10 Best Sites to Find Out Who Is Calling Me From This Number

It can be annoying and sometimes a cause for worry when we receive calls from someone we don’t know. Fortunately, there is a way to identify your caller. Some sites can help you find out who is calling you from a specific number for a fee.

With the number of websites claiming they can effectively get the caller’s information for you, deciding where to get started can be a bit challenging. It’s a good idea to start checking these top four sites to find out who is calling me:

  1. Instant CheckMate – With over 1.4 billion searches and counting, Instant CheckMate is one of the trusted phone number lookup websites available.
  2. Spokeo – Spokeo allows you to search by phone, name, phone, address, or email safely and securely.
  3. CocoFinder – This platform offers comprehensive people and public information searches.
  4. NumLooker – NumLooker offers easy number searches using its vast database.

Top 10 Websites To Find Out Who Is Calling Me From This Number

1. Instant CheckMate


Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Instant CheckMate is one of the most reliable and secure websites that can help you find out who is calling you. Using its easy search tool, you can perform different types of searches such as reverse phone lookups, people searches, inmate searches, and criminal records searches. Furthermore, it received more than 70,000 5-star ratings from its actual users, which is proof of its reliability.

Instant CheckMate uses a 128-bit encrypted connection that keeps your searches secure, and they will never alert the person you are searching for. A phone number lookup can give you information such as other contact information, location, criminal records, social media profiles, and more. Aside from phone number searches, you can also use this search tool for doing inmate searches and people searches. Their services are available for a fee.

Find Out Now Who Is Calling You Without The Hassle By Using Instant CheckMate.

2. Spokeo


Spokeo is one of the phone number search platforms with a huge data source, giving you more chances of getting detailed results. If you use the search tool on its website, you can get information such as contact details, location history, family and associates, social media accounts, personal details, criminal records, and even wealth data.

One of the advantages of using Spokeo is its user-friendly website. As long as you know the phone number, you can easily and quickly get started with your search. You just have to enter the phone number and click a button. All your searches are secure and confidential which means that they will not keep a record of what you did. For less than a dollar, you can already get a full report. This is an affordable option versus many of the phone number search platforms.

You Don’t Have To Spend More On Your Phone Number Searches If You Use Spokeo.

3. CocoFinder


At CocoFinder, you can search for publicly available information in 50 states. They have partnered with third-party lookup sites so that every search on their website gives you multiple results to choose from.

You can use CocoFinder for various types of searches such as phone number searches, people searches, address searches, and background checks. They use different types of records including public records, court records, divorce records, obituaries records, and inmates records among others. With these records at their disposal, their results are comparably more accurate than many phone number search engines. They also provide faster service, and your results will be available after a few minutes.

CocoFinder charges a fee if you want to access a full report. The fees vary depending on which partner website you choose to get the information from. To get the best deal, compare the available information and fees before making a decision.

Try CocoFinder For Faster And More Accurate Phone Number Searches.

4. NumLooker


With over 12 million searches this year, you can tell that many people trust NumLooker as a reliable people search engine. Doing a reverse phone number search on their website is as easy as entering a phone number and clicking the Search button. All searches are 100% confidential, which means that the phone number owner will never know you searched.

Moreover, aside from phone number searches, you can also use NumLooker for people searches, public record searches, background checks, address lookups, and email lookups. They provide fast and accurate results, and they can even go the extra mile of notifying you if there are changes to the information on the report you previously accessed. Their search results also come with special filtering options allowing you to easily find the information you need. Of course, all these services are available for a fee.

Use NumLooker If You Want To Quickly Access Phone Number Information.

5. Find People First


Find People First works in partnership with various third-party people lookup providers, giving you a secure and convenient way of finding out who is calling you. Their search engine tool for looking up phone numbers is easy to use, and you should be able to get a detailed report within a few minutes.

At Find People Search, your search results may include a person’s identity, addresses, other contact information, email addresses, social media accounts, relatives, and friends. While they are popularly known for their phone number lookup service, you can also do other searches on the Find People First website such as people search, address search, and background check.

