innate sexual capabilities but also allow the body to optimize its muscle development capacity, hair growth ability, etc.

According to the manufacturer, the active agents contained in Barbarian XL may be able to help spur the rate at which testosterone is released and produced within the body, thereby allowing users to reap a number of amazing medical advantages.

(ii) Cognitive boost: A highly underrated aspect of this product is that it is able to help in the quick, sustained release of compounds such as dopamine, endorphins within our neural system, thus allowing users to stay calm, collected, happy through the course of their daily activities (be it at work or at home).

(iii) Alleviates various sexual issues: As pointed out earlier, regular usage of Barbarian XL may be able to treat many symptoms that are related to penile dysfunction. Not only that, thanks to the presence of certain high-quality vasodilators in the mix, the supplement is able to help spur the flow of blood within our bodies, allowing for the vital fluid to reach our genitals in a timely, efficacious manner.

Why Choose Barbarian XL?

Addresses Hormonal Imbalances

According to the official product website and mentioned in the Globe Newswire Review, each serving of this potent formula comes packed with certain nutrients that are known to rebalance the operational utility of our hormone release centers. As many of our readers may already know, when the flow of hormones is happening at a high level within our bodies, it is easier for our internal organs and various systems to function at a high level.

Controls Inflammation

An often overlooked aspect of this product is that it features a number of anti-inflammatory agents that can not only help reduce any swelling type issues being faced by our muscles, tendons, and tissues but also helps in the faster flushing out of unwanted compounds — such as lactic acid — that may have built up inside of our system.

Stress release

When taken as prescribed, Barbarian XL may be able to help in the quick, efficient release of stress from our bodies. In this regard, it should be pointed out that when the body is not faced with regular stress, it is able to function at a high level quite effortlessly.

So What Exactly Does Barbarian XL Contain?

(i) Boswellia tree resin: Though not widely known in the west, the resin extract of the Boswellia tree is widely used across certain parts of the world (including Asia, South America, etc) thanks to its innate ability to not only increase the functional capacity of one’s phallus but also increase its overall size and girth.

Furthermore, the ingredient is also known to deliver other advantages such as:

It is able to help in restoring the cellular activity of our phallus, allowing users to reap a wide array of sexual benefits as a result.

It is able to help reduce the number of inflammation-related symptoms that one may be suffering from.

It helps in the faster, more efficient production of testosterone as well as certain other important male hormones.

Last but not least, an increasing number of studies seem to directly allude to the fact that Boswellia extract helps maximize the masculinity of men, all while flushing out any toxins, free radicals that may have gathered within their internal circulatory and digestive channels as a result of years of unhealthy eating, drinking, and smoking.


(i) Ashwagandha: A commonly used ingredient that is employed in the preparation of many natural ayurvedic medicines across India as well as certain other regions of South East Asia. When used as prescribed, Ashwagandha is able to boost the body’s natural testosterone production capacity, allowing users to reap a wide array of benefits related to ED, loss of penile function.

Not only that, it is also able to deliver other benefits such as:

It is known to help reduce one’s levels of anxiety and stress, thus allowing users to operate at a high level through the course of their day-to-day activities.

It is able to boost brain function all while maximizing the natural regeneration capacity of the human body.

It is able to help strengthen one’s muscles as well as bolster the operational efficacy of our tissues, tendons, and sinews.

It is a natural cure that is used to treat various symptoms related to infertility.

(iii) Tongkat Ali: Another ingredient that is commonly used across China and certain other parts of Asia, Tongkat Ali is a well-known aphrodisiac that is able to help increase the body’s natural sexual excitation capabilities. Not only that, it is also known to deliver other benefits such as:

It may be useful in the release of energy within our bodies, thus allowing users to maximize their physical and mental output.

It may be useful in the release of certain neural agents that are known to help elevate one’s mood as well as overall happiness levels.

By virtue of being a natural aphrodisiac, Tongkat Ali is able to help spur one’s natural libido levels, allowing men to maximize their bedroom performance.

Lastly, according to a number of studies, the ingredient is known to help increase the volume of semen that is produced in male bodies, allowing for a more voluminous orgasm.

