Living & Growing: A profound Christmas

We can be a profound moment in someone’s life.

Some of the most profound moments in our lives help shape who we have become. Profound moment is clarity of a life lesson or understanding that comes into perspective. Here are some profound moments that helped glean clarity and understanding of a life moment.

A kind stranger pays for your coffee on a day when life started out with creditors calling and a 0 balance in the checking account. You turn to see who that stranger is, and they are gone. However, your day is now a bit brighter. Profound Moment — kindness really does brighten a day.

A mom looks at her autistic child and he has his ears covered and is rocking back and forth at school. She has not slept since her son’s diagnosis. A woman comes up and puts her hand on her shoulder and smiles gently. Profound Moment — we are not alone and someone notices me.

A construction manager was leading her team to tear up the road, fix the piping and add a sidewalk. One of her workers slipped and hit a main outlet. Calls started to come in from above, she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and took the tongue lashing. She gently responded, “Sorry, it won’t happen again, my team has it, it will be fixed within the hour.” Profound Moment — taking responsibility for her team, affects the team — they worked 100% harder for her.

A little girl looks down at her new insulin pump attached to her since her diagnosis. She doesn’t want to go to school, kids will make fun of her. She walks into school, her head down afraid to look around. She sits down, refusing to look up. She looks at the little girl next to her who touched her arm and has no hair. Profound Moment — I’m not the only one facing new way of life.

We can be a profound moment in someone’s life. We can be the hand of encouragement, the free cup of coffee, the leader worth following. It is Christmas Season — a time of profound kindness, profound giving and profound accepting. “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up. Just as in fact you are doing.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Don’t allow this Christmas Season to leave and not gain a profound moment or be a profound moment. Remember, you are wanted, you are loved, you are important to the world around you, that is why Christ was born on Christmas day – for you. Profound Moment – Christmas was for you – Merry Christmas!

• Gina Halverson is a Salvation Army major. ”Living & Growing” is a weekly column written by different authors and submitted by local clergy and spiritual leaders. It appears every Friday on the Juneau Empire’s Faith page.

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