You can get a full report from Find People First for a fee, which can vary from one partner search engine to another. Furthermore, before downloading your report, you can filter the information or add other search criteria so that your final report will only contain the information you want to get access to.

Find Phone Numbers And People Data Easily Using Find People Search.

6. Fast People Finder


Fast People Finder is true to its name as it lets you search for phone numbers almost instantly and securely without hassle. Their search tool on the website is hard to miss. Additionally, doing a phone number lookup to know who is calling you involves two simple steps, and that is to enter the phone number and click the search button. You don’t have to wait long to get your detailed results which may include information such as personal identities, background data, family data, social media profiles, physical locations, and email addresses.

Apart from phone number lookup, you can also use Fast People Finder for other confidential searches including people searches, email address searches, and address searches. To get a full report, be ready to pay a fee.

Search Phone Numbers In Just A Few Seconds With The Help Of Fast People Finder!

7. Best People Finder


Another reliable phone number search engine platform that you can use to unveil the identity of your caller is the Best People Finder. Just like other search engine sites on our list, this provider offers a secure and easy way to conduct phone number search, people search, address search and email search.

When you use Best People Finder for checking the identity of your caller, you can access information such as name and gender, contact details, financial status, social media accounts, relatives, and criminal history, if any.

Best People Finder Is The To-Go Site With The Most User-friendly Search Interface.

8. Real People Finder


Whether you want to do a phone number lookup, email lookup, or people search, Real People Finder can help you. The search tool on its website is easy to use and only involves entering the details of what you are trying to find out like a phone number, and clicking the search button. It only takes a few minutes before you can download your results for a fee.

One of the best things about Real Finder is they offer round-the-clock customer support so anytime you need assistance in searching, someone is ready to help you. In addition, It’s important to note that Real People works with third-party people lookup platforms so the information you get as well as the service fee depends on which platform you choose.

Find Out Who Is Calling You Without Hassle With The Help Of Real People Finder.

9. Find People Easy


At Find People Easy, looking for information about a phone number or email address is quick and easy. Simply enter the email address and phone number, click the search button and wait for a few minutes to access your full report.

Find People Easy works with search platforms to give you access to multiple sets of information in one go. It’s a convenient way to search without fuss. On top of that, they have a secure platform that allows you to look for information with confidentiality. While you can initiate a search for free, a full report is only available for a fee.

Try Finder People Easy To Conveniently Find Out Who Is Calling You.

10. Easy People Search


Easy People Search is another easy-to-use and user-friendly search engine that will help you find out who is calling you. Aside from phone lookups, you can also do email lookups, address lookups and people searches on the website. Every phone lookup allows you to generate a report that may include the name, age, and gender of the owner, other contact information, financial records, social media accounts, relatives and family members, and criminal records if any. You can get comprehensive details about a phone number with one click.

Check Now Who Is Calling You With The Help Of Easy People Search.

How To Distinguish Between Legit Calls And Fake Scam Calls?

Nowadays, it’s a normal thing to receive one or two calls a day from someone you don’t know. More often, these calls are from people who are trying to scam you or sell you something. It’s important to know whether an unknown caller is a legit caller or a scammer to protect yourself from unscrupulous activities. Here are the signs that a call is a fake or scam:

  • Hidden phone number and location – Most if not all scammers hide their phone number or location, which means that even if you have a reliable caller ID, you may not be able to get the correct information.
  • No verification – Many carriers already started phone number verification when receiving a call. If your phone app has this feature, you can use it to detect a scammer.
  • Spoofed numbers – Some calls look like they came from your number, with just a few numbers different. These are called spoofed numbers and many of them originate from scammers.

Legit calls, on the other hand, are easy to distinguish because they contain relevant information about the caller such as the phone number and provider. However, when in doubt, it is best to assume that the caller is a scammer unless based on phone lookups you can prove that it is a legit call.


Gone are the days when there is nothing you can do when you receive a call from an anonymous person. With the help of phone search engines, you can easily and conveniently find information about a phone number with just a few clicks on your keyboard. If you don’t know where to get started, you can check out any of the websites we have listed above. They are among the most reliable, accurate, and trustworthy websites for phone number searches.

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