(iv) Korean Red Ginseng: This ginseng derivative is known to help optimize the sexual capacity of the male body, allowing users to get rock-hard erections while increasing the length of their penile muscles in a quick, efficient manner. Not only that, regular use may also be able to help in the release of any tension, anxiety, stress that may have built up in our bodies as a result of our unhealthy lifestyle choices.

In addition to all this, Korean Ginseng is also able to provide other peripheral benefits such as:

It contains certain active agents that are known to boost the body’s natural immune response mechanisms.

It can help maximize one’s circulatory health, primarily by improving the functional and operational output of our heart.

It may be useful in mitigating many of the harmful symptoms that are related to diabetes.

It is a known cure for issues such as impotence.

Some researchers also claim that Korean Red Ginseng may be able to help improve the rate at which our metabolic system works, thereby allowing for the faster release of energy within our bodies.

(v) Shilajit: Another natural ingredient that is commonly used in the preparation of a large number of ayurvedic medicines, Shilajit is known to help weed out any free radicals that may have accumulated in our bodies over the years. Not only that, it is also able to help spur the production of testosterone in our system.

Other benefits associated with this compound include:

It is a natural antioxidant that can not only help improve the body’s immunity levels but also maximize its circulator capacity.

It is an anti-inflammatory agent that is known to help ease out any swelling-related symptoms that one may be faced with.

It is a natural diuretic agent that can help remove any water weight that may have accumulated in our body.

Last but not least, an increasing number of research papers released over the last couple of decades seems to suggest that the compound may be able to help in the faster of energy, primarily via the faster utilization of excess calories.

Some of the other ingredients that are present in the mix include:

Vitamin D: As many of our readers probably know, Vit D is essential for maintaining optimal bone health. Not only that, it also helps maximize the functional capacity of our immune system as well as enhances the working capacity of our digestive organs.

Vitamin B: B vitamins are known to help facilitate a number of important catalytic reactions within the human body.

Zinc and Magnesium: Much like Folic Acid ( aka Vitamin B), Zinc and Magnesium are two important minerals that are known to help the body in performing a number of internal reactions related to things like optimal hormone production, efficient digestion, maximization of gut health.

Lastly, each serving of Barbarian XL also comes replete with other peripheral agents such as Hypromellose, rice flour, silica, and certain dairy extracts.


Other Aspects Related to Barbarian XL Worth Noting

As pointed out earlier, all of the ingredients contained in this supplement are totally natural and have been clinically verified for their long-term efficacy.

In order to reap maximum benefits through the use of this product, users should ingest 2 capsules of the pill per day (preferably on an empty stomach along with a glass of lukewarm water).

Though some tangible changes may start to appear within a matter of just 2-5 days, to reap the full benefits of this product, the manufacturer claims that the product should be used for a minimum of 30 days straight.

When taken as prescribed, the active ingredients contained in the mix can help improve one’s confidence and self-esteem levels.

The supplement can be used by adult men over the age of 18.

The supplement is devised in production facilitates that are made to adhere to the quality guidelines laid out by the cGMP. Not only that, the manufacturing outfits are also regularly audited by the FDA. Thus users can be totally sure of the product’s quality.

Another underrated feature of Barbarian XL is that it has been made entirely in the United States of America.

At press time, there are a number of positive reviews that are available online in relation to this supplement.


Where Can I Buy Barbarian XL?

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase of this supplement is via the official company website, i.e. At press time, there are a number of key deals that users can avail of in order to reap heavy discounts. Some of these offers include:

  • One bottle — which comes replete with a 30-day dose of the supplement — is currently available for a discounted sum of just $49 (down from its regular price of $79). A shipping charge of $19.95 is applicable on this deal.
  • Three bottles — i.e. a 90-day dose — are available for a highly discounted rate of $117 (which works out to just $39 per unit). Much like the above-stated deal, users have to pay a $19.95 shipping charge when they select this option.
  • Six bottles of Barbarian XL are currently available on the official company website for a base sum of just $198 (which works out to just $33 per bottle).
  • (SPECIAL OFFER) Click Here to Get Barbarian XL with an Exclusive Discount Price Online

Additionally, it should be pointed out that every bottle of this supplement comes backed by a sixty-day money-back guarantee in case users aren’t entirely satisfied with their purchase. To facilitate a refund, all users have to do is send back the sealed bottle(s) to the original shipping address. Last but not least, payments can be facilitated via a host of safe and secure means including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, JCB, and Discover.

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