Travel Juneau announces board election results

Travel Juneau, the private marketing organization for the Juneau area, has announced the elections to its executive board for the 2020 fiscal year.

Richard Burns of ABC Radio will continue as Board Chair. Burns was elected to a three-year term in 2018. McHugh Pierre of Goldbelt Incorporated will serve as vice-chair, with Reecia Wilson owner of Juneau’s Waterfront Restaurants LLC as treasurer and Jill Ramiel, owner of the Silverbow Inn as secretary.

The board has two permanent seats for liaisons for City and Borough of Juneau staff and the Assembly. Currently, the CBJ staff liaison is George Schaaf, director of CBJ Parks and Recreation and CBJ Assembly Member Carole Triem serves as that body’s liaison.

Travel Juneau, formerly the Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau, has operated since 1985.

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