Annual Jan Neimeyer iDIDA contest open through Dec. 1

Submissions are currently being accepted for the 2015 Jan Neimeyer iDida Photography and Video Contest, with work accepted through Dec. 1. Students in grades 4-12 are invited to submit their video and photography work in one of four categories: Life in Alaska, Enhanced Photo, Make Me Laugh, and Tell a Story.

The contest is organized by the Thunder Mountain High School Digital Arts Program, headed up by Janna Lelchuk, and the Juneau Community Foundation’s Jan Neimeyer Memorial Fund.

It was organized in memory of Neimeyer, an influential local art teacher who died in August 2013, and was modeled on a statewide digital media arts contest, also called iDida, organized by the Alaska Society for Technology in Education. Neimeyer had been a big supporter of the iDIDA contest, prompting Lelchuk to organize something similar on a local level in her memory.

Videos must be two minutes or less and photo submissions should be 1 MB or less. Slide shows with voice-over are also accepted.
For more information, contact Janna Lelchuk at

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