Joab Cano is a missionary for the Light of the World Church. (Courtesy Photo) 

Living & Growing: A Season of celebration

  • By Joab Cano
  • Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:12am
  • Neighbors

On Tuesday, Dec. 14, The Light of the World members around the globe celebrated seven years of the apostolic ministry of the Apostle Naasón Joaquín García. This year the pastors and members of different congregations throughout the world expressed their joy through video messages that were posted on their local social media pages. The celebration’s theme was titled “Seven years of Consolation and Prosperity.” Furthermore, members joined together at their temples to give thanks to God in a special service of praise and worship.

TLOTW faith recalled the events that occurred seven years ago. First, the apostle Samuel Joaquín Flores, who was the spiritual leader at that time, passed away to eternal rest on Dec. 8, 2014, after 50 years of labor and dedication in the ministry. This caused the members of this faith to be in constant prayer and supplication, asking for God to manifest what His plan was for this time. Then, in the early morning of Dec. 14, 2014, at 2:43 am, God manifested to the faithful who His chosen was: Naasón Joaquín García.

Since then, the apostle Naasón Joaquín García has been leading and guiding TLOTW to growth and prosperity. First, an exponential growth has been seen in congregations throughout the world and in countries where TLOTW previously did not have presence. For example, new congregations have been formed in countries like Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Gabon, Mozambique and many more. Also, here in the United States, TLOTW now has a presence in all 50 states and has multiple temples in cities like Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, and others. Finally, many temples have been built and dedicated to worship God in many countries including Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico and more.

Furthermore, this growth has been evident as well in the membership. We have witnessed hundreds of thousands of baptisms every year for the past seven years. People of different ages, ethnicity, educational background, and location have joined the faith. This has been the result of the leadership of the apostle Naasón Joaquín García who has invited the members to preach the gospel to their friends and families. In addition, Joaquín García himself went on a universal tour, which began in January 2015, in which he visited members throughout the world and delivered a message for their faith. During his universal tour, many visitors attended these apostolic messages, so he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. Finally, the apostle Joaquín García has designed groups of missionaries who have been sent to preach the gospel of salvation to the ends of the world. These missionaries have dedicated time to reach people who needed hearing the word of God, but now have been reached by the grace of God and the direction of the apostle Naasón Joaquín García.

Thus, TLOTW celebrates seven years of consolation from God, manifested through His divine plan. We celebrate seven years of prosperity and growth thanks to the leadership of the apostle Joaquín García. We rejoice in seven years of peace in our lives, even through the hardships and adversity we currently live. We are glad in the perfect unity of our faith. We recall that in his initial address, the apostle Naason Joaquín García manifested a promise that God gave to him saying, “Naason, you will lead this great people; if they are great in your sight now, I will multiply them even more.” For this reason, we celebrate how God has fulfilled His promise these seven years. We celebrate seven years of consolation and prosperity.

To conclude, I would like to extend an invitation to hear the word of God. More information can be found at the official website or The Light of the World social media pages. If you live in Juneau, we invite you to join us at: 1997 Dunn St. Suite #3 any day at 6:30pm. I encourage you to take these steps to strengthen your faith. God bless you all!

• Joab Cano is a missionary for the Light of the World Church. Living & Growing” is a weekly column written by different authors and submitted by local clergy and spiritual leaders. It appears every Friday on the Juneau Empire’s Faith page.

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