Thank you letters for Sept. 29, 2019

Thank you, Merci, Danke.

Juneau Alaska Music Matters (JAMM) would like to thank the following for the providing lucky 45 people with a wonderful cruise to Tracy Arm on a beautiful Sept. 14: Adventure Bound, for the use of the Captain Cook vessel, captain James Cheng, for so capably navigating the many icebergs, crewmember Lindsay Clark, for cheerfully making sandwiches on top of everything else and then playing her violin, and Meghan Johnson, for joining Lindsay on cello to perform beautiful duets in front of the Sawyer glacier.

This cruise was the kickoff celebration of JAMM’s tenth year of providing in-school and after-school music programming. JAMM encourages participants to build skills that contribute positively to their community through music, ensemble and leadership. JAMM annually serves over 500 students in three elementary schools within the Juneau School District. JAMM also has graduates at both middle schools and will be offering mentoring opportunities for JAMM students now in high school.

Proceeds from this cruise will be used to support JAMM operations this 10th year, and we are very grateful to Adventure Bound for making it happen.

Stefanie Wolter,

JAMM Board President

The Juneau Sister Cities Committee is grateful for the support of the Juneau American and Russian communities that made an event earlier this year possible.

On May 8, Juneau Sister Cities Committee celebrated Russian Victory Day in collaboration with our Sister City, Vladivostok, Russia. A late afternoon tea event at The Northern Tea House was the focus of the event. Thunder Mountain Russian teacher, Svetlan Filkova, organized it, and her advanced Russian students performed several plays and poetry recitations in Russian. Poets Henry Melville and Erika Bergren from Juneau shared their original poetry. To begin the celebration, Kathleen Wayne sang the American anthem and Griffin Young sang the Russian anthem. Also, slides of a trip to St. Petersburg and documenting photographs of the St. Petersburg siege were shared by Roald Simonson.

Maria and Ibn Bailey generously donated their time and their business, The Northern Tea House. Without the advanced Russian students from Thunder Mountain High School who performed eloquently and fluently in Russian, the celebration would not have been possible. We thank teacher Filkova for her work with the students and Valentina Gouk and Janna Lelchuk for spreading the news within Juneau’s Russian community. Melville, Bergren and Simonson shared their thoughts about conflict which helped us all reflect on the seriousness of the commemoration. The music by Wayne and Young was instrumental to remind us of the international importance of this day to the world.

We hope that Victory Day continues to be remembered in both Russia and the United States. We also hope that Juneau will continue to have this type of celebration in solidarity with our Sister City Vladivostok.

Susan Baxter,

Member of Juneau Sister Cities Committee, Advisory Committee to Juneau Assembly


Friends of the Jensen-Olson Arboretum gathered at Amalga Distillery Sept. 18 to support Juneau’s historic public garden. A wide age-range of supporters attended this fun and vibrant event held to raise funds for a “Lovely Loo,” an improved toilet facility at the arboretum. Everyone enjoyed delicious food and botanically-inspired cocktails containing local berries and herbs. Fruits, vegetables and flowers from local gardeners and foragers were auctioned and many raffle tickets were purchased. In short, it was a great evening.

The Friends of Jensen-Olson Arboretum appreciates everyone who contributed to the success of this fundraiser. Thank you, Juneau! In particular, thanks to the folks at the Amalga Distillery for creating a warm and friendly venue. Events like this build community and raise money for important causes.

Regulations pending before the Alcohol Beverage Control Board could put an end to such events. If this concerns you, the public comment period is open until Oct. 4.

Pat Harris, president

Kim Garnero, treasurer

Friends of Jensen-Olson Arboretum

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