Changes to bus service begin next month

Capital Transit recently announced route and schedule changes.

The City and Borough of Juneau said the changes will go into effect Monday, Nov. 2.

According to a news release, the changes are as follows:

• Douglas: Service will be discontinued to St. Ann’s Avenue, replaced by new service to Savikko Park. The bus stop will be at the entrance of the Treadwell Arena. The schedule times in Douglas will change slightly.

• UAS Express: Express from downtown to UAS will be reduced to hourly service. The service will be scheduled to depart the State Archives Building at 27 minutes after the hour and depart UAS three minutes after the hour.

• Riverside Express: Hourly weekday express service will be provided to a portion of Riverside Drive. This service will be scheduled to depart the State Archives Building at 57 minutes after the hour and departs Dimond Park at 27 minutes after the hour. From downtown to the airport, this route is similar to the UAS Express. From the airport, the route will continue to Mendenhall Mall, Dimond Park, Stephen Richards, returning to the airport, Nugget Mall and the State Archives Building.

• Lemon Creek: No inbound service on Davis Avenue and Lemon Creek Road from 3-5 p.m. During these hours, inbound service continues on Glacier Highway. There is no change to outbound service.

Questions about the changes should be directed to Capital Transit Administrative Assistant Denise Guizio at 789-6901 or, or CBJ Streets, Fleet and Transit Supervisor Ed Foster at 789-6903.

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