Members of the 2021 JDHS men's soccer team. (Courtesy Photo/Michael Penn)

Thank you letters highlight a soccer search.

Thank you, merci, danke, gracias, gunalchéesh.

Thank you, JDHS soccer

Upon learning of two missing 5-year old children in the neighborhood of their practice field on Monday evening, the Juneau-Douglas High School: Kalé men’s soccer team rallied to find the kids and return them safely to their worried parents.

Becoming aware of the situation, coach Gary Lehnert immediately said, “We can help.” Lehnert had the players quickly change into running shoes and organize running search parties through the neighborhood and surrounding area. The team mobilized a rapid search, spanning a broad area that encompassed the high school, the nearby neighborhoods, all the way to Cope Park and Foodland IGA and every possible nook in between.

About 15 minutes later, senior Forrest Davis reported the kids as found in the woods. Both moms were overwhelmed with relief and gratitude. Lehnert said, “I’m glad we could help, and that was a first!” – a first in Lehnert’s more than 35 years of coaching.

It’s great to see a team come together both on and then off the field for the greater good.

Bonnie Bennetsen,


Thank you for making senior survey happen

Every ten years (this being the fourth time) the Juneau Commission on Aging (JCOA), in conjunction with CBJ, conducts a survey of older Juneau residents to help local officials and care providers gain a better sense of what is needed for Juneau’s population to age with grace, in place. Surveys were sent to 9800 Juneau residents aged 55+ and nearly 2000 were returned The JCOA would like to than the CBJ residents who responded to this survey. We would also like to thank the Juneau Economic and Development Council (JEDC) for developing the survey, analyzing the data and compiling a summary report. Other valued partners include United Way, Travel Juneau, the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, Central Council, adn the Juneau Chamber of Commerce. The report can be found at the following locations: Paper copies at all three branches of the Juneau Public Libraries and at the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall. The report can also be accessed online at by clinking the survey link We encourage all Juneau residents to take time to review this extensive survey report. Most of us have a senior in our lives or aspire to someday become one ourselves. Thank you Juneau!

Emily Kane,

JCOA chair

(Courtesy Photo)

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